Almost everything I’ve drafted up over the last 2 years

Note: If this is published, something either went terribly wrong or terribly right (freedom from mediation!) after February 29, 2019 that took me away from publishing but not the power grid or wordpress’s servers. As such, this is a “hail mary” post with all drafty writings:

because of the level of power

we must break the lever of power

MEME hunger
(pic of starv)
no games

fascists want a leader

anarchists want leaders

fascists yearn for a leader

anarchists learn from leaders

MEME – Desertification
(pictures/news stories of california fires)
when we cross over the line in the sand
in to extinction

Belong to other humans
(pic of tribe dancing)
not to hierarchies

MEME – what the earth wants
(pic of polluting factory, oil companies)
is none of our business

a people that tribe together
(picture of drum circle)
vibe together

you can make this stuff up

In ancient times there weren’t all these modern medicines
(pic of medicines)
Nor were there all these modern diseases

MEME forced hot air to survive
(pic of equator)
freely given hot air to thrive
in this country when you vote
(picture of me in a garbage can)
you throw yourself away

we are all fermenting
(picture of K to kefir, k to kombucha, k to kimchi
300 million?
(put a picture of dunbars number)
Our nations are off by a factor of 2,000,000

MEME the hand that feeds
(picture of spray going on monocrops
is best your own

Farmers now, or peasants later
(pic of people farming)
your choice (on side tierra y libertad, and otra side couch surfing)

(picture of electric zoo montaged with some farmland in south jersey)

the only ongoing event on your task list
(picture of task list, with banal things, and then at the bottom “extinction”
is the extinction pr-e-vent (there were alternates to the wording of this meme, focusing on “if our lives are a series of task lists, extinction is not far away

Not my president, not my president, definitely not my president
(pic of trump, obama, bush)

not my president
(picture of monroe)
not my doctrine

MEME with the military industrial complex
(pic of why we fight)
weve all become prisoners of war

MEME – leaving the whole
is to part from life

MEME dont rob (instead), robin hood

MEME Intentional communities: where idealizations are becoming realized

MEME Civilization doesnt numb me, thats why im prescribed drugs.

MEME If u feel like a trapped animal, its bc u are a trapped animal #rewild #dedomestication

aloe vera

let it pore in

both are backwards weapons
to sedate the masses
MEME Cant grow your own food? (pic)
the revolution will not be realized

MEME The best way to get people to leave their mosque behind, is to leave your church behind.

MEME in a time of drastic alienation
(picture of fellowship of intentional communities)
community is revolutionary

MEME don’t lose the election
(pic of people with fists raised)
lose the elections

a people that vibe together
(pic of drum circle)
tribe together

MEME National socialism (pic of nazi flag on germany) and international (globalist) socialism (pic of nazi flag all over the globe # fight ttip!

MEME The land that breathed us in to existence,
(pic of a parking lot)
is now being suffocated by us.

All my heroes
are jailbirds who sung on (mande, magon, gramsci, king)

Meme home stays us

but doesnt move us, or
but what moves us?

MEME migrating

for the home stretch

Phones are easy to program (PIC OF EVERYone looking down at their phone) humans are easier [File: 0001 – Programming Humans]

MEME Humanore composting toilet (pic of composting toilet)
because we give a shit

(picture of inter stellar)
We must break the spell of one directional entropic thinking

where borders accept harmful corporations
(have logo of the trans-pacific partnership)
yet restrict helpful immigrants

if business as usual continues
(show extinction rate picture)
business as usual won’t continue [File: 0002 – Extinction Business]

Tatoos are among th visible scars of an oppressive culture
tatoos are the shallowest of the many wounds that oppressive culture does unto us

MEME (for commune poster?)
Anarchists are destined to die like everyone else, but only if we choose to live like everyone else.

A sterilized environment includes the sterilizer (picture of a scientist in a lab coat)

(can also put a picture of a woman holding a not pregnant pregnancy test)

the difference between the last letter of OWE and OWN will become very clear in the coming years
(picture of a mortgage statement)

is beauty really in the eye of the beholder

when most eye’s are tightly shut?

the death of loved ones might finally wake us up

unfortunately it won’t wake them up

landscape without water or mountains is land to escape

you can change people’s minds, you can outlive them

MEME – anti mcdonalds
McDonald’s sign is to urine streams (we pee on you, and you pee on the ecosystem)

when the clouds (as in iclouds) don’t reign,

(show a picture of a broken cloud storage as a grid down scenario)

wouldn’t it be awful if your murderer was your inheritor? Well, that’s what government is

the have nots have themselves, the haves, have not
(show 2 pictures, one of a group of really poor people smiling, the other of “first world problems” people looking down at their phones

pun, MEME
without the 0 (origin, 0-rigin)

the tedium is in the medium

New Jersey
(picture of either a road or stores or somewhere where there are lots of laws)
All these signs are telling me to go

a species that cannot afford to have kids [File: 0010 – Paying For Extinction]
is a species that will quickly go extinct

I too want global domination
(show a picture of costa rica mountains, forests)
by life biological

they’re not your eyes
(picture of a bunch of people looking down at their smartphones)
if they’ve been appleyezed

the earth says give me your undivided attention
(picture of the earth with a smiley face)
and I’ll reveal to you what you really are

give legitimacy to another and you have none left for yourself
(optional precedent can be: you only have legitimacy enough for one person,)

if big banks don’t make money
(show a picture somehow relating to QE)
they make money

Alienation of the human species
(picture of not sure?)
civilization is what sets us apart.

Your rights stop

where the state’s wrongs (rights) begin

bad mood plus no gun = mood passes on
bad mood plus gun = person passes on
[File: 0011 – Passing On Guns]

Fiat currency
stack against the game
because you know the game is stacked against you

don’t hang your hat on any polititician, because they are sure to walk with it

the most important banks
(show a picture of a food bank, and maybe cross in a seed bank too)
having nothing to do with money

roads are the permanent litter that kill not one
(show a picture of roads)
but generations of life

or alternatively:
however many organisms one can murder in a parking lot
is nothing compared to how many organisms the parking lot has murdered by its own existence.

the time spent calculating efficiency
(show a picture of man with glasses pouring over some documents and a pencil in hand)
is itself an inefficient expense

a genocide over 5 years is called a holocaust

a genocide over 200 years is called American History

or, alternatively

kill them fast it’s called a genocide

kill them slow it’s called american history

just as a fish would not be given notice of their existence in water

a truly free people would not be subjected to countless declarations that they are free

if what was going on now had historical precedent, that would have been the end of history

(or, if what
we wouldn’t be alive to learn from a past time like ours

our history won’t repeat itself if we keep going this way
(show a picture of nuclear bomb /slash/ gmo salmon
history will end

there might not be anybody left
(picture of kids looking at text books)
to learn from our mistakes

you can’t learn from a precedent

that destroys you

there’s a large niche on the truth

because it’s spoken so rarely
(or, add in another MEME
with all the falsehoods, half-truths, omissions, and denials
(show picture of a politician /slash/ and then the cnn doctor)
there’s a wide open niche for telling the truth

MEME Yes, accidents happen, when the infrastructure gears it to inevitability.

accidents happen when we continue the tragic mistake of cars

since there are no genuine/real efforts to actually fix the problem

we should stop calling them accidents

accidents happen

and we profit (and someone should profit, and we want to profit)

It only takes a rare, singularly fired bullet

to eternally end someone’s life

Only the strong survive in a third world, and they are greatly weakened in the process

We generally focus more on the small parasites (4 way pic), than the large ones. Or parasites range from the very small , to the very large.

