N Other Lphabet: A pequeño LteratioÑ to lphabet-27


Because Arbitrary Begins With A Ño More




BHX      DUP

KOS       IÑC

Ahora sé mis lzgs

próxima vez no cantarás tan gratis

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notes 3 today: 2017-01-03 (Captured By Dunkirk, The Beauty Of Thy Piece; Milking Your Mind With Milkdrop; Situation Activated Bipolar)

title: Captured By Dunkirk, The Beauty Of Thy Piece

I don’t remember much else about the movie, but I remembered this scene enough to go back and hunt for it, and… Wow, this is one of the most beautiful cinematic scenes I’ve beheld, especially the music and specifically the major-made-minor choir segment of “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind”. Dario Marianelli goes to such depths with this song, my unmediated impulse is to worship him. The beauty of this piece…

I wanted to briefly say about Dunkirk now that my thought has concentrated there, that it is a crossroads between the waning of the absolute worst empire in human history (the British), and the waxing of what could have potentially been an even more brutal empire (the Nazi empire). Hitler very much liked the British and thought and hoped that they would join him. Not unrelated to this hope (probably) is the little known fact that the British were the first major nation in Europe to cast out the Jews (back in the middle ages). Yes a lot of confluence of negative energies surrounding Dunkirk specifically and WW2 generally.

title: Milking Your Mind With Milkdrop (2013)

Since I was little I would close my eyes and let visions emerge and then play with them and change perspective frequently, diving in to new beauties, it really was quite an enhancement of consciousness. I think of it, though it shouldn’t be reduced to this, as a workout for our brains, particularly our visual cortex combining with other regions of the brain (and there can be great enhancement with music, particularly for me at least non-lyrical music). So in my college years I was exposed to milkdrop and had an immediate affinity with it, especially that it was paired to play next to music that I chose, and I would choose almost always my already mood altering trance music.

Here is a video I found sans music:


title: Situation Activated Bipolar

Doubtless “Situation Activated Bipolar” will never be found in the DSM (unless they are quite desperate for publications, but the psychiatrist and psychologist phds seem quite creative at churning out new diagnoses and the civilized masses at exhibiting new symptoms of decadence), but it seems to me that SAB has a great deal of merit as a some what qualitatively distinct phenomenon that might encapsulate elements of the on-setting of all bipolar types, thus deconstructing them as internally caused as well, somewhat. Here I’m choosing to focus just on the manic state, but there are probably parallels with the depression swing (and removals of manic inducing situations).

There are non-artificial environmental situations that can bring about a manic state, such as extended daylight found in non-equatorial regions during their “bright” solstice, but so too during the darker solstice this can happen (I have recently found); during or preceding electrical storms; when viewing a wide landscape from a mountain view. There are probably many more possibilities depending on the person.

Artificial environmental situations: social interactions that go well (huge elevating factor); emotional music (trance and a couple of emo songs); an open and free highway where acceleration won’t be curtailed by the thoughts of a speeding-ticket; performing really well in an already hyped up sporting event; stimulating drug induced highs; many others.

Of course mood elevation need not be bipolar inducing, but it is a thing of degree not quality—the easing or inducing of oneself in to a mania. It just seems that chemicals can follow just as readily as chemicals can lead. I feel the need to problematize the wholes are built of parts, on up, in the realm of physiology specifically, but in everything generally. We are a lot more powerful to self-cause than we readily allow ourselves to imagine.

Gerard (and friends) have found a Way:

Urge to Purge: Karlos Basak Omnibust – Batch 03

Like Batches One and Two, I omitted ideas from the documents below (from 2007-2010) that either are too sensitive or are being saved for a future writing project (essay 17 definitely fits in to the latter category, which will be one of my major wintertime philosophical introspections). Like the previous two batches, these documents have those ideas which were to be refined and combined in to a draft of an essay. Some of the essays are partly drafted (#1 – reification and materiality, #4 – philosophy of trance, #14 – mind body split, others perhaps?), and a couple are equipped with abstracts or journal submission literature.

There are still more “omnibusts” to come, a few more essays that I have to sift through and omit particular passages, and also several miscellaneous projects, and then the 150 page backlog of more recent writings of the last 2 years I might release some time in the fall.

0000 – Ideas Shelved for Future Papers
0001 – Reification and Materiality (the riddle of matter)
0002 – Subverses Introduction
0003 – fanaamenology outline
0003 – Sources for Paper
0004 – philosophy of trance, outline, and promotion
0004 – submission proposal to be part of conference panel, for a philosophy of trance, the algorhythm of the nu
0005 – alternate explanation of speeding up of time (ex-change and time)
0006 – Going deeper, making more matter
0007 – The Eternal Difference – Published here already, but here is a document regarding its promotion – 7’s other – internal inturn
0008 – No Out of Context
0009 – What is Violence (motion of bigger things, combine with ex-change and reification)
0010 – Reclaiming the Circular Argument
0011 – Origins of Reification
0012 – Realities of Fiction
0013 – Time is Money
0014 – mind body split
0015 – Hegel and Godel

0016 is not going to be released, it was a particularly confused project that I don’t want to release unless I have some time to rethink its purpose and revamp.

0017 I am saving for a possible winter time redrafting and release. This release would be very important for me and would relieve a lot of unnecessary but real tension I feel with the ideas of a few philosophers.

Essay Organization Database – this is a spreadsheet for essays I had submitted for some college classes and the first several of these initiated essays above. If this document seems unnecessary, just you wait until you look at the next one. A psychologist might have a lot of fun studying and analyzing these two, though doubtful anybody beyond that.

Ideas – Sketches Database (removed lines) – this is a lengthy spreadsheet I created to track all the ideas found in Batches 1 and 2. It certainly is OCD to an absurd level, but I remember it being useful on a couple of occasions. However it was certainly not worth the time investment I had put in to it back in my post-undegrad, pre-full-time job, life.




Flight Song verses

“Flight Song”


Unlike a flock of planes
Haunting the horizon
We don’t leave so easy
Our true fight is arising
Realizing this place
Is not for the living
Realizing our fate
Is not just for sitting


And of all those things that won’t stay
The false idols to which we’d pray
I will unearth them for you tonight
(Bury them by fire alight)
Can you hear your choice this time?


This is our flight song
To leave is not wrong
For green pastures, not lawn
Our power’s not gone
Starting now we’ll stretch long
We’ll play our flight song
And we won’t care if nobody else will leave
Cause through our flight we may inspire, not please


Losing use lends to dreamless sleep
Static civilization’s toll is steep
In an atrophy too deep
Say you’re not yet too weak
It’s been all through your years
A well-used body is your best home
You miss your muscle toned
And in stillness we believed
But now in motion we are relieved


And of all those things that won’t stay
The old roles that we used to play
We will burn them for heat tonight
Can you hear the choice this time?
(even if it does not rhyme)


This is our flight song
Things just aren’t right song
The path is (A house is not) our home
Our power has far grown
Starting now we’ll stretch long
We’ll play our flight song
And we can’t lead others to follow
All we can do is flee or in misery wallow


Migrate out of this rat fight with me


Adapted a-way from “Fight Song”

now, out of your seat

to build a better beat