LphorismZ & May Day Earth

The journey ahead is back to the human. The magic is in the wandering not the wand. #EjercitoNomadistas

Pages sit, but this story is walking. Books sit, but the learning is talking.

Don’t blame 2020—blame the vision (the lack of vision). We don’t want a do-over—we want what is overdue.

Chasing memories is to run in slow motion while the present speeds away…

Still breathing still breeding—not all is lost.

All out revolution for there is no time, all out revolution or there is no time. When the hour is late, create a new day

Build the forests underground. Give a proper burial to organic matter a proper burial instead of

Treeroots not grassroots—the movement event gets that wrong.

The walls to keep diseases out are the very walls that keep them in.

White Privilege, an unpacking of a nuanced term. white privilege is an unfortunate term that is the 21st century means by which the left will stay divided. The concept of White Privilege nuances the reality: black, brown, and indigenous dis-privilege. To say that white skinned people are privileged because they are not dis-privileged as others are is fraught with problems. The capitalist system should not be credited with privileging anyone. Capitalism has put every single human in a precarious situation, not just by our existential crisis of looming late stage planetary death, but so too because of our fragmented human relations, the amount of plastics in all of our bodies, the number of auto-immune diseases running rampant, and so many other elements… no demographic of humans whether they are grouped by skin color, gender, age, locale, sexuality, is immune to some of its members being hit with these issues, and others in that family and possibly community thus affected to some degree too. It’s not untrue—some of us don’t have to fear for our lives on a daily basis due to our skin color. That is not being debated. But are white people really privileged because they are not being attacked? Are the unjust legal systems, including the police, so hopelessly normalized that we think not being targeted by the police is somehow the enviable end-goal? To the obfuscation and veiling of the real goals we should have first and forefront: abolishing the police and the oppressive state apparatuses. And to focus on material possessions as an indicator of privilege—material possessions is how the oppressive capitalist system measures wealth and status, but are we that oppressed to adopt these metrics for our own analysis of the system? Are we really ready to let capitalism divide and conquer us further, in this particularly insidious way? On to a material consequence of the constructed concept (instead of the faux versa vice main stream posit) “white privilege”: the users and promoters of the term who are some BBI communities and many leftist allies, are actually alienating themselves from material resources from the subset of white people who would otherwise be sympathetic and material allies to fighting were the term instead what is really at play “black, brown, and Indigenous dis-privilege”. People are far more likely to see and be moved to action by the true injustice done to others, than to react in a helpful manner when they themselves are said to be the problem by their very existence and skin color, most especially because it’s the reality that there is dis-privilege at play, not privilege.

Notes and partial thoughts:

June is extinction month and so we say May Day Earth. Maya calendar returning.

Focus on my fight, not on my white. Don’t be blinded by what you see. We need to reinvigorate the unpacking racism and I’m sure I still have much to learn, but I think we all do and the largest victims of systemic racism aren’t necessarily free of racism, let’s say.


I don’t like guns—but I like bullets in my enemies. Something Che would say.


Lphorisms WorLd Play

If we live in a world where humans are paid to keep the peace⁠—they can be paid to keep the war.

Carbon is the victim, not the symptom nor the disease. What the fuck do you think the life that is going extinct is made out of? Let’s not demonize carbon. It’s metals above ground that we must be wary of. #LiberationOfMetals

Laws are the relinquishment of vigilance.

We must choose⁠—is this the end of the world or the end of a world. Evolution is a bigger change than extinction. We’ve been going extinct for thousands of years. The inertia towards that trajectory is immense, and so to create

The problem right now is that we think we will bounce forward but what we really need to do is bounce back—Aisenma.

Most choose to turn friends into frenemies instead of enemies into corpses.

Lyme disease is a saboteur that rallies different parts of our bodies to be out of harmony with other parts. So, too, different flora ecologies are convinced to be obstinate.


The danger that comes with giving a term to something to de-invisibilize it, is that you risk obfuscating the phenomenon and locking it into an incorrect understanding. Better to feel than to think.

Eat plants, eight plants.


What we need are shades in a world of oppressive systems that cast binary shadows. Reduced to reduction. Be difference—cast shade not shadows.

I write aphorisms so I don’t waste my time and other’s in full books. How selfish it is that there are people who write page upon countless page to entrap the minds of others. Lawyers are the worst kind of writers, for they write countless pages to intentional entrap, ensnare, and frustrate others in to compliance with their rigid religious code of “law”.

Eat the nearest to home, leave the forests alone.

