Ode to RMF

You have given me time

to chew on other things

For your nourishment

the baby in me sings

You fight off the bad guys

without being a bad gaian

You have opened me up

in ways I couldn’t imagine

You leave me feeling cleansed

You don’t pick my pocket

having you alone is quite the deal

you’ve been joining me at every meal

but now I think it’s time to reveal

Raw Milk Fast, it’s been Real

Raw Milk Fast, Past Event



yo creo
yo creo que
and on and on…

was happy to share this translation I made for first time this evening with a solidarity gathering for the 3 New Brunswick men detained by ICE. Here’s it in the English version sung at the airport ban protest to get a feel for the rhythm of it

A is Against (My Thoughts Inexactly)

The fence is your container or the fence is your enemy—you decide.

Battles uphill are the only ones worth fighting.

We are all I need.

If you do not wander, you will remain lost.

It is naive to assume the world is good, but it is not naive to try and make the world good—in fact it is extremely naive not to try.

I miss you, but I would miss you more had I never met you.

Take care of yourself today, and tomorrow will take care of itself.

So much hangs in the balance, so much more will hang in the unbalance.

An old day cannot rise twice—that is the role of a new day.

Globalism is the most frail and infantile form of provincialism, a form that doesn’t even grasp a single province; it is the losing of every single province. It is to choose the globe despite the Earth.

Love is the coming together of parallel lines—such is why love is unparalleled.

If it’s too comfortable it’s not revolution, and if it’s too uncomfortable it won’t be a revolution for long. Find the sweet spot that tastes bitter, and you will be ready to digest the old and create the new.

Fight like your life is on the line, because truth is other forces have already put it there.

Forget not, that the greatest turning point is also at the lowest point.

Revolutions don’t ask for permission, they just act, on a mission, and are self-legitimating.

When your feelings are vulnerable enough to reveal themselves to you, be vulnerable enough to surrender to their wisdom.

When David becomes Goliath…

To choose your actions based on information sources as they come in is the definition of a reactionary—be what is new! and let information follow, not be followed.

Playing revolutionary is the only real revolutionary way.

Meet your maker—look in to the mirror.

Wake up and put the nightmare to sleep!

Risk nothing for long enough, and you have nothing left to risk.

Cities were the center of the bourgeois revolutions. They will not be the center of the next revolutions, for there will be no center—they will be distinctly indistinct and de-centered. For such is the mode and rhythm of life, if it is to stay alive.

Move so that the algorithms personalized to fit every inch of your very existence are shed off, dead, as flaking skin that can no longer hang on to the new vibrant skin below, which pulses with vitality.

We might be among the generations that have survived western civilization, if only barely, but let’s make sure western civilization does not survive us, or else no one might survive us.

We scapegoat other humans for crossing our borders and ruining our society, when it is quite obvious that it is corporations that do this to our detriment.

That which is unimaginable still exists all the more so, and we must succumb to it beautiful or terrifying. It does not suffer the trampling of human thought, and to it we are thinner by several of dimensions.

A brand new world, is a brand free world.

Kay Swaylah tal es la mulareliah, je twas.

That the injustice done on to the victims eternally silenced goes without saying.

We want it to be real, and so our desire makes it real.

Distance that keeps you I will bear, but circumstance that keeps you will not long bear me.

When the head bird of the flock turns around to admire and show tenderness to his following, he lets them down.

The inability to comprehend an other is usually a function of one’s own stupidity and not the other’s. However, we are in exceptionally stupid times.

Unbound is only dangerous to books, and other oppressive institutions.

Read the following—read the leader. Better, write the leader. Better still, unwrite the leader from your story, and write the story yourself. Or let someone else write it, and read it, as you live it, and they are your readers, following you…

What if skin never died and turned to dust? The phenomenon would be called your spirit.

In 1930, just because the German people couldn’t have seen where they would be in 10 years time, they nevertheless could have prevented it from occurring.

Love is a bird that stays to nest with you despite the possibility that it could fly elsewhere.

Propaganda has proven literacy a malady, when propaganda passes as literature.

We were never meant to come here. But such horror is the path of the unfree.

Demonize the demonizer and the demonizer has won.

Love is when selfishness encompasses more than the self. This is why revolution is always social.

A sugar coated reality is all the more harmful for you, whether near-term or long-term. The sugar blocks the full digestion, whereas a bitterant opens one up to it. Search for the bitter reality.

So many carry age as a double burden—they let their age age them.

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