if you’re not at the top of the food chain you better sure as hell know and understand who is on top of you

As a universal offering of guidance, if you’re not at the top of the food chain you better sure as hell know and understand who is on top of you, if you hope to survive in any meaningful propagating way. Specifically with regards to financial institutions (on top of the money food chain that has supplanted a normal ecological relationship we animals might have used to have), banks are usually slow parasites, preferring to chip away at you as a slow predator that might get used to making a living from scavenging; banks leech in this way under the guise of financing your growth as a person/family/company.

These slow predation norms afford themselves a cloak of invisibility, which makes sense when thought of from an evolutionary viewpoint. Our instinctual radars see a lion and expect something dramatic: a fight, a chase, death of a peer or fellow animal—something. What our instincts don’t expect to see (and therefore can be quite blind to) is the absurd situation of a lion going to a lactating gazelle, pushing the babies out of the way, and nestling up to a nipple to slurp down the creamiest gulp, only then departing to go to another lactating herbivore, returning after a month to that same gazelle. The lion tells his friends, and the wholesale lion-gazelle relationship has become quite perverted. The lion appears sleepy (perhaps because of the tryptophan) and so the rest of the food chain sleeps too, unwary of the true danger of being in proximity to such a beast.

Well, first nature comes to reassert itself some times, and whoever gets to first nature first, predator or prey, usually lives to see another day, while the other either starves or is killed (in the case of Stephan Miller and Rocky the Bear, Stephan is killed for not having first nature, and Rocky the Bear is killed for returning to it). Despite the damage we have done to our ecosystems, things are much more complicated than a simple predator-prey relationship. Humans and so too our institutions are dynamically omnivorous, which further complicates our sense of ourselves and our activities. Our money system, however, goes a long way to simplifying things back down, though this simplicity helps us little if we in the process are made still simpler (a major contemporary predicament), or are kept illiterate to the esoteric world of modern finance. So, in the case of the money food chain, when banks want to leave the sleepy parasitical pose and really want (because of need) huge quantities of our wealth, they will combine with unprecedented (thus the element-of-surprise predatory advantage) government backing to take huge chunks of wealth from the unsuspecting populace (via bail-ins, illegitimate collateral seizure, debt imprisonment, debt inheritance→filial responsibility). It is this attack-to-kill that you really need to be on the look out for and in anticipation of. The comfort of laws truly is a false comfort that only guarantees your vulnerability, rarely your security; laws have always been bent, twisted, or broken when it can favor the elites; treaties between nations in state-capitalist times are almost always broken in favor of expedient gains.

Whatever securities you think you have are a convenient illusion to keep you invested in a system that seeks to divest your life’s energies from you. That which milks you today will surely bleed you tomorrow!


Suiciding: A Theory for a Recent Phenomenon

I don’t know where the timeline would begin for this (1998?), but we are certainly in full swing of multiple death incidents which are murder-suicides. I won’t say it is universally true because I’m sure it isn’t, but with many of these incidents I think there is a unique phenomenon occurring which I will dub suiciding. The husband who kills his children, mother, and wife, before himself, is not hateful of these people, nor is he simply having a bad day. He is an individual who has a sense—probably distorted and over blown, but having a kernel of truth nonetheless—of the lack of environmental support for the human species. He may see his individual suicide as selfish and unfruitful, so he finds those he has care for—whether a long term family relation and/or an immediate sense of human unity with a stranger passing by—and decides to commit their suicide for them. This is not simply the act of a kamikaze or terrorist because the victims of the massacre are not viewed as the enemies, but truly as people who need to be saved.

We know from an important and, I think, relevant microcosm that suicide by itself happens when a particular entity is not getting what it needs from it’s environment; human blood cells that don’t have the proper amounts of critical cholesterols and other “ingredients” destroy themselves, scattering their parts in the blood stream (Seneff, lecture/interview). Another example is that in times of war parents in besieged situations (actual or perceived) kill their children and then sometimes themselves. The mammal kingdom of which we are a part has ample examples of infant cannibalism as directly resulting from environmental stressors (hamsters, polar bears). So even though no official war is going on, many people feel highly under siege—just think of road rage as one of a plethora of examples that display these tensions.

If our society goes on as it does, these mass killings will too, and many of them will not be prejudiced hate crimes or a person merely “losing it”. These shootings are endemic to modern technologically oppressive civilization (and the more general oppression by metals). Until humans have the environmental support that they need, this will unfortunately be remaining with us. Environmental support doesn’t have to necessarily be a primitivist revolution (though I like this solution the best), but merely group and individual psychotherapy can provide a great deal of support that is already lacking for such embattled individuals.

Hannibal has spoken… (but is he just projecting?)

