High ThoughtShower

Our ancestors are present—now will you please be too.

I don’t care if you don’t listen to me—I do care if you don’t listen to you. Lovingly embrace your endogenous wisdom. To not is to give the finger to all of our ancestors.

If both options bring harm to you and yours, you are obliged to make war on the structure that would imposes the binary. Even when harm isn’t detected, harm needs to be suspected, and realize most often the binaries come from our own twisted analytic eyes. We are victims of ourselves and all our traumas.

The great transformation: from the beings who prey to the beings who pray.

The only thing as invisibilized as the future generations are the ancestors. We do them and ourselves a great disservice by being the weakest and absent link. Your work is not your job.

You are not in good hands if you are not in good lands. Those who have been with the land in a good way so that the 7 generations can continue on the land are to be trusted, listened to, and need to be visibilized more than ever, as healthy land is increasingly rare. Western civilization writes it story on the land in very harsh font. Indigenous cultures let the land sing and speak their shared store.

The first 7 letters of Decolonize are DeColón. All his statues and statutes that came thence need deconstructing. Before Columbus week. After Columbus weak.

Lphorisms Enigmatic Older y Newer

Chain of prevents.

Hell does not taste bad—hell does not taste.

Music is coercion by other modes. Coercion can feel very good, in fact this is one of the major ways coercion is enabled. Monsters that are smiley get close enough to bite.

If you are immortal you won’t be missed. The mortals that sacrifice themselves for the furtherance of the immortality of others are the most coveted, and leave a gap for the rest of the world to hollow out over.

Mortals are not forgotten, and immortals are not memorable. Nothing will change for you will be killed the 999th time and return the one thousandth.

Forgetting requires that it was even memorable. :eyerollzz:

March 2020: the days the world stood ill, and the days the Earth got the needed chill pill.

Indigenous Endogenous.

Our mind is the most dangerous threat to our body. This is why it is the single most sought after entity.

The most dynamic thing you can do in any given moment with your being is to dance, in non-prefigured ways. The power of dancing is immediately expressed. No mediation, no latent actualization. Boom it is there it is here.

Beware of hosting conversations in your head, for it is the surest path to lying to yourself, and denying space to another. If you care about them, you won’t simulate them when they are absent. You will wait and be okay with yourself.

In moments such as these, as the avail themselves to our montage-ization, dance shows that it complexifies a region of reality whilst violence simplifies it. The two are in a binaric opposition: the most immediate way to simplify is to enact violence, the bullet in the head; the most immediate way to complexify is to dance, on any (and every) level of your being.

Don’t fall off the cliffs of your own Earthquake.

Home is where the eartH is.

You only wander freely if you are connected to your ground. You need to, as become, as a verb, anchor your being into a ground. A dick is a man’s false anchor.

There are other spatial dimensions to the fundamental particles of the 1st generation, but these spatial dimensions (4+) can only be effectively expressed in the constellations of the newer generation of particles, the zeroth generation, and this is the new dimensions unfold, where in the new atomization of mutliple zeroth generation particles are stably maintained and become the grounds to hold steady general expanded space dimensionality.

Mind your reality or your mind becomes your reality, and that is a hell which no one can easily be saved.

The genealogy of fate. Language, and especially the written word, has by its stagnant, permanentizing ways, given life to the idea of fate. It has so thoroughly dictated freedom that all that remains is determination. The idea of a fixed future emerges from the logical progression of the appearance of a fixed past, through narrations that have a way of enduring and being passed down. Particular versions of the past are brought in to every new future, through traditions, and most especially through the tradition of slowly and non-evolving language. Humans fall in to the trap of reading, believing, and then falling in to the traps set for those before them, and freely choosing to not freely participate. This particular writing, poorly written, is from one who is returning from the daze of fate. The narrow phraseology herein is a condition of a long tenure in popular culture that is clearly with detrimental effect. I am no longer going to be the experiment of a strand of tradition known as fate. I am returning to freely embrace the broader indeterminancy that is not captured by any human nor humans nor institutions of theirs. Not even the land determines what I am, the land is not a dictator, but a liberator. Tierra esta libertad.