A person at large, a people at larger.

Plato you fuck, we’ve been blinded by the supposed great light you spoke of. We have a need to return to the cave of feeling.

Different Form Posting:

World play not word play. Live in the words or live in the world. #FuckBooks

Humans are Fish that can’t see that we are out of the water.

Lphorisms G

Leave trees in the ground, or we will find ourselves there. Leave trees in the ground, or else. No Justice, No Trees.

If we live in a world where people need to be paid to keep the peace⁠—they can be paid to keep the war.

I enjoy the smell of books far more than the look of them. Life is short and books are long.

When no one is left to bury us.

We don’t see any borders, do you? [picture of the Earth]

Politicians will ultimately always get in the way of our rebellions. Cut them out of our movement or our movement will cut ourselves away from the people.

🏴🏴 We wave these flags at night to brighten our way. If you won’t let us dream, then we won’t let you sleep.

People say I’m throwing my life away, I say my parents, grandparents, great grandparents… threw my life away. Now we wade through their garbage, hoping to come out okay.

And we were running and fighting, fighting and running, just like our ancestors had done. Without giving up, without surrendering, without being defeated.

The capacity for anguish is vast.

God bless the Godless.

Religion is the misunderstanding of the magical qualities the Universe bestows on all of us to varying degrees.

How about less talk of Jesus and more walk of Jesus.

Castles in the sky cast great shadows on we who dwell on the lands below them. To hell with your heavenly afterlife.

The fate of the system that should be⁠—and the existence of the false one that should not⁠—breeds in some of us a sleeplessness. We fight on, and we must dream on while we are awake when we are robbed of said sleep.

Be sure to not fall in to the same isms that you attack your enemies of.

We are Earth erupting, or we are its ashes.

Thy who chews the wrong green, becomes their own enemy—machine.

Validate their fears and not their desires.

Perhaps I overuse the word system, but it’s nothing compared to how much the system overuses us.

Dreams are an active space in which we have been conditioned to remain passive. #ReclaimDreams

Fragment of a song: Nothing ever changes, that’s why it’s called nothing, your spirit will soar, if to the eagles you sing. If we do not wander we will remain lost; If we do not wander we will remain Lost; If we do not wander we will remain lost; If we do not wander we will remain lost.

On your birthday give presence to yourself.

I prophesize that the judgment days are here: not judgement of our pasts, but of what we judge to do, now that we have the knowledge, the truth—what will we do now?

If you don’t have the energy to do anything this winter, then literally don’t do anything! The finite Earth doesn’t have energy for us. #WinterStrike #DegrowthDecember2019

Response to a question prompt: Getting my needs/food from the lands that I walk upon. Not the lands of other people, other animals, other ecosystems that shouldn’t be made to serve my needs way over here. As a settler/nomadist I feel it’s important for me to stop this inter-generational idea that other places than where I currently exist should be subservient to meeting my needs. Global capitalism is a disease, and if I can be in community that focuses locally we can start to heal ourselves and the lands that give us life.

May 32, May Gusta.

We don’t die—we live or we go extinct. #ExtinctionRevolution

Revolution is what the situation calls for. Anything less is a dishonor to it, and the extinction of the species.

All species are immortal until they go extinct.

Flaws in the brain create flaws in the terrain.

We call it like we see it, and we don’t see no fucking borders.

Don’t confuse slowing the violent system down with slowing yourself down in your efforts to correct it. We must speed up to head off the disease and to slow it down. We cannot take it easy and expect a good outcome. It is full on Luddite-ism to think that you can slow down.

Most anti-capitalists are not revolutionaries, they might say they are but they make the common mistake of thinking ideologies reserved for the mental space somehow will translate into active realization of revolution in the world generally. They fail to understand their ideology, and that their understanding is prevented from realization by the very system they hope to productively oppose.

Forests put out fires.

Humans we haven’t found ourselves yet—wander more! #ÈjércitoNomadistas

You might be a little busy for a Rave on J31x2? What about the cops?

Little Apple In The Big Apple, then became rescuing Little Apple from the Big Apple.

The tag of revolution many put on themselves is easily cut by the scissors of reality. Revolution must go deeper than the skin and the garbs which suffocate it from breathing.

You are here to fight this war or you are here to die from it. Alternatively, if you are not here to fight this war, then you are here to die from it.

Give fascists big enough cuffs and they’ll arrest the Earth. Those cuffs are named capitalism.

Before you can fully fight for the forests you must allow yourself to be planted there.

