notes 4 today: 2016-12-21 (Showering Of Ideas; Dogs And Society Correlation; Revolution And Paranoia; Response To A Favorite Che Quote)

title: Showering Of Ideas

Some meta-cognition: It occurred to me during a shower that during a shower I have a relatively high amount of ideas come my way. I think I used to believe this was because my mind was free of other tasks and so it could wander to more distant or abstract things to chew on. But then it occurred to me in a contrasting light, that there are other times I don’t have a fecundity of ideas, such as standing on a grocery line (or the ideas come more seldom here, even though the time span is similar). My hyperthesis is that warmth, specifically carried through water, heightens our bodies overall, or relaxes the troubles in the body that the brain would’ve been attending to, and now can entertain more freely the ideas that roam in.

title: Dogs And Society Correlation

Simply put, western societies tend to have dependent pets more frequently, and yet have a smaller and weaker family structure. So pets are certainly there to fill in the vacuum, but is it also causative or co-evolving, co-factoring, displacing? How many other animals in the mammal family hang out with other mammals sans human interference? By having dogs, we have become quite singularly concerned. If you consider yourself miserable (a likely thing this day and age if some open/critical thought is put in to it), I think we need to look at different primates for inspiration on how to live with each other rather than our own culture and the lessons of domesticated dogs whose instincts have been retarded.

And so the short term reality of “Having a dog helps me meet people” stands in irony to the probable long term effect where our families and societies as a whole, weaken.

We destroy pets’ relations to nature and they destroy ours. They are a cock block for they create a barely tolerable but still paper over a gap of connection needed to animals other than our individual selves. Keep your dog, but fill in the gaping hole underneath the bandaid with your fellow humans. We have the right skin and hormones to truly have loving interactions.

title: Revolution And Paranoia

A revolution must be paranoid if it is to survive. Just consider the context in which it must be emerging that it is so dearly needed. A true rƎVO⅃ution, is capitalized wisely and reveals certain progressions to be regressions. If a revolution is too paranoid, it will eat itself; if a revolution isn’t paranoid enough, it will be eaten by others, usually the forces which it opposes.

title: Response To A Favorite Che Quote


It is still sadder Che that we are all born now with deadly enemies, but we just tend to confuse them as friends (corporations, governments, banks, salespersons, etc…). But it is a happy thing that we are born with friends we often confuse as dead (plants, fungi, life forces unarticulated)! Pronoia is on our side!


My Thoughts Inexactly: G is for Gathering (edited)

The clouds of your heaven cast a great shadow over our Earth.

If everyone around you is in bonds, it’s bound to happen that you are included.

The best defense against the powerful is to become power oneself; not abusive and threatening, but resilient and inspiring.

Anarchists—we make no prisoners!

A system that feeds equally on a person’s love as well as their hate is best starved.

When is the soup that suffers great dilution finally called water?

It is the fixed category that will always break.

We cannot heal the wounds of the world if we do not first feel the wounds of the world. The subaltern have a voice if you monologue with your empathy.

A changing of the guard does little, yet a change in what is being guarded is quite another matter. Later perhaps we can relax our guard, and then leave guarding altogether. Deep in to the future we can just be gardeners.

A hundred years ago, in the middle of “the great war”, few could have imagined that a hundred years from then, there would be a much vaster war against life, without many shots being fired or bombs dropped, but as a daily effort to grind down the vitality of the Ecosphere—a war of attrition without victors.

In a world where it is so easy to make deals with the devil, we must ask ourselves if we are already in hell.

With the electric chair the state could kill individuals by turning the power on; now with the electric grid the state could kill masses by turning the power off.

Objectivity is a particular flavor of subjectivity that belittles the subject, thus drawing a false contrast that makes objects seem “larger than life”.

Most of the wars throughout life’s history have been between different lifeforms; now we are in a totally different war which is between life and anti-life. Life forms and life deforms—deformation through information. It would be too gracious and disingenuous to call these forces aligned against life, for truly they are just vacuously maligned.

Stand up for what is right, especially if the low ceiling must be broken.

Better to have the enemy’s blood on our hands after their murder, than to have your friend’s blood on your hand after a handshake with the enemy. Best to have your enemy’s blood on his own hands, when he removes himself from the unjust position as an enemy to life.

Your best doctor shares the same names as you—so too should your greatest lover, and if such is the case, the need for a doctor is removed.