If we really want to avoid the mistakes of nazism, we must look out for genocides beyond those against humans.

The free market: Where anyone can make it, but not everyone can make it (or anyone can make it, but never everyone can make it)

You cant easily swallow the truth when your mouth has become the exit hole for bull

If weeds grow best on bare earth
(show pic of city)
then we must be the best weeds
alternative is humans grow on baren earth

the victims that survive (atrocities) often become
(pic of Israel flag)
the worst continuers/perpetrators

MEME die and (then) lie down
(pic of fist raised)
not the other way around

monopoly cards meme
(picture of yellow card stacked one high, and the orange chance cards
stacked very high, with bank error against you)
interesting how there are very few errors that aren’t in the bank’s interest

it’s appropriate that we leave it to fungi to rot our world

because it was fungi that wrought it in the first place

flat boring managed landscapes
(pic of suburb lawn)
will breed people of the same adjectives


b/c laws are backwards and should be killed

military superiority is not for beating the bad guys (rarely about beating)
military superiority is for being the bad guys (usually about being)

Jesus doesn’t take away the sin of the world

he pardons its perpetrators in to perpetuity.

our planet is its own best captain
(picture of captain planet)
we should listen and stop issuing our order

MEME humans
(show picture of either genetic growing of humans, or of some obese person)
they just don’t like (make?) them like they used to

The shrinking access to free land
(picture that I created with 32 space board)
has pawns born into checkmate

Citation: Weston, Gareth

use that pic again with words “with the theft of common land is private property”

allow yourself to be a pawn
(picture of a pawn fallen down)
and you will be treated as such

in our digital cages self inflicted genocide is simpler:

we move from the rat race to the rat e-rase

genocide will be much easier
the digital stage of our self inflicted genocide

is moving from the rat race to the rat erase

give your time and money to a team you’re not a part of
following politicians is like following professional sports

they take your time and money, and make you feel like you’re part of a team that you’re not

our grandparents gave our parents a disaster
our parents gave us a catastrophe
and we’re giving our children an apocalypse
WTF, death alone will be overshadowed by the death of birth

humans: extinct in the wild
(picture of the chart of species in
though more accurrately have extincted the wild
and with the least concern…

my freak flag is made of
(picture of me holding up a car door)

my enemies skin

one animal’s development
(picture of a development)
is a million animals’ deaths [and write “another’s” over top of a million, but so that a million can still be seen underneath]

we have been drawn to the sirens for safety
(put a picture of the police car sirens going)
but of course we have never been in greater danger

this siren sings so loud and violently

that we can’t anymore hear our human alarms saying “avoid this”

Humans Are The Only Animals
(picture of people in cubicles
Dumb Enough To Domesticate Themselves

Sitting? The Uinverse has you
(do with morpheous picture)

nice guys who finish last in the rat race
are top placers in the human race


When today’s tomorrow runs out

the best solar panels aren’t built
(show leaves collecting sunlight, show a dog sunbathing)
they are grown

is it me, or is the steel giving us the finger?

the system works all far better than
(picture in a factory of car makers)
anyone works the system

CARS: enabling one man’s fatal stroke
(who multicar pile up)
to be a shared death with several others

don’t be surprised when a world of quick fixes
(show picture of dunkin donuts, quick chek, some pills for weightloss, preemptive war news article)
quickly breaks apart

being quartered used to be a punishment for a crime
(show a picture of a car accident)
now it’s a punishment for living

I am
(show a picture of me, or probably brad pitt equivalent of today)
viagra for women

MEME (for desertification?)

“you can feel it in the air… Much that once was, is lost”

when you turn to look for(ward) an eternal resting place

you turn your back on the rest of us

not even stone is set in stone, so why should we base our lives around a false foundation of laws?

If you go with the flow for too long youll end up in a sewer

You can have the alterior, or be stuck with the ulterior motive

One needs to look far down the road when we r going 90mph

is it for ever or fore ver?
Because The Space is more important than the time
forever important
time is a fiction that space writes the foreword to
(use this when I do my ontology piece)

mexican for resident 2017+

the only border i want protected is the ozone layer!

the only thing that matters about president is what comes after the p

anachronistic MEMEs
memes attacking george bush, etc

another world is actual

your encouraged to invest in a comfortable cage
(Put a picture of a bmw maybe that guy from our complex)
so you don’t see it as such


the more successful they are, the more invisible they are to those they target

a past failed genocide is made visible as responsible

a current succeeding genocide goes

kill people quickly you’re called a murder

kill people slowly you’re called a corporation

kill people quickly you’re called hitler

kill people slowly you’re called monsanto


you take many lives quickly, it’s called a holocaust

you take many lives slowly, it’s called monsanto

or kill people out of anger you’re a murderer

kill people as collateral damage you’re a corporation

honest advertising
(picture of a biohazard garbage can)
suffocating containers are hazardous to biomass (the earth is my container, anything smaller is contrived)

slave driver
(picture of google self driving car)

there can’t be master slave dialectic
because the master doesn’t speak
and the slave doesn’t have anything worth listening to to say

our entire way of life

is leading to our way of death

kill someone and you are taking away their right to life

enable someone else to kill someone and you are increasing their rights?

I was just following orders
(incorrect red x)

I was unjust following orders
(green “c” for correct)
people in authority like to use the term “I was just following orders”

we all know how authorities like to hide behind their badges
(picture of nazi pin, and then a cop’s badge)

work for a corporation? you’re not just doing your job

you’re unjust doing your job

the more you’ve invested in your cage, the less likely you’ll be to leave it

(show a picture of a lexus SUV)

(picture of eyown)
you’re words are poison

something static deforms something living
(one picture of smeagol with the ring in mount doom, and one picture of a human worshipping money)

mobile cage for your body
(picture of cars)
(then picture of cell phones beneath)
mobile cage for your mind

someone put a diaper on this man’s head
(picture of trump)
there’s loads of childish shit leaving his mouth

to be a politician you must have reverse digestion
(picture of trump)
the shit comes out of your mouth


(put triple a logo, darkened a bit with the anarchist logo lighting up, in the middle)
because Helping stranded humans goes beyond helping stranded cars

northern hemisphere people’s!
(show map picture of people migrating south)

put your money where your south is

We’re All In This Together
(show picture of the earth)
Our Very Own Self-Inflicted Genocide

you don’t bring millions to concentration camps,
(show helicopter view of suburbia)
you bring the concentration camps to them

that which neutralizes is the farthest thing from neutral

neutralizing is an inverse catalyst

(show a picture of a nuclear power tower)
anything that can be used for evil is evil already

you take away the property of individuals it undercuts them

you give a society the idea of property it undercuts it

good doctors help you vanquish your enemies
(picture of something being overprescribed)
bad doctors help you vanquish yourself

My freedom ends where your slavery begins…

Please break your chains before they trip me and my children

people who get mad at me and not the system have all the more reason to get mad at the system and not me

children’s book: good night, life on earth
(have a picture of the earth), and have goodnight moon referenced on the side, and good night ocean

government will always linger on so long as it has a staff infection

epic sitting event

(picture of super bowl 50, or world series)
A game for the cages

we’ll go down,
(picture of planet earth)
in our history

Because Teeming with life
is Teaming with life

We need a new s l o w g a n
(picture of exponential curve)
in our times of haste and waste.

