LphorismZ & May Day Earth

The journey ahead is back to the human. The magic is in the wandering not the wand. #EjercitoNomadistas

Pages sit, but this story is walking. Books sit, but the learning is talking.

Don’t blame 2020—blame the vision (the lack of vision). We don’t want a do-over—we want what is overdue.

Chasing memories is to run in slow motion while the present speeds away…

Still breathing still breeding—not all is lost.

All out revolution for there is no time, all out revolution or there is no time. When the hour is late, create a new day

Build the forests underground. Give a proper burial to organic matter a proper burial instead of

Treeroots not grassroots—the movement event gets that wrong.

The walls to keep diseases out are the very walls that keep them in.

White Privilege, an unpacking of a nuanced term. white privilege is an unfortunate term that is the 21st century means by which the left will stay divided. The concept of White Privilege nuances the reality: black, brown, and indigenous dis-privilege. To say that white skinned people are privileged because they are not dis-privileged as others are is fraught with problems. The capitalist system should not be credited with privileging anyone. Capitalism has put every single human in a precarious situation, not just by our existential crisis of looming late stage planetary death, but so too because of our fragmented human relations, the amount of plastics in all of our bodies, the number of auto-immune diseases running rampant, and so many other elements… no demographic of humans whether they are grouped by skin color, gender, age, locale, sexuality, is immune to some of its members being hit with these issues, and others in that family and possibly community thus affected to some degree too. It’s not untrue—some of us don’t have to fear for our lives on a daily basis due to our skin color. That is not being debated. But are white people really privileged because they are not being attacked? Are the unjust legal systems, including the police, so hopelessly normalized that we think not being targeted by the police is somehow the enviable end-goal? To the obfuscation and veiling of the real goals we should have first and forefront: abolishing the police and the oppressive state apparatuses. And to focus on material possessions as an indicator of privilege—material possessions is how the oppressive capitalist system measures wealth and status, but are we that oppressed to adopt these metrics for our own analysis of the system? Are we really ready to let capitalism divide and conquer us further, in this particularly insidious way? On to a material consequence of the constructed concept (instead of the faux versa vice main stream posit) “white privilege”: the users and promoters of the term who are some BBI communities and many leftist allies, are actually alienating themselves from material resources from the subset of white people who would otherwise be sympathetic and material allies to fighting were the term instead what is really at play “black, brown, and Indigenous dis-privilege”. People are far more likely to see and be moved to action by the true injustice done to others, than to react in a helpful manner when they themselves are said to be the problem by their very existence and skin color, most especially because it’s the reality that there is dis-privilege at play, not privilege.

Notes and partial thoughts:

June is extinction month and so we say May Day Earth. Maya calendar returning.

Focus on my fight, not on my white. Don’t be blinded by what you see. We need to reinvigorate the unpacking racism and I’m sure I still have much to learn, but I think we all do and the largest victims of systemic racism aren’t necessarily free of racism, let’s say.


I don’t like guns—but I like bullets in my enemies. Something Che would say.


Lphorisms WorLd Play

If we live in a world where humans are paid to keep the peace⁠—they can be paid to keep the war.

Carbon is the victim, not the symptom nor the disease. What the fuck do you think the life that is going extinct is made out of? Let’s not demonize carbon. It’s metals above ground that we must be wary of. #LiberationOfMetals

Laws are the relinquishment of vigilance.

We must choose⁠—is this the end of the world or the end of a world. Evolution is a bigger change than extinction. We’ve been going extinct for thousands of years. The inertia towards that trajectory is immense, and so to create

The problem right now is that we think we will bounce forward but what we really need to do is bounce back—Aisenma.

Most choose to turn friends into frenemies instead of enemies into corpses.

Lyme disease is a saboteur that rallies different parts of our bodies to be out of harmony with other parts. So, too, different flora ecologies are convinced to be obstinate.


The danger that comes with giving a term to something to de-invisibilize it, is that you risk obfuscating the phenomenon and locking it into an incorrect understanding. Better to feel than to think.

Eat plants, eight plants.


What we need are shades in a world of oppressive systems that cast binary shadows. Reduced to reduction. Be difference—cast shade not shadows.