Lphorisms Z and random comments

When you really understand guerilla warfare, no one will know that you really understand guerilla warfare.

Urban densification is one of the worst artificial creators of scarcity mentality. Cities are the most intense invasion of our species and do not lead to the efficiencies that people dream of when we conceptualize of packing ourselves in the way we speak of packing sardines in. All that happens is a lesson of pure miseducation, where our conceputalization of ourselves on this Earth gets further distorted and replicates on, or produces in hideous inversion a different category of cancer on other, non-urbanized lands. Lands that are perpetually shit on are overfed just as lands that are never shit on are starved. Deserts of sand and deserts of concrete, with not a healthy jungle in between. This is end-state disease; this is extinction.

Seize the means of production? Destroy the means of production save the land. Factories are not for occupying but for de-occupying.

There’s not something wrong with me, there’s something wrong with the world we grew up in.

Identities didn’t roam the free and open land in the age of our ancestors, no. They are the festering acne on the surface of a deeply damaged modern landscape, known only in this age—the last age. The last age, for none will follow, extinction will lead, and the species left to bleed. Capitalism late stage bringing about the last age.

?ArtistA¿ Internally consistent, syncopated, outwardly questioning the destructive rhythms, with the proactive creation of new ones.

The decolonization is of physical structures built by humans, less so humans themselves. Human centrism is itself the product of colonialism. Decolonization must be about fighting for that which has been truly silenced and othered, which are the ecosystems, the land. Sovereign Peoples freely associating with that which is non-peopled but yet significant and more deeply oppressed by colonializing mindsets.

Elites call it a mistake. It’s a crime motherfucker! (in response to something Biden said was a mistake, back in February)

What we don’t pay in felonies we pay in fatalities. Risk felonies or risk fatalities. Better their felonies than our fatalities. #BreakThatShit #BreakTheirSystem

#FuckTheControl #FuckTheCourts #FreeTheCommunities #FuckTheirControl #FuckTheCameras #FuckThisCapitalism #FuckToweringColonialism #FuckTheCities

At the times, ephemeral or consistent, when Extinction Rebellion becomes more conservative politically than ecologically, we must practice #ExtinctionRebellionDistancing and be sure our vision is not steered away from Revolution.

It is a tragedy that the word tragedy has come to exist across our language.

Justice: A Thought. Just us, a bad thought.

The strongest fighters are lovers first.

Gentrifiers are those that move to a land and support economies and lifestyles that were not native to the people that were born in the land. Those that come and rent from landlords that are not of the community⁠⁠—but are themselves gentrifying pathway creators⁠—are gentrifiers. Gentrification is a fistula that sucks away resources from those who were more in harmony with the area, and so if your actions are supporting the fistula in any shape or form, and not the healing and resetting of it, then you are partaking in gentrification. Decent politics do not unmake this economic reality and this physical displacement and distortion of resources that one creates in an area when they choose to gentrify. Gentrification is a choice, a choice that imposes force and lack of choice on others.

Human extinction and human caused extinction has already been happening because of the system⁠—what do you call genocide? We have too many known historical examples and nothing has been done by the governments of the world. We need a revolution to overthrow the system.

Accelerate at the evil, and only at the evil. Your wake will be the waking, and the others will then balance you, positively slow-down as they also strengthen-up your vector. By the time you reach the evil all you will need to do is stare, and it will cower and blink and disappear. Let your speed be the only sword against the ecocidal, and let the rumor of it’s coming be the only blow. For then the wind makes a great turning into a gentle breeze, one that turns on the ecocidal into eco-regeneratives.

On A12, whether it’s April 12 or August 12, or any other fucking day spring-summer-fall, we are on the eve of a huge planting or a huge perishing. The time of hiding our needs and desires in the night is over. We move forward in broad daylight as the human race, and we find our roots and we plant them, or we bury ourselves. Do the work! Seed the future to see the future.

The Comradification of Late Capitalist cultural icons continues with Scrooge McDuck. Coming soon! Ahead of the May 32nd strike. Everyone is welcome on to our arc to get the fuck out of this decades-in-the-making dystopia. Comrade Britney thanks for getting this boat floating during corona time. Comrade spongebob is obviously down with the cause, up with the arc.

Hypocrites are those that speak of distributive justice from the towers of urbania that they chose to abode in, for they have no sense of the justice in distributing themselves harmoniously across the land. Whether it’s concentrating wealth in to the hands of the few, or concentrating bodies into the lands of the many, there is very much going to a problem of justice growing.