MEME Micro-climates

If you want to be Teaming with life

Rebuild micro-climates

Feeling trapped?
(show a helicopter picture of suburbia)
that’s the logic of civilization [0003 – suburban trapped.jpg]

you call it wind damage
(show a picture of a tree limb fallen on a car)
I call it counter-terrorism [0004 –

MEME to accompany post of :the dangers of being straight
the real police
(put a picture of a car hitting a tree)
carrying out nature’s rule

If you stay focused on how the future will play out

you will not have available a full present to play in (or, you will be unable to fully play in the present)
(or, you will preclude yourself a worthy present to play in)

the existence of money is the heaviest tax

that all of us pay dearly for, a burden

if you don’t take your time,
your time will be taken from you

I took this picture

in case the other 79 people taking video and pictures had their phones break

seeing a dj with our own eyes is too painful

we have to watch it through our phone

Top of Food Chain: Last to be eaten
show a picture of a human
First to starve

your drive to work

diminishes your drive to live
Your daring drive to live is usurped/replaced by your daily drive to work (diminshed diminishes)

money circulation stifles blood circulation

the closing of the american body (as complimentary to the book the closing of the american mind)
show a picture of an obese person

how we are to solve

the world’s problems is beyond meme

if the individual is assumed as a given
(put with a picture of many fists raised)
it’s paid for when a greater solidarity is taken

the state used to kill individuals by turning the power on
(show pic of electric chair, montaged with grid pic)
now the state can kill masses by turning the power off
#griddown #poweraddiction

MEME the battle happens at the points of the most intensity (show picture of the human brain)

mass extinction and mass extincting
(picture of animals caught on oil sheen)
are two very different things

the promise of life is broken by civilization

dead time is for the dead
(show a picture of a classroom with the students all sitting, and darken it to give off that negative aura)

not for the living

you cannot heal the wounds of the world
picture of maybe a child dying)
if you do not first feel the wounds of the world

what’s awkward about dancing isn’t the people or a lack of aclhol
(show picture of people dancing)
it’s that we are not all dancing in the woods

the rabbit hole is the deepest we crust dwellers need to go
(show picture of a fracking drill)
mining deeper into the earth has only weakened all of us

how can life keep pregnating
(put a picture of doors being locked or something like that)

in a secure society obsessed with impregnability

if we keep ourselves as Yes Men
(show picture of corporate suit wearing men lined up)
pretty soon we’ll have No Men
(which wouldn’t be the worst thing for the global eco-system)

Capitalism/civilization are not the totality, there is an outside to them,
other worlds are possible

In the game is called capitalism

there are no winners, just different levels of losers

those who are the best at hunting and gathering money
(show picture of bank or bankers)
still aren’t as vital as those who hunted and gathered before money

kill people quickly you’re a murderer
kill people slowly you’re a corporation

when capitalism’s waste got too much
(picture of diseases, sorrowful earth)
shrugged atlast

MEME – Our comrades
(2 pictures, of me hugging a tree, and 2 girls hugging)

in arms

It’s Graining Men
(show picture of fat obese guys)

playfully exaggeration enhances reality, while serious calculation mocks it
(show picture of people dancing and then of hitler marching

capitalism is the religion that aims to reach

the full demeaning of life

what if we told you

oh, we can’t tell you, because language narrows connection to “one at a time”

is the most sinister restricting aspect to the matrix

what if I told you

the machines are winning the war

what if I told you
the most dangerous killing is plantcide

just deicide

to be free

what if I told you

fascist propaganda fails when its not in impact

have suicide, homocide, all with the cross through them, genocide,
which cide you are for

If you ever hear “keep your political views to yourself”

you should know something’s ajar
jar you without you jarring yourself

there will be no history of ideas to repeat itself if we actually drive ourselves into the apocalypse

gif meme (base 4 number replacement)
a .gif of 10 replacing 4

the history of civilization mimics a summary for Dante’s Inferno: There are many different layers to hell

the livestock industry milks, bleeds, and slaughters all the other herd animals

¿why would it be any different for we humans?

Permaculture is proof humans still have hope

Fastgan: because when slogans penetrate, its already too late

MeME Words play us

while other animals play

LRE least restrictive environment
(then put a picture of kids sitting in a classroom)

this is the best we can do?

airplane flyers

inside the point: don’t cut the earth, dig the earth
MEME – communes, a flyer way to live

don’t “mine” the earth, share the earth

Running Out Of Desks

Allowing Real Schooling

bored to death?
Life’s been made to ordernary

Instead of dressing up like animals (batman, catwoman, spiderman, etc)
how about we undress and be the animals we are

Civilization is a dirty word
unnoticed as it blends with its dirty world

MEME this is how you spell fascism (pic of google map city) and nonhierarchical permacultured retribalism is how you dispell it.

what if I told you
I unplugged morpheus
and now he shits fine

what if I told you

comedy makes you laugh when your instinct was to cry

what if I told you

when I unplug your “support”, you stop dying and then live

what if I told you

¿en espanol?

beauty dies first
(show a picture of the whitening coral reefs)

MEME for Colors Post
Colors are more gradient, loss of the subtle colors. Use the morph meme where the light of logic blinds as much as the dark of religion/absence

Three meme Theme, part 2

you say free choice
(picture of cars in traffic)
I say caged animals

you see free choice

I see caged animals

[was inaudible recording at times]
walk for your life (I might have said farm?)

instead of driving (for your death?) off the edge

driving is not your right

it’s our wrong
driving is not your individual right (not the individuals right)

it’s our collective wrong (driving is a society’s collective wrong

What if I told you
(show picture of morpheus with him half really light and half really dark, but hard to see either way)
you could be blinded by the light of logic just as much as the darkness of a mystical religion

I believe kids are the future (and do a strike through to “I believe”)
a strike through of technology, and other things that we are pursuing but shouldn’t be

being plagued by civilization is a psychosis

that we all share

when your kids/grand-kids are dying before you
you’ll be wishing you had taken meme’s like this seriously

We need more PSAs
(picture of an anarchist speaking publicly)
public speaking anarchists

2) black robes: the difference between honoring and illegalizing/scorning those who pass judgments (show picture of supreme court justices on one split screen, and protestors on the other, maybe one against the police, while supreme court protected by police)

language is hierarchy by older means

anarcho primitivism
(picture of a primal man)
the grass is greener on the older side

Better a mistake of words
than a mistake of weapons

you can’t contain us (latuda, abilify,
(picture of pills)

you can only hope to kill us

capitalism is an ideology meme

capitalism: an ideology that abandons the individual’s needs, leaving him repeating “meme”
anarchism: a naturality that exceeds a collective’s wants and needs, vitalizing them to affirm “oui oui”

too much individual meme consumption
(picture of guy looking at an amazon meme?)
results in collective wewe diarrhea

man aged or
(show picture slant upper left of guy in cubicle, and guy running through forest in lower right)
man lived …choose wisely


capitalism IN ITS PLACE

What if I told you?


what if I told you

the screen has you


the matrix misspells witty

What if I told you?