I write aphorisms so I don’t waste my time and other’s in full books. How selfish it is that there are people who write page upon countless page to entrap the minds of others. Lawyers are the worst kind of writers, for they write countless pages to intentional entrap, ensnare, and frustrate others in to compliance with their rigid religious code of “law”.

Eat the nearest to home, leave the forests alone.

A person at large, a people at larger.

Plato you fuck, we’ve been blinded by the supposed great light you spoke of. We have a need to return to the cave of feeling.

Different Form Posting:

World play not word play. Live in the words or live in the world. #FuckBooks

Humans are Fish that can’t see that we are out of the water.

Lphorisms Z and random comments

When you really understand guerilla warfare, no one will know that you really understand guerilla warfare.

Urban densification is one of the worst artificial creators of scarcity mentality. Cities are the most intense invasion of our species and do not lead to the efficiencies that people dream of when we conceptualize of packing ourselves in the way we speak of packing sardines in. All that happens is a lesson of pure miseducation, where our conceputalization of ourselves on this Earth gets further distorted and replicates on, or produces in hideous inversion a different category of cancer on other, non-urbanized lands. Lands that are perpetually shit on are overfed just as lands that are never shit on are starved. Deserts of sand and deserts of concrete, with not a healthy jungle in between. This is end-state disease; this is extinction.

Seize the means of production? Destroy the means of production save the land. Factories are not for occupying but for de-occupying.

There’s not something wrong with me, there’s something wrong with the world we grew up in.

Identities didn’t roam the free and open land in the age of our ancestors, no. They are the festering acne on the surface of a deeply damaged modern landscape, known only in this age—the last age. The last age, for none will follow, extinction will lead, and the species left to bleed. Capitalism late stage bringing about the last age.

?ArtistA¿ Internally consistent, syncopated, outwardly questioning the destructive rhythms, with the proactive creation of new ones.

The decolonization is of physical structures built by humans, less so humans themselves. Human centrism is itself the product of colonialism. Decolonization must be about fighting for that which has been truly silenced and othered, which are the ecosystems, the land. Sovereign Peoples freely associating with that which is non-peopled but yet significant and more deeply oppressed by colonializing mindsets.

Elites call it a mistake. It’s a crime motherfucker! (in response to something Biden said was a mistake, back in February)

What we don’t pay in felonies we pay in fatalities. Risk felonies or risk fatalities. Better their felonies than our fatalities. #BreakThatShit #BreakTheirSystem

#FuckTheControl #FuckTheCourts #FreeTheCommunities #FuckTheirControl #FuckTheCameras #FuckThisCapitalism #FuckToweringColonialism #FuckTheCities

At the times, ephemeral or consistent, when Extinction Rebellion becomes more conservative politically than ecologically, we must practice #ExtinctionRebellionDistancing and be sure our vision is not steered away from Revolution.

It is a tragedy that the word tragedy has come to exist across our language.

Justice: A Thought. Just us, a bad thought.

The strongest fighters are lovers first.

Gentrifiers are those that move to a land and support economies and lifestyles that were not native to the people that were born in the land. Those that come and rent from landlords that are not of the community⁠⁠—but are themselves gentrifying pathway creators⁠—are gentrifiers. Gentrification is a fistula that sucks away resources from those who were more in harmony with the area, and so if your actions are supporting the fistula in any shape or form, and not the healing and resetting of it, then you are partaking in gentrification. Decent politics do not unmake this economic reality and this physical displacement and distortion of resources that one creates in an area when they choose to gentrify. Gentrification is a choice, a choice that imposes force and lack of choice on others.

Human extinction and human caused extinction has already been happening because of the system⁠—what do you call genocide? We have too many known historical examples and nothing has been done by the governments of the world. We need a revolution to overthrow the system.

Accelerate at the evil, and only at the evil. Your wake will be the waking, and the others will then balance you, positively slow-down as they also strengthen-up your vector. By the time you reach the evil all you will need to do is stare, and it will cower and blink and disappear. Let your speed be the only sword against the ecocidal, and let the rumor of it’s coming be the only blow. For then the wind makes a great turning into a gentle breeze, one that turns on the ecocidal into eco-regeneratives.

On A12, whether it’s April 12 or August 12, or any other fucking day spring-summer-fall, we are on the eve of a huge planting or a huge perishing. The time of hiding our needs and desires in the night is over. We move forward in broad daylight as the human race, and we find our roots and we plant them, or we bury ourselves. Do the work! Seed the future to see the future.

