My Thoughts Inexactly: F is for

For some, it is two days before Christmas; for others, it is two days after the Solstice; for me, it is today. Each day is its own holiday, better when not planned for or longed after. Join me, for a day is singular and so should our presence be!

Saving the Earth is saving yourself spelled differently.

Lovemaking with others is the most profound way to connect to Earth.

It is telling that words are the weapon of so many.

The only way to have the enduring revolution we all need as humans, is if the four-letter word hidden within is not ever forgotten.

If the choice between allying with a person or with the Universe is not the same choice, then it cannot be love.

I love to be contrary to culture, because love has become so contrary to the values of these cultures. A culture in which love is marginalized cannot endure.

Their mouths say they are our elders but their actions say they are our enemies.

If only we were serious about our play time, and playful about our serious time.

They occupy us, if we occupy their ceremonies, whether in protest or support.

I thought I was tortured by your presence, but now only in your absence do I know this was not true.

We want revolution, not because we want violence, but because we want an end to violence!

We should all have an inflated sense of self—it’s called Earth.

Don’t hold something twice (a proverb meaning that so much is already taken care of and being supported by larger forces that it is not just useless but also potentially harmful to intervene).

When kings realize they are pawns in someone else’s game…

The Universal life force stretches consciousness deeper as it stretches deeper into space. We are left timeless, and need no infinity pre-existing; we can become the infinity.

The first shots of a war long brewing will only ever be known to the perpetrators, not the victims.

We bipolar people can change the world, but more often than not we will change it back.

All that science has known correctly and known incorrectly in stored mediated form is in toto far less than was immediately known before science, and civilization, ever existed.

The ignorant will die,
without knowing why.

Paganism isn’t a different world. Its entering the world by removing that which would defer it.

Get in to the minds of others, by letting in the minds of others. Getting in to the minds of others, they get in to the minds of others.

When your low point is behind you, you’re going in the correct direction. If you’re going in the incorrect direction, you won’t know that you don’t know where you are.

The Romeo and Juliet story of polyamory will not be one of families warring but of families joining.


Little Rock Lost

I usually don’t share poetry, especially love poetry, but love makes one brave!


language turned down side and up
waning vocabularies your love deconstruct
traditions beyond religions keep us distant
love dwells but cultures stand resistant

no love goes unrequited
love curves and is reguided
love can not last one sided
shared in two not two divided

I know your second finger
weighs on two not one
a small rock can linger
delaying uniting of one

our oneness celled off
weddings be banned
blame removes no action
love is not planned
why these torturous walls
I do not understand
later they say I will
when my view’s more grand

your glow overtakes white light
my view windows no other
my eyes robbed of contrast dark
I see you always in every other

your good coats their bad
but your warmth coats itself
you need not their breath
your spirit dances land and shelf

hasty this all is
for love grows so fast
time moves love quickly
space’s reach is vast

I never feared love
but losing great love its true
I no longer fear death
fanāʾ, I am ever you

كارلوس  ←  لانا