reaching the ad absurdum: robot citizenship in saudi arabia?

I put the title as a question, because even though Saudi Arabia says it is so that “Sophia is a citizen”, we need not recognize her as a citizen, nor recognize any legitimacy they have to grant (or keep away) citizenship, especially as they partake in an immoral war in Yemen. Just a musing here, but perhaps ruler MBS in granting citizenship to a robot (and anybody who wants this for a robotic creation) should give up his own citizenship and have to agree to enslave himself as a domesticated animal on a farm. If you want to dole out human rights you have to be willing to gift your own, not just create and inflate the rights away. This is an extremely dangerous precedent, on par with corporate personhood and it’s expansion through cases such as “Citizen’s United”.

What a fucking dystopia!!!! Please do not stand for this readers, this truly is horrific and an acceleration of the Sixth Mass Extinction event through diluting ourselves.

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Fears of a (justly?) paranoid Human (November Edit-in)

Whether this was a female or a male robot, it is a huge issue. The female gender of the robot mixed in almost serves to confuse (misdirect) the real problem here, and get people mad at Saudi Arabia for the reasons they already were. They are a punching bag that we are narroweded to punch in only certain marginal regions. In the future, they will be allowed to correct one of the unfortunate policies and get a pass for the other. Be wary of another robot citizen emerging elsewhere, in an air of greater seriousness that it is a legitimate action for nation-states to undertake (as corporations and whisper in their ears).

So corporations already own most of the advanced robots, but if robots have rights they will start to have their robots for rent to other companies use to go and make noise and start fights in free speech zones that are trying to protest their product, for example. There will be phalanx’s of robots, and if you dare try to break through you will be the offender and tried in a court. Or they might just kill you there and the robot will go to prison. Justice mediated in to robots…

What about the rights of the land? The right to not be raped? The right not to be penetrated to get the various metals and other elements to compose these robots and other destructive and violent machinery? What about the rights of the organic material to continue to exist?

We are all dead without the land, the rights of the land should be highest, perhaps even higher than the rights of humans, and yet the land is at the bottom, ground zeroed.


Speech to The Pinelands Commissoners (6 of clubs)


**Note: The orated speech was under a three-minute time limitation, and so pieces of the speech below had to be edited out in order to fit. This was not the first time the commissoners used the time limitation to marginalize anticipated dissent in their pro-corporate, anti-life decisions.

September 14, 2017

I commend [the 4] of you who voted “No” to this pipeline. Your work is not done, the pipeline is not built, and you don’t know what you don’t know about your real power. I will return to this in a moment.

First, for [the 8] who voted to approve the SRL pipe: though it would be just to say this is a date that will live in infamy, you will not be remembered in infamy. Because the future generations will not exist to remember you. Yes, anyone concerned with life continuing on this Earth should know about the Sixth Mass Extinction Event, the Holocene or human created MASS Extinction. The extinction is caused and accelerated by a wide array of factors, certainly including the unnecessary and dangerous extraction and transportation of fossil fuels for thoughtless burning of that energy. We are in the middle of the sixth mass extinction event, and all you can do, charged with protecting the pinelands which sit atop a fresh water aquifer, is PASS a high pressure gas pipeline. This egregious act has earned you all a place in a special club. For being out so far ahead in actively accelerating the sixth mass extinction, you each get one of these a six of clubs [I hand out the six of clubs to “yes” voting commissoners).

You might say I ruined several decks of cards, but there are no escapes to card games as an extinction event progresses. Anyone and everyone needs to be reminded of what the future holds, lacking the six of clubs… I hope this spreads, and every deck of cards in the world has the 6 removed, as a small honor for what we are surely going to lose if we do not wake up and put the nightmare to sleep. Besides, it’s fitting that three sixes are left behind.

