Fixed Shadows, Broken Humans

Shadows that grow
Shadows that decay
Now stuck with us
Are shadows that stay

Night is a time for darkness and for fire on the ground; day is a time for light coming from the fire in the sky. At night fire dances the shadows, and during day the fire that moves across the sky evolves the shadows by the moment. For Earth’s four and a half billion years, shadows would come and shadows would go, until now. Shadows were ephemeral until humans devised artificial light and “fixed” them. Artificial light brings with it artificial shadows, impregnating our reality with stagnant darkness, all the moreso because of our stagnant material objects.

Breaking Edison’s Idea: A Light Bulb Needs To Go Off
These artificial shadows brought on by artificial light scar the night and the day. Artificial light and its artificial shadows disrupt the flow of the balancing night, pulling us and other animals away from the magic of dark and sleep. The natural dark of night is attacked and made to contrast harshly with the bright polluting lights of modern civilization, straining our eyes with a constant unwavering sting, when our widened pupils have a want of darkness and sleep. During the day artificial light pulls us away from the Earthly atmosphere, and in to insulated and stagnant strucures we call “home” and “work”. The sun and sky are marginalized, and human-made lights steadily and stagnantly have us gravitating around them in stagnant and mis-circulated air.

Moving-light Therapy: Lux in Flux. A modest improvement on the besieged psychological life of a modern human stuck indoors is for the lights themselves to be moved around the room and dimmed and brightened subtly throughout the day. This mimicking of the sun across the sky will not provide the full spectrum of light given by the sun, but at the least lux in flux will evolve the shadows in a more psychologically healthful way.

A Dimmer Look At The Progress Of Civilization
With the peaking of artificial light in this 21st century has come the peaking of many other artifices—peak pollution, peak disease, peak war, and peak genocide—all together in a great and terrible wind that is The War Against The World. Life on Earth is at a nadir in this multi-millenial war against the world, culminating in the Sixth Mass Extinction Event, the first of the Mass Extinctions heralded by a single species—humans. All these life-destroying entities are correlated and all seem to be aided by the human method of sedentary and resource exhaustive deployment on the surfaces of the Earth. Artificial light has sped along our technological invasion of ecosystems and geological strata as we now have more time than ever before to devise more severe penetrations of the Earth.

To all this I say: Fiat Tenebrae (Let There Be Dark)

Lunar Appendage
The upcoming solar eclipse—which forced my hand to write this—is seminal in the daytime light and shadow play that is the most variable of any event on Earth for such a wide area. The moon turns the sun in to a flickering fire that casts a novel shadow and a ring of fire.

Beyond the occassional eclipse, the Moon is the false sun, for we only see the one side of the moon because of it’s tidal locking. It only reveals one undisturbed side of itself. It is both a permanent shadow and a permanent light, depending on the phase of the lunar cycle. It will be full shadow on the eclipse, perhaps only the Sun thus is able to reveal to us the Moon’s true nature. The Moon does not evolve with light or dark. It is not a becoming, it is quite fixed (and quite weak, chained to the Earth).

Editional (September 22)
We focus on the light, and energy more generally, as central, but really the history of the universe tells us that the great diffusion of these things is what is necessary for evolving a higher complexity.

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We must be the night, not to defy the sun, but to preserve darkness from the gathering shadows.

When you are looking around for the shadow from the LED lights, and then to your horror you realize you are the shadow.

The difference between darkness and shadows is so profound that light stands in between them.

Run right at Sauron, and watch fire blink.

The light of science creates permanent objects of knowledge, but is blind to the unnatural permanent shadows on the far side of the light.

blinding dark


notes 4 today: 2016-12-14 (The Protestant Control Ethic, and Relativism; Uniting With Mexicans; Gaming The Olympics; Poor Ritualization And Superstition)

title: The Protestant Control Ethic, and Relativism*

The implications of Max Weber’s connection between the Protestant Work Ethic— and how it evolved to buttress capitalist efficiency and productive obsessions—has some grand implications also for non-protestant inhabitants that have nevertheless been exposed to the protestant types (whether through already living in their community, or being victims of a culturally protestant empire). The effects (victimage) goes beyond being a mere colonial subject or the product of a neo-civilizing project (i.e. through missionaries), but to the way these encountered others were regarded by the deep-seeded protestant motives of their imposers. The logic is as follows:

Were the hard working Protestant types truly influenced by an obsession to get in to heaven and prove to themselves that they were the chosen ones—reflected in their secular successes, i.e. how capitalist they were—also would be their motives to discourage and obsesses over what others were doing, for they would be potential heaven-bound competition. This current in counter-tension with the forces within their Protestant culture that wanted to destroy non-Christian culture of “the savages” and carry out the Christian call to bring them in to the fold, but nevertheless I think that this was/is an actual undercurrent that seems evident in the obsessions of governing/policing the behavior of others. It might also go a long way to explain, in part, why Western programs since Lutheran ideas have failed so miserably to establish successfully dominated subjects despite huge advantages to hegemony. This conflicting agenda might be endemic to relations with imperial subjects. It has morphed several times over during many generations, but can roughly be stated now as the fear that others are doing something that oneself is missing out on; so rather than miss out on something special, one then just takes away the ability from others to have that something special to happen (through policing), or you make sure the events are captured and mediated on the news, in pornography, in advertisements, and somehow one’s own tentacles are entwined in the sinews of others.