The City Is Dead, And We Have Killed Him

the fuck who tower

From across the river, you see a big defiant middle finger as a projection of power, but what purposes does the sky raper serve? Like most erections, this one will end up fucking itself. Despite its high rising edifices, the city is not a place that elevates—it is a place where humans are on the same point of the food chain as the pigeons. Resources the world over zoom in to serve only one herd animal: the human mono-crop.

Decadence draws many curious opportunists in—the conception of a ground zero has a longer history/future and a wider geography than 9/11 highlighted—the tourist sites are only different in degree, they share in kind their neglect for human needs to the detriment of human wants. As we exit into the Maninhattanable moonscape through the hollow tunnel, and behold the harsh reality of the people funnels—grids of iron and asphalt—we are awestruck by the disorderly attempts that successfully contain (for the moment) a great many paradoxes. Freedom of movement is deterred and depth of thought is simultaneously propelled and stifled by the speedy whirring of bodies biological and mechanical. Artists don’t come here, they are here grown in Life’s defiance and tragically come to represent in their deformalism and twisted flesh the misappropriation of the world’s previously natural resources.

Punishments to your sense of smell pull up questionable philosophical notions such as: “animals who live in sewage learn to live with the taste” and “if you belittle yourself enough you get to experience the greatness of the unexceptional” while your bedrock idioms like “tattoos aren’t covering up the banality, they are the banality” are thrown into doubt. Your brain is being weighed down by the layers of oppression that displace the oxygen, and you come to understand that only moon worshipers who like alternate levels of gravity are drawn in, while others leave, or flea.

Decadence draws many curious opportunists in—the conception of a ground zero has a longer history/future and a wider geography than 9/11 highlighted—the tourist sites are only different in degree, they share in kind their neglect for human needs to the detriment of human wants. As we exit into the Maninhattanable moonscape through the hollow tunnel, and behold the harsh reality of the people funnels—grids of iron and asphalt—we are awestruck by the disorderly attempts that successfully contain (for the moment) a great many paradoxes. Punishments to your sense of smell pull up questionable philosophical notions such as: “animals who live in sewage learn to live with the taste” and “if you belittle yourself enough you get to experience the greatness of the unexceptional” while your bedrock idioms like “tattoos aren’t covering up the banality, they are the banality” are thrown into doubt. Your brain is being weighed down by the layers of oppression that displace the oxygen, and you come to understand that only moon worshipers who like alternate levels of gravity are drawn in, while others leave, or flea.

This city is dying, in its final throes—he is left in a vegetative state without any vegetation. The central park is at the very margins: an escape not a destination, only an appendix to a machine, but a lung to a living human. This concrete desert dry-ages bodies rapidly, putting on years at the expense of crystallizing wisdom. Drugs flourish here not because of their availability, but because of their need. Bipolar condition is born and embodied here, for at the flip of a switch unimaginable depression will stamp out the maniacal oppression. In Times Square where the photons omit the truth by emission—and hope only flickers and dims—the colors are unable to hide the gray wasteland: the sands hidden in the glass, the plastic hidden in the complexi. The Square is a microcosm of the vast isle populated with unnatural geometric surfaces, is this what Euclid had in mind?

It is a residence trap, where tourists leave with an expensive lesson that is too dissonant to absorb for those unfortunates who permanently dwell here. Voluntary serfdom reigns though it is marketed with more enticing names. A great irony that it is the nobles in their displays of ill-gotten wealth who are the ones tying themselves to their pigeon hole purchase, for few houses are allowed. The renters may leave to be peasants elsewhere, but not those who allow the bank to bet them all in; will their equity be rolled over before they are?

On a clearer day, the epiphany rains down on you, and you ask: “What value does this city have to offer any more? What does the city provide to the world, or even its own people?” Surely American culture is so transportable and righteously ephemeral that it cannot be a single shit stain for one place to bear. This city has allowed the adjacent land to be sacked so many times—long years it was a hub for such activity—that there is no reason to sack the cursed islands themselves. There are magnitudes more flies in the shit than there are eagles, for they stay away from the foul. Even an old and balding Jeffersonian eagle, barely perceiving with its fading vision, can see from the wisdom of times past that such isles are to be avoided. The five boroughs devolve into the five deaths.

Trade your buffoon stocks for a safe place in the boon docks. Let biomass levels be your new guide to living as you purge the Dow Jones misconcept. Tunnel out of the nightmare and enter a sublime dream, and concur with your fellow travelers that a city that never sleeps is not worthy of those who are fully awake.

the future milking down of the human milk industry

A news article this morning regarding the booming for-profit human milk market has prompted me to write an anticipation of future—and probably current—scandalous behavior on the part of the milking mothers and/more the milk banks. For mothers it might be an occasionality to get a bit of extra profit, but for the milk banks it might be more systematized: adding a bit of cow’s milk to the human milk to stretch out their profits, on non-milk screening days (I’m assuming and would hope they screen the milk initially for any harmful substances that the babies might be ingesting). To some this might seem unimaginable, but it takes a particularly naïve imagination to overlook similar and worse current and historical practices such as organ trafficking and slave trafficking.