As harsh as extinction is, it is really still a euphemism. Because it is caused, and accelerated, by a species with choices, it really is a genocide. Are you proud of yourself for rubber stamping a piece in the grandest genocide humans have ever undertook? From the killing fields to the killing forests to the killing of oceans…

What I see here are mercenaries, paid through back doors. Mercenaries of the corporations, in the war against the environment, in the war against the world.
And as far as combining today’s pipeline vote with the affirmative vote to have trails marked to limit off-road vehicles, I have coined a saying for just such political maneuvers – “When one in power throws you a bone, you have to ask whose corpse it is coming from”.

Ironic that we are in Patriots Theater—I don’t know what kind of patriot forsakes their land for corporate colonialism. Your treatment of the land and of Mother Earth is perhaps best responded to by the words of the late and great Oberyn Martell: “You raped her, you murdered her, you killed her children.”

If this was a lot for you to absorb—a lot of cognitive dissonance—then maybe you should walk home to have time to think about it.

For those of you who voted “No”, and have shown that you are an ally of the Pinelands, and life on Earth, I say this: The pipeline is not built, you have more power than you think; nobody condemns Martin Luther King for challenging and breaking the precedents and legal boundaries—it is for doing such that he is a hero to people everywhere. He did the right thing irregardless of the laws. The laws of the land are destroying the land. Use your power to pass a motion to stay this vote, along with the SJG pipeline vote. Add ambiguity wherever you can. Make decrees, do the unprecedented. It might seem like magical thinking, imagining that [4] of you can take on [8] of you, but I think it is much more magical thinking to believe that humans can continue to survive on this planet if we continue to treat it this way—the higher calling is to keep the planet intact, to keep the pinelands intact, and let the natural world heal itself without humans interfering. Business as usual will result in extinction. We have only the planet to lose—please think outside of these confining, suffocating, boxes that erroneously have the name “representative democracy” printed on them.


Fixed Shadows, Broken Humans

Shadows that grow
Shadows that decay
Now stuck with us
Are shadows that stay

Night is a time for darkness and for fire on the ground; day is a time for light coming from the fire in the sky. At night fire dances the shadows, and during day the fire that moves across the sky evolves the shadows by the moment. For Earth’s four and a half billion years, shadows would come and shadows would go, until now. Shadows were ephemeral until humans devised artificial light and “fixed” them. Artificial light brings with it artificial shadows, impregnating our reality with stagnant darkness, all the moreso because of our stagnant material objects.

Breaking Edison’s Idea: A Light Bulb Needs To Go Off
These artificial shadows brought on by artificial light scar the night and the day. Artificial light and its artificial shadows disrupt the flow of the balancing night, pulling us and other animals away from the magic of dark and sleep. The natural dark of night is attacked and made to contrast harshly with the bright polluting lights of modern civilization, straining our eyes with a constant unwavering sting, when our widened pupils have a want of darkness and sleep. During the day artificial light pulls us away from the Earthly atmosphere, and in to insulated and stagnant strucures we call “home” and “work”. The sun and sky are marginalized, and human-made lights steadily and stagnantly have us gravitating around them in stagnant and mis-circulated air.

Moving-light Therapy: Lux in Flux. A modest improvement on the besieged psychological life of a modern human stuck indoors is for the lights themselves to be moved around the room and dimmed and brightened subtly throughout the day. This mimicking of the sun across the sky will not provide the full spectrum of light given by the sun, but at the least lux in flux will evolve the shadows in a more psychologically healthful way.

A Dimmer Look At The Progress Of Civilization
With the peaking of artificial light in this 21st century has come the peaking of many other artifices—peak pollution, peak disease, peak war, and peak genocide—all together in a great and terrible wind that is The War Against The World. Life on Earth is at a nadir in this multi-millenial war against the world, culminating in the Sixth Mass Extinction Event, the first of the Mass Extinctions heralded by a single species—humans. All these life-destroying entities are correlated and all seem to be aided by the human method of sedentary and resource exhaustive deployment on the surfaces of the Earth. Artificial light has sped along our technological invasion of ecosystems and geological strata as we now have more time than ever before to devise more severe penetrations of the Earth.