Mediating middle men only have their proboscis to insert. Atrophy their medium by atrophying our own.

It is most often the corrupt who scramble for uniforms with “good” translated on them. Only in such modern and delocalized times could reputations not precede such peoples, where anonymity is the most commonly utilized tool that all who would do evil use to evade discernment.

The fear of not living ought to take precedence over—and not be equated with—the fear of death.

In a world where there are so many instances of the complete opposite being true, one must wonder if that world itself is tending towards complete falsity.

There is nothing wrong with a destructive critique so long as it is sung from a constructive and non-suicidal grounding.

The most embarrassing thing is that we feel great embarrassment over so many things that are perfectly natural.

What separates police from the rest of the population is that no police officer can ever be labeled an “innocent” victim.

To nurture nature out of children as modernity does, is a rejection of all that is innately valuable in both processes.

The original taboo is just that. Its generality is the rug buried deep below its debris pile of detailing specifics.

Getting off our asses is an assertion that we must take literally at first, but that we must also make figurative as we develop mobility of body and mind, if we are to truly get off our asses.


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Ode To The Young (in fore verses of thought)

Children are the cure, to any and all ailments that might plague life. What ailments have children not endured? Children right before us (¿and after us?) are breathing, running, surpassing. They are life’s commitment to continue—made tangible. Though it may seem it at times, they are not in our way; rather, our way is wrong! They are the way, the only way. They are not a prison, they are the corrections.

Children are the “im” prefix we can add to our “mortality”. They beat back death, and enough of them have always survived the events labeled extinctions. Children are far from species’ specific, even farther still from individual specimen specific; they wander in both form and content, they move in curious unpredictable directions as has always been life’s way. They are the vital group, around which to center this planet’s regrouping. Children keep us forever young, and they should be our ever after. When we include them in our count, we’ll see that we’ve aged less. When we exclude our individuality, we’ll see all life as ageless. We have children inside us, but we must release them outside us, before our death becomes theirs as (un)well.

Religions stole from children the role of the afterlife. Our lambs are our God, and our chief ministry is parenting to keep them safe from becoming sheep! Better to defy God than defy our children; no need to deify God when we deify our children. This child worship is not written in a book, it is written in us. Historically it must be so, that from the deeps of time there is a very long line of children looking up to us; we must align with this life and look up to our own children (rather than catching a mirror’s glance that has us confusing our children with our elders).

So what is my religion? The next generation! Focusing on seven days of primordial creation is a weak prospect; I want seven generations, on in to the immortal! Children are my afterlife—please join me and give them your life, so that they might be your afterlife as well!

My Thoughts Inexactly: Z is for Zeroing

An hour long lecture from the ocean has greater value than a two semester seminar at the likes of a Harvard or Cambridge.

Those who commit themselves to total war are always the first casualty.

We rise to the occasion, not because of what we are, but because of the occasion life is.

Better a mistake of words than a mistake of weapons.

The Universe is not built out of particles, it is built in to them.

Before and within all spatial becomings—dimensionalities going from one, to three, to unbounded potential dimensions—is the zeroth dimension. Dimension is a misnomer, just as quantum tunneling (and entanglement) may be misleading, for the immanent connection between all smallest parts in the vast universe will endure regardless of particular spatial distances and extensions. New, more expansive and dominant dimensions do not necessarily diminish the co-existence of “thinner” spatial dimensions, nor do any dimensions ever negate the zeroth dimension.

Man-aged or man lived. We must choose wisely, for ourselves and for our future!

Instead of cars that drive themselves, what about people that walk themselves?

I’d prefer a forest to an aphorist, but since I am not even grown to the depth of a single tree, I must choose the latter to taste such heights.

Your lack of a search for an ulterior motive is the success of the most important ulterior motive of the propaganda that seeks to quell you.

The real food Nazis are not the health conscious protective parents, but those who would use systemically toxic food as a weapon to sedate the masses.

A beautiful idea without a single tangible example to point to in the world—that is what the human is. Frustrating to bear witness to such a wide potential gap, wedged further and further apart by technological progress.

Parts are important enough to stop regarding them as mere parts.

It is not enough to only lose your own chains, for if your comrades don’t lose theirs you are sure to keep tripping over them.

Despite the incredibly disheveled and confused species that we are—made evident by all of our industrial sprawl—children still have the relative wisdom enough to favor trains, buses, and other mass transit over the idiotic individualization of cars.

