My Thoughts Inexactly: R is for Recurring, otra vez

Laws are the blind spot of justice.

When a person is frugal the belt is tightened around their waste; when a corporation is frugal the belt is tightened around another’s neck. We haven’t executed any corporations, but they’ve executed plenty of us.

A politician echoes the interests of those 18 years and older who might vote; a leader hears the interests of those 17 years and younger who may never vote.

If a thing has no intrinsic value, then its propagation is sure to do intrinsic harm on the value of others.

You teach a man to fish and he eats forever; you give a man his fish and you choose when he starves.

To take the lesser of a great evil as your friend is to be your own enemy.

The life energy isn’t hidden, we hide ourselves from it.

We can roll with the punches, but when it comes to cars and guns, we cannot so easily roll with them. At best we can survive their rolling on us.

Watch for the hidden prick hiding behind the veneer of a safety pin.

If your revolution has few elements of joy contained within as viewed from the perspective of its vanguard, then what power does it have to attract a full investment on the part of the rest of the society? Harken to the words of Red Emma regarding dance, and dare not conflate joy with the ephemeral and empty promises of possessions that keep misery in oscillation.

Self-absorption is the implosion of any space for a self to emerge.

A martyr is usually co-opted by a prime institution of power of which the martyr’s death was essentially in opposition to. Jesus’s co-optation by the Church is just such an example we can witness today.

The touch screen is mightier than the pen is mightier than the sword is mightier than the lot of us; what increasing sophistication cages us these sunless days.

Civilization has maimed us and so civilization has named us. Regrowth is not precluded, and injury is not death! Fight back with all that remains, and gift yourself a nom de guerre—a name such that within is symbolized your war against naming itself.

A man robs a bank and the man is imprisoned; a bank robs the world and the world is imprisoned.

Lack of a refuge does not erase the refugee. Erasing a house does not erase the home if a group is shouldered by the tribal.

That which you get used to you will inevitably get used by.

That which milks you today will surely bleed you tomorrow, and the milk is starting to run dry; as a matter of fact, so is the blood.

Crooked by 360 degrees is what it is to be straight.

Necessity itself is an invention, but it is an insult to all others to regard it as mother.

Those involved with Christianity are mostly X-centric. Happier to dwell on the death of a great man and its ramifications for them personally as opposed to the life of a great man and what it exemplifies as a corrective to the western way of being.

A fish out of the water is today’s dinner, and a human off the land is tomorrow’s breakfast.

Police yourself with the laws of an oppressive society, and you are under the dome of the state; police yourself with your own laws, and you are living in freedom. So says a Kantian anarchist.

I pledge allegiance to liberty and justice for all. Quietly protest the rest, with gusto!

The primary difference between capitalism and fascism is the spelling.

Animals so free we wouldn’t even call them human; thoughts so free we couldn’t even recall them.

Government for the masses will always suffer from a staff infection, and its bureaucracies will always be the most resistant to treatment.

Our fears for our health in this life allows entry for the parasitical medical industrial complex, just as our fears for our health in the after life allows entry for the religious industrial complex. What unadulterated life is there to turn towards but a fearless life?

Sitting is hard to get around in these sedentary traps we have set ourselves. Fight the paradox—rise up, and take a stand!

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God is weak: the subernatural, or from atheism to btheism

My Apologies

We can readily dismiss people reporting to have seen ghosts, experienced “miracles”, communicated with a higher power, etc., or we can consider it as empiricists. If these people weren’t suffering from hallucinations and delusions, and actually did experience these events, what is connoted?

– One possibility is that there is at least a single, if not a plurality, of spiritual realms, inhabited by some force(s) that can interact with our “natural” world. Why are these interactions so fleeting and vague? Either the connection is bad, or the forces just aren’t that significant (I could here propose that the “weak force” plays a role, but I don’t have the energy for weaving such a tangential theoretical tapestry). Perhaps “their”—assuming some spiritual agency to the forces—recovery time from making a connection, such as lifting a penny for us to, is very costly. Yet they are willing to pay the cost, which leads me to the point that they may worship us; or, they could just be a lot more concerned with affairs in their separate realm and only look to us occasionally, but we have no evidence of this. The likely conclusion might be that ghosts are just that, a lesser form of some once living beings, that do manage to muster the strength to have minute impacts on the world we inhabit, for specific open chakras audiences.

As for what we call and capitalize God, maybe s/he is eternal (just as ghosts may be), but as such may be stretched very thin across the eons of time and vastness of space, not having much power in our day to day lives. god is watching us, loving us (or envious of us), but vision is usually the limit of his power. Why is it that people are much more apt to rush to god’s defense than god himself? Perhaps death is his ultimate weapon, but this doesn’t seem that honorable, nor likely, because of its universal application. Maybe god just spends a lot more time interacting with microbes, or even particles, as could be evidenced by the causa sui virtual particles in empty spatial fields; particles are much less powerful than us, and on more of an even playing field for such an energy sapped god. Consider this when thinking about the recent phenomenon of a halo-rainbow occurring during Óscar Romero’s beatification, and what supplies an unnatural force would need to harvest for staging such a spectacle. Within Christian doctrine, think about how much energy it must have taken to create the sperm for Jesus’s conception that no more children have followed for 2,000 years.

But if god has set the bar so low, many among us are obsessed with finding new nadirs by digging ourselves into the ground. We grow the mountain only by lowering the valley, to be sure, though we fail to see the danger lurking above our new canyon, ready to engulf us. The danger is not the other, the danger is our severe severing from the natural world while being consumed with supernatural pursuits, whether they be the religion of the realm beyond, or the religion of progress. Both faiths are perilous.

– Another possibility, one that I favor a lot more, is that the subtle forces available to the universe are deep and beautiful both because of their current rarity and their eternal potential. There is no need to look to other realms to explain what we coin “the supernatural”, as Spinoza indicates in his philosophy (and I concur and attempt to expand and elucidate). The only thing the universe needs is itself. Not God, nor anything else, is separable from us or any other thing on some different plane of existence. We only see and feel this world because this is the only world to see and feel! Heaven is what we make of it—and though it’s true that Rome wasn’t built in a day, it was built, and it is but a tease of our true creative potentials. We have much work to do and we already have gravity keeping us down, we don’t need suppression by religion to limit our activities in this world too!

God is not the favored player in this game—he is the undergod…

 As I write this I understand it might be inflammatory to the religiously sensitive readers, and it is not for me but for such persons to decide whether or not to be enraged. Writing something is a completely different undertaking than burning someone at the stake, which I would argue is many times less sensitive to others, to say the least.