We keep us FED. #FtheFed #FoodSovereignty and #HumanSovereignty

The question of whether I fully be my true self, or hold back on a full expression of myself to keep another’s love circulating in my life, already gives the answer. You do not know what your love’s love is capable of loving, neither do they know the full you, and so their love cannot fully circulate. There was another inversion of meaning to draw from this, but it escapes me… mushys

The false portions of the narratives you harbor will lead you right off the cliff of your own making.

The only thing that trickles down in this system is the blood of those from the third world enslaved to manufacture. Besides, trickle down doesn’t mean much in a world where the rate of evaporation is many times greater.

Cockroaches manifest themselves.

The fight to find the fight.

When you feel forced, remember that you are force.

Everyone is an only one.

Were the flame to go out is a hypothetical.


The first a conquistador dehumanizes is themselves. Humanity is already vacant when they encounter the others they so easily and effectively dehumanize/objectify/murder. The conquistador is greatly aided in their own dehumanization by their living ancestors who uphold the dominant dominator culture without exception in their specific local.

Some dreams you can’t flip the pillow on, Manari, ahem ahem.

Nothing is black and white. It’s the gray versus our green. We must return to our heartspace and defend the sacred from the colonizing minds. Decolonize the land or die. Mother Earth is bleeding color… the most vibrant colors are now in the sky, not under the sea.

You Are Not Scattered, The System Is Scattering. You are Not Shattered, THE SYSTEM IS SHATTERING.

“Chess with Nature” – Don’t you mean chess with machines??

Winertia: Where February Does Not Love You

February in the northern hemisphere is a very difficult place for humans, a species that has been displaced there, displaced to the temperate regions where our bodies, brains and all, are not adapted to thrive. But here we are, placed in a February that does not love us.

The February utterance “the days are getting longer” is true enough, though these lengthening days haven’t done much to warm the oceans and lakes. In fact these large thermal modulators that determine a huge plurality of the climate, including our own bodily climate, reach their lowest temperatures in February. We are also especially connected with them since a resonance of sorts exists between we liquids (we are bodies of water primarily). The state of the larger liquid bodies around us is a good indication of where we should ideally dwell and where we shouldn’t. It seems pretty clear to me that frozen lakes are not for skating—they are for escaping. But we are not there… because we are all to heavily invested there. And these northern lands are very invested in us in their seasonal flows. The land is lethargic and so are we, after several months of cooling down any warm vital flows. Months of eyes that evolved to see colors, seeing nothing but colorless landscapes. What does this reinforce in us? What does it drive us to do to escape that madness? Sigh.

So people are not wrong for desiring a balanced amount of light, and believing that it is very important. It is very important, in fact so important that we should’ve as a species continued being in a closer relationship with the equator (365 days of balance), as opposed to the equinox (a handful of days of balance). But again here we are, we northerners, we whose ancestors turned their backs on the sun, perhaps with spears and whips at those backs, as territoriality became a reality for the once nomadic species.

The diversity of climates humans now live in is directly correlated with the destruction of ecosystem diversity we inflicted. The human animal’s consistent needs for survival have us homogenizing the most climatically diverse areas, making them uninhabitable for a majority of the species living there as we make them habitable for us and our narrow range of parallelly domesticated species. We now so easily, habitually, destroy an entire ecosystem—ecocide—to make it habitable. What was it that provoked this and allowed this of a species that used to depend on the ecosystem?