The Comradification of Late Capitalist cultural icons continues with Scrooge McDuck. Coming soon! Ahead of the May 32nd strike. Everyone is welcome on to our arc to get the fuck out of this decades-in-the-making dystopia. Comrade Britney thanks for getting this boat floating during corona time. Comrade spongebob is obviously down with the cause, up with the arc.

Hypocrites are those that speak of distributive justice from the towers of urbania that they chose to abode in, for they have no sense of the justice in distributing themselves harmoniously across the land. Whether it’s concentrating wealth in to the hands of the few, or concentrating bodies into the lands of the many, there is very much going to a problem of justice growing.


Lphorisms In Other Words (my thoughts inexActly)

To stay in one place is to stay lost.

We nomadistas must be parsimonious both in deed and in the words we carry.


Most would rather turn friends in to frenemies than enemies in to corpses.

Laws are a vandalism on the soul of humanity. #DelegitimateTheState #FuckTheCourts #FuckTheControl #FreeTheCommunities

What we don’t risk in felonies we risk in fatalities.

The vulnerability of conditionability is readily apparent during this time of crisis.

Find ways to pay less money and make less money. Remove yourself from the bad karma chain of money. It’s not enough to pay less money—it is too much!

To decolonize is to tear down idols—no history is better than a false history. Forget not the history of history, created by an ancient Greek westerner in the service of propagating westernism.

To count the days is to discount those days.

Governments are into power, not people.

Banality Is The Evil.

We appear to be at our most creative because we’ve incredibly dumbed down the environment with which we interact. We stand out on the lands we’ve flattened out. The root cause living on as the classes of symptoms die out.

It is a delusion and paradox to think large cities can be lived in locally. Cling to each other and not a destroyed piece of land.

Dreams are pregnant with the future.

I don’t have to be alive to do the work that I’m doing.

Let this flag be our light 🏴

If you can’t see a way, seed a way.

I once wrote that quotes are words [that are] worth a thousand words. Words that deserve being uttered more than once, and are potent enough that they need not be. Words filled with paradox and purpose—and repurpose!—subverbs and subverses at their best, culture jarring and culture jamming. Words worth committing to a picture, as memes, or even words worth a thousand pictures: emotion pictures. Paradigm cracking and paradigm creating, these words are three to four orders of magnitude greater than the comparably empty string of drivel that circulates as our numbing agent; the common words that serve to delocalize and disempower us—the plastic kites that in these sonically windy times blow and immobilize us to be nothing other than droplets wetting another’s wave—speakers that were already spoken for. Subverses and their ancestors are quite different, for they are difference. To cross-pollinate from permaculture conceptualizing—subverbs and their kin are words that are heavily stacked with deep and seamless ecosystem functionality, and they create their own edge in deserts of homogenization. They have great use value in our perilous times, but also a timelessness that will seed them through to future times, a future that will carry along all who attach to their kernel of enduring wisdom that expresses in the manifold appearances and languages that quotes are shaped in to. They are polyculturous. They see us through, as they are torches that keep us burning. Our imperiled species wants to continue on and to sing on, and as we are now faced with revolution or extinction, quotes are our fucking mating call when the the end of our breath draws near. Be not long winded—be deep rooting; and so beware of being past tensed.

Brief Aphorisms, update 1

The best way to counteract the standing armies of the world is walking armies. #EjercitoNomadistas

“And we were running and fighting, fighting and running, just like our ancestors had done. Without giving up, without surrendering, without being defeated.” EZLN

Extinction Revolution = XR 2.02.0

One Earth Day? Humans where are you living the other 364.25?

Be water flowing or be blood spilt. #EjercitoNomadistas

I do my gambling out of the casino.

Castles in the sky cast great shadows on we who dwell on the lands below. To hell with your heavenly afterlife.

It’s not an eye for an eye when your enemy is already blind. Nor do you have to hit your enemy, just make sure they don’t intentionally or accidentally hit anyone you love.

Be careful what you choose to call democracy–it threatens democracy. Dilution is as dangerous as destruction.

Modern food when eaten is domestication on the inside.

Boundaries are there to test you, not versa vice.