To summarize: what was once a religious based deep fear and deep obsession that others might be the alternates who get in to heaven, is now a deeper fear and obsession that others might be having joy that does not include oneself or is not permitted first by oneself, and the goal is to actively erode the ability of others to do this. I think such deep, consciousness-buried, motives are wielded by among others, the Neo-Cons, and why within their psyche they truly must feel uneasy most of the time UNTIL they can see their projects of “full spectrum dominance” realized.

*I intuit that it is co-emergent with the rest of this argument herein, that an amoral relativism also conquers the minds of westerners under the capitalist yoke. Everything becomes valued in terms of its relative value—it becomes a mean towards the ultimate and only end which was originally one’s own acceptance in to heaven (with limited seating) but is now one with the most wealth and status, as designated in socio-economic terms.

title: Mexicans For Resident, 2017+ (Uniting With Mexicans)

For fear of being named ignorant and quixotic, I stall putting my name to such gross simplifications and stereotypes as may be contained herein, but for love of my dreams of a better world and in union with my fellow humans, I stall no longer. I am going to briefly speak (outline) my vague hopes in a people (Mexicans, especially those now in the USA) that I think naturally wield most of the answers the western humans need help with, whether or not either group knows it.

¡Español es la lengua de la revolución! The much more indigenous central Americans who yet speak Spanish due to early European colonialism—ranging from southern Mexico to Honduras and Guatemala—are now in significant numbers in the United States, and what a loss to us all if they are forcibly removed or feel compelled to leave these lands behind. I think Subcomandante Galeano (formerly Subcomandante Marcos) had an immediate intuitive sense of the decency and potency of these darker-skinned people a long time ago, which was in part what drew him to them. Whether or not this was true for him, it is certainly true for me, and I feel drawn to them for what I empirically observe. They are the embodied realization of so many of my idealizations.

They blow the leaves of others for economic surviving, but they leave their own leaves to sow eco-systemic thriving. First generation Mexicans, Hondorans, Guatemalans, and others I’ve encountered from Central and South America, still have cultural wisdom and often first-hand experience with agriculture, something northern Americans have all but forgotten. Their poorer places of origin are less dependendent on machinery for food production, a real benefit to their non-esoteric yet precious wisdom. They have voluntary simplicity built in to so many aspects of their lives, and are chastised often for living in such close quarters which is really something to be applauded by any who speak of reducing carbon. The culture of the Mexicans that have migrated to the United States is largely invisible (subaltern), even to the radical eyes who have utopian hopes and carry them out with intentional communities. May this not remain the case…

The Mexicans usually do not fancy to dress themselves in revolutionary ideology or ideas, which perhaps speaks to how truly revolutionary they are, in their naked unadorned selves. They ride bikes while we drive cars, they huddle together while we drift further apart, they relax and listen to music while we push relentlessly forward for profit or to pay debts we’ve allowed ourselves to incur. Perhaps not as radical as some un-contacted peoples, but fortunately for us we are in contact with them and they can do a lot for us just by following their examples, to help us realize our radical dreams. Learning Spanish can go a long way in going a long way with them. However, this is a time limited opportunity. The second generation Mexicans are imperiled by the American consumer culture whilst our generation and younger are actively being sterilized to the fertile opportunities that migrate in as pollen on the wind.

May we consciously open ourselves up to their beautiful ways and habits for a needed cross pollination, and so too their language so that we may learn so many balancing remedies that western culture is so obviously lacking. Again as reminder, I sense this is for a limited time only. ¡Adelante!

title: Gaming The Olympics

Merely an observation that there is a quasi-predominance of water games in the Olympics and it has come to favor those places and countries with a history of water interaction. Oceania, and previous coastal people’s prestige have set the tone with the engineering and adoptions of these games in to the canon of athletics, to the dis-benefit of largely arid and land locked nations (Mongolia?) as well as poorer ones (the two are not always in correlation), though not surprisingly sports are a reflection of political and sociological realities.