To all this I say: Fiat Tenebrae (Let There Be Dark)

Lunar Appendage
The upcoming solar eclipse—which forced my hand to write this—is seminal in the daytime light and shadow play that is the most variable of any event on Earth for such a wide area. The moon turns the sun in to a flickering fire that casts a novel shadow and a ring of fire.

Beyond the occassional eclipse, the Moon is the false sun, for we only see the one side of the moon because of it’s tidal locking. It only reveals one undisturbed side of itself. It is both a permanent shadow and a permanent light, depending on the phase of the lunar cycle. It will be full shadow on the eclipse, perhaps only the Sun thus is able to reveal to us the Moon’s true nature. The Moon does not evolve with light or dark. It is not a becoming, it is quite fixed (and quite weak, chained to the Earth).

Editional (September 22)
We focus on the light, and energy more generally, as central, but really the history of the universe tells us that the great diffusion of these things is what is necessary for evolving a higher complexity.

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We must be the night, not to defy the sun, but to preserve darkness from the gathering shadows.

When you are looking around for the shadow from the LED lights, and then to your horror you realize you are the shadow.

The difference between darkness and shadows is so profound that light stands in between them.

Run right at Sauron, and watch fire blink.

The light of science creates permanent objects of knowledge, but is blind to the unnatural permanent shadows on the far side of the light.

blinding dark

R is for Resisting (my thoughts inexactly)

When you give politicians the benefit of the doubt they do indeed benefit.

One does not gather arrows when the bow is broke. Perhaps one should.

The medical industrial complex will keep you on the floor instead of under it.

If we put our heads in the clouds, then at least our bodies might be out of the pits of hell. When malevolent forces put them there, they have surely decapitated us.

There is no single place so beautiful that the eyes of the beholder won’t eventually get restless with boredom.

When life opens a new door, many other doors are opened concurrently. The more new doors civilization opens, the more other doors are shut forever.

Money is a proxy by which those who have little of it are enslaved by those who have amassed (and created) lots of it.

There will be no posthumous publications writ large, no histories of our genocides published in the future. The Earth’s story will not be concluded—it will be precluded.

Entrepreneurs and central bankers both know how to make money; one group uses their brains, the other uses a printer.

You cant see the consequences of past bad decisions when you are the consequence. You are the shattering mirror, and yet in your lowest state you are now freer to reflect any new light unforeseen by the breakers.

As we lean towards hell on Earth, the best remedy is to grow heaven on Earth. Don’t think of your hopes for utopia as naive, think of the thoughts against it as unnecessarily jaded.

No evil is necessary, there is only the evil we have wedded so deeply to ourselves that we are stubbornly at union with it. If such is our disposition, we have to ask ourselves if we are necessary.

A culture that taboos sexuality is dangerous to, among other things, its own existence.

Without behaving different, thinking different leaves one as alienated as one who thinks the same. A good apple on a rotten apple tree will rot with the worry of catching rot.

Christmas deals in fake trees or dead trees. If we want a holiday that celebrates live trees, we would want to forsake the idolized super-natural for the natural.

Praying will not save you—it will save the oppressors their energy to repress you, because you are electing to do it yourself.

The eucatastrophe is only seen by those with eyes still blinking.

Despite the vast bleakness to modernity, there is still space for great beauty and sublimity. I can think of nothing more stirring than the overcoming and destruction of the banal and life-suffocating artifices, an epic turnaround just around the corner. Thus the allure of revolution, which in its authentic expression has at its core the love of the other outside and inside of us that is oppressed.

A choir that wants to sing many different songs is not a choir for long; nor is it a choir that always sings the songs of one member.

Literacy is the foundation of all propaganda.

There is no finer a foundation for a fascist subject than a religious upbringing that requires strict adherence. High technology is the new religion, and it holds its subjects spellbound.

