My Thoughts Inexactly: R is for Recurring, otra vez

Laws are the blind spot of justice.

When a person is frugal the belt is tightened around their waste; when a corporation is frugal the belt is tightened around another’s neck. We haven’t executed any corporations, but they’ve executed plenty of us.

A politician echoes the interests of those 18 years and older who might vote; a leader hears the interests of those 17 years and younger who may never vote.

If a thing has no intrinsic value, then its propagation is sure to do intrinsic harm on the value of others.

You teach a man to fish and he eats forever; you give a man his fish and you choose when he starves.

To take the lesser of a great evil as your friend is to be your own enemy.

The life energy isn’t hidden, we hide ourselves from it.

We can roll with the punches, but when it comes to cars and guns, we cannot so easily roll with them. At best we can survive their rolling on us.

Watch for the hidden prick hiding behind the veneer of a safety pin.

If your revolution has few elements of joy contained within as viewed from the perspective of its vanguard, then what power does it have to attract a full investment on the part of the rest of the society? Harken to the words of Red Emma regarding dance, and dare not conflate joy with the ephemeral and empty promises of possessions that keep misery in oscillation.

Self-absorption is the implosion of any space for a self to emerge.

A martyr is usually co-opted by a prime institution of power of which the martyr’s death was essentially in opposition to. Jesus’s co-optation by the Church is just such an example we can witness today.

The touch screen is mightier than the pen is mightier than the sword is mightier than the lot of us; what increasing sophistication cages us these sunless days.

Civilization has maimed us and so civilization has named us. Regrowth is not precluded, and injury is not death! Fight back with all that remains, and gift yourself a nom de guerre—a name such that within is symbolized your war against naming itself.

A man robs a bank and the man is imprisoned; a bank robs the world and the world is imprisoned.

Lack of a refuge does not erase the refugee. Erasing a house does not erase the home if a group is shouldered by the tribal.

That which you get used to you will inevitably get used by.

That which milks you today will surely bleed you tomorrow, and the milk is starting to run dry; as a matter of fact, so is the blood.

Crooked by 360 degrees is what it is to be straight.

Necessity itself is an invention, but it is an insult to all others to regard it as mother.

Those involved with Christianity are mostly X-centric. Happier to dwell on the death of a great man and its ramifications for them personally as opposed to the life of a great man and what it exemplifies as a corrective to the western way of being.

A fish out of the water is today’s dinner, and a human off the land is tomorrow’s breakfast.

Police yourself with the laws of an oppressive society, and you are under the dome of the state; police yourself with your own laws, and you are living in freedom. So says a Kantian anarchist.

I pledge allegiance to liberty and justice for all. Quietly protest the rest, with gusto!

The primary difference between capitalism and fascism is the spelling.

Animals so free we wouldn’t even call them human; thoughts so free we couldn’t even recall them.

Government for the masses will always suffer from a staff infection, and its bureaucracies will always be the most resistant to treatment.

Our fears for our health in this life allows entry for the parasitical medical industrial complex, just as our fears for our health in the after life allows entry for the religious industrial complex. What unadulterated life is there to turn towards but a fearless life?

Sitting is hard to get around in these sedentary traps we have set ourselves. Fight the paradox—rise up, and take a stand!

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Slavers don’t lure their victims with a closed cage.

Karma might kill you but your dead enemy won’t.

Dystopia doesn’t taste bad, it is flavorless. It is to drink without ever quenching any thirst.

There’s nothing more dangerous than a criminal that needs to commit more crimes to cover up previous ones. The string of crimes around is sure to thicken in to a rope.

To kill a governor, a person must oversee murder; but to kill a government, a person must oversee themselves.

It’s better to should all over other people as you do on to yourself. Don’t fear being labeled a hypocrite, fear being without dreams of somewhere better that should be.