Besetzen Mauer Strasse, or, Occupy Wall Street in Broken German


Maybe the beginning of some anti-capitalism, letting-off-some-steam efforts as the coming spring weather now permits? The idea of burning cars should be most enthusiastically used in the winter time to keep protests lively and warm enough to care about those higher levels of needs on Maslow’s little hierarchy.

In Europe, too many twenty-somethings are overly educated and underemployed to not find some time to call out the bullshit back door money printing going on in the fiat currency world. There’s less fast food and less over-grain saturation in West Europe to sedate the people than the USA.

China’s town, or, All your base are belong to us

China, first in line to inherit the globalized world markets, wants to protect its kingdom for a smooth transition, and allowing the United States to completely fall apart and destroy the structure is not a viable option. The Chinese have been too clever and patient to allow a full meltdown of the United States to fall too deep and put out a gravity wave that whirlpools down other strategic partners. That’s not to say the United States won’t be allowed to fall down, but it will be in a controlled, systematic way that doesn’t threaten Chinese interests. Now that the strategy has been laid out, the question now focuses in on tactics. The Chinese asked themselves: what do you do with a rabid animal that is too dangerous to shoot?

You cage the beast…

and confuse its muscles’ abilities to function in unified coordination through methods of tranquilization and hitting it from all different angles at unexpected intervals. The cage, however, is the capstone of the Chinese efforts and is being built in plain sight for all of us to see or not see, we just need an appropriately contextualized lens in front of our eyes. The Chinese are buying up controlling interests of major cities like New York in the form of property assets. The purchasing frenzy is not due to private Chinese individuals trying to escape China and invest in the United States; nay, it is part of the Chinese global economic policy to control and divest the remaining wealth from the United States. New York will be one of several major bases of operation for the Chinese to sift out important resources for its mega-population such as food, one of the most obvious. For energy purposes, I wouldn’t be surprised if they buy up a few bankrupted fracking operations (there are sure to be plenty to choose from soon) and start testing out experimental (and controversial) fracking methods, too destructive and environmentally unfriendly even for the thick-lunged inhabitants of the coal smog Shanghai sphere; remember, these are the people who blow up mountains to get at their coal. If there is to be an accurate global history text written in a few hundred years, it will not speak of North America as having a colonial period followed by a time of flourishing sovereign nation states; it will speak of the continent as an ongoing carving ground for power thirsty empires to keep fueled, much the same way as Africa has been treated since at least as far back as the Berlin conference of 1884. What is going from 13 states in 1776 to 50 states by the mid 1959 if not colonization?

The degree to which the USA didn’t effectively isolate itself is the degree to which China (along with some oligarchic Wall Street allies) will further isolate us. Control of the seas and the ports allows them the ability to truly block or deter residents to enter or leave the country, an option they may use in the future if they sense some threat to their overarching continental dominance. The colonists of the 18th century used to sneak in and out of the country to evade British patrols and blockades, but I think it would be an insult to them to assume we have afforded to us the same skills and grit to get more than a mile from the coast without being disoriented about where we were actually trying to escape to. Further, Chinese technology is sure to catch us if it needs to, and our primitive use of consumer technology is sure to be ineffective in the face of this—I hate to be hopeless but we don’t stand a chance if this scenario develops, at least as Chinese power is waxing. If they truly want us trapped, we will truly be trapped. Who knows how bad it could get? We might have to start producing papers when an armed guard requests them of us whilst entering New York through the Holland Tunnel. We do have our own arms, but they are sure to be factored in to a containment policy where we are “free to shoot” each other on purpose or by accident allowing our munitions to wane.

The role of imports/exports, and control over the internal political and economic life by a Wall Street oligarchic group that I sometimes mention, I will leave to an adjacent, upcoming post.

The United States in America: Geopolitics of the New, Old, New-World Order

You may have won the cold war, but you have lost the cold peace”

As the world continues to slowly (or rapidly) decouple the rotting tentacles the United States deployed back when it was an effective imperial power, it will leave the shadowy Wall Street power players that remain with fewer options for destruction and accumulation than they are used to. However, to say no prospects remain for them and that they’ll give up the game is not a safe conclusion for those of us who choose (or are forced) to still dwindle here. As the BRICS+ sphere consolidates its power more and more, the shortsighted American policy makers will start to learn from their repeated frustrations that its useless to intervene in Eurasia, then Africa, and then finally even much of South America (don’t mess with Brasilia, you crazy gringos). What, then, is left to tinker with and torment?

The northern two-thirds of the “old” new world, specifically Costa Rica up through the United States, with Canada in the fold as a junior partner to the degree that it isn’t beholden to Chinese and Russian influences.