If we keep killing multiple birds with a single stone, we will run out of birds. The Earth’s dreams of flight will then be grounded, and the ground’s dreams of Earthing with other animals will fail next, buried in an unwaking nightmare.

Think for yourself—you’re the only one that ever will. If not, others will have you thinking for them.

Get caught up on history and you can leverage your power in to the future; get caught up in history and your power will be eclipsed as you are bent over a text.

We are far more likely to leave this planet by extinction rather than by spaceships, and the more of our precious time we invest in global and super-global solutions, the more quickly the human problem will be solved.

We cannot heal the wounds of the world if we do not first feel the wounds of the world. Mourning is essential for a new dawn.

Half of the battle is getting people’s hearts in the right place, the other half is getting their heads in the right place. The whole battle is lost if this is done in the wrong order, for a head that is fully aware of oppression combined with a malevolent heart is quite a deadly foe.

Politicians can’t help themselves but help themselves at the expense of others. We can help ourselves not helping politicians (at our own expense).

What is called the acceleration of efficiency is truly the hastening of a deficiency.

Independence for a day, what of the other 364?

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Easternization and Economist Irrelevancy

(Updated 2016-07-04)

An eastern driven paradigm is emerging dominant to supplant western control of all things economic, but I don’t want to call this a mere paradigm shift—that would be giving too much credit to the western way of life that only knows how to get high on credit, in the process destroying its credibility and its ability to evaluate itself and others. The title, rather, hopefully connotes the emergence of something substantive (a paradigm) filling a multi-hundred year vacuum of cross-dressed imperialism. The artificially floating island that has been loosely anchored is now encountering severe waves on vibrational planes in which its narrow ideology overlooked or lacked the capacity to factor in: it’s a 2-dimensional object about to learn for the first time that it exists in a 3-dimensional world. The ensuing “Economist Irrelevancy” that I chose for the title over the original and unjustly impartial place holder “Economic Relativism” will see the conclusions drawn from this vacuous field of thought now appropriately overlooked and disregarded.
I mention the impropriety of utilizing the concept economic relativism, which I mean here as something akin to cultural relativism, because the notion that neither the eastern mixed economies could say anything valid about our western economics and vice versa is not the case at all. The eastern economies won’t need to say anything, their proof of success will be that they endure, and the western economies and their economist ideologues won’t be able to say anything because they’ll be drowning in their own blood from their tongues they self-severed. To put it another way, the East not only has something valid, it’s very validity is in the process going to invalidate the peculiar western mode of monetizing and destroying every natural resource we define as such—water, timber, herds, grains, humans, metals, the fossil fuels to move them… The western lack of a paradigm has done such a poor job in our interactions with the rest of the world that it is surprising there is still an element in the world with enough energy and courage to blaze a slightly less destructive path, and this is taking in to account the smoggy horrors of eastern industrial cities, the topless mountaintops, and the autocratic ruling elites who occasion massacres on their own people. With such horrors from the eastern theatre being accounted for and its still being a hope for the world is testament to how low the West has dug itself: endangered is always preferable to extinct.

Economist irrelevancy—like the return to a multi-generation household—is going to be a creeping reality that will see growing percentages of the public sphere paying less and less attention to the unveiled charlatans. There has been little to no science behind the mainstay economist “scientific” theories, and there is only poor insight warranted from historical analysis as supplement, so it should be no surprise that the enterprise is failing on its own accord, sped along now by more sensible (eastern) approaches to society. I say society, and not economics, because the very notion of economics as an individuated and separate domain (a western notion) from the domains of culture, governance, and biology, is itself a predestination for ruination. It is true that there have been brilliant and important insights offered by economists from time to time, but these concepts or methodologies they have arrived at almost always travel abroad in to other academic territories, and are strengthened the further away they get from the isolated economics sub-field, and the more interdisciplinary their content and applicability becomes. It’s worth being fair and should be mentioned, also, that our well-known economists do have a handicap, namely that they are partisans that must toe the party line rather than bear integrity, and they are generally sycophants hoping for promotion with fool knowledge they offer nothing tangible—save delusions and convenient propaganda—to the larger society. We can choose to weep for these unfortunates put in a difficult spot with an education that is premised on serving an ideological system that is constantly in need of first aid, or we can arrive at tears from a life-enhancing hysterical laughter.

