Extinction Revolution Explanation (draft)

Why Extinction Revolution?

Many of us pouring our time and energy into Extinction Rebellion don’t believe that Rebellion according to the UK model to persuade the government is how this will or should ultimately play out. We want system change and we want to do it ourselves, autonomously and with new collectively held power. We no longer want to be in an uneasy cooperative position with some

What is The Extinction Revolution?

The Revolution Against Extinction is a campaign to evolve out of the old world that brought us to this point to Another World Is Possible. Autonomy is privileged.

(Revolución contra la Extinción, Revolución o Extinción for two possible Spanish variations that juxtapose XR as a choice, as used by XR Colombia – https://www.facebook.com/XRColombia/ )


is a campaign, a call to

Akin to The Extinction Rebellion movement started by Rising Up! In the UK, the Extinction Revolution is a campaign, a call to action, to fight for and create a revolution

We focus not on but creating a new, autonomous and local world, much like biological life has always lived until the exceptionalism of imperialist and globalizing human tendencies under a repressive dominant paradigm.

less on influencing governments and corporations to reform themselves, and

for Revolutions that fight against Extinction

And in spirit with spanish

it starts out as a campaign

Riseup pad doc, share highlights

The Extinction Revolution – Towards Ejercitos

how to sign you are open to the revolution, the XR symbol with the top horizontal line of the hourglass removed or taped over.

2 demands –

-collective, community assemblies – localization of power is the most direct way to heal the planet. Biological life operates in local spaces, humans have gone astray from this through the globalization ethos. It’s time to return to immediate (not mediated) interactions and sharing of power.

-Another world is possible, and we must make a Just Transition There. (4th demand worded)

We recognize war is being made on

Oppression and Extinction are not seperable, but extinction in the human epoch is genocide and is the final telos towards which oppression approaches.

principles – non violent and non-cooperative with violent entities (i.e. No voluntary arrests with the police)

Other key phrases which others can attach to:


Mobilization asExtinction Revolution Ejercito Nomadistas