The Physics Of My Dreams (Zeroth Draft)

What makes our dreams so unique? I don’t fucking know. But as a theorist I have some guesses:

Dreams are created (in part, at least) by our brains, the best and most subtle particle decelerators in the Universe (not black holes). You might recall—either from memory or from google—the existence of the third, the second, and the first generation of particles, a classification all together called the standard model.

However, you wouldn’t recall—just as you might not recall a dream—the existence of a zeroth generation of particles. Just like the second and third generations of particles, these particles are not easily observable in our modern patch of the Universe. Whereas the second and third generation of particles cannot maintain for long because of their high energy is out of balance with the ambient energetic state (that is synchronized well with the first generation of particles), the zeroth generation is at a much lower energy state, one that the Universe in the future may approximate. However it is not just the for the future to wander in to this lower energy space where first generation particles and the energy soup that surrounds them to decay in to zeroth generation particles. Such particle decay happens in our brains all the time, especially during sleep. Time itself in dreams can seem to be multiplied out in duration, and such is the rich complexity that takes hold when a lower, more “efficient” use of particles is at play and interacting in the energetic Universe and consciousness. In a sense, consciousness dives down into these lower more complexifiable zeroth generation particle configurations to expand the depth and breadth of experience—just as the life force of the Universe has done all along since the big bang.

These zeroth generation particles are at such low energies that they alter the very foundations of planck distance and planck quanta. This is particle diffusion—but they only last as long as the collection of brain energy can remain subtle enough to hold this space as it’s own dream Universe. All sorts of quantum gatherings and intrigue happen here and are drawn here. Quantum tunneling and harmonization with other dreamers creating similar families of zeroth generations of particles are frequenc-ially aware of one another, perhaps more intelligible if it were to be put in to terms of string theory and not quantum theory.

Now as onlookers—many physicists included—often philosophically prematurely presume, the “fundamental” (bias) first-generation particles are foundational and determinative of what they coalesce to create. Not so the case here, in the very least. These lower mass particles emerge as the subtle storm a brain reaches in micro regions, with first generation particles decaying in to these lower state particles. Directly or indirectly related, the Planck constant—though it may seem fixed and holds the very name to convey such—is actually something subject to evolution and devolution. It varies and will vary, based on the success and failures of we—largely composed of first generation matter organisms—who create our present, which sews the seeds of the future we will inhabit or be extincted from.

In our dreams we are literally building prototypes of the future physical capacities of the Universe. These are refuges and inspiralations that we can grow and make more populated so in a future time lifeforms commonly dwell there, and clock time relatively is slowed exponentially.

A zeroth generation of particles? I know it’s probably a new idea for you, so why don’t you sleep on it and see if it takes hold.

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The Liberation of Metals Scraps (Vasak’s 2018 Remix)

As the title says, this was roughly from 2018, so I will be dating it as such, and using it for the 2020 Liberation of Metals remix. Enjoy? 🙂

“metal metal everywhere and not a bit won’t bite”

pistons are the motion metals, and the connected axels, to which we stand (or fall) opposed as complex carbonoids in contrast. This is the more active motion battlefield, the subtle motion battlefield would be metallic buildings and stable metallic structures, even the parts of the car that are “just sitting there” such as the frame and other holding pieces, stand in conflict to perennial plants like trees that have a tremendous amount of stable carbon (cellulose, lignin, hemicellulose)
yet buildings are an infrastructure that promote death on their skeleton form, whereas trees promote life. Buildings accrue concrete, glass, and other mostly dead purposing of chemicals.

radar first detected metals, the original enemy.

Metals, the thinner they get, sharper, but we get flimsier.

The real bullet points, writ large

The accelerations of metal, and a great many other things that are a sand paper to the living systems, slowly wearing them down, dulling them.