What we gained in fire, we lost in forest

Our altered relationship with the forest, our original caretaker, is indicative of the answer. Deciduosity was our first widescale trauma, that contained the catalyst of the Earth’s sixth mass extinction. The harsh teachings of abandonment would be leveled on the astray hominids. The forest, our enduring mother and protective womb, every winter hibernates below ground and becomes “the woods” to those of us non-hibernating types above ground. We entered a seasonal land, but given our limitations as non-seasonal beings we continued our perpetuality through our fire-technology. We abandoned relationships with the forests and we abandoned our perceived need of the sun, and grew our relationship with fire. Forests became merely a means to fuel fire, to shelter our marriage of us and fire, an indoors love story. Humans and fire then gave birth to forged metals. Now we have forests of metals, we call them cities. Dystopia was prefigured in these long-ago missteps. We became alienated from our ecosystems, and failed (and were perhaps prevented) to return to the sun. Fire was what we had, and we forsook the other elements of our being along the way. We are the fire people, and after many many generations we are dry as fuck…

Our straying from our home near the equator had forced us to become part-time humans. Winter is inhumane, and so have we become. We hate the cold, but given the vast difference of scale it’s really more accurate to say the cold hates us. We need a vacation, one that has us actually vacate.

And This is How we started having the military educate the children

Whether reality, or a pretext, the shortage of teachers to staff classrooms has police, and the military happily filling up these roles (national guard at least – https://www.businessinsider.com/labor-shortage-national-guard-substitute-teachers-new-mexico-bus-drivers-2022-1 )

These are exactly the situations that opportunists, of which the military is loaded with, love to have handed to them. Possession is 9/10s of ownership, fuck when cliches like this are applicable, but they currently possess certain jobs and are sure to develop some skills. Recruiting is no longer confined to school hallways, now it’s during active class time. So yes, the military, an institution that loves to grow and gain ever-increasing roles on the surface of the Earth, as it is the heart of the Empire, is probably overjoyed that they have this way of wading into primary education, at long last. We aren’t that far off from the military suggesting a low-budget alternative to so many of the schooling issues that are made to vex schools all over, and now they can very neatly just replace all traditionally trained teachers, set up military alternate-routes, etc. Off and running to conquer a new huge piece of space-time, the already bloated and problematic school system.

Dangerous precedents are being set, disaster capitalism, disaster conquering…

Money as Coercion, Food as Liberation (towards an articulation)

It’s 2022, and money is still with us… money is still against us. If only it were, still.

I thought it’d be good for me to define what I feel money is at this current historical moment, though I doubt it’s rarely, if ever, strayed far from being this: money is a device to exercise coercion. The more of it is offered to you in exchange, the more likely you will do something out of your natural inclination, or the more of it you will do as the degree of money increases. Things you wouldn’t have otherwise done, but money matches the distaste for the activity/labor/giving up of a possession for a certain quantity of money, and so you are coerced through this medium that we’ve allowed to veil what is really going on. The genealogy of money and that money is not transhistorical, but was created/furthered/imposed by a certain group on larger groups of people is exactly why some people have it/create more of it, and why some people are on the other end. Ultimately if you don’t comply or enough of you have banded together and not complied with money’s intrusion into your time and freedom, you have been the target of military force/propaganda that has forced you and the land you dwell on, dead or alive, to become part of the swollen empire that has money as one of its basic systems of circulation, along with energy that also maintains the empire from atrophying back to a non-globalized natural setting.

Where my thinking was coming from that lead me to talk about this? I was thinking of talking and sharing “What is food sovereignty” since it’s a term myself and several others have used a lot in these recent years, and something we’ve thought about fighting for, so it is sensible to have some sort of grasp of what it is. But all along trying to imagine an articulation of it and the fact that something so basic hasn’t been widely articulated or available, told me how bad the private property-ification of the world was and is and continues to be, and so I thought a clearer explanation of what the problem is, other than just “green pieces of paper/digital bits/property deeds/laws/governance” but to unpack a little of how it all functions to coerce us into doing things that are out of what we’d do otherwise.

*I feel I’m writing too much and discussing this too much in a way that a British teacher would applaud, so I’m going to do my best to check that and not let the cold calculating ways of speaking take over; I am a human writing this, a human very much feeling the weight of an oppressive system coming down to some degree on me and witnessing to a horrific degree the weight and burden coming down on others who are further away from food sovereignty, for example. Just had to say that, my long break from writing and I realize my voice has changed and the OCD very much inherent in me is trying to be okay to sound off without a huge time contribution and any editions.