Most did not choose to leave the land, yet here we are, just as fish who have left the water by the pelican’s envelope. We are dying but not yet fully digested… return to the land before the death of either we or the bird precludes such a reunion.

The church bell is the official toll for the great variety of death incurred—the death of unguarded polyamory, the death of unmarked temporality, the death of unconventional spirituality, and the death of untold bodies. The allure of its curving form is no less a straitjacket, and it is non-ironical that it is composed of metal, for it displaces an unbiased gathering of evidence that henceforth must conform to a statistical distribution. A cracked bell has not led to liberty, only with its dismissal and burial under the Earth can such hideous vibrations yet be quelled.

Wishing for that which is not, is a sin against that which is.

Part of being stupid is not knowing that you are stupid. Part of being unconscious is not being conscious of your unconsciousness.

We love to cry and cry to love. A growing dystopia shows us that these two expressions of feelings do not stand opposite one another, but die alongside one another to be replaced by their absences.

Those who take the stance of “wait and see” will get to see their own demise at the hands of those who act without full evidence.

Revolution that rises and falls with one man is not very revolutionary.

The more time spinning words, the less time available to pirouette ourselves.

If we only take our revolution to the comfortable shallow levels, we cede the great depths of the ocean to the powerful establishment that will dilute our efforts quicker than a tide changing.

As we continue to lose steam from this peculiar suburban era that is quickly burning through natural resource piles, visit places that make sense, rather than cost dollars. If you must, go by car, and go to places fully aware that you are a visitor, for your next trip may be one way as a refugee.

Humans are the deep roots of trees, the mobility of swinging primates, and the vision of eagles. Yet if we stay in one place there’s little reason to swing, and our vision atrophies because of the lack of light with our roots twisted in to the ground.

Laws that justify other laws which justify the original laws—let yourself not be part of this chain of prevents!

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notes 4 today: 2016-12-06 (I Wish My Grandparents had; Bad Earthen Methylation To Destabilize Climate Cycling; Pregnant With; Our Aversion To Vigilance 2015)

title: I Wish My Grandparents had…

“I wish my grandparents had fought these forces when they had the chance”
“I wish my grandparents had fought these forces when they had the chance”
“I wish my grandparents had fought these forces when they had the chance”

—will say our grandchildren if we fail them now.

title: Bad Earthen Methylation To Destabilize Climate Cycling

The Earth is constipated by human shit in all sorts of systems that are not used to being clogged with it. The extracted purities, the volatile metals brought to the surface, the energy being floated out of the Earth’s concentrated mass and atmosphere (when bringing this up in conversation I’ve been referred to an article called Earth Battery—link to be provided when I find it), the non-ice-age die offs, and other symptoms the Earth is subjected to, are pulling all the parts out of sync with each other, which is in many regards the death of the whole (by my expression of mereology). I don’t doubt that eventually the Earth can regain some of its former glory and avoid becoming a sister planet to Venus in climate regards—just how much before the sun finishes its 10 billion year life cycle, is an important question to consider.

With ice-age die offs that are mentioned popularly to assuage those who have fears that the current species extinctions has precedence and is “natural”, I think the causes and the timing are quite different (making them unprecedented); also, the former die offs are bounded by an oscillating rhythm, whereas the contemporary die off is under unbounded human control which is unrhythmic and antirhythmic, and hard to adapt to (in evolutionary terms). It is sure to continue to cause new damage until some sort of ethical awakening to what humans actually are—as told to us by the rest of the planet, not by our own artificial ideologies—comes to pass.

After learning about my own methylation problems, thinking of the Earth as having off-kilter methylation is not my merely personifying the Earth (although the Earth should be conceived of as a being rather than a mere sphere), but it is a profoundly real and relevant phenomenon that science would shy away from because of conservative scientific dogmatism and its generally brutal western imperial disposition that has scorn for anything “woo woo”. This of course leaves so this and so many other things scientifically unexplored, keeping it “woo woo” (a catch 22).

