Q is for Quelling (my thoughts inexactly)

Slavers don’t lure their victims with a closed cage.

Karma might kill you but your dead enemy won’t.

Dystopia doesn’t taste bad, it is flavorless. It is to drink without ever quenching any thirst.

There’s nothing more dangerous than a criminal that needs to commit more crimes to cover up previous ones. The string of crimes around is sure to thicken in to a rope.

To kill a governor, a person must oversee murder; but to kill a government, a person must oversee themselves.

It’s better to should all over other people as you do on to yourself. Don’t fear being labeled a hypocrite, fear being without dreams of somewhere better that should be.

Most did not choose to leave the land, yet here we are, just as fish who have left the water by the pelican’s envelope. We are dying but not yet fully digested… return to the land before the death of either we or the bird precludes such a reunion.

The church bell is the official toll for the great variety of death incurred—the death of unguarded polyamory, the death of unmarked temporality, the death of unconventional spirituality, and the death of untold bodies. The allure of its curving form is no less a straitjacket, and it is non-ironical that it is composed of metal, for it displaces an unbiased gathering of evidence that henceforth must conform to a statistical distribution. A cracked bell has not led to liberty, only with its dismissal and burial under the Earth can such hideous vibrations yet be quelled.

Wishing for that which is not, is a sin against that which is.

Part of being stupid is not knowing that you are stupid. Part of being unconscious is not being conscious of your unconsciousness.

We love to cry and cry to love. A growing dystopia shows us that these two expressions of feelings do not stand opposite one another, but die alongside one another to be replaced by their absences.

Those who take the stance of “wait and see” will get to see their own demise at the hands of those who act without full evidence.

Revolution that rises and falls with one man is not very revolutionary.

The more time spinning words, the less time available to pirouette ourselves.

If we only take our revolution to the comfortable shallow levels, we cede the great depths of the ocean to the powerful establishment that will dilute our efforts quicker than a tide changing.

As we continue to lose steam from this peculiar suburban era that is quickly burning through natural resource piles, visit places that make sense, rather than cost dollars. If you must, go by car, and go to places fully aware that you are a visitor, for your next trip may be one way as a refugee.

Humans are the deep roots of trees, the mobility of swinging primates, and the vision of eagles. Yet if we stay in one place there’s little reason to swing, and our vision atrophies because of the lack of light with our roots twisted in to the ground.

Laws that justify other laws which justify the original laws—let yourself not be part of this chain of prevents!

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notes 4 today: 2016-12-03 (Starving Government; Programming Humans; Ulterior Motives Of Facebook; Unusual Extinction)

title: Starving Government

You aren’t going to get mad at a chasm for existing as your main way of ridding yourself of the chasm—you are going to avoid the chasm. Being angered by a fungal disease that plagues a certain region is best followed up with leaving that region. Government is a chasm, or a disease, that is best dealt with by avoidance rather than the devotion of energetic emotions of anger. If it is truly a disease and not a force that fosters greater life, it will die out as it lacks those to feed on (and if it is a force for good, or what parts of it are a force for good, these will endure and morph to be not bound up to governance).
So the best approach to a parasitic government is to not approach it. Give as little of yourself—temporally and spatially—to its vast and open digestive system that is always taking nutrients away from the many hosts, whether they be humans, other life forms, or minerals and the air. Government is a long way from starving out, but the hungrier it is and the more we evade it and help others to do so, the weaker it will become and it might collapse. Perhaps a war of attrition is the best way to rid ourselves of government, though I daresay that it needs to be done in tandem with other efforts. No dogmatism should be settled on, but some guiding principles are useful, too.