Hydrogen destroyed by fusion… cold.


notes 4 today: 2016-12-05 (Contrarian Thoughts On The Origins Of Our Domestication; Awake By Nightmare; The Naked Capitalist Poem; Lpha Male)

title: Contrarian Thoughts On The Origins Of Our Domestication (rough outline and collection of notes)
Working Title: Conquering Civilization

Mostly in reaction to those who rely for their theories of the past purpotedly on the ideas from Chalice and the Blade, a work I will probably never make the time to read (but perhaps have read to me on audiobook?)

Responses to the presentations of the arguments unloaded on me after declaring that I thought humans were best suited for nomadic lifestyle:

Home is where the people are no longer. Home is now a house, as fulfillment of the sedentary.

the idealistic idea that out of sitting comes sharing (a sharing circle), forgets that for a land to be presumed to be shared, beforehand it must be claimed. Rousseau was mostly right when he said “this is mine” is the origin of inequality, but it wasn’t spoken with the mouth, it was spoken with the body that ceased to migrate in favor of the sedentary.

the empiric (empire-ing?) people, the conquers, were the vector to spread the disease of civilization, but were not the disease itself. Sedentary people were the disease, the adaptation to a climate in which required them to overuse natural resources outside of themselves without fully returning the surplus, but hoarding it. Hoarding it, possibly, was not out of greed, but out of the lack they had by in so being sedentary created in their ecological surroundings. They created a structure (an infrustructure, if you will)

the stagnant living arrangement that lacked a constant source of food required that these people HAD to develop new sources of foods. Sitting around made them impoverished both in body/mind and in food store. They had to develop new enzymes (that correlate roughly with blood type indicators), whether they were in a moderately seasoned river valley or a harsher climate with winter die-backs and deciduous dominated plant life.
It wasn’t that they wanted to cultivate crops…

standing in great contrast to the notion that civilization is called the beginning of great surplus, these original settlers didn’t expand their palette to attain new foods and expand the omnivoric repetoir through blood adaptation that enhanced their ability to eat food. They HAD to adapt or die because their lack of a sustainable diet, one that could not be provided were they to not continue moving and following herds and frequenting diverse food spots

agriculture and empires are about innate land not being sufficient for the human animal.

title: Awake By Nightmare (meme)


title: The Naked Capitalist (poem)

Remove the consumer
leave the capitalist naked
without us self-enslaving
the capitalist can’t make it

Buy wisely
don’t buy wiser
wisdom as commodity
profit to the miser

title: Lpha Male

The lpha male(s) is the one that will come to lead a people out of a trapped territory. He makes the hard but real choice to not consolidate power (both power within himself and power over his group) but to spread it across a trajectory that is directionally tending to the place and future that needs to be bridged to. This is sacrificial stance is in stark contrast to an alpha male, who is a conservative force that rules through violence and tradition and the passivity of others; the lpha male is a dominant but not dominating figure who is a natural leader, not a throne room whore.

Such figures are what the embattled and trapped human need, not for a taste of a quasi-fascism, but precisely as an escape route where fascism has already compromised the minds and bodies of many.

And the lpha male need not be a male, either—in any new or traditional sense—and is just as likely of another gender, or a spirit shared across many persons.

Civilization is Simplification by Pixelation (images)


This image that started as a supplement to an essay I am writing took on a life of it’s own! I thought I would share a couple of variations from the original (featured image) leaf picture that I pixelated and color reduced, moving from left to right.A few variations exist, and there is one major addition that I will combine once I find an appropriate image (a side view picture of an eye looking right at the arrow). I will write “EXPERIENCE” or “CONSCIOUSNESS” or “VISION” downwards so it reads “CIVILIZATION (N)ARROWS VISION”.

Here’s another variation with “arrow” existing as a pictograph:


Urge to Purge: Karlos Basak Omnibust – Batch 03

Like Batches One and Two, I omitted ideas from the documents below (from 2007-2010) that either are too sensitive or are being saved for a future writing project (essay 17 definitely fits in to the latter category, which will be one of my major wintertime philosophical introspections). Like the previous two batches, these documents have those ideas which were to be refined and combined in to a draft of an essay. Some of the essays are partly drafted (#1 – reification and materiality, #4 – philosophy of trance, #14 – mind body split, others perhaps?), and a couple are equipped with abstracts or journal submission literature.

