Mirages of Wisdom 0010

You will ever get an opportunity unlike this until you are no more. Whenever you are, wherever you are, right now is all that matters.

God is? God is? God is? Goddess.

I can feel your lack of feeling. You’re a beautifully painted wall that was primed in a coat of imperviousness.

Now this slavery is a choice and most everyone seems to be opting in.

Everything but the girl is a euphemism for nothingness.

My favorite selfie (image of Earth)

Walls of defense are walls of suffocation. Ours is a time where hiding is dying.

We are no longer humans because we are no longer.

The condition of intelligence in the age of accelerated stupidity; the condition of strength in the age of advanced weakness.

DisPlay your cards right.

Bite your tongue and you bite yourself.

Another world is only possible, this false world will die with or without us.

Some go to church, we go to churches.

Decar and decarcerate. The prison industrial complex. The punishment is the crime.

Do not let what got in the way be the explanation for the way you got.

Not risking failure is choosing failure.

None seem to be more dedicated to oppression than the oppressed.

If God’s creations are perfect, then you must be proof of the devil.

I got this shirt from a nudist colony.


D is for Deepending

Start thinking of this as all of our land, or it will soon be realized as all of our graveyard.

The difference between pettiness and localism is so profound that globalization stands in between them.

If more of the world was like you, there would be more of the world.

Love takes two—and makes them one.

A warrior allows blood on his hands to defend the blood in his veins; a fascist allows blood on his hands because he has no blood in his veins.

We don’t really know how to live on the land if we have to kill it first.

Laughing at death is the humor that is found by we who cry at life.

Before you opened your mouth, everything you said was perfect.

If you do not wander, you will remain lost.

If losing you is part of the journey, then I would rather lose the journey.

The ball is always in your court, and your court is much wider than they would tell you.

Whenever you are, time makes it so that you were.

Artist do not fall into poverty, they choose to not live the impoverished life of possessing.

Sheep need weapons, lions need only roar.

The city got nicer and nicer the farther away from it I moved.

One too wedded to their ideas must ask what they have divorced from.

It’s not condescending, I’m speaking as I would have ever; you just happened to have lowered yourself.

Of course death can be beat indefinitely—it’s called birth. Immortality doesn’t beat death, immortality beats life. Death makes it so that we do not stagnate in immortality.

Stare in to the abyss, and watch the abyss run away scared.

The beauty of a hug has not been outdone by art or philosophy, but it is being undone by a cold society that embraces science.

Humans are one of the few animals in this zoo that are not given the compliment of a cage. They can be shown images to create docility that other animals would rage at.

If death were to leave us we would be on the ground begging for life to leave us, too.

The walls are not stagnant even if those inside them are.

You know intention has died when you are at the doorstep of the random.

Become a fascist and destroy humans, or become a human and destroy fascism.

Laws are the theft of justice from the human animal in which it intrinsically dwells.

Do not envy the eagles for the they must always look down; envy your future self, for that is to be freer and more beautiful than you.

Children are easy to scare because they have wild imaginations; adults are easy to scare because they have no imaginations.

D is Dumpstering…

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the red water drank makes one thirstier for the red water lost

blood is for dancing, not for digesting

(paraphrase from upcoming my thoughts inexactly)

…keeping yourself in the past, I guess that’s why it’s called drunk

↓ skip to 2:09 after first bit… usually trance is better than it’s lyrics, but this is an exotic erotic paradox of that, with some bassline exceptions:


I Pledge Allegiance to Liberty and Justice for All—burn the medium in the message

Middleless Is Endless¡The ends destroy the medians!    ¡Rub out the rubbish!

¡For once the law of the excluded middle properly utilized!

¡At the end of the day, a 9 word pledge of allegiance that one can stand for that begins their day!

liberty and justice for all

If a fish out of the water becomes food, what does a human out of land become?

desertification-1-638food is human

There were a few alternative wording options available, but I stuck with the fewest words for the pictured meme. One other option which might more clearly convey the intent I had when the thought of this concept occurred to me, is this: “If fish out of the water become food, what does a human off the land become?” This wording, I think, gets closer to my original criticism, which is humans moving in to cities and the extremely vulnerable position we put ourselves in with regards to other land possessing humans. However, the multi-layered interdependencies with the land are so complex that the other meanings such as erosion, land degradation also get across a common fate for all of us if we don’t soon rethink and reacquaint a relationship with un-modified land.

shards from ‘Violet Children’ (excerpts)

and here at the turn versa vice rolls a play
¿so won’t you allow it to role your way?