If it isn’t visceral enough it isn’t real enough. Too regularly the artificial layers acting as a protective glove will suffocate the naked hands of we the primary creators.

If you won’t be with the whole, you’ll be apart, leaving a hole behind.

It is not the problem of being too introverted or too extroverted—it is the sitting on the wall that we built between the two, stagnant and unmoved by either… diverted.

Civilization doesn’t provide us the luxury of time for rumination, it provides us a plethora of lonely spaces that we can only fill with melancholic rumination.


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If a fish out of the water becomes food, what does a human out of land become?

desertification-1-638food is human

There were a few alternative wording options available, but I stuck with the fewest words for the pictured meme. One other option which might more clearly convey the intent I had when the thought of this concept occurred to me, is this: “If fish out of the water become food, what does a human off the land become?” This wording, I think, gets closer to my original criticism, which is humans moving in to cities and the extremely vulnerable position we put ourselves in with regards to other land possessing humans. However, the multi-layered interdependencies with the land are so complex that the other meanings such as erosion, land degradation also get across a common fate for all of us if we don’t soon rethink and reacquaint a relationship with un-modified land.

My Thoughts Inexactly: L is for Lamenting

Harvest the bravery to call a spade a spade, and prepare to find that most spades have been plunged deep in dirt.

Instead of dressing up as heroic animals with capes, how about we bravely undress and embrace the human animals that we already are?

I Pledge Allegiance To Liberty And Justice For All. As with so many things these days, if you remove the meddling middle the ends to which you speak become more clear and more powerful.

It’s easy to say “life goes on” when you are not numbered among the dead.

The more humans resort to being sheep, the more the wolves will come to dine on them.

It is a great sorrow of our sedentary age when we realize that our children—who naturally privilege a liberated motion over stagnation—come to equate motion with mobile machines instead of their own bodies.

Killing oneself all at once is called suicide, but killing oneself over the length of one’s life is called domestication.

Industrial bees have their own honey replaced with high fructose corn syrup, so I ask: what is our honey that industry has sapped from us?

Clumsiness in a body is comedy; clumsiness in a car is tragedy.

Such lame and discomforting times commonly described as being “just life” are more aptly regarded as indicators of “the death of life”.

If a fish without water is food, what then is a human without land?

Both a car dealer and a drug dealer prey upon a people that sit around, trying to feel any number of experiences besides the emotions that are most honest and nakedly human.

Those who freely choose the security of hiding under government’s protective umbrella never allow themselves a view of the vast and open skies above.

If the contemporary is not temporary, then humans and other mammals will soon prove to be.

If at break of day you break your fast, you may break your day. Allowing no space for hunting and the driving force of hunger, you will not come to appreciate satiation nor be able to guard against inevitable satiation.

It is due far less to any increasing subtlety of artificial intelligence efforts that have humans confusing robots for other humans, and due far more to the accelerating atrophy of human sensitivity to vitality. The robots can just stay put in the sewers and pretty soon we will go down there ourselves to meet them.

You won’t want to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps in a world where up has been artificially inverted.

Fascism never left—it slowed its metabolic rate to an undetectable level, and has been creeping in to penetrate the vulnerable strata (sovereign state power, improperly undervalued and overlooked natural resources, and other power producers both quantified and unquantified), pushing out healthy immune responses that would normally destroy such a vile existence, and gaining leverage to unfathomable levels.

A true cynic belittles humans as empty of promise, whereas one such as myself laments the growing gap between actual and potential, a promise broken in to smaller and smaller shards that cut deeper and deeper.

The tragedy of the commons is that it sits surrounded by a private propertied society; in such a context the commons were lost already before they were even created.

Medicine may take the fight out of you, but it won’t remove you from the fight.


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My Thoughts Inexactly

You believe in God, and God becomes a god; if you believed in You, what would You become?

Live to the fullest and you gain your death; live meekly and you lose your life.

When one in power throws you a bone, make sure to ask whose corpse it came from.

With the ushering in of a new societal order, those on the lowest rungs are usually the last to know. Peasants are not privy to the formative discussions of a feudalistic social contract, nor are slaves typically alerted ahead of time of their impending bondage.

Those who wouldn’t risk their lives even with the impending threat of great injustice, harm, and imprisonment, have nothing to risk.

