notes 4 today: 2017-02-09 (Sanctuary Tierras; Trance And Kervranian Biological Transmutation; Paradoxes Of Uniformity; Musings On What Revolution Is)

title: Sanctuary Tierras

Since speak of sanctuary cities is commonplace these past several weeks with what is going on in the USA, I would like to in brief suggest an alternative and longer lasting sanctuary that needs to be established. Cities, despite having become havens for diversity and a logical place to resist racist/xenophobic/fascist policies, are themselves at the forefront of ontologically establishing the necessary background for totalitarian control; cities funnel people in to narrower movement patterns, they make them hyper-dependent on oppressive supply chain dynamics, and they severely lack in ecosystems. The history of cities coming in to existence is predicated upon imperialism and domination, and it is only sickened magical thinking that they are somehow separate or above this bloodbathed historical conjuring. Cities are now globalized places and globalized means dependency; cities try to justify an inter-dependency, but this inter-dependency is only a feign—cities are not needed by those who live in a balanced relation with the land. Everyone is to some extent in equal danger in a city, and equally displaced from the location(s) that they harm by their very existence continuing in a city. The leap from cities to concentration camps is not very far, the gap to jump is not even as noticeable as a crack in the pavement. A fascist house will soon be inhabited by fascists, whether intended or no.

Real sanctuary is to put ourselves—human animals—back in to a balanced relationship with the land that does not have civilization’s concrete/asphalt/agriculture scars all over it. Being spread out over the land, immersed in connectivity, there is much great natural security against all manner of problems that beset people, INCLUDING social problems such as racism and fascism which are a natural outcroppings of exploitative and extractive Western capitalism and the dynamics involved in exchanges between the urban and the rural.

Racism will come to mean little when starvation sets in, or the specter of starvation is hung over a people. Sanctuaries that are in places which were built upon centuries of human, lifeform, and land/resources oppression and alienation are not good long term places. They are at best temporary rendezvous spots, but they will fail in this particular regard as well as in their general capacity to “support life” because they were built to fail. Land and its natural abundance, on the other hand, is very modulating to the extreme swings on which a diseased living situation ensnares us. It supported us long before we clustered ourselves (or were clustered by) in to cities.

The immigrants undergoing increased oppression would be best served by those who have land to open up to them to practice agriculture/permaculture and/or to establish intentional communities that build up a community immune system prophylactically before diseases like fascism and racism have the chance to emerge. Too much is happening in reaction, and sanctuary cities are part of that reflexive unreflected reaction.

¡Tierra y Libertad!

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title: Trance and Kervranian Biological Transmutation

Why is it and how is it that music can make you feel so good? What does music provide in the vibratory energy that expresses upon our bodies? Among other things that emotionally moving music (such as high quality euphoric trance… not easy to come by!) gifts us, I believe that music exudes subtle vibratory energies to be absorbed by energetically open humans (perhaps other energetically open lifeforms as well) so that they (we!) may alter atomic structures to create elements that we need out of other atomic elements available. Kervran showed that plants, at least, are “bioavailers” that have the ability to create elements that are in short supply, and I see no reason that other lifeforms should not be intrinsically capable and active at doing this. And for the reason/mechanism by which they are enabled to do so, I see no reason that it cannot be at base some beautiful vibratory force(s) that are moving these lifeforms to be self-healing and internally growing. Why biological transmutation should be restricted to a certain class, family or kingdom of life, would in my view only be the sophomoric restrictions that science places upon itself. As I’ve asserted before [note 2], I think ideas the imagination produce are true and it’s the burden of science to prove them false.

Music has real power to heal and provide nutrient needs, something especially valuable in our lands of quickly eroding soil that will see the Earth’s biomass decline even more steeply if we do not start rapid restoration. Allowing music to do its work, just as acupuncture and other healing modalities, is as important as ever.

title: Paradoxes Of Uniformity

The ease of uniformity is concurrently the disease of reality. Things (not to focus on humans per se, yet) are made uniform by human artifice, to align them in a straight rigid fashion. Though on the surface it may be justified as such, imposed uniformity is never about establishing connection, instead it’s about making things the same, so that they are the same frequency and adhere to the same leveraged manipulations. When such simplified manipulating frequencies are not there, the things lie dormant, very inactive and pulled from an ecosystem that would have had them actively becoming. Perhaps bridging to sociological phenomena, think of the perfectly trained unit of soldiers without their commanding officer present to direct them. What is their existence if not to be lead by a commander, these perfectly trained soldiers bereft of their past life experience by a perfect training regimen?

Human the organizer rather than human the steward forgets the invaluability of diversity in a landscape, and fancies that uniformity is an end in itself on many forages. Humans ontologically treat the rest of the world this way, and they so too treat each other in this fashion. This fashion needs to change, I fashion.

title: Musings On What Revolution Is

Revolution, just like any other term in our languages, is a reified term. Being reified it is by necessity imprecise and distracting, but revolution is one of the few words in my mind that is truly attracting as well. It is a potency, and is worth investigating, a touch of which I will do here:

Revolution should not be thought of as spread over hundreds of thousands of square miles: this is an extrapolation that humans all too often do for our activities and false assumptions about how reality on this Earth is governed (or that it is even governed!). Revolution is a desperate (and often beautiful) attempt at qualitative shifts of evolution when there has been a long quantitative drift of devolution. Revolution—for if nothing else it is a human convention—is something that happens within ourselves, our habits, and our relationships to others. The change that revolution might bring us in such deadly and dystopian times as the ones we are now in, are to treat ourselves better and habitually be good for and aware of our connection to the Earth. We might move and grow at a balanced pace, and move without attention, or attachment to, consequences imposed by contextually external entities. One does not ask permission from the old world to revolt and create a new world; if such revolution happens under these circumstances, it is revolution in name only, named by the overseers.