Yet, we do spend very little time as a species in the water regardless of our location relative to bodies of water, but still there are a whole slew of water events that require grand and esoteric infrastructural investment to propagate.

title: Poor Ritualization And Superstition

As a probable factor of how superstition grew in to cultural normativity, a hypothesis I am chewing on is that there were one or a series of poor teachers of some older, non-superstition imbued practice. For example, the original creators and practitioners of a Shamanic-vibration practice to acutely alter consciousness would as they aged probably teach a new generation, if the practice were found to be particularly useful by the culture. As generations wear on, there is a likelihood that a poor teacher and/or a quack practitioner who didn’t have the essentials of the ritual down, would continue the practice anyways and after some generations of this, and the uncritical cultural reverence for the practice, albeit now a morphed one, would render the practice impotent and empty, bereft of its original real energy. Rather than ridding themselves of the voided practice, cultures that are built on strict adherence to tradition fill in the gaps of the lacking-practice with a faith (belief) in the power of the practice without any real tangible evidence. Superstitions are part and parcel of this process, and they emerge to protect and keep people from straying from the practice or belief in its power; bad things may happen to those who commit sacrilege.

R is for Resisting (my thoughts inexactly)

When you give politicians the benefit of the doubt they do indeed benefit.

One does not gather arrows when the bow is broke. Perhaps one should.

The medical industrial complex will keep you on the floor instead of under it.

If we put our heads in the clouds, then at least our bodies might be out of the pits of hell. When malevolent forces put them there, they have surely decapitated us.

There is no single place so beautiful that the eyes of the beholder won’t eventually get restless with boredom.

When life opens a new door, many other doors are opened concurrently. The more new doors civilization opens, the more other doors are shut forever.

Money is a proxy by which those who have little of it are enslaved by those who have amassed (and created) lots of it.

There will be no posthumous publications writ large, no histories of our genocides published in the future. The Earth’s story will not be concluded—it will be precluded.

Entrepreneurs and central bankers both know how to make money; one group uses their brains, the other uses a printer.

You cant see the consequences of past bad decisions when you are the consequence. You are the shattering mirror, and yet in your lowest state you are now freer to reflect any new light unforeseen by the breakers.

As we lean towards hell on Earth, the best remedy is to grow heaven on Earth. Don’t think of your hopes for utopia as naive, think of the thoughts against it as unnecessarily jaded.

No evil is necessary, there is only the evil we have wedded so deeply to ourselves that we are stubbornly at union with it. If such is our disposition, we have to ask ourselves if we are necessary.

A culture that taboos sexuality is dangerous to, among other things, its own existence.

Without behaving different, thinking different leaves one as alienated as one who thinks the same. A good apple on a rotten apple tree will rot with the worry of catching rot.

Christmas deals in fake trees or dead trees. If we want a holiday that celebrates live trees, we would want to forsake the idolized super-natural for the natural.

Praying will not save you—it will save the oppressors their energy to repress you, because you are electing to do it yourself.

The eucatastrophe is only seen by those with eyes still blinking.

Despite the vast bleakness to modernity, there is still space for great beauty and sublimity. I can think of nothing more stirring than the overcoming and destruction of the banal and life-suffocating artifices, an epic turnaround just around the corner. Thus the allure of revolution, which in its authentic expression has at its core the love of the other outside and inside of us that is oppressed.

A choir that wants to sing many different songs is not a choir for long; nor is it a choir that always sings the songs of one member.

Literacy is the foundation of all propaganda.

There is no finer a foundation for a fascist subject than a religious upbringing that requires strict adherence. High technology is the new religion, and it holds its subjects spellbound.

If we keep killing multiple birds with a single stone, we will run out of birds. The Earth’s dreams of flight will then be grounded, and the ground’s dreams of Earthing with other animals will fail next, buried in an unwaking nightmare.

Think for yourself—you’re the only one that ever will. If not, others will have you thinking for them.

Get caught up on history and you can leverage your power in to the future; get caught up in history and your power will be eclipsed as you are bent over a text.

We are far more likely to leave this planet by extinction rather than by spaceships, and the more of our precious time we invest in global and super-global solutions, the more quickly the human problem will be solved.

We cannot heal the wounds of the world if we do not first feel the wounds of the world. Mourning is essential for a new dawn.

Half of the battle is getting people’s hearts in the right place, the other half is getting their heads in the right place. The whole battle is lost if this is done in the wrong order, for a head that is fully aware of oppression combined with a malevolent heart is quite a deadly foe.

Politicians can’t help themselves but help themselves at the expense of others. We can help ourselves not helping politicians (at our own expense).

What is called the acceleration of efficiency is truly the hastening of a deficiency.

Independence for a day, what of the other 364?

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Ode To The Young (in fore verses of thought)

Children are the cure, to any and all ailments that might plague life. What ailments have children not endured? Children right before us (¿and after us?) are breathing, running, surpassing. They are life’s commitment to continue—made tangible. Though it may seem it at times, they are not in our way; rather, our way is wrong! They are the way, the only way. They are not a prison, they are the corrections.

