V is for Vanquishing (my thoughts inexactly)

Die and lie down, not the other way around!

You won’t see that machines have replaced your brain’s capacities, when machines have replaced your brain’s capacities.

We roll the dice even though all the 5s and 6s have been rubbed out.

Think Machiavellian and you can stop the enemy; act Machiavellian and you become the enemy.

In a 100 years all that will remain are our scars and perhaps our progeny—it is up to us to make sure the two are not the same thing.

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the future milking down of the human milk industry

A news article this morning regarding the booming for-profit human milk market has prompted me to write an anticipation of future—and probably current—scandalous behavior on the part of the milking mothers and/more the milk banks. For mothers it might be an occasionality to get a bit of extra profit, but for the milk banks it might be more systematized: adding a bit of cow’s milk to the human milk to stretch out their profits, on non-milk screening days (I’m assuming and would hope they screen the milk initially for any harmful substances that the babies might be ingesting). To some this might seem unimaginable, but it takes a particularly naïve imagination to overlook similar and worse current and historical practices such as organ trafficking and slave trafficking.

Flight Song verses

“Flight Song”


Unlike a flock of planes
Haunting the horizon
We don’t leave so easy
Our true fight is arising
Realizing this place
Is not for the living
Realizing our fate
Is not just for sitting


And of all those things that won’t stay
The false idols to which we’d pray
I will unearth them for you tonight
(Bury them by fire alight)
Can you hear your choice this time?


This is our flight song
To leave is not wrong
For green pastures, not lawn
Our power’s not gone
Starting now we’ll stretch long
We’ll play our flight song
And we won’t care if nobody else will leave
Cause through our flight we may inspire, not please


Losing use lends to dreamless sleep
Static civilization’s toll is steep
In an atrophy too deep
Say you’re not yet too weak
It’s been all through your years
A well-used body is your best home
You miss your muscle toned
And in stillness we believed
But now in motion we are relieved


And of all those things that won’t stay
The old roles that we used to play
We will burn them for heat tonight
Can you hear the choice this time?
(even if it does not rhyme)


This is our flight song
Things just aren’t right song
The path is (A house is not) our home
Our power has far grown
Starting now we’ll stretch long
We’ll play our flight song
And we can’t lead others to follow
All we can do is flee or in misery wallow


Migrate out of this rat fight with me


Adapted a-way from “Fight Song”

now, out of your seat

to build a better beat

China’s town, or, All your base are belong to us

China, first in line to inherit the globalized world markets, wants to protect its kingdom for a smooth transition, and allowing the United States to completely fall apart and destroy the structure is not a viable option. The Chinese have been too clever and patient to allow a full meltdown of the United States to fall too deep and put out a gravity wave that whirlpools down other strategic partners. That’s not to say the United States won’t be allowed to fall down, but it will be in a controlled, systematic way that doesn’t threaten Chinese interests. Now that the strategy has been laid out, the question now focuses in on tactics. The Chinese asked themselves: what do you do with a rabid animal that is too dangerous to shoot?

You cage the beast…

and confuse its muscles’ abilities to function in unified coordination through methods of tranquilization and hitting it from all different angles at unexpected intervals. The cage, however, is the capstone of the Chinese efforts and is being built in plain sight for all of us to see or not see, we just need an appropriately contextualized lens in front of our eyes. The Chinese are buying up controlling interests of major cities like New York in the form of property assets. The purchasing frenzy is not due to private Chinese individuals trying to escape China and invest in the United States; nay, it is part of the Chinese global economic policy to control and divest the remaining wealth from the United States. New York will be one of several major bases of operation for the Chinese to sift out important resources for its mega-population such as food, one of the most obvious. For energy purposes, I wouldn’t be surprised if they buy up a few bankrupted fracking operations (there are sure to be plenty to choose from soon) and start testing out experimental (and controversial) fracking methods, too destructive and environmentally unfriendly even for the thick-lunged inhabitants of the coal smog Shanghai sphere; remember, these are the people who blow up mountains to get at their coal. If there is to be an accurate global history text written in a few hundred years, it will not speak of North America as having a colonial period followed by a time of flourishing sovereign nation states; it will speak of the continent as an ongoing carving ground for power thirsty empires to keep fueled, much the same way as Africa has been treated since at least as far back as the Berlin conference of 1884. What is going from 13 states in 1776 to 50 states by the mid 1959 if not colonization?