We are starving for government the way Candida Albicans has us starving for sugar… best to starve the starver!

title: Programming Humans (meme)


title: Ulterior Motives Of Facebook
The “seen [time x] ” read receipt indication found below messages acts as a deterrent to someone’s leaving facebook and returning to their lives outside of it before responding to a message that had a question posed. Facebook—with full knowledge of the pressures that awkwardness creates, particularly the awkwardness by a non-response—uses with great success the “seen at” read receipt. It keeps people engaged with facebook that much longer by taking away the persons ability (another example of the instinctual flight response being undermined) to just evade communication and play dumb. The forcing of response is an example of infrastructure coercing those who dwell on and in it to alter their habits reactively. Facebook benefits monetarily with more advertisement time, but there are more insidious benefits, too, as with all the forces who (mistakenly) laud social engineering and social control.

title: Unusual Extinction (meme)


Hating On “The Police”

Hating On “The Police”—not officers suck and such—The Correct Politically Incorrect Way

Police Are Role Models To Other Fascist GangsIf you have strong feelings against the police and want to voice them, but you don’t want to polarize people related to police officers, you can utilize the following tactic:

During your tirade, make sure always to say “the police” and only that, not even any variations such as “police officers”. The reason for this is that police officers are frequently only 1 or 2 degrees disconnected from any social relations we have. They are a colleague’s husband, the father of a friend, the sister of an acquaintance, and so when you start bashing on the police, you can expect them to utter the words “fuck you, my [load the blank] is a police officer!”. If you had said “the police”, you just have to simply reassert that you are referring to the coercive institution, and you don’t have to get caught in a debate where your views are nuanced and watch the wind leave your sails. Remember, if you’ve gotten to the point where you are voicing these ideas, you are too busy fighting something too large to get caught in the many traps of awkwardness that language ensnares us in; be politicking in your own political incorrectness!

It is possible you want to get into the personal acts of horror undertaken by individual police officers: the husband, the father, the sister may very well deserve individualized attention because they especially suck at being human. However, emphasizing the role that the police as an institution had in allowing them to amplify their horribleness is much more important. That they compromised by joining such a narrow-minded institution of control speaks volumes to their individual character; that they can stomach being the biggest tools—being coerced into a mentality of kill or be killed—shows how little to do with humans and our attractions to freedom these people actually have. Further, too much focus on the behavior of individual police officers acts to excuse the larger oppressive institution when the horrible violence does surface. A pattern of bad apples can be blamed on the rotten tree. (apologies to trees everywhere for analogizing you with the police institution!)

Most of the violence undertaken by police is normalized and so it is not dubbed violence. The police exist to channel and dam up the efforts that might threaten the governmental system that employs them, and such damming, such deterrence is in itself violence. It is limiting the human inclination to mobility and wandering as we previously used to. It is violence akin to the road that destroys subtle and complex connections among ecosystems; the asphalt that tramples life underneath itself, while also forever altering (and not for the better) life on all sides of it. Many police officers join the force knowing that in so doing they are being anointed to the status of the public’s official bullies. The exceptions are those dreamers who want to actually help save lives and make the horrible mistake of joining the police in order to do this. One doesn’t have to wear a badge and hide behind weaponry to save lives and do the right thing. More to the point, sometimes doing the wrong thing precludes one from being available to do the right thing.

Government Suffers From A Staff Infection And The Police Are The Most Virulent Strain

To reiterate/elaborate: focus on the police instead of individuals unless you’d like to get into arguments with hecklers you manufactured into your argument. I think anger would get the best of me in such situations, and so when speaking (orally, at least, if not in this post) about police I will make sure to follow my 2015 advice.

Unused Ammo

– Just by putting on the uniform (gun included), putting on the car, being a body in such a skin, dark glasses in lieu of eyes, stirring anxiety in the masses and constantly committing acts to maintain societies negative labels, the police are not for us; they are a fraternity that warps the fabric of our daily life and effectively makes being human seem like a crime waiting to happen.

– Any future mini-articulations I have that speak to the harms the police cause in our world will be logged here.

– A previous post about police can be read here: Cops, Our Knights In Shining SUVs.

Aking to follow – Part One

It is a long enduring zeitgeist to be lost, bereft of direction. You don’t have to look too far to see that there are many people—perhaps even an entire generation—that has been set up psychologically and economically to be a listless mass. There is a yearning for a leader, to give these people the perception that their lives will have some value in the ranks of one who they would follow unto death. The king that I speak of could not get the devotion by wearing a business suit, and would not have followers that would robe themselves that ways either.