**The war against the world, aka the euphemism climate change, has me doing things I wouldn’t otherwise do, as I see total ecosystem collapse looming and the 6th mass extinction becoming total extinction, but these are things I accept as real challenges and I want to heal the land… I’d want to heal the land even if there was no longer term doom that’d come from leaving it broken/destroyed the way I found it. This feels a lot more compelling to call on my time and effort than a vague, unexplained manifestation of quantified value in the terms of money, a network that seems to favor certain people and disfavor many others. The living in me sees the non-living in the money, whereas the living in me sees the death in ecosystem collapse. Death is something that feels natural to deal with, money just feels unnatural and so dealing with is not part of my promised animal experience, and I’m going to do my best to avoid it as one should avoid walking into a stagnant mosquito and alligator loaded swamp. Ademas…

Food sovereignty as a right, is the way I’m angling to posit this, and so access to food SHOULD HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ACCESS TO MONEY. The monetization of almost all things on and below the Earth’s surface now⁠—the cancer that we’ve seen spread, to put monetary figures on both meta-imaginary nominal values of money in financial hedge spreads, to money quantifying every living thing and every part of every living thing, totally stepping over and basic rights to life those currently-living, future-in-question-living entities are once the economy gets a hold of them and rips them into money-ified exchangeable bits⁠, the monetization of all this—has pushed access to food, just like access to shelter, out of reach for many, both those who choose to refuse and even those humans who try to comply with the money system but get caught up in wars against their people, get injured and are limited to work, and the vacillations of an unreliable economy and distribution of money. Money will never be fair, it can only be a fare. Money can’t solve money, just as cancer can’t solve cancer. Only a reclaiming of the land and all things that money has touched and divided into exchangeable bits, only this can heal the versatile wounds put on the land and people. Food sovereignty is one such angle. It is one of a few basic things that resonates with people: a right to have food and not have that access be threatened by any force for whatever reason. Food sovereignty rights, like all rights, are a push against money, to push money out of a certain space, namely that of access to food⁠—real food, not food desert new food⁠—which also entails a right to access land/water, because all food comes from these places, historically and arguably in the future, once present obsessions with technological solutions are shown to be nothing but offsets of energy/nutrients acquired from the land and redistributed and packaged in ephemeral availabilities (Tech food solutions are akin to EROI –> technologies that create food are still dependent on the original source and do not add anything novel other than temporary distribution of food in, perhaps, urban environs or other equally hostile environs, i.e. Anarctica). Humans have a right to be on the land, to access land that is healthy enough to sustain them. Humans evolved because of this relation never being challenged. And now that is challenged, for several millenia in certain places and now on a world-wide scale, evidence that it is being challenged and that millions of humans are dying of it all the time is in the history of many wars and conflicts, especially surrounding European history but it is not limited there. Food sovereignty is up against a fence. It is time to both challenge the fence’s existence and step away from it so that our food vines may grow on the fences remains, and we may access the land without something always against our back, like money, pushing us, suffocating us, confusing our values. Money is the ad absurdum, and we need to flee it’s deadly cancerous logic. Onwards to freedom! Being with Food!!

Aphorism Dump

Yesterday will be tomorrow if today is not today. The sorrows of yesterday will be tomorrow’s… Live with the present. Live knowing we always and only have a present. #morewaystosays

Roots are circulation for a tree and strangulation for a human.

We have the same enemy—the question is can we be friends?

Don’t confuse time on your hands with time in them. Too often humans stop seizing their own existence long before they have ceased to exist. #morewaystosays

Movement is to stop when the system pushes perpetually us to nowhere. This is the power of  saying ya basta.

As the earth rotates, we revolt. You can choose an everyday Rotation or a revolution every day. The Earth does rotations at the same time it makes a revolution. Humans must choose one. #morewaystosays

Magic is with the wandering, not the wand.

Wondering about roots; wandering without roots.

The enemy of your enemy isn’t necessarily your friend. Especially in a world where so few are friends of themselves.