Return to the ice age? The die off that comes with a global cooling may be when some of the most creative and important developments to the life attire emerge. There is a healthy cycle of regeneration of these frost-tolerant (or cold thriving) species, that maybe need to reemerge every several thousand years for some unbeknownst diachronic role to the larger biosphere. But these species, at risk of being killed now—along with all other species inhabiting the planet during this Holocene die off—are at population nadirs that may go lower and preclude them from ever re-emerging; or if an ice age were to come with accelerated vigor, their time might not have yet come (perhaps something to do with their genetics), and they might not contribute what is needed to the rest of the living populations that ushered them in to existence and ecosystemic relevancy. They might have provided and be mutually leaned on to provide, among other actions, some sort of digestion in the gut and soil microbiome.

We don’t really know what great swaths of populations we are killing and what small niches of populations we are fostering with our climate destabilization, beyond the shallow studies done by the scientific community. But we can with good reason say that we are and must be killing some species that play crucial roles that we are not yet aware of, because we aren’t (and will never be) aware of them. We may find their fossils, or we may find their fossils next to ours.

title: Pregnant With… (meme)



title: Our Aversion To Vigilance 2015

Vigilance is constitutive to life, and humans have not needed the faculty (for lack of a better word) of vigilance. It hasn’t been part of their needs, so that’s primarily why things go to shit so frequently/easily, because of a lack of vigilance. Not because of our programs, but because we don’t have the life energy to we used to, to be vigilant and watch and protect things with our bodies (but with paper, the way we throw paper money at things). Laws aren’t our version of vigilance, they are our aversion to vigilance, and they display fully our lack of it as we have to write down codes that are not naturalized within us, and we need to hire enforcers to be the bodies that have it as a job to monitor these laws.

notes 4 today: 2016-12-04 (The Human Conditioned; Literacy Prison And The Atrophy Of Critical Thinking; Anthropomorphization And Similar Symptoms; Civilization Trapped)

title: The Human Conditioned (meme)

title: Literacy Prison And The Atrophy Of Critical Thinking

Language is a tattoo on our brains that we did not consent to.

Generally Spoken Language. Perhaps the ability to speak and understand oral language is a gift—as it is now an important aspect of accessing a nurturing community during, but most especially after, childhood. Unfortunately, language also is a gift to the state and other coercive entities, as these now have a pre-formatted body on which to exert calculated domination over. It is a narrowing in to a formalism the avenues by which communication can travel; language leads to massive and unnecessary brain pruning as it happens before there are much of any contrasting experience from which to draw meaning of the repeated utterances. If mothers and others sang more in the presence of the wonderful new life inside of her belly, rather than opt for the harsher communication methods of arbitrarily uttered and normalized homotonic language, think of how much more of a pre-figuration of joyousness would come along with the new born baby. The bars of disharmony that cage the songless bird are sown early before flight could be attempted.

Specifically Written Language (neo-language). Less shrouded in pre-historical and pre-agricultural uncertainty is written language, which is far more nefarious than the less mediated spoken language, albeit built atop its prefigurations. Eyes evolved for seeing are utilized more and more for reading symbols, the problems with this evidenced by a multi-century trend of weakening eyes due to atrophy (and a poorer diet as a contributing factor, and lack of sunlight, which is typical of science studies missing the forest for a tree). Weaker eyes is not an isolated effect of literacy, for the whole body is effected in a myriad of ways when imposed upon by words and other symbols. The “keep off” sign trying to assert the power of property to narrow the motion of literate peoples, has no effect on the illiterate person who has additional freedoms of roaming;  one’s name on a teacher’s board is itself an indicator and a means of punishment or reward, a conditioning that bemoans of the manipulation of domesticated dogs.