MLK has no I, but if he did his name would be Harvey.

Wolves are man’s better friend, for they do not serve us, deluding us that we are possessive masters.

What happens before we die is the question we need to focus on answering. Making primary the question of what happens after we die is the greatest inversion and perversion that the Universe can experience. It is to invert life with death.

How about less talk of Jesus and more walk of Jesus?

Book the date, book the strike – 5/1

You are the warmth that gets me through this cold; you are the fire that burns away the shadows.

The difference between a revolutionary person and a revolutionary people is a revolution. To put the revolutionary at the front, is to enable the persistence of the paradigm from which we are trying to break. A fiery revolutionary can only spark a fire that has already been in waiting.

Mirages of Wisdom 0022 (my thoughts inexactly) Part 1

Give fascists big enough cuffs and they will arrest the Earth. Those

Good Cop, bad cop, bad cop, bad cop, bad cop, bad cop, bad cop…

We are Earth Waking. We are Earth Walking. In our hearts, for too long, We’ve been sitting with revolution. Now it is time to walk with it. #EjercitoNomadistas

They, because I are plural.

Deterritorialize This Place. New York City Con Crete Jungle Fuck This Place.

Another world is possible, but another Earth is not.

2019 the system arrested us, 2020 we need to arrest the system. #ExtinctionRevolution

As Extinction Continues there will be more and more moments of silence but for the wrong reasons.

The work of building a movement very quickly becomes completely natural and intuitive to all who fully engage and believe in the process. Growing a movement is not a tangential stream—it is the return to the river that has always been our essence. It was our first nature that was robbed of us by the oppressions designed by civilizations bent on control.

Another world must be in walking distance, because we’ve run out of time. #CarLessKarlos

Home is space not a place. The territoriality, the possessiveness, that the dominant paradigms have bred in us since nomadism has left. These dominant paradigms are the false parents that took us from nursing from our Mother Tierra. #EjercitoNomadistas

Affinity groups flourish in an affinitive environment. Proactive and open to interaction. To organize the whole is to disorganize it. This attempt at homogeneity is the tyranny of one locality over another is what we now know as globalization. Don’t worry about straying from western notions of democracy; they need to be abandoned and democracy re-conceived. We want each group/cadre/tribe/organization to feel free to build it’s own power, and not be hampered by relationships of servitude. Each species must be strong to be the best ally to others. We do not want the inversion of the system, the inversion of the oppression- we want it’s destruction through our active dismantaling. We want allies not servants. We want decentralization, in other words localized empowerment.

Ejercito Nomadistas, we run for government off us. We walk for it too. For a May 1 Strike, for Youth enfranchisement and empowerment, for localism, for community Assemblies, for community autonomy, for Degrowth. Running for another world, walking for another world.

South is up! Compas Up Rose

Quite upsetting, the way we subalterned humans just accept our fate is to be decided on this platform of representative election cycles. With stakes so high, it’s like a sporting event for our existence. We so calmly let our futures be determined by something that requests we have little control over it. Stop giving legitimacy to it! Elections are not at all about asking the people to formally take control of the powerful, and are everything about asking the people to formally relinquish control to the powerful.

To decolonize is to deurbanize. The concentration that is an urban centers intrinsically relies upon there to be other, peripheralized spaces that exist in its service.

Extinction Revolution: We Are Not Drilling.

Home is a space we create, not a space that dominions desecrate.

We are about halting the system—we are going to do the no thing.

Oppression is almost as important a word as liberation. Use it carefully, but use it. Truth must be spoken.

No formation coming soon. Free Movement.

Happy Related Birthday! We are biological family so I’m obligated to say something, but most days we forget the other even exists.




Mirages of Wisdom 0013 (my thoughts inexactly)

We don’t learn by turning over rocks but by turning over ourselves.

Underslept allows yet other dreams to enter.

God didn’t create the world but God might destroy it.

Money grows on dead trees.

What happens when you add more weight to the thing that is already crushing you?

We live or die between the events of birth and death. You choose which of these two events will define you or haunt you.

Patience will make patients of us unto death.

I’m trying not to fall for you, but without you I will definitely fall.

When all desire wears off and yet desire remains—that’s amor.

Most live as soldiers in the armies of others.

Most fight in the armies of others not the armies for others.