Morpheus is too cool for this meme

instead of cars that drive themselves
(pic of obese person)
what about people that walk themselves

the more time spent playing the capitalist game, the less time to play the human game

remember the apocalypse, because the apocalypse is sure to forget about you
don’t forget about reality, because reality is sure to forget about you

only an ill eagle would try to cover up the top of his head (meme with pic of trump and his toupay), with a black and white eagle highlighting the foreground

covering up balding falding convey’s america is an ill eagle

White lies (written in white impact)
(pic of one of the recent tragedies of cop killing)
black dies (written in black impact)

(picture of a gun)
turning emotional and clumsy (emotional) people

into murders since the colt

MEME (already an aphorism “w is for willing”)
Science is less about understanding the world, and more about standing over the world (MEME, pic of abomb or particle accelerator)

Allowing you to love your enemy and hate your friends

Making enemies friends and friends enemies
disguising friends as enemies and enemies as friends

if we destroy our future

it is justice that there will be nobody left to call these “the good old days”

“lack to the future”

office space meme

(show pictures of people in cubicles)
“humans weren’t meant to live this way”

civilization is a dirty word,
(show pictures of ducks in oil sheen)
the proof is that it’s a dirty world

Bean growers vs bean counters
(or bean counters are precluded from being bean counters)

one happily feeds the world
the other unhappily starves the world

born free, educated into a cage

medicine may take the fight out of you,
but it won’t remove you from the fight

medicine is slavery by chemical means

pregnant with life
(picture of pregnant lady)
Pregnant with death
(picture of obese lady)

(this is what happens when you feed) domesticated animals
(picture of obese lady)
fed too much grain

you thieve animals from their society, put them behind bars, and charge us to see them
(pic of zoo)

you steal our people from society, put them behind bars, and charge us to not see them
(prison industrial complex picture?)

there’s not just one idiot box available for one to be packed in to
(pictures of the television, cars, phones, cubicle)

There may be a puppeteer behind the curtain, but all of us are stuck in the same theater

as violence disguises itself in normalization, life must radicalize itself in wide open visibility

(put picture of known outlandish story)
you can make this stuff up

If you don’t beat to your own drum, you’ll likely be beat down by the oppressor’s

Want your friends to be political?
(Put horrifying picture of war killed child in older brother’s arms)
show them this

(picture of group raising their hands together)
we make no prisoners

what’s the difference between the nazi government and the us government? In the usa they let the people holocaust themselves

civilization’s bricklayers need to be corrected by we brickslayers of the human animal
(picture of a worker using a jackhammer)

property is bereft (behind bereft will be theft, then “of life” all in the faded background of a different font

if history is repeating itself, I think it’s time we listen to herstory

(purple emma picture, rosa luxemburg, 2 other females historical?)

that you have no control over the future, is what those who want to control the future want you to think
you can deny them that

they (always) leave off the “r”
until you’ve already bought the car

Entropy or Something Else Entirely?

Recently I listened to one of the Kunstlercast podcasts featuring John Michael Greer, where Greer put forth the nice, pleasing to chew on, thesis that civilizations on the rise will all have many unique features, but on the decline they all start to look the same.

possible parts to “the isle of uncastrated elder men”
fraternal brother sister twins separated.

“The youngest is always only”

“Any lower and you’ll be lonely”

“if your family gets any smaller you won’t be lonely anymore”

The men were growing wary of the increasing power of the women, so they came to a resolution. So it could be said that a man in Mansfalof could have 5 daughters and no children

Title: Students, You’re Not A-loan: Don’t Define Yourself By Your Condition

Title: Saying tree four thousand times won’t give you a forest, just a headache

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Description: saying tree five hundred times won’t give you a forest, just a headache; anti-language
writing tree five hundred times doesn’t give you a forest. Instead of breathable air, you got suffocated by monotony.

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Description: sarcasm is how a part deals with its ejection from the whole
sarcasm is how a part deals with its ejection from the whole

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Description: the problem of laws on insider trading, pointing out contradictions in private ownership generally
how does one define who is an insider when insider trading has to be regulated? The information will get out in degrees as you get degrees away from the executives, and so the nepotistical effects and the speculation are inevitable to be a large portion of the goings on. And all the arbitrary lines that some go over, and what is information that is valid to go on and when is it too much? It is a very disharmonized situation where speculation thrives under the blankets of lies… there is nothing truthful with money circulation in modern capitalism. Its all about how much can you get away with without getting caught or punished.

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Description: not all bottom feeders are at the bottom
not all bottom feeders (if bottom-feeders are the right term for parasites) are at the bottom – bring up that lawyers live off of the law, financiers of the fact of money, and corporate welfare
people getting money off the labor/intensities of others – intensity and labor would be its own reward if it wasn’t laboring for someone else

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Description: if you water down everything you drown it out
Watering down drowns you out
if you water down everything you drown it out
watering down is a quantitative, and drowning is qualitative

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Description: receipts are examples of things not existing for their own intrinsic purpose, but for keeping track of something else
reciepts exist not for their own intrinsic purpose but for the purpose of keeping track of something else. That’s when you know you have a problem, when things aren’t existing for their own selves but for something else.

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Description: the reason that philosophical materialism is so shunned I this day and age
the reason philosophical materialism is so shunned in this day and age is because we cut ourselves off , physically, from matter in such an engineered and decisive way that we have to look “elsewhere” for something more because its not given to us in the material world, but we are part of this material world and we are destroying its capability to satisfy us because of our way of being in the world

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Description: most apparent feature of civilization is sitting, increased sitting
most apparent of all the features of civilization is the sitting
(or, with civilization comes sitting/ increased sitting)

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Description: if you challenge your ideas enough, eventually you won’t have to challenge the ideas of others
if you challenge your ideas enough, after years and years you won’t even have to challenge the ideas of others

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Description: the more we remember, the less we will go on to do that is worth remembering
The more we remember, the less we will go on to do that is worth remembering

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Description: (on donations) money wasn’t invented for sharing, it was invented precisely to prevent/limit sharing
on donations and handing out money
money wasn’t invented for sharing (it was invented precisely to prevent/limit sharing)

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Description: instead of building a structure for understanding the universe, build yourself into the universe
instead of building a structure for understanding the universe, build yourself, your ow immanent existence, INTO the universe. Harmonize with what is and what is changes to harmonize with you. Don’t be overwhelmed by your separation, connect yourself in deeper ways that are potentially there that are waiting to be realized. We can up our level of consciousness, instead of dividing ourselves out to have more and more “tasks” that we then have to multitask through.

