To My Libertarian Frienemies (TMLF part 1)

For expedience, the below is all [sic] —

Ron Paul was recently quoted as saying of the current elongated, drawn out financial crisis, that “we can’t blame capitalism because we haven’t had any.” I appreciate the spirit of what Ron said, and of course he was referring to free-market capitalism. However, I would argue that you can’t unwed the current deep-state state capitalism from the free-market ideology, for both are just phases. It is not teleological necessity that state capitalism emerge after a span of free market capitalism, or that one has to even come before the other, as China’s wonky mixed economy would evince. There is however I think a correlation between the two, and that is the ideological values that conceive of property, whether private or state owned. Further, going against the aforesaid, a free-market situation that most libertarians, minarchists, and anticapitalists would be happy with, would have naturally both losers and winners who wanted to consolidate their (dis)advantages in larger structures that would either align with government, or become quasi-governmental themselves. These can be beaten back by strong vigilance, but capitalism has a way of narrowing and focusing our views on making money, and weeding out other concerns such as keeping check on all these other people to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to (let a government govern, would be a cliché of this epoch paving the way for governance). We could always hire regulators to do this for us… thus the inevitable slippery slope. If you align with gravity don’t be surprised when you go down!

Fascistic state capitalism is a stage to capitalism that free market ideologues don’t want to admit or believe.

(put my fascism capitalism is the misspelling difference as the pic here)

but all that being said, I think it is time for anarchists of many stripes (and libertarian socialists, as Chomsky puts it) to start banding with libertarians that we may have some longterm philosohpical disagreements with.

Crude libertarians as a term to use to connote difference with libertarian socialists, a more natural liberty granted by social extensions?

Libertarianism (more true of anarcho capitalism), usa at least, is clearly a synchronically narrow ideological system that falls apart when any temporal element is introduced. there would be constant need for correction. It presumes a false ecosystem exists and can endure in solely human individuals and their property inhabiting the surface of the earth.