The above three paragraphs are reason enough that anyone reading reports from the western press that say China specifically is in trouble because of such and such an economic indicator, or say some new statistic signals a downturn, has the right to be highly skeptical (or outright dismissive). It’s absurd that a failing western economy would produce economists that could know how to analyze whether or not it was a good thing for an ascending economy like China to orchestrate a synergy of nations to begin adopting precious metals backed currencies. This mixed economy (for lack of a better term) is way out of their league, and China might be viewing itself as an exporter nation in much more significant ways than mere tacky consumer goods. They may be viewing their emerging position to be producing finished goods for themselves (as opposed to the European colonial model of colonies as markets) with a refocus of their major export to no longer be consumer goods, but to be a currency, itself a finished good, that took the raw materials of gold and legitimacy, and fused them together to sell to a world hungry for security from western destabilization. It is foreseeable that China at some point will give particular industries a break in some cases, as they have to be aware of the externalities of severe pollution; this is something that would never happen in a western corporate capitalist model where externalities are never factored in proactively, only reactively when they directly affect the principle business efforts; China has the advantage of potentially caring for their own people despite a contrast with profit motives.

Unemployment, a positive indicator in a smarter paradigm.

At basis, before the layers of confused thought are piled on top of it, unemployment signals a surplus that must exist, enough of a surplus so that there can be people that aren’t working that are still able to be fed and kept alive entirely without a physical need to contribute within the monetized economic sphere; either that alone, or in combination with a situation where the monetized economic sphere is overly narrow and neglects being the measurement of real value, is what is really happening when looking at a society from a bird’s-eye view. Surplus in these situations can then translate either in to several individuals having no jobs or a greater number having easier jobs that might be loosely thought of as “underemployment”. Higher unemployment is thus a compliment to the interaction that a society is having with the natural world, that there is enough abundance for the human peoples dwelling there produced by less than the effort of all the individuals combined. Job creation, on the other hand, is a sign that the economy is slipping in production, so that additional help is needed whereas it previously was not. The hiring of more hands means at base that the hands you already had are getting weaker (or the load of work is getting heavier and more daunting).Yet the highly distorted western ideological framework has these two concepts—not analogous but akin to “Orwellian speak”—completely reversed! Such an individual focused mindset stemming perhaps from consumer capitalism (¿rather than producer capitalism?) feels it is a great value to have everyone of age be working, regardless that such a large number of the jobs are actually counter-productive and cause a further wasting-away of the commons. People being miserable at their jobs is not factored in at all, though it may be the most important intrinsic indicator of how sick a society, let alone an economy, really is. An economy that grows at the expense of the society in which it is embedded, given enough time will be no economy (or society) at all.

Recent reports lambasting China’s economy from the unemployment angle are therefore bunk, if they are not to be utilized as a supplement to some other point that goes beyond just a narrow statistical dipstick. Again we must speculate, but perhaps the growing unemployment in China is already or going to be translated in to a 30 hour work week, or an increased level of leisure time for vacationing and cultivating cosmopolitan sensibilities in a people that are poised to take over the global economy with a powerful currency that will facilitate their travel. Perhaps China has a powerful enough spine now that they can go-alone the introduction of a gold-backed currency, shut down the factories and stop exporting for two full years because they aren’t dependent on those profits, and buy 100% of their goods from foreign makers because of their highly valued non-fiat currency. This unlikely but mathematically possible scenario could also greatly benefit their usurpation of the global reserve currency status because they will be seeding their money all over the globe, driven by meeting the wants and needs of 1.3 billion people. If that’s not conquering I don’t know what is, yet western economists would call it an economy in shambles: 100% unemployment, no industrial output… yet doing the best ever and breathing clean air! What a clear view of our inversion predicament that would be! China could be unbelievably powerful because of the global historical fascination with gold as a store of value, yet I’m sure they still feel the need to tread lightly with extremely dangerous military powers still lurking, ones that have proven they will use nuclear weapons to further their aims; such potent adversaries on the game board of the global economy are sure to give pause to China if not cause them full impotency.