Lphorisms L

The disease is the symptom, and the system is a disease.

March of the People. #MarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugust https://www.facebook.com/events/1084203915280267/

March 32, no joke, no rent.

Departing Of Justice.

No cough zones no cop zones.

It’s not a matter of time—it’s a matter of timing. Time is as likely to fold as it is to unfold. Falsity is created when the backwards moves forwards.

The only efforts that amount to any are for the pile of kindling. They are ready to burn and will, it’s just a matter of timing.

To decolonize is deconcretize.

I must study ecosystems and sustainability, so my children can inherit something other than death and extinction.

Extinction, when all is sad and done.

The stability of our surroundings makes us fall apart.

There is nothing more grounding than planting a tree. Autonomously planting a tree both grounding and groundbreaking.

Stems against systems.

To possess is to be empty.

See you in our streets
Seed you in our gardens
Scene you in our play
Seem you but you’re me

There are two types of fascists—fascists, and the reactionaries against them. Whether both of these are fascists or the fascist-ized is an open question. What we are witnessing now, in the world of social distancing, is a broadly distributed fascism: there is a vulnerability to conditionability made evident in the rapidity to obedience; secondly there is a general homogenization of ourselves in the visual-sphere, as the wearing of masks naturally de-humanizes ourselves in face (literally) of the other, and the other to us. Masks are far less complex than faces, and far more prone to stereotyped beliefs entering. Covering up with masks doesn’t liberate us from individuality, it strips us of our humanity with an objectified homogeneity. Perhaps wearing them keeps us safe, but it also puts us in danger.

Is it jumping ship or jumping land?

Yesterday was blursday and so is tomorrow.

The 13th tornado, rapid cycling🌪

The war to remain Karlos.

Towards Writing Words That Are Worth A Thousand Words (Lphorisms, Subverbs)

Subverses are words worth a thousand words, not words that birth a thousand words. A lengthy apology of the notion of short writings, subverses, humming birds. Lenghty enough, unfinished… Here is the enough:

I once wrote that quotes are words [that are] worth a thousand words. Words that deserve being uttered more than once, and are potent enough that they need not be. Words filled with paradox and purpose—and repurpose!—subverbs and subverses at their best, culture jarring and culture jamming. Words worth committing to a picture, as memes, or even words worth a thousand pictures: emotion pictures. Paradigm cracking and paradigm creating, these words are three to four orders of magnitude greater than the comparably empty string of drivel that circulates as our numbing agent; the common words that serve to delocalize and disempower us—the plastic kites that in these sonically windy times blow and immobilize us to be nothing other than droplets wetting another’s wave—speakers that were already spoken for. Subverses and their ancestors are quite different, for they are difference. To cross-pollinate from permacultura conceptualizing—subverbs and their kin are words that are heavily stacked with deep and seamless ecosystem functionality, and they create their own edge in deserts of homogenization. They have great use value in our perilous times, but also a timelessness that will seed them through to future times, a future that will carry along all who attach to their kernel of enduring wisdom that expresses in the manifold appearances and languages that quotes are shaped in to. They are polyculturous. They see us through, as they are torches that keep us burning. Our imperiled species wants to continue on and to sing on, and as we are now faced with revolution or extinction, quotes are our fucking mating call when the the end of our breath draws near. Be not long winded—be deep rooting; and so beware of being past tensed.

One Minute Writing Prompt “New York 2040”

Here’s what I wrote:

Zoom in on New York Town #DeGrowth and #Relocalization
NYC population has grown by a factor of 100—this is in that the biomass on the island has grown 100 times. The human population in the 5 boroughs, Manhattan in particular, has actually shrunk by a few orders of magnitude, and people have repopulated the lands in other parts in harmony, so we here.

I don’t know what’s going on in the rest of the world, that sort of superflous distracting information of ages past is no longer available nor deemed empowering. We learned that nNews of far away places doesn’t empower, it just breeds fear. There is no long are climate movement, only a micro-climate movement. A permaculture term. And a permaculture quote from Masonabout Fukoyka pervades human societies- “What Less Can I do”

Indigenous Solidarity → Decolonize XR → Extinction Revolution, a counter-trajectory of XR

At the end of 2018 I began forming Indigenous Solidarity Rebellion to act as a tributary to create flows between the then new, and western, Extinction Rebellion Movement, and the Indigenous Peoples movements, already fighters against extinction and healers of the Earth, since time immemorial.