Why is this a plausible outcome in the coming years?

As averred to above, the powerful oligarchic class or group of people that together have control of most of the levers in economic-political-energy-military affairs at home, but less and less abroad—I believe the “other 99%” have some power, but only a minor minority—will come to “rediscover” opportunities at home as their levers don’t move any affairs East of the Prime Meridian. The east is building its own dollar free zone that is somehow conquering geographical boundaries (Eurasia is full of mountain ranges) with pipelines. China is known for large, awe or fear inspiring projects: a great wall as a historical attribute, more recently the blowing up of mountains to get at the juice inside; and so it shouldn’t be that surprising that they will build (or finance) the large part of the new silk highways that are being woven by mechanical wereworms. This new old world is underway, and there is no amount of bonds or paper the United States can throw at it to stop it; in fact, the less paper it throws, the better chance it will have of playing at least a marginal role in its future. But the US is in denial, though sooner or later they’ll get the memo, or the meme, of a cost benefit analysis that they can no longer resist to act on. Mike Tyson, if you will, will retire to a seniors’ boxing league where he can build up some self esteem to enjoy his golden years (ironically ungolden for the USA). Or, if you’d rather, a man would rather piss in a puddle and watch mosquitoes die than piss in the ocean and be frightened of attracting sharks.

Three of the five oceans—if you subscribe to the multi-ocean concept—the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic, will prove to be durable backyard fencing, enough to keep America separate from other MAD (mutually assured destruction) nations, which would make all the groups happy in a new multipolar world. China and Russia, finally obtaining the commanding heights from America to control the global economy, will surely not want a rabid and dangerous United States to spoil the prize for everyone through erratic WMD wars, despite the fact of their (C&R) growing strategic advantage to likely “win” such extremely cost prohibitive conflicts. They have long been mastering the patience game, and are content to let the United States die in its own hemisphere, having after repeated buy-ins finally folded keeping a small stolen stash, leaving the ongoing game where China is all-in with the winning hand. Perhaps a ways down the road the East will look to settle old debts, but I think time will prove to be a long protective barrier for the United States as the wise 5,000 year old culture errs on the side of caution. (this last point may seem to be open to negation as after many years of selling to the United States the Chinese have gained a taste for buying the United States; however, as may be explained in a later post, they are buying strategic, containment installations—it is arguable that they are retiring us rather than our choosing to retire; they are playing the game of risk ever so carefully, perhaps in direct inverse correlation to the increasing sloppiness of the United States, so that they don’t suffer the “winning risk irony” whereby the game ends when its obvious there is going to be a winner, and everybody goes home with the winner feeling somewhat unsatisfied)

In the “Empire’s Workshop” of Central America there are already a disproportionate amount of military bases and other convenient historical memories that leverage hierarchical style compliance out of the militarily feeble and dependent nations that make up the “bull’s tail”. But for those forgetful wretches—or to learn the new generations—some demonstrations will surely be performed. This plays in to that the backyard is the perfect place to let off some steam from too much military industrial complex initiated stockpiling of equipment replete with pretty, useless bells and whistles (added on to raise the price of the Raytheon contract which gouged yet more tax-payer money). Why not see if the toys we paid ourselves for and bought for ourselves was worth it? The military equipment—not sold off during the denial-of-losing-the-game-of-global-domination-stage, when things of great value would be collateralized to buy a few months of status quo—will partake in Colosseum style gladiator battle ship games, where teams of unfortunates are sure to go at it; and why not film and edit the whole event for an IMAX 3D release later that summer (without mentioning to the viewers the reason for the extreme genuineness on the screen)? Such fiestas will be saved for the weekends; to pass the dull weekdays the navy can have self-challenge games to see how many submarines and carriers can be fit in to the Gulf of Mexico and El mar Caribe without there being an accident. All of this, of course, will be happening against a background of tightening energy supplies that can not afford acts of such infantile hubris. But time and time again should teach us that there is no shortage of shortsightedness.

Most of the central American nations will not dare to do much of anything, visibly at least, and even some South American nations, rare to experience a hurricane, will have to deal with the brunt of a sustained late season category 3 Hurricane, the Sea Bitch UrSAla that is a falling power with a lot of vengeance. Venezuela particularly stands out to me, as it has just too much coast smiling north and too much easy petróleo. I fear such a place will be too much to resist when the washed out abusive father returns home looking for a place to disperse the pent up military energies. The pretexts for such endeavours are sure to get ever more creative and ever more pathetic, as the 21st century public relations teams put out trial balloons and surveys to probe the degree of ineptitude of the public.

There is one war of conquest that is sure to happen, whether or not there is a puppet in office and a humbling people quivering with fear, and that is a war with Mexico.

Note: I edited a couple of unnecessary vulgarities  2015-01-09

More on Recuerde el álamo: A Pretext to a war with Mexico, next time.