we built a bridge (poem)

the river surges
the river dwindles
the river flows peacefully
not important
we built a bridge over it

the earth yearns
the earth heals
the earth grows
not important
we built a parking lot over it

the day is bright
the day is rainy
the day includes us
not important
we built a roof under it

the human is happy
the human is sad
the human is content
not important
we built medicine for that

the human has anger
the human has rage
the human wants justice
not important
we built laws for that

the sun is wintering
the sun is springing
the sun is summering
not important
we built houses for that

the human is late
the human is earlier
the human is sporadic and enjoys surprises
not important
we built calendars for that

the human is unmotivated
the human is creative
the human has great potential
not important
we built education for that

the human is unpredictable
the human is beautiful
the human is fragile
not important
we built prisons for that

the human lives
the human dies
the gravedigger dies
not important
we built robots to bury us


Little Rock Lost

I usually don’t share poetry, especially love poetry, but love makes one brave!


language turned down side and up
waning vocabularies your love deconstruct
traditions beyond religions keep us distant
love dwells but cultures stand resistant

no love goes unrequited
love curves and is reguided
love can not last one sided
shared in two not two divided

I know your second finger
weighs on two not one
a small rock can linger
delaying uniting of one

our oneness celled off
weddings be banned
blame removes no action
love is not planned
why these torturous walls
I do not understand
later they say I will
when my view’s more grand

your glow overtakes white light
my view windows no other
my eyes robbed of contrast dark
I see you always in every other

your good coats their bad
but your warmth coats itself
you need not their breath
your spirit dances land and shelf

hasty this all is
for love grows so fast
time moves love quickly
space’s reach is vast

I never feared love
but losing great love its true
I no longer fear death
fanāʾ, I am ever you

كارلوس  ←  لانا

with respect to my olders

they plan to be cremated
they dig holes for others
a disdain for all sexuality
functionally inadequate lovers

before their gallbladder
does go their brain
spoon fed more than food
lengthiest time to wane

calcified ghosts shadowing the young
with their cultural mores haunting
demanding their praises be sung
leaving the living with tasks daunting

knowing that their death’s day
removes them from a karma repay
they do not die, they continue to slay
then with grand cowardice, slink away

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Door Prompt (Karlos Basak 2016 Remix)

**The original version is lost, slipped under a door never returned; that door had its revenge, this remix is mine:

Door Prompt (2016 Remix)

Doors knock on us, a hole for laughing,
for they are but an extension of a wall;
a pressure release valve,
before we would knock down all.

Keys are for locking, not unlocking,
pests to regret;
doors are for shutting, not opening,
lest we forget.

Doors are the wall’s middle finger,
the fuck you that unmakes their iron fist;
yet instead of raising our hands in retaliation,
we see their opening as Fortuna’s kiss.

Impolite is the door,
to put a hold on you;
then to time its opening,
to lead you askew.

The door is a distraction from breaking the wall.
Focused on the door, the wall we ignore;
to break down the door is a joke on us,
break down the wall and the joke is on the door.