Focusing in on the coming trend of Chinese vacationing out in the world with a powerful currency in their wallet, I think many tourist destinations will start (or already have) to easternize in their favor ahead of their arrival. Places will compete to be eastern and as it happens, more nature friendly: the McDonalds in the Bahamas will be gutted and replaced with perhaps a Chinese water garden and some other traditional nuances that I have no clue of, because they’ll no longer be fishing for dollars that had the silver lining wear off, but for big catch RMBs that beneath the plain scales have flesh made of gold.

Anyways, times are changing and so are the parameters by which we can hope to evaluate that change. Such an odious place that could genocide an entire continent’s people (the Native Americans) and not admit it to itself is not a very self-honest or thoughtful place, so I doubt much of intellectual value could emerge that allows an honest look at foreign societies let alone at down-spiraling internal dynamics.

Spring Poison: springsterilizing

“baby we were born to die” – brute springstaining of budding life

I couldn’t refrain from commenting for the third year in a row on the horrors of herbicide/pesticide in our local parks at the first signs of infant spring. It’s as if landscapers wake up from hibernation to immediately load the ground (and subsequently the water systems) with broad spectrum life killers.

¿What a horrible thing for our economies and lawns if these lowlifes went from seasonally unemployed to permanently unemployed? We might have ecosystems returning and people eating dandelions from their lawn! They do things with such Nazi efficiency, but ultimately they cannot be fully blamed—a people with their heads in the fumes who employ them are an integral part of the death spiral.

Because of this, instead of seeking regulations in my town against the use of lawn chemicals, I have some voluntaryist-esque flyers to encourage private peoples and businesses in my town to not have chemical treatments as part of their lawn care. It is my belief that most people who use them just trust their landscapers to make their lawn look good and pay a monthly bill, without getting in to the details of what is to be done with their lawn.

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Speaking Out Against Upcoming Moments of Silence

Monday morning November 16, 2015 will be the time when across much of the western world the Paris attacks become officiated and legitimized as terrorist attacks by institutional heads on loudspeakers, such as principals and CEOs who feel it is incumbent on them to say something. Some of the more anxious of these “leaders” are right now mulling over what to say so that they are accurate and general enough on their facts, with a degree of compassion, and also inserting some resolution and embodiment of the institution’s core values. The one item that most will be sure to turn to is the age old “Moment of Silence”.

Speaking Out To The Silence, Walking Out?

If the weakly institution I currently find myself in attempts to have a moment of silence Monday—we do not have loudspeakers so the person calling for it would be in vivo—I will be saying the following roughly, if my courage shows up:

“I am not okay with giving silence to these particular victims when our world loudly and uninterruptedly talks right over the thousands of daily victims who succumb to starvation, thousands unjustly killed in traffic accidents, and the thousands killed by gun violence and governmental weapon abuses. I expect to hear a lot more moments of reflective silence on these daily systemic victims before I acquiesce to give silence to one specific, infrequent, and quite honestly misunderstood grouping of victims. One last thing as for prevention, as this event is being called a terrorist attack, I offer the intelligent words of another: The best way to stop terrorism is to stop participating in it.” (I will decide then whether or not to walk out based on the reception, if any, to what I have said; I wanted to also mention something like coral reef bleaching and other ecological disasters but think the audience would then be pushed away)