There are still more “omnibusts” to come, a few more essays that I have to sift through and omit particular passages, and also several miscellaneous projects, and then the 150 page backlog of more recent writings of the last 2 years I might release some time in the fall.

0000 – Ideas Shelved for Future Papers
0001 – Reification and Materiality (the riddle of matter)
0002 – Subverses Introduction
0003 – fanaamenology outline
0003 – Sources for Paper
0004 – philosophy of trance, outline, and promotion
0004 – submission proposal to be part of conference panel, for a philosophy of trance, the algorhythm of the nu
0005 – alternate explanation of speeding up of time (ex-change and time)
0006 – Going deeper, making more matter
0007 – The Eternal Difference – Published here already, but here is a document regarding its promotion – 7’s other – internal inturn
0008 – No Out of Context
0009 – What is Violence (motion of bigger things, combine with ex-change and reification)
0010 – Reclaiming the Circular Argument
0011 – Origins of Reification
0012 – Realities of Fiction
0013 – Time is Money
0014 – mind body split
0015 – Hegel and Godel

0016 is not going to be released, it was a particularly confused project that I don’t want to release unless I have some time to rethink its purpose and revamp.

0017 I am saving for a possible winter time redrafting and release. This release would be very important for me and would relieve a lot of unnecessary but real tension I feel with the ideas of a few philosophers.

Essay Organization Database – this is a spreadsheet for essays I had submitted for some college classes and the first several of these initiated essays above. If this document seems unnecessary, just you wait until you look at the next one. A psychologist might have a lot of fun studying and analyzing these two, though doubtful anybody beyond that.

Ideas – Sketches Database (removed lines) – this is a lengthy spreadsheet I created to track all the ideas found in Batches 1 and 2. It certainly is OCD to an absurd level, but I remember it being useful on a couple of occasions. However it was certainly not worth the time investment I had put in to it back in my post-undegrad, pre-full-time job, life.




Urge to Purge: Karlos Basak Omnibust – Batch 2

Batch 02, 12,0000-23,2110.doc &
Ideas – Sketches – Illustrations.doc

This is the last of the early ideas in my idiosyncratic idea form (early defined by being mostly before beginning full time employment as a teacher and losing much ocd discretionary data documenting time), heavy with ideas in physics that I was encountering/critiquing from a continental philosophy angle. There are some large-ish unfinished essays, spreadsheets explaining the idea tagging system, and other documents that might be forthcoming in a third (fourth, fifth?) batch, and then the more recent work of the last 2 years would comprise a final batch. Apologies for the tedium 🙂

I will schedule a quick poem to compensate and move this from the top of the blog!

“We are being too idealistic”: The Critique of Money, b part of

One of a few planned follow-ups to the first money critique , in a smaller dose:

As one who believes that given the chance humans (like other animals) have the innate capability of working and surviving harmoniously (usually) in direct, unmediated relationship to the land, I’ve often been told that I was being far too idealistic. Many of us surviving in modernity, I believe, have our brains as the last refuge for such pleasant utopian daydreams, rarely speaking to others about them. Now grown-up, we dismiss them ourselves to think about more real and practical things like money. But is money at all practical, and should we not listen when children say things like “isn’t it just paper?” and “can’t we just print more?”? (Some bankers and the Treasury/Fed are certainly listening to this latter advice à la QE)

The height of idealistic thinking is that pieces of paper have value. Its very legitimacy needs disproportional amounts of idealism to establish itself. I fancy that an ulterior motive to the child labor laws was to make children the captive audience to specific literacies that legitimized private property and the exchange value of currencies. Don’t let the unions set up their own schools that might teach Marxist and anarchist reflections on the industrializing path of the United States…

In any event, the frontal cortices of many now are channeled to thinking only about money and all its different dimensions; because money is so unreal, it can take on far more dimensions and dynamisms than would be allowed to something tangible.