Children are the “im” prefix we can add to our “mortality”. They beat back death, and enough of them have always survived the events labeled extinctions. Children are far from species’ specific, even farther still from individual specimen specific; they wander in both form and content, they move in curious unpredictable directions as has always been life’s way. They are the vital group, around which to center this planet’s regrouping. Children keep us forever young, and they should be our ever after. When we include them in our count, we’ll see that we’ve aged less. When we exclude our individuality, we’ll see all life as ageless. We have children inside us, but we must release them outside us, before our death becomes theirs as (un)well.

Religions stole from children the role of the afterlife. Our lambs are our God, and our chief ministry is parenting to keep them safe from becoming sheep! Better to defy God than defy our children; no need to deify God when we deify our children. This child worship is not written in a book, it is written in us. Historically it must be so, that from the deeps of time there is a very long line of children looking up to us; we must align with this life and look up to our own children (rather than catching a mirror’s glance that has us confusing our children with our elders).

So what is my religion? The next generation! Focusing on seven days of primordial creation is a weak prospect; I want seven generations, on in to the immortal! Children are my afterlife—please join me and give them your life, so that they might be your afterlife as well!

God is weak: the subernatural, or from atheism to btheism

My Apologies

We can readily dismiss people reporting to have seen ghosts, experienced “miracles”, communicated with a higher power, etc., or we can consider it as empiricists. If these people weren’t suffering from hallucinations and delusions, and actually did experience these events, what is connoted?

– One possibility is that there is at least a single, if not a plurality, of spiritual realms, inhabited by some force(s) that can interact with our “natural” world. Why are these interactions so fleeting and vague? Either the connection is bad, or the forces just aren’t that significant (I could here propose that the “weak force” plays a role, but I don’t have the energy for weaving such a tangential theoretical tapestry). Perhaps “their”—assuming some spiritual agency to the forces—recovery time from making a connection, such as lifting a penny for us to, is very costly. Yet they are willing to pay the cost, which leads me to the point that they may worship us; or, they could just be a lot more concerned with affairs in their separate realm and only look to us occasionally, but we have no evidence of this. The likely conclusion might be that ghosts are just that, a lesser form of some once living beings, that do manage to muster the strength to have minute impacts on the world we inhabit, for specific open chakras audiences.

As for what we call and capitalize God, maybe s/he is eternal (just as ghosts may be), but as such may be stretched very thin across the eons of time and vastness of space, not having much power in our day to day lives. god is watching us, loving us (or envious of us), but vision is usually the limit of his power. Why is it that people are much more apt to rush to god’s defense than god himself? Perhaps death is his ultimate weapon, but this doesn’t seem that honorable, nor likely, because of its universal application. Maybe god just spends a lot more time interacting with microbes, or even particles, as could be evidenced by the causa sui virtual particles in empty spatial fields; particles are much less powerful than us, and on more of an even playing field for such an energy sapped god. Consider this when thinking about the recent phenomenon of a halo-rainbow occurring during Óscar Romero’s beatification, and what supplies an unnatural force would need to harvest for staging such a spectacle. Within Christian doctrine, think about how much energy it must have taken to create the sperm for Jesus’s conception that no more children have followed for 2,000 years.

But if god has set the bar so low, many among us are obsessed with finding new nadirs by digging ourselves into the ground. We grow the mountain only by lowering the valley, to be sure, though we fail to see the danger lurking above our new canyon, ready to engulf us. The danger is not the other, the danger is our severe severing from the natural world while being consumed with supernatural pursuits, whether they be the religion of the realm beyond, or the religion of progress. Both faiths are perilous.

– Another possibility, one that I favor a lot more, is that the subtle forces available to the universe are deep and beautiful both because of their current rarity and their eternal potential. There is no need to look to other realms to explain what we coin “the supernatural”, as Spinoza indicates in his philosophy (and I concur and attempt to expand and elucidate). The only thing the universe needs is itself. Not God, nor anything else, is separable from us or any other thing on some different plane of existence. We only see and feel this world because this is the only world to see and feel! Heaven is what we make of it—and though it’s true that Rome wasn’t built in a day, it was built, and it is but a tease of our true creative potentials. We have much work to do and we already have gravity keeping us down, we don’t need suppression by religion to limit our activities in this world too!

God is not the favored player in this game—he is the undergod…

 As I write this I understand it might be inflammatory to the religiously sensitive readers, and it is not for me but for such persons to decide whether or not to be enraged. Writing something is a completely different undertaking than burning someone at the stake, which I would argue is many times less sensitive to others, to say the least.

Philosophy is a mental pathology overlooked because of normalization; religion is a far graver epidemic, usually only cured by death

Why are these disease states? Think about what the human animal is actually doing (and not doing) when consumed by these pursuits…