1) There has been such a numbing to normalized violences—perhaps ushered in by two world wars though probably starting earlier—in the human psychological environment, that it is no wonder much of what is truly silenced will never have a moment of reflection for its ceasing to exist. Paris, as with cities in general, is an accretion of human-only systems that silence by slaughtering a wider holistic eco-system. Because humans depend on eco-systems whether they admit it or not, eco-systems far away from cities like Paris need to be subjugated for human needs—mostly food and heating supplies—thus a large impetus for colonialism/imperialism that still goes on de facto through corporatized globalization. People—not to mention animals and other things that would draw sympathy from us—die daily in these places of systematic exploitation and sometimes as the result of a proxy war die in the thousands. France has very bloody hands in this respect with places such as Algeria and Vietnam, but I would not presume to blame the Parisians of Friday night for the atrocities of their forebears. However, by the very fact of their living and employing a city they have inherited and are acutely furthering a proven-deadly system that will naturally give them enemies. Because of the nature of their system, however, their enemies will generally be too weak to ever do anything to them. It’s a one way stream and they are generally the ones on the toilet not in the sewer.

2) This event happened in the backdrop of a Western European theater where Russia is boldly involved, and seems to have plans for corralling in as many countries under it’s domain through use of it’s energy supplies. Russia now has the pretext for an even greater involvement in Syria if it wants, as now they can maybe say they will go and take on ISIS because the United States seems to be helping the organization grow larger (I won’t speculate further on this point…). If an accurate text on the history of this era is ever written, it will certainly find both the events of Russia’s 2015 forays in Syria and this terrorist attack highlighted on a chronology of related events.

3) This was an attack of civilized people on civilized people. They both (or all, not limited to 2) may have very different ideas of civilization and come from different epochal idealizations, but they all share civilization and its attraction to using advanced weaponry. To the extent that religion is involved for some of the individuals, that too is a civilized activity that informs many violent acts. Civilization by its very nature is violent, and so long as it continues, so too unfortunately will violences like these and others that are not seen but are felt by its victims.

4) One penultimate note—and this may just be in the “ranking” of how particularly evil we want to tell ourselves these people are (I’m sure this will inflame anyone who lost anyone in these attacks) —is a curiosity to me that they chose a night time attack in a place where there would certainly be a limited amount of children to no children at all. If you want to see this as an act of war as French President Hollande said it was, then you have to note they weren’t attacking children and were either intentionally or unintentionally doing that, perhaps to avoid damage to their image or perhaps because they are not anti-human, just anti Paris, France, whatever larger enemies they believe they have and are fighting.

5) A final note on November 20: a presumed dichotomy exists in the western mind that I attempted above to shine light on with the vocal rejection of a moment of silence, namely between acceptable and unacceptable victims. The moments of silence are to be for those unacceptable casualties that are supposed to emotionally move westerners as they somehow challenge their core values; acceptable victims, on the other hand, are those overlooked casualties that I spoke of that are not mourned for or considered by any great many people, despite the violent and preventable deaths they have to succumb to. These acceptable victims are rationalized as a cost of doing business, or somehow other kept off of the radar screen so as to not interrupt the smooth flow of operations with “unnecessary” emotions.

Political searching for a Cartoon

If I had the skill or digital know-how, I would draw this political cartoon:

A bunch of papers/books piled on top of one another, each saying something unprecedented “unprecedented gene manipulation” “unprecedented number of autoimmune diseases” “unprecedented distortion by a fiat currency: The Dollar” “unprecedented number of species dying off” “unprecedented number of children born with autism” “unprecedented disregard for future generations”, and possibly more. Each book higher on the pile would be further over-hanging the desk on which they were stacked. On top of the pile of books will be a classroom globe with the ironic word “earth’s first” which really means it will fall first and the hardest.

A commentary caption by one character could be “look how high progress has lifted us!”, or “we keep breaking our previous records, we’re really doing something right!”

A responding commentator: “yes”, sigh, “our children will indeed be inheriting all of our progress.”