Then actions in 2019 began, and continued, and by the late spring there was still not much of an overlap between the 2 movements despite the efforts of myself and some stout comrades, and it seemed most within XR—despite their good intentions—were not truly challenging themselves to be locally grounded and in respectful relations with their local Indigenous who had harmonic and deep rooted connections to the lands that were destroyed by the colonialism that ushered in capitalism. Everyone in XR was still concerned with western law, and designing actions as if a reform of the law would be the answer to these crimes against the Earth and its people.

Cars, Germs, and Steel
For the last few years, late spring represents to me the approach of the 32nd of May, the post-colonial day that is outside the colonial calendar imposed on these lands. With this date fast approaching and my sense that decolonization needed to be more explicit, I designed a t-shirt with “Decolonize” and the XR symbol on one side, and “May 32” on the other. By this I specifically both wanted to message that XR was in need of internal decolonization—not least because it came from the land of the British Empire—and that XR could be a force of decolonization, given that it was now a large movement inspiring many to fight against core components of the system. There is much more to say here, but will be saved for a lengthier writing. Over a month after May 32, I found the moment in which to wear the shirt. On July 9 there was a bike die-in for NYC bicyclists killed by traffic. Always seeking to amplify and diversify causes, I did a car-die-in on a taxi, holding signs including “RunOverCars” and “War Against Machines”. There was a lot going in to that solo action that I felt compelled to do, but one layered set of messaging pertinent to decolonization is that cars are a common enemy to the people and land alike—killing over a million people a year—and maiming countless more. All machines, and in particular cars, have allowed the mindless emergence and acceleration of Western Colonialism’s destruction of the land, to the point of near extinction, for Indigineous and now all peoples, including westerners. Not to mention the ecocide that is the 6th mass extinction and the roll of machines; the western machine-centered ways are a disease, a plague, on the world.

July turned in to August and September, there was a very powerful Close The Camps action in New York, as well as several smaller actions in support of the Amazon. As good as this has been, and not to mention the wonderful work of my comrades for our October 10 action, it has not been groundbreaking enough to counterbalance the lethargic pace of XR as a whole to social justice. XR is far too global and homogenous and thus not local enough for deep sweeping impact; it is floating on the Earth and not of the Earth. XR is not sustainable if it does not decolonize, just as colonization has never been stable nor sustainable, and has required ever greater amount of resources to keep going.

In 2019 my actions have spoken loud, but perhaps now and in 2020 my words can speak even louder. Or at least may they be said more clearly. We need revolution to establish autonomy from the western nation state model. We need autonomy because autonomy is how people are empowered to control their own destiny. People don’t want to go extinct, but oppressive systemics root out autonomy and keep us driving in the direction of extinction. We need a campaign for Revolution, so that we can truly decolonize and not just replicate the forms. We need a campaign, not another organization that brings with it the baggage of bureaucratic logic that spoils the radical spirit. Just as The Extinction Rebellion started out as a campaign of Rising Up!, not itself an organization, so does The Extinction Revolution start out, called for by among others Ejercito Nomadistas. Nomadism is being put back on the map (or replacing the map). It is time we bring the ancient wisdom and healing of our deep ancestors of motion.
We need to break from western ways that do not benefit us nor the Earth’s other living systems, and nomadism along with indigenity are such ways to do this.

I have much more to say about all this in the coming weeks. It’s going to take much more than being in the streets. It is going to require us to do much to break down our identities and thought patterns, and be vulnerable, and leaving the streets for the fields and forests. Leaving the fire of the huge crowds to rekindle the flame of tribe.

The first day of 2020, the campaign for Extinction Revolution begins anew.

While I catch my breath, I would like to point you in the direction of Climate Justice XR.

Mirages of Wisdom 0021 (my thoughts inexactly)

Quit your job and get to work.

We can not create a new world if we keep giving the time of day to the old one.

Forget this world and remember this Earth.

We must turn work places in to woke places.

Rome wasn’t built overnight, but it did burn overnight.

At first you seed and then tree tree tree again!

Burn the candles at both ends and when the two flames meet, you are transformed and the darkness becomes your torch.

Leave the rat race and rejoin the human race. I’m not saying you all are rats, but you’ve been stuck in to a maze for rats and are failing to realize the walls are made of paper (money).

Lush the forest
Down the rain
Green the deserts
Dig the plain

In a coercive system such as ours, Inaction can be the most powerful Action.

Fossil fuels are not killing the planet, the machinery of capitalism is killing the planet #WarAgainstMachines

Instead of asking me to feel less, why don’t you try to feel more?

Remember Remember the 5th of September.