Rules and laws generally, which are the paper-trail burdens that the youth must inherit from their olders who think they are bestowing them with an accumulating progress, are a great disservice to the critical faculties of humanity; the vector by which this plagues is primarily enabled is written symbolic language. Some rules will block freedom in the name of safety (i.e. the “keep off” sign) but really what is created is a lack of vigilance that leaves “the benefactors” of the rule with their guards down for many but the most obviously dangerous situations; the illiterate roamer, a rarity these days, is alternatively much more used to being aware of his surroundings and much more ready to detect danger, sign or no sign. There is an insidious assumption on the part of the less vigilant—behind which there have been no less than millions of deaths—that since so many different things have danger and caution statements, that those things and situations without such stated warnings are automatically safe and have been somehow already vetted.

To continue with the safety theme that serves as one main justification of laws and rules, it is in contrast with the much more naturally dangerous and much more naturally safe world prior to rule-overload that the world now filled with artificial safety regulations is a poor trade; things clearly and preventably dangerous are traded off for a series of questionable, dubious forays that have guarantees issued by faulty human oversight (which allows for a continuation of the stream of unfortunate victims to the mis-regulation by reliance on laws). We are in the world of infrastructurally induced paranoia than naturally effervescent pronoia, and the whole is resultantly weakened.

The Symbolic Realm Blunts Critique. Critical faculties atrophy as a direct correlation with literacy, I would argue, and it is a deal of an effort to ensure that critical faculties are reactivated and sharpened using the literacy faculties. Critical thinking can be taught using symbolic texts, but it is not because of these texts that it is enshrined and the leap across the chasm is not necessitated by any teleological force, but a free choice that coincides with the inherent freedom of critical thought. Critical thinking is the spine of the long lineage of humans and pre-human lifeforms that have successfully continued their lines in to the present precisely because they were able to see through and think through traps, scams, ensnarements that would have weakened or killed them off were they not able to. The imaginative and artistic capacities evolved within all of us—obvious in children before they are educated out of it as Picasso famously lamented—are foundational to critical thinking. Without any ability to envision an alternative (or a counter-history), a critique has no base from which to leap off from, and a criticism only exists as a grumble rather than an agent of change; Paul Valery nicely captures this when he offers “naming the things that are absent is breaking the spell of the things that are”. Mainstay schooling that most of us undergo often instructs neatly formed methodologies that must be adhered to, and, in so doing, critical thinking cannot be supported but must atrophy for want of expression. While science and math are requisites, creative writing is an elective few any longer elect; and creating thinking is an art few can any longer select.

title: Anthropomorphization And Similar Symptoms

Imbuing non-human entities and beings with humanness—whether encountered in fictive poetry/prose, or in the crude form of calling trains “Thomas” and “Percy” with faces painted on—are attempts to fill deep voids that humans are sensitive to in our interaction with the world. The widespread use and independent origination in different cultures of anthropomorphism is indicative of a lack of actual deep human interaction (quality) spread across enough persons (quantity), something that advancing civilization seems to rob us of. All of us who are Cast Away via alienation with a less than sufficient amount of tribal-level intimate relations will create or subscribe to as many “Wilsons” as needed to make up for the lack we feel. “Wilsons” can drop out as we mature and be replaced with other “Wilsons”, whether they be new anthropomorphisms or actual people that we can idolize but are not truly interacting with (i.e. television show hosts).

A fiction I tell myself for psychological benefit (when I have the thought and focus to do so) is that the piece of red meat I am cutting and chewing and swallowing, was from a hunt that I went on earlier that day (a group hunt or solo). I imagine it was done with primitive weapons in a completely non-domesticated setting, and I imagine the animal alive while I/we were tracking it. Intuitively I think that this flight of imagination is mentally healthy, and an additional appeal is that it constitutes a break of the absurd western moral code of intentionally bearing false witness, or a supposed weakness that is presumed when one lies to oneself. If our primal wanderings can have a refuge in our minds, than lets keep the torch alive there while we work out some possibilities for nomadic living outside of our minds!

title: Civilization Trapped (meme)