Our problem right now is that our species is way too idealistic, I think Kunstler would concur saying we say we have succumbed to magical thinking. I think we could follow this idea all the way down to civilization’s roots, when some among us thought it would be a good idea to use grains as both a way to sustain ourselves and a way to keep track of wealth. Previously our wealth used to be in our bodies in terms of how healthy we were and how well we were getting on with our group of compatriots. Now we are deep in our heads looking for answers or for escapes, when what we really need is to be more in our bodies. If we live in a framework that separates our heads from our bodies, death is much closer, and so too is a loss of life. So again, ideas that we should be closer to the land, share the land with each other and the plants, fungi, bacteria, and animals—are these idealistic ideas? No, that’s our bodies attempting to wrest control from our narrow and mismanaging brains. The idealistic thinking is that we can keep this money thing going on into perpetuity, that representationalism is an appropriate path to follow to maintain our residency on this planet. Perhaps our greatest medicine to wake up from this hallucination is to grab a handful of forest floor soil and reawaken to the great cycle we have unplugged ourselves from.

psychotherapy to civilotherapy [Unfinished Draft of Short Story]

Another unfinshed tale that I don’t think I will make time to finish, in this life anyways…

They threw back their chairs, grabbed for their neighbors hands, and began their group chant:

“Whatever else I am, whatever has been added to my identity or taken away from it by the many oppressive forces in my environment, I am an animal. Civilization has not been meeting my basic animal needs, but I am stronger than the weight of many centuries of chains…”

One woman was reciting the chant with her eyes closed and fists clenched; another was looking at the floor and was just mouthing the words without any sound escaping; a man in a jacket sat outside the circle with his legs spread out, his right arm behind the chair giving him a suspended balance. There were others, none of them at their best, but all of them on a track they had never had the opportunity to be on previously. The extended mantra was putting them in their safe zones, their “homes not disguised as cages” as the group facilitator liked to call them.

“…I know I am damaged, but I have within me a power greater than any yet devised in civilization, and that is the power to heal from deep wounds. I am here to give support to my fellow human animals who are rightfully feeling pain and anger at the situation which makes them feel less than they truly are. Solidarity!”

Most returned to their chairs but a few chose to lay on the floor. The man in the jacket stood up and looked to the facilitator, who gave him a knowing look and gestured for him to address the group.

“Hey, uh. I can’t stay long tonight, but, uh, being here is kind of trippy, I’m going through a lot, but, uh, this helps,” he smiled. “Uh, I want to be here more…” he stammered, “I can’t come for a while I think, I don’t think you guys are crazy though, I don’t want you to think that, that I think that you are crazy and that’s why I’m not coming back, for now. Thanks for listening, sorry to sound so stupid.”
“Nothing you said is stupid”, the facilitator looked up at him with a genuine. “It’s import…”

“Absolutely not stupid” another woman broke in. “Words are stupid! Not yours’ of course… really just meaning that we deserve to have better ways of expressing ourselves than the narrow range of inherited language. Feelings vibrate far deeper than any basso profondo.”

The man in the jacket met her smile and knew what she said was meant in kindness though he could only make out the gist of it. He gave an awkward wave to signal he was heading out but she rose to give him a hug.

“Be well out there,” she said as she squeezed him. “and know that we’ll have you in our thoughts, and we hope to see you again when you can make it over. We know it’s tough.” Their embraced ended, and he gave another wave to the group, this time a little more confidently, and he turned and creaked his way across the old floor to the stairwell.