Title: the grass is always leaner on the mother side

Title: Post Against Administrators

teaching isn’t like riding a bike, its more like the ability to go out and take an 80 mile bike ride… if you don’t practice it annually, you lose it pretty quickly.

In a supposedly democratic society, where we pride ourselves on choosing our leaders and evaluating them periodically, shouldn’t we be voting administrators in or out, not the other way around?
Title: the religion of progress is spread very wide, and thus very thin

“To the extent that people dedicate themselves to finding such answers and putting those answers to work in practice, we can have confidence that progress will ultimately outweigh regression.”

This citation could have come out of any wide number of academic disciplines, ranging from bio-chemical engineering to quantum statistics, from
Where it actually came from is less important than the pervasiveness of this widespread idea of progress
it actually came from a

I had a professor who spoke of “disciplinary idiots
People are offended most of the time by new things, but it is only until they are normalized that most things become offensive

New things most frequently offend tradition loving people, but once the things are normalized it is then that they are most offensive.
The conditioned humans

Change before the Crisis

if beautiful works of art can come out of the darkest holes of suffering, imagine what kind of aesthetics would grow out of a truly free and peaceful world

Think of a lego

left alone, all it is is a stupid piece of plastic. Connected to others, it is much more secure and valuable

Lego Contractor Flier (look up architecture jargon/esoteric words)

Commission a custom work of art to flatter your home
A great way to complement the lofty space afforded by a foyer
Inspirational forms to children and adults alike
Choose a color scheme or leave it up to me
Greco-roman style buildings
A mini-world to get
Grow your child(‘s) imagination
Participation allowed/encouraged in the process!
Use two 2×4 blocks to clip a thread to a door, and the flier to the bricks

Add an epic tower

zinc-depleted soil is sure to enough to make people paranoid

Title: Recuerda su Alamo: A Pretext to a war with Mexico

america will want to fold up shop and turn to internal matters of control
From Iron Curtain to The Gold Plated Cotton: American dual identities in relation to gold

The American oligarchs averred to previously (put in link to other post) will refocus their efforts at home and conquering to new depths the american public. They will use their gold and silver advantage, but not in the way of slowly chipping it off to buy wage slaves, but rather the gold will be used for external transactions with the.

China will play in to this and perhaps be the ones pulling the strings, or at least being umpires to delineate what is acceptable and unacceptable for the american oligarchs to do.

to escape the coast, people are going to build rickety boats and then look for a paddle app on their phones

devaluing gold at home, they have more comparative advantage if they control the monetary printing press, they save the gold for foreign transactions
but many I bet will stay at home and be the kings of smaller ponds

there was never an end to colonization, still adding states in the 50s, and many exploits in central and southern america into the 80s, all from the base of the 13 original colonies and if you consider economic colonization, than from the Bretton Woods institutions as well.

Title: A timeline of obsession

Such a strange string of OCD recurrences one would see if looking at a compressed timeline of our human history starting with agriculture, and running through the present: organizing things, to get more energy to organize things further, to get even more energy, only to organize more)

Title: The Grass is Always Greener On the Side Without Winter

Title: If good intentions pave the pathway to hell, then what do bad intentions do?

Title: Normalization

Normalization is what makes everyone stare at a naked man walking through a parking lot and keeps them from even noticing a guy in a full suit on the hottest day of the year

nrmolaziation alolws yuo to raed this and makes your mind lazy

Science forces everything to spiral into control, yet in so doing it isn’t honoring one of its most beloved principals—the second law of thermodynamics, which insists things will naturally spiral out of control.

or, if you’d prefer “Man is born free yet immediately looks for the security of chains.”

or even, “Man is born free yet immediately looks for a woman”

and an abstractic “if man is everywhere in chains, then destroy the chain-making factory”

Away with words: zerzan something
post on zerzan’s anti language bit

metro chicks… metrosexual, nasty worn out middle age smoking chicks…
they wear the scar of their environment
their unattraction is not their own doing
bit of vitality that has been squeezed out
the desert sucks life and is all consuming
the humans will not be spared, for humans the desert has never cared.

life isn’t a rat maze if you break down the fucking walls
calling life a maze is assuming there are walls; I can illustrate this by showing mazes done correctly but labeling them “incorrect” and then one that is done by going along the outside, or by jumping over the walls, as “correct”

using crosses to make a swastika

vaughban (star fort guy), post on
strategy is to leave the place, become cosmopolitanism, we must not be like them, what good is capturing this fortress, it is a trap

its not worth trying to get in to

Title: Whig futurism: Technology Singularity is bullshit
They confuse humans becoming more like computers with computers becoming more human.
title: singularity and human religion

I wanted to lob some philosophical criticisms at the foundations of the arguments for a technological singularity (as I understand it to be some qualitative point that will be reached and surpassed). I can’t promise my analysis is based off an accurate understanding of the postulates behind the singularity, but for this brief meditation I will take on two aspects that I think are open to criticism:

– Problem of Accurate Definition, Measuring, and Measurability. Picking out human intelligence where it is right now in time (it is very variable, and quite possibly not at an all time high, despite popular disbelief that it is) is an arbitrary point of comparison to determine something objectively qualitative that would contrast with it. How do we define what is technology at the moment of the singularity, for there will be lots of materiality that is still technology that is behind the finish line and perhaps never to be adapted—does this average down the whole? Or does it take just one piece of technology to be the point of line crossing, as in one specific computer or computer program?

If the singularity is an eclipse of us now, it doesn’t mean that it has yet eclipsed more complex life elsewhere, for example.