The degree to which the USA didn’t effectively isolate itself is the degree to which China (along with some oligarchic Wall Street allies) will further isolate us. Control of the seas and the ports allows them the ability to truly block or deter residents to enter or leave the country, an option they may use in the future if they sense some threat to their overarching continental dominance. The colonists of the 18th century used to sneak in and out of the country to evade British patrols and blockades, but I think it would be an insult to them to assume we have afforded to us the same skills and grit to get more than a mile from the coast without being disoriented about where we were actually trying to escape to. Further, Chinese technology is sure to catch us if it needs to, and our primitive use of consumer technology is sure to be ineffective in the face of this—I hate to be hopeless but we don’t stand a chance if this scenario develops, at least as Chinese power is waxing. If they truly want us trapped, we will truly be trapped. Who knows how bad it could get? We might have to start producing papers when an armed guard requests them of us whilst entering New York through the Holland Tunnel. We do have our own arms, but they are sure to be factored in to a containment policy where we are “free to shoot” each other on purpose or by accident allowing our munitions to wane.

The role of imports/exports, and control over the internal political and economic life by a Wall Street oligarchic group that I sometimes mention, I will leave to an adjacent, upcoming post.

Those Who Have the Gold Will Make the New Rules

With every skyscraper is built a crater. The only problem for the United States is that we have so many skyscrapers to hold our gaze upwards, that we aren’t looking for the many holes right before us and below us. They are quite likely to become our graves, as we have a long fall from our stilts, that are becoming ever thinner as we repurpose wood girth to greedily seek yet new heights. Thanks to Jim Willie for making me aware of how incredibly vulnerable we have made ourselves as our dollar—not backed by gold nor oil, and less and less by an incapable, unwilling military (I am happy about this last point, and sick of knowing that I live in an imperial state)—is going to be revealed as paper. We will no longer be able to trade around our dollar for “cheap premium” (if this is an oxy moron, all the better) imports of everything from natural resources all the way up to highly refined specialized consumer and industrial goods that we have grown used to buying and periodically throwing away. On the brightside, at least our dumps and landfills will get to have a breather.

The new likeliest most common piece of trash to be found at dumps the world over will be the US dollar… probably (The probably is due to the wonderful and frightful analysis of James Corbett on the trend towards a global oligarchy and the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights Currencies that will likely continue to include the dollar, along with adding the Huan). Why will the dollar be trashed? The dollar has given an unfair preeminence to the United States in all matters of foreign exchange and trading. Many players in the game are surely sick of being seconded by the USA having a position of leverage whenever the game isn’t going their way. I thought of an overly simplistic way to explain this in an “International Relations, Nation States as Individual Actors” kind of way:

Imagine there are 4 different players in a game to get the most resources, and each player at the beginning is given money—8 paradimes—and a specialization for exportability. Nation A’s specialization is in Agriculture, Nation B’s specialization is in Smart Phones, Nation C’s specialization is in Energy Crude and Refined, and Nation D’s specialization is that it has a paradime making machine that only requires an input of water. The focal point of this heuristic device is Nation D. They realize the strategic advantage of a paradime making machine, but after a few rounds of trading, as they are only purchasers and have nothing to trade, they make only a few paradimes so that the other players don’t catch on that they have this machine. They are in a sense very responsible with their gift and don’t want to abuse and lose it, and they are just using it, very justly, for survival since they don’t have anything else to offer. However, as time goes on and they see how central paradimes are to the other 3 nations interacting and getting along, they decide to push their advantage and want to be number one—not dependent on the other nations but as the one who is depended upon. They start working the machine over time and buying disproportionately lots of food, oil, and smart phones, and the paths of trade into Nation D become well worn and defined, so that Nation’s A, B, and C all tweak their operations to accommodate to Nation D’s importing habits and they have less and less need or desire to trade with each other beyond basic needs. Eventually, Nation C gets exhausted of its Energy Resources, and Nation A loses its soil nutrients, and they realize that their own domestic needs cannot be met while simultaneously meeting Nation D’s lust for these items. Nation D ups the ante by offering exorbitant amount of paradimes for food and energy, and for a while Nation A and C are willing to tighten their belts because they love paradimes. However, at some point Maslow’s hierarchy of needs kicks in and they really need their food and energy and realize that paradimes are not so important, as they aren’t edible and can’t be burned for fuel, and that they are not very important to them. They become quite annoyed as well when it dawns on them that Nation D has somehow had an unlimited supply of these things and hasn’t contributed anything more than these useless circlets of metal. Their view on paradimes shifts…

There is a Nation ABC summit to the exclusion of Nation D, where the three nations decide that they need some sort of currency to facilitate trading and that food is a fundamental resource that will always be desired and the more of it created does not have the negative effect of inflation, but the positive effect of allowing more eating and/or trading. Nation D does not hold water, so it cannot even trade water for food, and its existence begins to dwindle as the famine and then disease take their course. Such is the rise and fall of a nation that had an unfair advantage, which proved in the long reality to be a grave disadvantage.