If one of the beloved actors or actresses from Game of Thrones were to reprise their roles outside of the show’s filming, and declare that they were a king and would lead any that were willing, you would have thousands showing up at their villas ready to do their bidding. If Armin were to declare himself a god on earth, millions of en-tranced followers would pledge their allegiance.

Is it part of the human condition or are we conditioned humans, to desire to be followers and let our ego be washed away to become a tributary to someone else’s wave?

Arbitrarities: Identification, Evaluation, and Rarefication of

Un-Normalizing Phenomena

There is an analytic exercise that helps you pull certain entities out of their normal spatial/temporal context in which they are typically found (reversing normalization), so that you can evaluate by your own moral code whether or not they should continue to exist. Most entities are incredibly arbitrary, but because they are enmeshed and hidden by the clutter of others their precariousness goes unnoticed; in fact, if they are looped in to the totality enough, they will have relatively long lives. These are three practical examples of the exercise:

– If you say a word out loud (or in your head) over and over and over again, it starts to sound very odd and it almost starts to fall apart, to lose its standing as an actual word with purpose. My word for this exercise is “each”, which starts to sound very odd very quickly, and gains new strangeness as you get deeper into the incantation.

– If you look at yourself in the mirror long enough, especially if you have bright lighting, you will start to think you look strange, no matter if you would socially be judged strange looking or not.

– If you look at the letter “r” enough times, especially if it is left unencumbe-r-ed by other written letters—but a single large “r” contrasting on an otherwise blank white piece of paper—your brain starts to schematize the “r” the way it would Sanskrit (unless you read Sanskrit).

I think it would be inexact to say the inverse of Lenin’s famous line on propaganda is ringing true: “a truth told often enough becomes a lie”; it might be more accurate to say that a lie looked at consistently enough with undivided attention—and without the interference and confluence of other factors that always like to mingle and tangle—will be revealed as such. Words, letters, and people are not lies, nor are they less real than other un-inspected entities; they are arbitrarities, akin to so many other arbitrarities that perpetuate in the world. We did not have to exist, nor along with us our peculiar words and writing system—there is nothing essential about the coming into being of almost everything we encounter.

In our modern compromised world, we have many beautiful arbitrarities, which dwell at great depths of artistic sublimity. To their (and our) chagrin, they have been mingled among the lesser arbitrarities—unfortunately not lesser in might, though certainly in sight—some of which do such violence upon our reality that they don’t need to be teased out by introspection. However, there is one particular arbitrarity to turn our tension to, for it is sprawling and subtly aggressive: at first it presents as boxing gloves wielded by a superhero, but if we are able to isolate it enough we see that it is the most deserving of punching bags…


An arbitrarity that has mingled too long in our lives without reflection is government. Can we repeat the word “government” over and over and see it for what it is? Doubtful. Government is harder to pin down because it is evolving—usually in the form of growing larger—and it is a most elusive entity in its entirety. Government is able to hide in the larger society’s successes, in the actual organic biological workings of earth, and then lay claim to these successes as if it came forth by its own efforts. Certain parts of government can be heralded or decried, but all the lights shone on one tentacle allow seven others to hide in the shadows cast.

There is one image that perhaps can reveal some of the most basic arbitrarity. A room large room filled with wo/men wearing suits. They could be a group of corporate men who are experts at making businesses successful, and after the meeting they will have decided certain things which they have to go and sell to the rest of the buying world. However if its the government, its a large room of wo/men wearing suits who are experts at making laws; they don’t have to sell us the laws though, they get to impose them on us with impunity. So think of the image again and again of a bunch of suit wearing conformists sitting in a room, geographically and ideologically far away from you, who get to make decisions about some fundamental aspects of your day. Think about this over and over, and realize how arbitrary it is, and how disempowering it is. Government is Go Over Men.

Extra matter:

Lies, just like any expressive action, cannot stand alone; they need to be contextualized and blend in with all the different and changing surroundings to be able to continue to pass as something to be believed in. Lies have to follow the same rules of evolution as organisms and every part and parcel attached to them.