¡Violet Children!
one n away from ending, are we
the vanguards of the indigo, alive barely
bare is how we exist, so touching is the death
this always in mind, we love with every breath

¿is it the darkness that kills
or the light that violates?

when the islands ocean the oceans
the oceans won’t island, nor cry
because the islands conquered their family
and now both oceans and islands must die

because we shine the most intensely and beautiful,
directly in the face of the lightless malevolence
entering David doth draw out full Goliath

violet children are here to clear our global meridians
xi concentrations lead to xi vacuums
we aren’t needles, we are needed
unclogging the Earth’s xi grid by dismantling the world’s power grid

shamans in antishamanic times
bound to think only in rhymes

we may lose violet sooner than achieving our ultra
the opening of a tunnel also a paved out funnel
the ultimate too powerful to comprehend, even to pen

unconditionally together to life we gather
standing together unconditionally, not not withstanding

expecting the living, finding the dead
emptiness unending our chief dread
hearing others words before voice has said
fearing their deaths before any drops bled

those too early vaschemtized we will regrow your fertility
those too early victimized we will resow your vitality

if Narcissus had drank himself
wouldn’t he perhaps not have drowned?
such a head as unadorned
is where exists the only real crown

morning with the mourners and evening with the sinners
throwing up breakfast to predigest, for our dinners

violet children are we
dealing with even more potent entities
the heart of evil to which we dive
knowing not whether we will survive

parade on our reign
for it is not that of a monarch, but anarchs

Political searching for a Kartoon: Ku Klux Korporations

A few different conversation lines that I would draw upon for a political comic strip, if I had the skill or digital know-how:

Scene: Corporate guy (CG) in suit talking to KKK member, both have drinks in their hands, the KKK member only listening and nodding in understanding:

Slide 1

CG: “Hey, no need to wear those bed sheets to commit your crimes, we have corporate clothing and technology that hides us from responsibility from the lynchings we create”

Slide 2

CG: “and you don’t have to worry about breaking the law, we have lawyers for that… a few of which will be appointed as legislators to keep the laws on our side.”

Slide 3

CG: “One more thing, we don’t wait for night to do our bad deeds, we get paid for them! And we spread out who we hurt, so it is less visible.”

A caption below might say: “Hiding behind layers of blankets, or layers of technology” or “Republican-debate House Party”

Confident Businessman portrait in a conference room

Confident Businessman portrait in a conference room

Sitting: It’s Hard To Get Around (consider a treadmill desk?)

Sitting Around

“Sitting: It’s Hard To Get Around” I intended a double meaning, one focusing on the longer term (but also immediate) physical effects from civilization’s increase in sitting; but two, that as structures everywhere encourage us to sit, whether they be cars, cubicles, couches, or concrete that impedes standing motion and encourages one to sit once the trauma is done being inflicted. With the first meaning, one could toy with it and say “it’s hard to get unrounded” referring to the rounding of the back, i.e. kyphosis, that sitting causes.

The Sitting Dead

So, they are not always forthcoming with me, but a possible solution if you find too much sitting to be disturbing your bodily needs, is a treadmill desk. This would give your body some mobility so you are “using it not losing it”. I haven’t gotten to try one out and have mixed feelings on compromising with civilizational labour imperatives, but it certainly seems like it might keep one’s body/mind healthier whilst enduring the encagement of modern life.

And speaking of encagement, a “fuck suburbia” meme that hopefully conveys what suburban living is doing to those of us trapped in it.

suburban zombification

A Day Dream with Morpheus

Morpheus came over to hang out in my head, and we had a lot to talk about. He would be able to cheer me up with a lame joke after telling me some very disturbing reality. I wonder when the god of dreams will drop some more insight? Until then, what if I told you what he had to say: