Fight The Power (draft december 2019 old version)

Fight with power

Fight the power, fight the power

said year after year, forgotten hour every hour

fight the power fight the power

what the fuck does it stand for

We don’t stand with it

It’s gone

Power, power, power, power

power out

Forgotten in analog

now divided in bit

Zero sum game

but where is the winner

very little joy

even left for the sinner

systems we build, systems take hold

systems build us, insisting we’re sold

fuck your brands, fuck you in bold

everything you touch, turns to cold

winters never coming,

the winter we can’t escape

a system that promotes

thievery, murder, jealousy, rape

Haze everywhere, suffocating our fire

smoke every land, sorrows of empire

If I had a bullet, I’d bury it deep

not in your skull, but where it could sleep

The Earth take us, or it take our machines

right now it can only hear, the wrong screams

machines machines machines machines

where screams, where screams

drugged up – senses down

no pain is felt to turn this around

every hour every hour every hour every hour

call on your ancestors, who hung up on you

tell them you love them, but not what they do

tell them you need them, not because they are strong

tell them you need them, to right their wrong

then tell them to you hate them

let them carry that load

let their spirits rot

along with their road

dig up their bones

throw away their grave,

give them back to the oceans

to a cleansing wave

they didn’t leave us for dead

when we’re healthy pink

they did this knowingly

they left us extinct

they got death, and they left us for extinction

they got death, and they left us for extinction

our grandparents handed our parents a disaster,

our parents handed us a catastrophe


fuck you and your writings of inevitability

we will not hide behind your books of divinity

we will let bullets be buried deep in our bodies

these times are prosperous? is that what we call these?

build your power, grow some roots

or the endless winds

the erosion bullet shoots

we will not hide behind divine books that say this was inevitable

we will allow the bullets to be buried deep in our bodies

Our time is not ours, our time is hours, minutes, seconds,

our time is now if we fuck their power