Governments kill you when they exist, trees kill you when they don’t—lets cut down governments and not trees.

Your walls to keep the diseases out are the very ones that keep the diseases in.

Diseases are infectious and the cures are even more so. If you let down your walls, the siege of cures will flood in before the disease, because quite in fact the disease was in your walls with you.

Move the way not out of the way.

Generations are seriously in trouble without regenerations.
🌵 🌵 🌵 -> 🌳 🌳 🌳

Voodoo isn’t voodoo, it’s part of how the fabric of the Universe waves.

I will do violence upon thee without becoming the violence that is thee.

Weakness is a skin waiting to be shed.

There is no justice the system can provide just its cremation. 🔥

You aren’t all that revolutionary—the proof is that there has not been a revolution.

We are not living longer—we are elongating our dying.

At least all other animals have not built their own cages. Exceptional we are.

If it’s hierarchical—we talk to the king; the others have had their voices taken away.

A youth-fearing human who sees in them my afterlife, my species’ salvation.

They tried to divide us—they didn’t know we were rhizomes. They🌿tried🌿to🌿divide🌿us🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿they🌿forgot🌿we🌿were🌿rhizomes. They tried 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿they 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿failed. 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

Evaluate if the road that connects is or is not also the road that disconnects.

Robbed of their land, robbed from their land. The African Diaspora are Indigenous just as nomads who pre-date their land. Nomads—the first peoples were walkers not settlers. Migrants came first, first peoples came after.

The degree to which you Don’t break down your own walls, you doom the children to be born in cages.

Fuels that will make fossils of us.

See a forest here, seed a forest here. (Meme picture of parking lot)

The best way to honor the fallen is to not let any more fall on top of them.

Break traditions and make futures. That’s how the light gets in.

Your body should show me that you care about the Earth.

Should will die with the old world.

Workers need to seize the means of production for the world that they’re actually trying to create, if they seize the industrial means of production they’re only going to create the same disease that capitalism has been doing for so long. Workers that think that by seizing factories they will make anything other then robots to impress themselves, are delusional and suffer from the same sickness that the Bourgeois have, the infestation of the Soul by capitalism.

Kill the corporations or kill ourselves; kill the governments or kill ourselves; kill the machines or kill ourselves. Those really are our only options.

Evaluate if the road that connects is also the road that disconnects.

Revolution has no room for entrenched interests, for it is the libertarian from the trenches.

Closing your eyes should be to see the depths inside of yourself not to hide from them.

Don’t confuse your olders with your elders.

Morre or les.

god didn’t create humans but God will destroy them.

You can’t go anywhere where there isn’t a road. (MEME with pic/map of roads everywhere)

The vibrations of what we call minor key are a higher level than major key or any dissonance, because it is the resolution, feeling, and incorporation of both.

The difference between honoring and appropriating an other’s identity is how much of your own constructed identity you are willing to part with. If you’re in a desert starving for food to produce greenery, you are going to get the seeds of some plants from elsewhere into that desert. If you are in a cultural desert immeasurably thirsty for something different, you honor the culture elsewhere by bringing it in and letting it flourish in yet new terrain.

3️⃣ ✌ peace out colonialism. 🤟✌ peace out colonialism.

Chanting Carless Karlos: Cars and trucks are killing me! Mass transit should be free!

Be history or become history.

When you gain awareness you gain responsibility. With greater awareness comes greater responsibility.

Demand the impossible and the impossible shows up.

The first baby step usually proves the most important.

It is time, and it always will be; If there is a future, it is now; Now is the only time there ever was. The time is now-it always has been!

Sit with the youth, learn from the youth, stop cars for the youth.

The elders are our youngers—undeniably filled with the wisdom of life.Work for money or work for  humanity. Late stage capitalism has almost made them mutually exclusive.

I’m not here to say I did something when it all ends—I’m here to stop it from ending.

We let us get too weak…


Deserting Extinction

The truth is humans went extinct long ago, and all that appears as life now is just our bodies twitching.

If we are going extinct I’m not putting my faith in the institutions of power that got us here to get us out of the predicament.

2020 is our show now.

Fuels that will make fossils of us.

There is a war against your existence whether or not you choose to recognize it. Have a good morning 🙂

For those upset that Extinction Rebellion didn’t come in 2010, just remember to be glad it isn’t finally here in 2021, but now! Seize the future from the grips of death.

