Allegory Of The Carve

A man is living in a cave, when a number of people enter from the opening. “We are all one family,” one of them beckons to the man, encouraging him to join them.

“No, you are just seven people,” replies the man, seated.

Most of the people exit the cave, but one remains, and declares, “I am one person, and I am here to take you home.”

The man rises and quickly pulls out his hunting knife and slits the man’s throat. He proceeds to carve out all his organs, as he would an elk. At last he speaks to the decapitated corpse laying before him, “you are fourteen organs, and twelve hunks of meat, by the knife’s count.”

The man starts to sit down, when a chill overcomes him.

Look into the mirror” a voice echoes in the cave. The man cleans the blood off his knife and looks at the reflection. “What do you see?” asks the voice.

Nothing,” the man replies.

Zero?” the voice asks.

Yes…” the man replied, as if waking from a daze, “zero.”

Then you count correctly, at last,” said the voice.

At last…” the man said, falling onto his knife. The last thing he heard, as he lay dying next to his father’s body, was the voice:

Too much light, just like too much dark, can make it difficult to see; in this cave you have been pulled apart by both extremes…”

**Alternative Titles: Encountering the Polymyth, and A void multiplicity