Humans are in all likelihood fooling themselves now—as we have in so many different thought paradigms past and concurrent—that we truly know what we know. There is an assumption that the smallest parts (i.e. quanta or strings for contemporary microcosmology) go on to determine the larger conglomeration of wholes to which they are the “fundamental” building blocks. This entire outlook may be incorrect, and the foundation of motion may emanate from the biological level, or the chemical level, or the level of our most intense consciousness, to make things smaller (down towards atoms), and larger (up towards galaxies) be less than. There are so many mutually exclusive logics available as byproducts of academia and other mental masturbations that the particular ones in which particular technological singularity base themselves off of are in a probabilistic sense—at the very minimum—highly unlikely from being accurate

urrently quantum physics and string theory

with which to compare digital technology, and could

Human intelligenceThe singularity as a measure of intelligence is in the future relative to where human intelligence is concerned,

– reprogramming itself, it’s already been having us do this for i

– that what we define as “technology” is somehow aware of itself in very human or species terms

– we can program it to program itself, but I don’t know that it can program itself to program itself, only if we do the initial programming at the beginning of the recursive chain. We are

– That it is determined to happen flies in the face of the very unknowable determinism of the chaos theory to which many of these singularity thinkers and their idolizers attach themselves.

might be missing some

that the singularity, something qualitative, is defined by an arbitrary eclipse point, eclipsing the smartest part of the human. technology could have long ago eclipsed the least intelligent

there is nothing essential about the singularity, it is not a point, but a trend that is sensed, but it should not be feared outright, it’s arbitrary to focus on technology vs the human condition, when there are so many other animals that could have been focused on as the definining moment.

it is one of escobars moments that will come and go and not be meaningful in anyway

it is superstitious (supernatural elements like soul relied on)

I’d be much happier dying an unhappy death being my own master, than live a pleasant life as someone else’s servant

2 types of people joined the Nazi’s:

1) Those who liked the ideas of the Nazis/Hitler
2) Those who feared what would happen if they didn’t

Nazi Fear Tactics –
A Threats to safety of family
Threat of your own death
Fear of the unknown (Gestapo)

Revive: the death of death

“You’re still alive” said a voice to the sobbing Lyrico. “Not only that: you now have full mobility of your leg.” The man patted Lyrico’s leg, and to his surprise he could feel the sensation. “No more limping, little brother.” It was after all, his brother speaking, but Lyrico felt as if he had faded from familiarity.

the totalitarizing of the totality

4,5,6,7,8,9: The Real Imaginary Numbers

Hour Minute Week Links in Couting Time

A number of arguments four, out on a four limb, ever be four
angles and quadrants are another argument for four, as well as dividing weeks from a lunar cycle
what are numbers four?

subject: Meta^2phor or meta metaphor
There is a vast sea of metaphors, some of which lap

others drown out at the sea

subject: save the world, fuck the world

“depression is a massage that is detoxing the life out of you”

a lack of hope for utopia is proof of the dystopia

Those who don’t do anything wrong by not doing anything are doing wrong by allowing the wrong doing of others

critique of business model under capitalism isn’t a good one,

because stores such as stop and shop probably operate, that might have a great way to do business that allows them to beat out the conversation. The way they market themselves to investors to invest in them, they turn a profit but not necessarily an efficient profit. They are just managing all this money, but they are not necessarily doing anything efficient. It’s more about getting money out of people (investors to jump into their business, by any means possible, marketeering), and creative ways to get money out of people, starting a business that’s really about getting money out of people, not aobut genuinely new ideas. The water is very muddied
the people who have really great ideas would have them regardless of being in a capitalist society or not. Perhaps they’d have a little more ability to pursue them in our society than a fuedal society, but not nearly as much as in an anarchist society.

following levinas’s thinking, freedom has to hold within it the possibility of death. However, going beyond what was explicitly in levinas, there is no inevitability of death.

back date post – anarchism and masters
anarchism is where there are no slaves, only masters. True masters at that, for they will be free of structured guilt and dependence. Self-dependent and nurturing communal relations.
Masters created slavery to displace their own slavery to nature, when they should have not viewed nature as something alien and violent, but as something nurturing and life giving.

the man who only sees parts will eventually be the hole

why we left
we abhor police brutality
we think the state has been used to project unbalanced power that oppresses people

what makes a great speech is having something to say

the deltabet replaces the alpha male syndrome only to replace

Title: Thoughts on postmodernism
postmodernism is a linguistical attempt to free us from our addiction to language; by the way it’s written, it’s doing a good job!

we don’t have to worry about debating the postmodernists, because they debate themselves out of the public sphere
when you write in postmodern, you won’t ever debate an other, because you’ve deb

commune convert

I have an idea for a story

you always have an idea for a story

a guy sent to spy on a commune, finds himself liking the commune because it meets his intrinsic needs

none have ever left the cage, but some are able to miss seeing the bars

different differences: analytic differences and synthetic difference

There are two distinct types of differences. Analytic differences are those that are imposed on a body by practices such as science, to compare and contrast it; separations are intentionally created
synthetic difference is that which arrives out of organic interaction between and within materials to render something entirely new.

forgive civilization, then let it go

a serial killer tortures his victims to bring some balance to the own torture he will feel later when the body lays lifeless

cities are how the weak prey on the strong
(show a picture of a bunch of nerdy business suit people juxtaposed with a field of strong farmers

they are for people far away, they are for those far away, to impose on them.

city skylines aren’t for the people living in them, they are built by machines and their subtleties are non-existent, but

The conservatorium
Conservatorium, place for generations to stay united. You are my blood, the rest dont matter, if i didnt do what i did, you wouldnt be here, watching me. You must commit to this family, and all others must not matter. Your elders, and your children (but later he finds out he is adopted, and he and his father are slaughtered by the younger brother (uncle), and playing the video is the explanation)
“That is my great great great grandfather, yet not your great great great great grandfather”
Desai opened his mouth to ask exactly what was mentioned by this, but Johnson filled

“you are not my nephew, you are not my blood, and therefore your blood must be spilt”
johnson drew out an ancient weapon—a gun—and it seemed to Desai that by the force of sound his body both thrust and shattered onto the ground. The last thing he ever saw was his father who was outside, dragged in by his cousin, and thrust down next to him, told he was a traitor, and also mortally wounded by the ancient weapon.
also attered and thrust

with all the “solutions” businesses existing, we forget that there weren’t actually any original problems in need of solving

the more degrees your removed from an independent farmer, the farther away from freedom you are

are we at the top of the food chain? If there are so many other people that need to be fed in order for us to get our food.

tattoos aren’t covering up the banality, they are the banality
Tatoos are battle scars worn by those most wounded by capitalist culture

when you can see through all the bullshit, all you see is more bullshit

fire isn’t the problem—it’s those that are so dried up who provide the fuel

imports or impositions – switching up the order of imports as being positive, meaning you are a wealthy nation

In a world where supply chain management is a major, supply chain mismanagement isn’t minor

the last man: being at the top of the food chain
top of the food chain, end of the supply line

a time of harvest: a future primitivism

We must move from predicting the future towards creating the future

A blessing are the meek… To the (adjective) hawks who rule them

art is not an end in itself, it is the end towards which a freely self conscious universe aspires
art is only an end in itself when the universe is fully consciously a totality in itself; art in any other situation are the peaks and depths of beauty which harken the rest of us to give up our individualities and synchronize

Leviathan new jersey
we are in a state of state where all can sue all, nobody is above being sued, and the leviathon is the biggest suer of them all

it is not the peak that makes the mountain, nor is it the richest who make wealth

revolution is never far off, the character and aims of the revolution will vary widely based on the degree to whom is involved.

