Aking to follow – Part One

It is a long enduring zeitgeist to be lost, bereft of direction. You don’t have to look too far to see that there are many people—perhaps even an entire generation—that has been set up psychologically and economically to be a listless mass. There is a yearning for a leader, to give these people the perception that their lives will have some value in the ranks of one who they would follow unto death. The king that I speak of could not get the devotion by wearing a business suit, and would not have followers that would robe themselves that ways either.

If one of the beloved actors or actresses from Game of Thrones were to reprise their roles outside of the show’s filming, and declare that they were a king and would lead any that were willing, you would have thousands showing up at their villas ready to do their bidding. If Armin were to declare himself a god on earth, millions of en-tranced followers would pledge their allegiance.

Is it part of the human condition or are we conditioned humans, to desire to be followers and let our ego be washed away to become a tributary to someone else’s wave?