The facilitator, a man with longish hair and a lengthy, untamed beard, cleared his throat and began to talk. “We do have some community news but I was thinking we’d save that for after processing instead. But before we begin with our processing, and we do have a couple of new people that I wanted to let start so please everyone don’t let me forget like I have in the past.” He smiled. “I thought instead of news we should let Martello share something he put together for us.” He gestured to a man who climbed up from a floor spot, similar in many ways to the man in the jacket, including in gait as he walked to behind an empty chair, perhaps as a makeshift podium. He fumbled for something in his pocket and drew out a folded piece of paper.
“Hi everyone,” the man said. “My name is Martello” he looked at the new faces, “for those of you who don’t know me. Um, I thought of this the other night, and it’s not really complete… I was even thinking, it’s kind of different, but um maybe we could complete it together. But let me read it so it makes sense, and if it’s not total garbage and you want to help out, I think it could be a good thing.” He looked down at the paper he was holding, and started to read:

“Civilization is now trending,
mankind has gone viral,
the future is now tending
to a great downward spiral”…

“…and then I’ve got another two lines I thought of earlier, but they don’t fit exactly, definitely not in rhythm anyways…”

“Lack of a refuge does not erase the refugee
Paralyzed in place does not blind what dreams see”

The Critique of Money, a part of

When we give legitimacy to money (by using it, accepting it as payment, etc.), we are dispersing our power, sidelining ourselves and handing over authority to all the unfathomable quantities of combined monies that elsewhere exists. Agreeing to be part of the money system is in more than 99% of human cases the agreement to deleverage oneself; it is from the get-go the signaling of an agreement to fractionalize oneself to the betterment of non-reciprocating others. The uncritical educational propaganda says money exists to facilitate trade, when money really exists to facilitate trampling. How many sustainable subsistence economies existed throughout the world before the narrow conception of money/property was introduced—at the point of a sword—to siphon off the inherent non-monetized value that had been previously built in these locales? Money facilitates conquering and victimage at both the macroeconomic and microeconomic levels; it has never been employed to facilitate symbiosis (though some symbiotic tending people may have deluded themselves that money was a positive part of their program). Money grows (and is grown) in the vacuum of a fleeting and absent symbiosis; it parasites on the death of trust, and wedges in between more and more areas of receding life.

If money doesn’t taste like it is this bad of a pill to swallow, it’s because we aren’t the ones who did the original swallowing. Our great great grandparents had to swallow that pill at a creeping dosage, and we are merely born dependent—hopeless junkies looking for a fix, rather than looking to detox. Money is the greatest and grandest Ponzi scheme, extended so much so that the original creators are long gone by the time the game collapses. Because so many different entities are dependent on money, their own epic failures obfuscate money’s prime role by the sheer number of debris that litter the ad hoc graveyards. So what happens then? After a generation, money reenters the equation to rape the next era, mistakes repeating themselves.

So long as the money system remains legitimate by our energy inputs, money that isn’t possessed by us is money that is potentially—and more than likely eventually—wielded against us, if not directly than through the inevitable erosion caused by externalities. Money is internally a zero-sum game; it naturally pits people against one another which some argue allows for a productive competition, which in turn causes an external net benefit: money has been part and parcel of the progress that we’ve seen. But this progress is really just that of money breaking down the natural defenses to the commons (wearing down people, animals, and life to exhaustion and quitting), with more and more natural resources becoming “monetized” and future inhabitability of vast lands put in to jeopardy. The true cost of money is not a zero sum, and it is certainly not a net benefit. The true cost—by which I measure using a core and utterly essential foundation to know where we are truly at—is the level of biodiversity and biomass occurring on Earth. Since the rampant exportation of money economies—what we call European colonialism—that measure is way down; life is dying all around us; life requires symbiotic relationships for a synergistic net gain, yet synergies including organic complexities, are dwindling. Trees are much more easily turned in to money than money is turned in to trees, just as violence more easily gets rid of something than peace recreates it.


when a person is frugal they are tightening their own belt, when a corporation is frugal…

“when a person is frugal they are tightening their own belt,

when a corporation is frugal they are tightening another’s noose”

Perhaps I will put this on a picture meme one day…

In a related, critical-of-corporations vein, is this previous post criticizing the acceptance of corporations as legal individuals and the negative impact this has on us → The Inflation of Rights

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