the best way to fight these larger forces that we are dependent on, is to become independent of them

sheep up or ship out, the sheep are easily confused into thinking that they need other sheep and a shepherd, when really all they need is the land. Shitty sheeple

blessed are the meek—not to themselves but to the hawks who rule them
a blessing are the meek—to their oppressors

the venice lesson for the anarchists

the more I unlearn

the more free I am (or the smarter I become)

the less money you make the more you’re worth to human kind

(tag as quote, anarchist theory, libertarian)
the real power vacuum is now, when government exists and sucks the air out of our lungs through the deceptive ideologies of freedom and security; it is up to us to breathe for ourselves and thus deflate the balloon that blocks out our knowledge of intrinsic freedom

the return of cinncinitatus

The farm is the best place to defend both yourself and your compatriots, not in some formal civic body where power vacuumed into

nietzsche: an animal reincarnated as a human

…from one of the carnivorous families

nietzsche was second to one, I am second to none

radio show called Anarchist Voices, and have it spin, and the line through both the A and the V, and in the surrounding circle have arrows pointing in different directions for it to spin, also stressing the greater than/less than
put an S in front, in becomes SAV, and E at the end it’s SAVE
sometimes the show could be turned on its head

fight or flight, carnivore or herbivore

was thinking that flight for herbivores is usually from a predator,

all have in common a bad place, but the carnivores stay until there are no more herbivores on which to prey… in a city there is no more prey, in a literal sense, that must send signals to the humans there that are repressed, and might come out more violently for their repression in some sick version of cannibalism

our large army differs from our large police force because our army takes away the rights of foreigners

a large army takes away the freedom of others, a large police force takes away the freedom of fellow citizens

armies tax your freedom, lawyers tax your money, a large police force taxes both

a large army takes away the rights of others, a large police force takes away the rights of its neighbors

a few good apples don’t turn a human profit out of the rotting tree of corporatism

Will we leave to see another day?

the dichotomy between living on land and living from the land, most places these days that humans occupy are land that is living on, but we aren’t in connection to that land. We need that “from” but we import it from elsewhere in the factory system.

leave the grounds or be buried in them

if we all stop being little brothers, big brother will be forced to change roles

playing dumb is an alibi afforded representative politicians Because with it their constituents can empathize

Anyone who hangs a life in the balance under actual threat is a murderer even if no death results.
Such can be said of armies and their chieftans, the “justice” system that wields a death penalty, and other freedom limiting pursuits of concentrated power

The unrealized arrival of artificial intelligence: GMO crops

they can feed by their constituent parts alone, but the organism as a whole is evolutionarily very weak, which gives

life is a circuit breaker, but our inventions are all circuit dependent. The only reason they can be as machines is if they function dependenably, in a circuitous determined way. Life is very different. The first artificial intelligence are crops and things like that, when we change life/nature to be a machine. Artificial stupidity we made things stupider than they are, so they can do our bidding.
further, viewing genetics in a separated, analytical way, there are huge

the narrow thought cannot consider the wide realm of needed, inter-relational “genetically modified eco-systems” to make a gmo plant sustainable. The huge fossil fuel burden (and the subsidy’s burden on the market system) to produce gmo crops is not considered in the present, narrow approach.

He (the guy who wrote the future for presentism book) misses one of the most telling, and most exciting possibilities
The a priori, givenness of analysis is hidden in the future. An anti-future, if you will, exists as a given.

I must study war and politics so my children can not be on the losing side of such destructive occurrences

I must study ecosystems and sustainability, so my children can inherit something other than death and extinction.

an other words

its no wonder that digital media
logo eccentric

normalization (include guy running naked)

particles show a great degree of compromise, a great degree of anxiety, to get back to their stable position, after a shake up as can be only really evidenced in the violent interactions taking place in accelerators
the energy they take on or give off to synchronize can happen in any number of ways, and it’s not to say or not to say whether or not there is an agency in the particle, it’s just an observation being put forward to annoy the determinists who hope in the microcosm’s there will be something pure and fixed.

the most influential text (writing) ever written

picture of the bible crossed out
and a picture of a stop sign

Science is more than just an attempt to make unpredictable things predictable. Science actually makes things predictable, increasingly so, and it gets rid of unpredictability… that’s what makes it so scary from the perspective of life that requires a free space to evolve.

language teases us that we have a command over something that we couldn’t possibly, as the mere human animals that we are. We don’t control things, we control ourselves in our interaction with those things. We walk squarely around the cardboard box, because if we let ourselves crash into it, it would be square no longer. We spend our time hawkishly guarding our banal objects, and the deeper parts of us starve because we lack an openness to

looking for a word for a fractal that changes as it goes

Violence: Epistemological Distractions, Ontological Destructions

I am not going to disagree with the myriad examples one would produce when asked what violence is. Weapons are violent,

anything that is out of it’s context that isn’t, on a basic physical/ontological level, to make that space more dynamic, more livable, more synchronized. If it’s a simple space (which has already had much violence done upon it), such as a room in a house, where there are containing walls, painted walls, purities of unmixed

The Game of life (working title)
At the beginning of your first turn you can’t really see the board too well
by the end of your first turn you realize you are a master and others are there to serve you

by your fifth turn you realize you are not the only player

by your 11th turn, you realize parts of your play piece are not completely for you but are for others too

on your seventeenth turn…

then the earth continues to turn, but you don’t any longer

I don’t know where god thinks these people up, I mean, what the fuck damn

Is it better to defend someone who is absent from someone present, or to defend someone present from someone who is absent?

horizontalizing hierarchical math
3102 is three zero one two, not three thousand one hundred and two: Not horizontalizing numerical hierarchy three thousand and twelve

the number 2 is not smaller than the number 3 in this number, the large shouldn’t be the placeholder of power, the small is just as privilegable

from Semper fi to Seppify: a marine to leave behind and a mariner to join

De-Marine the rigid wave structures that wash away a man and rename him a marine,

De-Marine the institution of death that is responsible for killing those other to it, and ruining those otherly nuances of those internal to it

Re-marine the land as Sepp Holzer—the ultimate soldier of water—has shown us by adding thermologically diverse ponds and lakes to remind an acre what it’s truly capable of

Re-marine to return nuances to a dying eco-system that is thirsty for difference, but receives only the same petrol dose of fertilizer and pesticide

an ubermensch is never herd
he is drowned out by negative interference
despite the silence of the lambs
their hearing is deafened by the their cowardice/sheepishness
sheepishness deafens them

one doesn’t murder or assassinate an ubermensch, one commits an act of genocide by killing such a new species in its infantility, from the power of example that would be sexed out of the ubermensch
but also such a person is geno-creative (opposite of cide), for an entire generation will be cowed

for trance essay

section on “Trance and Energy”

trance is absorbable, it’s digestible, it’s food in another form; its absorbable energy, that’s what makes it so powerful.

you actually are more attractive when you are listening to trance. Trance basically enlivens yourself, it doesn’t make you identify with the music, its ad-sorb able music.

There is a certain dialectic in the way a trance song progresses: the song in the beginning is giving out lots of energy to the listener, once the song gets quiet, the people have the energy and give it back. And then when the song explodes both the song and the dancers rejoice together.