The balloon inflated full with air still has much more a brilliant existence than the limp unused and forgotten rubber on a shelf with no name, unkissed.

Honest futurists would admit they can’t accurately predict in what flavor of bad the future will come, but any good futurist can predict that future’s future once that road is entered upon.

Pennies on the dollar must be preceded by an original dollars on the penny.

Those worn out most by the system have the most reason but the least ability to change it.

When the societal norms come in to conflict more often than not with the biological norms, it is time to throw away the societal norms before they throw the lot of us away.

If you are thankful for crumbs, and you belittle yourself as a bug, don’t be upset when all you ever eat are crumbs.

The Greatest Generation, the Lost Generation, and the Baby Boomers of the 20th century borrowed from their future to pay for wars, unnecessary and dangerous infrastructure, undeserved retirement, and tacky luxury. Generations X, the Millennials, and Generation Z during the 21st century will be paying back that debt for a bunch of ungrateful dead.

Retirement before death is early retirement.

If your initial instinct is to think metallurgy sounds like a type of disease, go with your gut instinct.

Never a treeline but a roadline that spites the forest.

There should be a flow if one is expected to just go with it; the infrastructural constriction of flow is much more the antecedent than the consequent of uptight hominems.

Don’t take responsibility and don’t heap it on any others living, even the most reprehensible. Blame the dead! They are much greater to blame for our inherited predicament(s), and besides they can take it.

If you tremble with indignation at every artificial mediation put between the physical world and its innate ability to create and nourish life, than you are a comrade of mine!

We are going to regress through the mean not because of mathematical certainty, but because of human stupidity.

Today is tomorrow’s “I should have yesterday”.

It is not untrue that mirrors were made prolific by the beautiful, but not mainly for their own viewing but for the self-visibility of those unsightly and plain faced people, so that such common types might marginalize themselves and become reclusive, leaving the central political spaces for the self-impressed vain. Henceforth both ugliness and beauty is the I of the mirror. The knight’s shining armor makes a potential opponent think twice when he sees reflected his feeble form. He afterwards more readily members himself of a lower and more obedient class.

Making new mistakes is not the best route to avoid repeating old mistakes. Patience should not be equated with inactivity—for most of the unthoughtful human activity leads to future inactivity, with especially high levels of inactivity for the lifeforms damaged by the original human “activity”.

Geometry ought to be renamed homometry, for it is much more a study shaped by human insights than natural patterns that give themselves to us. We see shapes to the great exclusion of the vast diversities. Carbon does not dominate life, life dominates and exploits carbon, and to great extremes far onward and inward past the confined angstrom sized scientific ruminations.

Only in the after math can a truly free people exist!

The odious foundation that is money/property is always buried too deep in debris when a particular economic house collapses, so no one ever gets to the point of uncovering the causa primaria. It can be shown that economic collapses historical (and probably of the future) will always have a small number of partial causes being given a full 100% of the blame in the living memory of the event. Even after, only a handful of academics typically will come to an accurate enough understanding that properly distributes the blame to the varied and overlapping individuals and institutions that truly were to blame. Those powerful who survived unblamed and unscathed get to plague the following generations with their unsustainable practices because of their comparably advantageous new beginning point.

Money and property are the teeth, and a desire to own and dominate the jaw, of the modern oligarch who would eat—in rather omnivorous a fashion—the living as readily as the dead, who would leverage the brand new as readily as the ancient. Such people position themselves to thrive on all the various swings of the turbulence: in actuality they are the turbulence.

If we don’t soon understand and respond to the myriad of hockey stick graphs being presented to us (biomass/biodiversity losses), we will soon be flicked out of existence. We are the willing victims—to close our eyes and let such abnormal times feel so normal.

Perhaps the only thing more difficult than dealing with intense hallucinations is to be finally leaving the hallucinations that have been your whole life.

A life lived by the book will never be written about in another book. Living your life by the book means it will never be read about. Not worth reading about

Living your life by the book collapses all of its memory in to a statistic.

Criminals don’t change their ways when they reach high office, they change the rules (memerize)

We don’t need an apocalypse to annihilate the disaster of suburbia, just one or two untimely slip ups.

when a person is frugal they are tightening their own belt, when a corporation is frugal…

“when a person is frugal they are tightening their own belt,

when a corporation is frugal they are tightening another’s noose”

Perhaps I will put this on a picture meme one day…

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