Our planet has a fever that is going to cook us and the rest of life.

Organize like there’s no tomorrow, because if you don’t there will be.

I will not legitimate a system that hands out power to evils of varying degrees. What the fuck have we been turned into?

We all have the right to grow old—that right is being taken away from an entire generation. That is ageism, the genocide of an entire generation and the entire human race.

As movements start to resemble the structures of which they are opposed (and ossify and fossilize), the solution is to add ever more movement. Fight extinction with evolution! Bring life where there is death and decay! (Green the deserts of the land and the mind)

Prioritizing consensus decision making in the age of rampant bodily and mental decadence is putting the moon jumping under the cow between yourself and your goals. Be autonomous, just do it. And if it is a valid and valuable action, others will join in too.

Let 2019 be the year Earth heats up figuratively more than literally.

Your children don’t have parents if both parents and children die. You are merely their foil.

There is only one of me 🌎

Some humans are going extinct sooner than others. Free Free Amazônia!

Remember, there’s only one of you 🌏 xrxr

Join XR for the rest of your life, or it will be the rest of all life.

A war against any, is a war against the Earth.

Yes we are going extinct, but humans died long ago.

We can all collectively put an end to the system, or it will put an end to us collectively as a species.

Saving yourself is saving the Earth just spelled differently.

You really don’t understand the situation if you are worried about losing your job.

Can’t make it in to a protest? Let your lawn be the protest! #unlawnfulcitizens

Car windshield leafletting: You are a conditoned animal that is going to go extinct.               Rebel! Leave behind your domestication and inevitable fate to go extinct

🔥 🌏 How many more winters will WE see?

If self-care is an afterthought, there won’t be much of you left after.

FB post- We must now act to green the deserts to offset our desertion of the greens. (karlos basak is with paul wheaton) This is our last real card to play humanity in this tragedy of human existence on this planet.

If your meetings are not about action they will be allowing the furtherance of inaction. Important to point out that action in the mind is very relevant, but it must ultimately be manifested outside that sphere if it is a musing that hopes to change the external reality.

They all like talking about their structures and other ossifications—I am here to talk about circulation.

Epoch struggles need epic music.

Your six of clubs has been commandeered for the fight against the 6th mass extinction

I want your attention, not your extinction.

Make History or Become History.

Extinction is not a mistake you can learn from.

Mirages of Wisdom 0011 (My Thoughts Inexactly)

Let your entire body be the pen with which your poetry is elaborated.

Thirty thousand days—what will you do?

My life revolves around the sun.

Strength is for the ready not the already.

It might seem a contradiction, but stagnancy cannot be maintained.

Sly under the radar.

Sun days are more important than Sundays.

In an age of absurd degrees of globalization, regionalism is revolutionary.

Magic comes from the wandering not the wand.

First time for everything or everything for the first time? Live in the always unknown and live always free.

They were here, and they sowed seeds; they did not sow immanent and imminent destruction.

Me falls apart sometimes and becomes us.

You don’t bring out the poet in me—you bring out the poetry that is you.

I would be happy to eat your dust but the whole world is paved. And I won’t be able to eat your dust when the whole world is soil. #permaculturesaveus

They escaped the violence against them to become the violence that is them.

Boom-bust is as false a rhythm to ascribe deterministically to economics as it is a necessary cycle of relationships that flourish and die in one season. The belief and acting on the belief that romantic relationships that cease then are fated to schism irretreivably is a grave deterrent to the people realizing the full potential of dynamic enduring relationships and seeking to grow them, without a necessary and expected catastrophe at the end.

Be a vector or be a victim. Running is the only way to keep standing. #nomadism

Jesus is a state not the state.

I get my indigenous skin from my mother, but I get my indigenous love from my father.

If you need their approval you do not need them.

If I was mayor of Rome the coliseum would be given to architects and artists to fuse a new creation. Ruins of ancient civilizations—unlike natural places—become our ruin if we leave them be merely in reverence and to fool ourselves that our own times are not special. The dead can roam in our vital spaces, but we cannot all the dead spaces to roam. The past is too often stuck in us…

The gap between life experiences and life experience.