If only a few are sovereign, then none are sovereign. The larger a sovereign grows, the smaller sovereignty becomes.

The flight of the wounded bird is all the more compelling.

We need the resistance to grow, so why would you ever choose the path of least resistance?

Doublèé Doable.

Too often humans confuse a hard choice with a non-existent choice. In a time when oppression has great inertia, freedom takes strength and bravery. To source that strength and courage, it is imperative we be free together and not in individuality alone. Right now the choice is to evac or cave. #EvacOrCave

Overdue? Rent is overdue? What about reparations for the chronically oppressed folx is overdue! What about respect for the future generations is overdue. Your overdue has got to go the back of a very long cue. And shame on you trying to make money off of other people’s basic needs, like shelter.

They who do not grow their own food are the oppressors of other lands.

Karlos is my war identity. And since I don’t see any end to this war, I don’t see this identity going away.

We are the sun’s dreams and its thoughts. The sun thinks us into existence.

We spread ourselves thin because no one is willing to go deep with us. People seem to only go to deep when it’s a pit that we see but they can’t.

Thoughts echo. Thinkers download

Indigenous identifying sadists that attract white identifying masochists.

A microaggression that is spread throughout the whole world is no longer a microaggression. Such is the 7 day week. Such is the world of money. The terrible usually gets destroyed, but the meta-terrible escapes to slowly die another day.

Roots are what the dead bleed before they are living again.

Starlight didn’t journey all the way to your eyes because it’s settled and stagnant. Were it so, it would’ve never made the journey.

The loss of J1 + J30 equals the gain of J31x2.

These pipelines | your building | This shit is not essential | Get fracking outta here | Keep Brooklyn residential

Take Care Te Quiero

Newtrality starts with Zone Zero (you)

I don’t know when I wrote that poem “Unsettled“, or why, but upon seeing it now, I like it 🙂

And the reason I came on here, this mid-day, within a Lunar Cycle of the Capriconic Solstice, was to write. Yes I Came On To Write, (before seeing that draft, and there are more drafts, but for editing/sharing later!!) To Hold A Space For Myself To Remember Moments When I Felt And Saw Who I Am, Clearly and felt in connection with the deep, vital neutrality, that unhindered direct connection with the larger Universe. I haven’t had much clarity lately, I’ve been trying to swim in rough seas created by myself, and our hierarchical society and it’s inabilities to meet our needs. I’m drowning in that trauma, for a while now, and I’m reaching the point where I need to throw it all up, and clear my throat, and all chakras for that matter. I need healing, but let it be known that healing is already begun.

I’m not going to make a list here in this moment of the aforementioned times of clarity–I have enough clarity right now to know that isn’t what I am in need of. What I need must take place far more internally than these written words, than lists, than identity; what I need is already taking place internally, and I feel my heart strengthening, bringing me protection to be who I am and why I am. I’ve gotten glimpses into this many times in the past, not just visions, but enduring feelings and guiding energy. I know it was real, I know it is real. It doesn’t come and go; it is eye who I’ve been coming and going, looking in places I knew were wrong…

The right path starts with me, my healing starts with me. And I can and will do all this as I wade through this waning daylight. I have love and light within, that comes from sources more ancient than I, and I embrace this, I embrace myself, simultaneously ancient and new. I love myself now and forever, and why wouldn’t I? I am a localist, a community person, and there’s nothing more local, more immediately able for me to help, than myself. In permaculture terms I must focus on Zone Zero. You (as I) are the Universe you’ve been searching for, you can be the a well of vitality at any point, a center among many centers, so to speak. How do you think it is that the whirling dervish do not dizzy? Because they are their own planet, their own galaxy, and they are free from impositions, from bad relations in those moments. They are spinning into self-control, in healthy balanced relationship with those that they’d not waste the energy trying to control. They are energetic beings that exist in harmony with their surroundings, rather than being above or below them in disharmonic relationships of harm. They are their own zone zero, and you have this potential within you, too, and no one can take that away from you, only yourself. But why would you ever take that away from yourself…? It’s because you dwell in forgetfulness, as I usually have, as has become common for all of us. It is an unnecessarily dangerous place to dwell, you will disappear yourself there. Leave! Flee in the blink of your eyes’ opening! Be immediately patient!

