notes 4 today: 2015-09-04 – Thoughts On Patriarchy, Colony of China, Sedentarism

Title: Patriarchy and its Other Others: Ageism Against the Young is Invisible to Us

Keep it a short post, but basically saying that whether a society is matriarchal or patriarchal, either way the adults overlook the needs and the intrinsic rights of the child who has more time yet to be on the planet than they. Patriarchy, matriarchy, or perhaps “archy” in general, are all oppressive and stacked against those born into such a time

Title: Update Your Text Books: North American Colonial History is 1607-1776, 2014-present

The years of “sovereign independence” may have faded long before now, and it depends what you want to choose as the point at which we “escaped from freedom”, collectively falling in to the Frommian theory. Around the year 2000 the outsourcing really picked up, and our consumerist addictions were to be managed by a different care provider: China and friends.

Corporations have been allowed to rape and pillage our land within the confines of our laws, but they have mostly been raping and pillaging the lands of other nations within the confines of our laws for the limits of our own foreign imperializing.

I think it was safe to call us a colony of China some time in the mid 2000s when a larger plurality of our goods started to come from there, and they started to credit an ever larger chunk of our debt. I do think it’s useful to look at ourselves as a colony of China, in all realms not just economic (because the other realms would be sure to follow).

We were an “unhostile take over” for the better organized Chinese State (buttressed by Russian backed resource support)

China with the BRICS and Eurasian resource axis is looking to build a future of domination. This might be aloof (and naive), but if I am to be oppressed and can choose the lesser of two evils (which I can’t), I’d rather have it be by a civlization that is several thousand years old and not run by Americans than this techno-oppression and alienation I feel today in some perverted WASP bureaucratic state. I won’t sit around waiting for Chinese water gardens, but to know that my oppression at least serves somebody somewhere high up in the oligarchic chain to have the free time to meditate in a beautiful spot, is better than dwelling on what the old guard American oligarchs do with their pleasure time.

Title: Classroom rules set in stone: working and moving bifurcation

Early childhood education is essentially about taking that which wants to run around and play and engage mentally and bodily to form the habit of sitting down. If you’re looking for someone to blame for other people sitting around, look to the availability of seats and the classroom rules becoming set in stone. Classroom rules are all about taking volatile lifeforms and setting them in stone.

The recession (or receding?) of recess”

Nature wants us to work hard because nature worked very hard to build us. This means using all of our levels of bodily energy engaged actively in motion with the rest of the eco-system atmospheric level we find yourself naturally born in to. Sitting is not work, that’s why it hurts us so bad. It’s very hard to do at first (think of young children), but it becomes very easy as our bodies get used to doing only that and other motions become difficult (not to mention the sedentarism encouraged by muscle atrophy drugs such as statins… what a name choice, huh?).

Nature wouldn’t want to see you squander away the elaborate skills and inclinations that it worked very hard to embody in you, which leave us as we cut corners and then cut ourselves down on the sharp edges we litter around our environments.



(juxtapose picture of kids sitting in a classroom with picture of kids sitting playing videogames)



teachers should be happy, their lesson of sitting is now being applied outside the classroom!