The fist that travels far gains more momentum for the final swing. Go after your friend’s enemies and see that that they go after yours. To let our struggles be individualized is to ask the enemy to swing at us.

We should never allow a war of attrition to be imposed on us, nor should we ever impose a war of attrition on anyone else. That loss is greater than the sum of its gains. I would rather play soccer in no-man’s land.

You can’t avoid the shadowy elements of society by living in the shadows. You receive the worst they have to offer by enduring them to the denial of your own living.

Don’t make the mistake of confusing an understanding of the past with an understanding of the future.

Delaying justice in the world is a chief injustice against it.

Revolting is insane and choosing not to revolt is insane. There is no room left for sanity in the war against the world.

Not being asleep is how we will keep these dreams alive.

Saving the Earth is saving yourself just spelled differently.

Humans—the creators of tautologies that exclude the whole of everything including themselves.

Capitalism hasn’t destroyed people any less quickly than it has destroyed the land. Zombies are a state of mindlessness.

Humans are the deadliest disease this planet has ever seen.

Also, the map is not their territory.

Books are a product of the storage-minded people who started the choosing of property over people—and property over land. Humans have chosen property over land. A failed concept that will determine a failed species. We who see this must cry ever louder: ¡Tierra y Libertad!

They don’t make many like you, they don’t make any like you, they don’t make. You make. You make any. You make many. You make you.

And on the fourth solstice…

I’m an anarchist—rules are kindling for my fire.

Death is the release of force while dying is the capturing and stagnating of force. Language has obfuscated the unimaginable distance between these quite distinct Two—a cage, and then it’s utter destruction, posed next to each other as if they were in league. Death doesn’t need to end in rubble if the living choose not to build walls to begin with.

Life and death are not subject to normalization whereas dying is. We can choose to wax and wane as the moon or burn hotter yet hotter as the sun.

If you keep finding yourself lost over and over again, try looking under.

Revolutionary things have a way of coming full circle. The orbit returns to be around vitality in place of falsifying structures as it is in times of decadence.

Proverbs that keep you in place are better described as pro-nouns. The literate lords pushing them on the illiterate peasants. Now the literate peasants force-feeding themselves.

Possessions are the lost grasp of relations.

Technology is the sucking of functions out of our bodies and transferring it into metallics.

It’s not alienation it’s alien individualization.

I am quite loud you just don’t have the ears for it. And therefore I am quiet loud.

If it’s in your grasp, release it.

What Memes May Come

extinction will bring you death
(picture of the dead bodies laying on ground with backdrop of a future dystopian war)
for the rest of your life

La Verdad
(Picture of Women Marching)
Because the truth is feminine

Sometimes the right (answer) choice
(Pic of standardized test ripped up)
Isn’t the written choice

we can’t hand the planet over to corporations
(Picture of #citizensunited “corporations aren’t people”)
besides, they don’t have any

(pic of human-made desert)

The US Senate (sporting event style looking)
(pic of all the seats inside the senate, or house of reps version of meme) (alternate: I could name you 538 corporations that are represented at the federal government before you could tell me 538 representative names)
All Seats Are Sold Out

work’s no fun and going to destroy us
(Pic of rush hour #leavetheratracerejointhehumanrace)
So why the rush?

… and about 240 more memes…

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You will ever get an opportunity unlike this until you are no more. Whenever you are, wherever you are, right now is all that matters.

God is? God is? God is? Goddess.

I can feel your lack of feeling. You’re a beautifully painted wall that was primed in a coat of imperviousness.

Now this slavery is a choice and most everyone seems to be opting in.

Everything but the girl is a euphemism for nothingness.

My favorite selfie (image of Earth)

Walls of defense are walls of suffocation. Ours is a time where hiding is dying.

We are no longer humans because we are no longer.

The condition of intelligence in the age of accelerated stupidity; the condition of strength in the age of advanced weakness.

DisPlay your cards right.

Bite your tongue and you bite yourself.

Another world is only possible, this false world will die with or without us.

Some go to church, we go to churches.

Decar and decarcerate. The prison industrial complex. The punishment is the crime.

Do not let what got in the way be the explanation for the way you got.

Not risking failure is choosing failure.

None seem to be more dedicated to oppression than the oppressed.

If God’s creations are perfect, then you must be proof of the devil.

I got this shirt from a nudist colony.