Flight Song verses

“Flight Song”


Unlike a flock of planes
Haunting the horizon
We don’t leave so easy
Our true fight is arising
Realizing this place
Is not for the living
Realizing our fate
Is not just for sitting


And of all those things that won’t stay
The false idols to which we’d pray
I will unearth them for you tonight
(Bury them by fire alight)
Can you hear your choice this time?


This is our flight song
To leave is not wrong
For green pastures, not lawn
Our power’s not gone
Starting now we’ll stretch long
We’ll play our flight song
And we won’t care if nobody else will leave
Cause through our flight we may inspire, not please


Losing use lends to dreamless sleep
Static civilization’s toll is steep
In an atrophy too deep
Say you’re not yet too weak
It’s been all through your years
A well-used body is your best home
You miss your muscle toned
And in stillness we believed
But now in motion we are relieved


And of all those things that won’t stay
The old roles that we used to play
We will burn them for heat tonight
Can you hear the choice this time?
(even if it does not rhyme)


This is our flight song
Things just aren’t right song
The path is (A house is not) our home
Our power has far grown
Starting now we’ll stretch long
We’ll play our flight song
And we can’t lead others to follow
All we can do is flee or in misery wallow


Migrate out of this rat fight with me


Adapted a-way from “Fight Song”

now, out of your seat

to build a better beat


The Inflation of Rights

There is an island that stands strait in the way, and you know that if you were to destroy it, the aftereffects would weaken you so greatly that you wouldn’t even benefit from your violent efforts. What do you do? You raise the entire sea around it, so you can sail over it without being bothered. The island is still technically there, but it is incapacitated.

Much easier than raising the ocean to negate an island is the process of inflating a currency. The value of the dollar, and its legitimacy—as will soon become visible—is diluted when too much of it is created and given away to big banks. Similarly, the political currency known as rights, sometimes distributed to the citizens of a country, as has supposedly been done in the USofA, is also vulnerable to dilution through inflation. A key that is copied and handed out to everyone makes a mere novelty of the lock.

The monetary elites, who we shouldn’t forget are the corporations, wouldn’t use the tactic of ever trying to challenge or get rid of the constitution. Instead of running roughshod over our rights, they would much rather add legitimated “friendly rivals” that need judicial consideration along with the constitution (or even within the constitution), so that the constitution’s real purpose gets drowned out, though technically it still exists as the same entity.

How did this come to pass? The idea of rights that was only intended for the narrow island of humans was INCompletely extrapolated to the corporate world when the “incorporation” norm was afforded to businesses during the 19th century. Most of the structural pieces were already set, and it was only a small but important step further to complete the bridge and have corporations be considered legal people. This transition was surely helped along and eased into common consciousness by the the entertainment industry constantly propping up the idea that there are and will be robots that have feelings that we should not dismiss. When we start to consider inanimate objects as having feelings and in need of defending, why shouldn’t Nike and Starbucks be so kindly considered and coddled? Not that I expect it to happen, but I wouldn’t be shocked or surprised by a story that involved a gang of murderers not being charged for the crime because they were doing a corporation’s bidding as its employees. The ironic thing to follow would be the anger in the streets directed at the corporation, not at the actual murderers and unable to be directed at the CEO who is impossibly distant and inaccessible to the common masses.

chappie wall-e

Nothing is eternally sacred because the evolving context around it will use and abuse it for all that its worth, and then leave it as a useless skeleton that can be looked at but not much gained from.