And so I take it as an obligation to mention, for there is such a drive I’ve felt stronger than anything, to honor the new generations, the 7 generations, the generations. They enter our space and they have the newtrality, the uncorrupted wisdom. They are what we need to devote our time and attention to, so that they are rightfully our leaders, not forced to be our miseducated followers. We need to listen to them and support them however they say they need it. We dare not impose anything on them, or make them servants of this dis-eased society. The children are the clearest message of balance, of neutrality, of strength. Let’s not sap them, our saplings. Let’s honor them as they deserve, and as we need. The greatest wisdom is to realize that it dwells the strongest in the children.

Amor tod@s, I will return to reread this, these moments of clarity amidst a barren desert of dry fog. THE FORESTS WILL RETURN! The false fog will lift, dissipate, dissolve.

LphorismZ & May Day Earth

The journey ahead is back to the human. The magic is in the wandering not the wand. #EjercitoNomadistas

Pages sit, but this story is walking. Books sit, but the learning is talking.

Don’t blame 2020—blame the vision (the lack of vision). We don’t want a do-over—we want what is overdue.

Chasing memories is to run in slow motion while the present speeds away…

Still breathing still breeding—not all is lost.

All out revolution for there is no time, all out revolution or there is no time. When the hour is late, create a new day

Build the forests underground. Give a proper burial to organic matter a proper burial instead of

Treeroots not grassroots—the movement event gets that wrong.

The walls to keep diseases out are the very walls that keep them in.

White Privilege, an unpacking of a nuanced term. white privilege is an unfortunate term that is the 21st century means by which the left will stay divided. The concept of White Privilege nuances the reality: black, brown, and indigenous dis-privilege. To say that white skinned people are privileged because they are not dis-privileged as others are is fraught with problems. The capitalist system should not be credited with privileging anyone. Capitalism has put every single human in a precarious situation, not just by our existential crisis of looming late stage planetary death, but so too because of our fragmented human relations, the amount of plastics in all of our bodies, the number of auto-immune diseases running rampant, and so many other elements… no demographic of humans whether they are grouped by skin color, gender, age, locale, sexuality, is immune to some of its members being hit with these issues, and others in that family and possibly community thus affected to some degree too. It’s not untrue—some of us don’t have to fear for our lives on a daily basis due to our skin color. That is not being debated. But are white people really privileged because they are not being attacked? Are the unjust legal systems, including the police, so hopelessly normalized that we think not being targeted by the police is somehow the enviable end-goal? To the obfuscation and veiling of the real goals we should have first and forefront: abolishing the police and the oppressive state apparatuses. And to focus on material possessions as an indicator of privilege—material possessions is how the oppressive capitalist system measures wealth and status, but are we that oppressed to adopt these metrics for our own analysis of the system? Are we really ready to let capitalism divide and conquer us further, in this particularly insidious way? On to a material consequence of the constructed concept (instead of the faux versa vice main stream posit) “white privilege”: the users and promoters of the term who are some BBI communities and many leftist allies, are actually alienating themselves from material resources from the subset of white people who would otherwise be sympathetic and material allies to fighting were the term instead what is really at play “black, brown, and Indigenous dis-privilege”. People are far more likely to see and be moved to action by the true injustice done to others, than to react in a helpful manner when they themselves are said to be the problem by their very existence and skin color, most especially because it’s the reality that there is dis-privilege at play, not privilege.

Notes and partial thoughts:

June is extinction month and so we say May Day Earth. Maya calendar returning.

Focus on my fight, not on my white. Don’t be blinded by what you see. We need to reinvigorate the unpacking racism and I’m sure I still have much to learn, but I think we all do and the largest victims of systemic racism aren’t necessarily free of racism, let’s say.


I don’t like guns—but I like bullets in my enemies. Something Che would say.