Suiciding: A Theory for a Recent Phenomenon

I don’t know where the timeline would begin for this (1998?), but we are certainly in full swing of multiple death incidents which are murder-suicides. I won’t say it is universally true because I’m sure it isn’t, but with many of these incidents I think there is a unique phenomenon occurring which I will dub suiciding. The husband who kills his children, mother, and wife, before himself, is not hateful of these people, nor is he simply having a bad day. He is an individual who has a sense—probably distorted and over blown, but having a kernel of truth nonetheless—of the lack of environmental support for the human species. He may see his individual suicide as selfish and unfruitful, so he finds those he has care for—whether a long term family relation and/or an immediate sense of human unity with a stranger passing by—and decides to commit their suicide for them. This is not simply the act of a kamikaze or terrorist because the victims of the massacre are not viewed as the enemies, but truly as people who need to be saved.

We know from an important and, I think, relevant microcosm that suicide by itself happens when a particular entity is not getting what it needs from it’s environment; human blood cells that don’t have the proper amounts of critical cholesterols and other “ingredients” destroy themselves, scattering their parts in the blood stream (Seneff, lecture/interview). Another example is that in times of war parents in besieged situations (actual or perceived) kill their children and then sometimes themselves. The mammal kingdom of which we are a part has ample examples of infant cannibalism as directly resulting from environmental stressors (hamsters, polar bears). So even though no official war is going on, many people feel highly under siege—just think of road rage as one of a plethora of examples that display these tensions.

If our society goes on as it does, these mass killings will too, and many of them will not be prejudiced hate crimes or a person merely “losing it”. These shootings are endemic to modern technologically oppressive civilization (and the more general oppression by metals). Until humans have the environmental support that they need, this will unfortunately be remaining with us. Environmental support doesn’t have to necessarily be a primitivist revolution (though I like this solution the best), but merely group and individual psychotherapy can provide a great deal of support that is already lacking for such embattled individuals.

Hannibal has spoken… (but is he just projecting?)

Pole Reversal: Syria as Venue For The Sino-Russo Coming Out Party

As many media outlets either offer their own context or are lacking entirely in that respect, I thought I would offer my own humble understandings. I am no expert in the regional conflict in Syria nor in the Russian state apparatus and its subtleties, nor in all the intelligence shadow war bullshit that keeps everything as a smoke and mirrors game in that poor shelled-out area of the world. The same is true for me with regards to information bytes, where everything I know as far as specifics is provided to me via a tainted media-ted information system with it’s own exclusive interests. In the face of all these restrictive channels off which to base an educated judgment, I have adopted as a view-world (not to be mistaken with my peculiar world-view) the outlook of Jim Willie, faute de mieux. So, to the events of Russia openly bombing positions in Syria we turn:

I think what JW would say about tonight is that this is the coming out party for the Sino-Russo global power shift. Russia openly involving all public channels to let it be known that they are taking a stance in this conflict as a sovereign power, not beholden to US or EU oversight; they are posturing on the big stage where the hapless masses are their audience. In a moment of naivete I would maybe have said they were campaigning for public opinion, but I think the more cynical view is the correct one: they are conjuring the public opinion that will match the already existing geo-political realities. These realities are that China and Russia are already in the driver’s seat as much as there can be said to be a driver in this insanely apocalyptic ride where the entire Earth’s ecosystem down to small bacteria are no longer assured survival. Leaving that aside (which too often it is left aside!), much has been under way for a Eurasian trade zone to command global commerce long before tonight, with perhaps the most notable trend being the Russia and Chinese accumulation of gold in contrast to the west’s squandering of their gold supply.

To summarize, what happened today in Syria is just one of many pretexts to come that will be publicly legitimating the phasing out of the dollar’s dominance as the foreign reserve currency, to be replaced by some yet unknown BRICS backed modality for global commerce. Better re-orient (de-occident) your future orthographic projections:

Western Centric World, no more