Revolution within will have us loving our enemies, our lords, as our friends, and as in need of help to come down from the heights of responsibility which hierarchy has elevated them to. Money and other legalities returned to mere paper, a banal crime against a tree and an insane crime against immediacy. Reality mediated no more, this is revolutionary given where we are…


Bipolar, part zero

One moment you are on top of the world, the following the world is on top of you…

You’re inside the condom, feeling the contours of heaven in your head and body,

but you want too much and you push too far, the condoms breaks,

and you realize you were fucking the vagina of hell. The swirls of extreme

vacillation carry you forth and back, unceasing, as the universal war uses your body as

it’s most intense battlefield. The tornado of you forms and turns

you around to look backwards, and you see that the vagina isn’t actually hell,

hell is what you brought to it. And then the storm ends, your orgasm stolen,

you’re left limp on cold and unfriendly ground,  your own memory not there to

serve your bodily habits but to elongate the torture your mental world

must relive, this time, next time, until your time ends…

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Lucid Living: Tendons Of The Organic Trance Totality

Lucid Living: (Important) Tendons Of The Organic Trance TotalityL

Trance as a name for a musical category is a misnomer, as it doesn’t put us into a surreal context, it pulls us out of one! Our daily surreality (or should it be sub-reality?), imposed by an unhappy and mediated world, dissipates like a contrail, and we are left with a clarity that is unmistakably real. Any haze that remains has a laser plane shone through it that highlights its organic curvature, beholden to no structural logic that would normally draw our focus a la our capitalized and technologiized societies. The experience we have gradually draws all of our bodies into motion (as they should be given our biological predispositions). Feel free… to listen to the exquisitely titled “fake awake” as you suffer through my breaches with logic.

Sweep The Filter: Towards A Revisceration Of Im-media

Trance allows the real world (that is, the cold technologized world) that we have now to enter in elements such as filtered down sounds. Through acts such as filtering and amplification, trance is displaying in sound what all mediums in our over mediated world really do. Mediums don’t add anything to vitality—they strip away many surrounding overtones to give a very contrived, weak, and alienating connection; a controlled and corrupted connection. Trance utilizes this feature which we as the captive victims from civilization’s domesticating modalities (as in Stockholm Syndrome) are so allured to, and then it quickly yet gradually adds back the wholesome tones. It does this perhaps (because not all trance ingeniousness need be the same) through both a filter sweep in the single lead, and a volume sweep through the larger movement of the full orchestration, all instruments choosing to be in full interrelation as cells of a body. Before this unity, in the previous minutes of the song, the individualized or cliquey instruments were all introduced as powerful yet fiercely independent and essentially lacking to reach their full potential (though still beautiful if the composer chose the elements correctly).

The domesticated sounds from before the breakdown are then all transformed through synthetic combination and amplification that lay out a path for all of we freedom seekers to leave our alienated pigeon holes of reified experience. Trance does all this—it displays our cages naked, then it melts our chains, and then finally we are guided in the art of flying.


When the song is in full swing, there is the overflowing of emotion and energy, and the rhythm sings to all of our emotions and speaks to all that is neglected and marginalized in our current world. It recognizes the waking reality that we feel, but it takes us in waking life in to the literal dreams that we have of rebecoming the animals that we were so intended by a mutualistic natural milleu. Animals that are so free we wouldn’t even call them human. Indeed, there would be no suggestion, no impetus, no need to call…

Only the most brilliant trance songs have us climb up the mountain and jump off the world. Most fall short and return us to earth, elevated perhaps but still as caged animals. The select songs (or the songs that select us) are the matchmakers to wed our true dreams with a truer reality. It would be wrong to say it was goD’s music, but not so to say the music of gods.


L – As the title suggests, this piece is a tendon, or element, of a larger philosophical expose that I have kept caged up for almost a decade. It has overgrown its cage many times, and I thought I’d give it some play time now. May that time come soon, if not in writing then in the unleashing of the bottled up organic forces of difference that we suppress in lieu of conformity.

Aking to follow – Part One

It is a long enduring zeitgeist to be lost, bereft of direction. You don’t have to look too far to see that there are many people—perhaps even an entire generation—that has been set up psychologically and economically to be a listless mass. There is a yearning for a leader, to give these people the perception that their lives will have some value in the ranks of one who they would follow unto death. The king that I speak of could not get the devotion by wearing a business suit, and would not have followers that would robe themselves that ways either.

If one of the beloved actors or actresses from Game of Thrones were to reprise their roles outside of the show’s filming, and declare that they were a king and would lead any that were willing, you would have thousands showing up at their villas ready to do their bidding. If Armin were to declare himself a god on earth, millions of en-tranced followers would pledge their allegiance.

Is it part of the human condition or are we conditioned humans, to desire to be followers and let our ego be washed away to become a tributary to someone else’s wave?