The Untouchables: Intimate Eminent Domain

At first it was the debtors who lost use of their limbs via nervous interpolation–whereby a computer chip was placed for example in their left shoulder, blocking neuro control of that arm until their debts were paid. Of course, this only makes the paying of their debts more dubious without the full use of an able body. The colonized limbs were initially controlled by the lenders to perform some useful, efficient function, but the complexity was too much to turn anything but a loss. Further, there were many cases of abuse (a controlled arm would keep slapping the parent body across the face, or grab an adjacent pedestrian’s ass) that made nervous interpolation unpopular for a brief time. So as reactionary private and public corporations do, they dropped the use of the alternate functioning feature, in favor of limp, lifeless limbs. Instead of pity, the plegia become stigmatized, getting “what they deserve.” They “should’ve paid up.” They ironically are called the untouchables, because they can touch nothing.

Generations pass, rights are further forgotten, and this evil technology is adapted to newborns, whereby limb control can be turned on or off. This is not for the parents to punish their children. This is how slaves are efficiently controlled and psychologically/physiologically normalized to control from the beginning. Loss of limb control when they are not working, and punishment when they are working but are doing something deemed inefficient, whereby they fall flat on their faces.

The heads of these corporations often asked themselves “wouldn’t it be better to just use robots?” But then the answer, intuitively, was that was no fun. God likes playing with live things, grappling to determine indeterminate forces. This is the attraction of enslavement.

Fortunately for us, the march of technology will not usher in the march of slave soldiers and laborers, for consumer technology has gone astray into the areas of absurd degrees of comfort, not absurd degrees of control. The universities and unseen corporations where this type of control technology would (or is) being developed will go broke before these projects can be realized in the external world. The future is unwritten, but lets make sure this “stroke of the iron fist” never falls.