When You Catch the Plague…

…Return to the earth, before you are placed there regardless of your best efforts to prevent it! Anyone’s plague susceptibility (anyone in western society, at least) is in large part due to our general distance from the earth and all the balancing properties intrinsic to it. I mean this a lot more literally than you might thus far think:

For a long time I’ve held and—when feeling jolly and okay with taking on the role of a friendly goof—spoken that if one is ever very sick, especially with a high fever and an unknown diagnosis/prognosis, the best remedy is to bury oneself naked, standing/leaning most of the way under the soil with just your head exposed. There is something very intuitive to this idea that I could never dismiss as being absurd, and also it is the most holistic thing I think you can do for yourself, even perhaps before you are deathly ill. We all ultimately are made of the earth, no? Why not reduce our surface exposure when we are most vulnerable, and let the mother protect us? It’s compelling to think of being surrounded by a cooling soil when you are highly fevered; or having this firm, reassuring hug when you have the chills; or allowing a solid substance to absorb and dissipate your waves of nausea.

Of course this is not something that I would personally brave to do if I were seasonally sick or unwell, being so stupidly invested in polite society and trying to appear as normal as possible… but if I woke up with a Lou Gehrig feeling of a countdown to my death, I would get my ass into a muddy hole very quickly.

I think this notion might have stemmed out of noticing how much better I feel lying on the floor than up on a bed while enduring a stomach virus, and there daydreaming of being outside and feeling even better (of course its ironic that when people are very ill they are kept inside, even when it is a beautiful day). When sick I would also do things to numb my senses by throwing a towel over my head and closing my eyes to make everything seem more distant. I have a feeling that the earth has incredible abilities to mute our minds when they are reeling in agony. Our senses which enable us to be highly mobile and defend ourselves in a faster paced above ground scenario, will be rightfully allowed to put their guards down, and we can allow ourselves to become tree-ish and effectively weather the onslaught.

So what of the seasonally frozen tundra that so much of western society has stubbornly deployed itself upon? I think the ground being frozen is a big message to all of us that we aren’t supposed to be living here, or that we need to hibernate.


The Umbrella Corporation On The Top Of The World

Exxon may be thinking that no pesky environmental group has a far enough reach to give them agita in the Russian arctic. In that sense, it’s certainly a lot safer than the Gulf of Mexico, where they are giving up holdings to the Russian state oil company in exchange for exploration rights to the arctic.

Now maybe its just my uber paranoid mind, but its my suspicion that Exxon is not only giving up some gulf oil because perhaps its future oil production is near peaking, but more sinister because they know that now that’s one less public relations liability they’ll have to deal with when the rigs bust, or are blamed for the floating lakes of oil that BP has been denying (As far as I know, Exxon is the most recent criminal against the environment with their under-reported leaking pipe problems in the Yellowstone region). I think Putin & friends has been “had” to put it in terms of the animal friendly Ace Ventura.

To go on with my paranoid thinking, you will see that Exxon has not only dumped on Russia, they are free to shit on them too… except when the USA wants to get on the toilet proper. Thus, things even bigger than Exxon come in to play, allowing them to play as a pawn as they have so often in the past (you could put it the other way around too). Russian control of something in the gulf of Mexico could be impetus for a new sort of cold war fear malaise to drive defense spending generally, galvanizing a variety of forces and feelings of nationalism in America, and raising the price of gasoline for Exxon and friends. This will occure because if/when that “Russian” oil rig in the gulf of Mexico breaks and spurts out generous king-kong sized portions of oil, Russia will be to blame, opening up a wide array of imperialistic choices to the United States and its minion/affiliate corporations. As the American public, and the world community too, will be generally distracted enough by the harms that Russia is causing to the Americas, it will be overlooked when Exxon spills even larger quantities of oil in its rampage in the arctic. It will be a mere cry from the wilderness when Russia and some environmentalists yell foul. Perhaps Russia wouldn’t even care, being that way up there is where they are used to sending their worst type of political prisoners.

Anyways, I think its safe to say that in this game, Russia is being pwned.