-Trance is pushing metal to the limits that organic matter can redeem from it. Such violences can still be bent by organic matter, which is so strong despite its known disadvantages relative to metal; (yet) It can make metal do what these brilliant trance songs are, it can pour emotions so that the metal can’t contain the organice undertones which are the beautiful melodies and ability for subtlety which metal lacks and metal by itself will always lack, because metal is a lesser form of materiality than organic life.

There are some songs where their intent is almost evil, where they torture you with such a boring leadup, and just a dreadful, uninteresting, and even punishing to the ears, such as Polaris – Inspect Her Gadget

Trance is free from history, it is trancendental in the true sense, in that it can apply to all different situations. Language without words.

trance is the neverending story (continuously being mixed)

moments that are forever, trance compresses a determined linear laid
out future into a moment of complete freedom and indeterminability.
That moment that evolves instead of tethers.

the industrial revolution has led humans to believe that what is below ground is more important to life than what is right in front of us, above ground.

sustainability is the fucking concept (speech)

its not about whether or not we have electricity in a hundred years, it’s about if we don’t do this your grand children will die, any memory of you in your ineptitude will die

if you are remembered it will be with scorn and disappointment
your grandchildren’s blood will be on your hands

douchebags in shiny pickup trucks

better to be a rude liberator than a polite murderer (explaining why I use the word “fuck”)

don’t be sheepish and choose the polite murderer over the rude liberator; i’ll try my best to be a polite liberator, but if i’m rude, don’t not hear when I say “sustainability is the fucking concept of our age”

beating the shit out of the enemy: the ethics of rehumanization
you must destroy the objects, even if they are part of a person’s body that they are controlling as a means, that must be beaten to the point of feeling sorry for them.

They deserve your anger; your anger is in direct response to their actions that hurt you.

Put their head in a towel (though their head might be the worse part, it also could be the redemptive part)
bruise them, batter them, until you fucking feel bad for them. Once you feel bad for them, there is something worth feeling bad for. Touch them violently, and touch them metaphorically

in taking these enemies of humanity, one might ask herself if she is dehumanizing the person, but I think the reality is that they in their cold interactions with the world, have dehumanized themselves. Are we allowed self-defense, and can the justice of self-defense encompass pre-emptive self-defense?

honey locusts are living proof that mechanical based farming is a bad practice

the herxheimer’s reaction with humans – at first we’ll be very upset, especially those people that were very close to us. But after a time there’ll be a great peace, as we start to appreciate the non-human world.

hobbes and fear of missing out as universal fear

rough script:

“I didn’t know you could interrupt youtube?”
“Crazy how much the government can do.”
screenshot of press conference governmental official planning to clean up because of recent scandals involving despicable acts of pornography, (and a list of all the banal crimes that common americans partake in)
and they will ask, just like the war on terrorism, it is your efforts, you out there watching this, to help hold our societal institutions accountable. We need you to be ever vigilant against these crimes, and for you to help us in our mission to get rid of all corruption.
but having taken place in the atf, but there will be a wider routing out of corruption. They introduce the ATH organization that is beginning ATH mission ath delay strategy

“no journalists, because tehre is no questioning this”
pig latinize paper not dirty: “even though you didn’t write this story, it is for you, because you are literate enough. Literate in pig latin, but literate to the realities of survival in a very harsh world. You have been implicitly helpful with “thel

the mug is half full: an optimistic view of feudal farming

peasants have a sense of ownership not found in current working conditions

isn’t it belittling to think how easily predictable the death of the planet is, and since we are smaller than that, we are micromicroscopically even less significant than that?
the bigger things get, the easier they are to predict. We know a lot more about when our sun will die, and even more when a galaxy will die, or be born, than what will happen tomorrow on the human scale. A cosmologist can more easily reorder a series of 1000 events in the history of the universe, than 500 events in his/her single human life.


a genealogy of reality tv, fictitious? – tag – hegelian history
a woman pregnant with her first child wanted to capture every moment of her families growth, because she knew it was precious but she didn’t want to always be behind the camera not being in the moment, so she thought of hiring someone to film. She didn’t have a great deal of money, so she wasn’t sure how she would get someone to do it, she did find a hire who would do it for low pay, only on weekends, as a documentary of a life. And so on and so forth, they branded the family, she started thinking of money as an end and not the family, and how the family could go towards that end. Her name is Mom Kardashian.

one cannot fully shut down their brain, it can just be loaned to the purposes of another

Turning Woodlands into Wooded land, aka hugelkultur

links to jack spirko convo’s about hugel kultur, paul wheaton’s article

Conquering has been pushed inward

bad music is just distracting enough to keep us from using our brain

we keep normalizing/reducing ourselves to lower levels of reality, beginning with leaving equatorial zones, and weve adapted but it doesnt change that we are much less healthy than we could be.

don’t mind your speak, speak your mind!

ontology is philosophy’s immanent ass whooping that no external critique would break through

both philosophy and science (and maybe art) are both religions that don’t necessitate a dios, or are

privatizable religion

NEW BLOG – Minority Classic Trance , wordpress blog, other blogs

-Music that deserves an other trance,
-because great music is a low frequency occasion,
-music that accesses key tones

About page – talk about how many hours of trance are produced, and the ability to go back and sift for great trance might become impossible

first have a series of really good songs, then reblog the post from subverses –
and then post some other good songs, and then boost the post. Do the same thing for when I finally publish the full trance essay.

Bronner quote – “capitalism is not reducible to the individual capitalist; capitalism is a form for commodification” “capitalists say they want a weak state, but capitalism requires a strong state”

UNIVERSITIES is a multiplicity of contradictions

talk about how the word is made to be singular, but when you pluralize it doesn’t make sense, and then talk about the diploma mill epidemic

humans who cannot farm or hunt-gather are as perishable as the food available (foodstuffs need not apply)

you kill a governor by murdering a person, you kill a government by governing (ordering) yourself

Humans have always had access to migration and we shouldn’t forget that we still do, and so if you’re in a place where all the animals are acting sick (rabies, or obesity, or insane ideas) and you sense a disease, you leave that place and migrate away. If the humans are diseased by less than human qualities, like obedience, you leave that area. If there is over-government, if the land is diseased by roads and obtuse violent building structures, you leave that area for somewhere at least marginally better. All animals do this, and humans sometimes do too, but only we’ve been naturalized to caged herd environments through the violence of language instead of literal fences, and so we stay and be stressed rather than respond to stress and leave.

“for somebody who is against language you sure talk a lot”
“Do you know how the anti-inflammatory herb turmeric works? It actually causes a minute amount of inflammation… “

money is government by other means
the more credit you give the government, the more in debt you put yourself

quality food is perishable, and quality people are not far behind

– post mom is the center of english language (m is right before, and n is right after, mnm as most successful candy? Unfair advantage, mnm’s straddle the language) mnm is one letter off from the first word children will ever say

the middle man (poem)

you are emblematic of the deep inefficiencies of capitalism

oil lubricates your slippery practices

there was once an ocean, but you have destroyed it, to become the unbeknownst king of a puddle

you think you are stealthy, but really you are just avoided

you are the bacteria that proves evolution does not always move forward

you are government at its worst: making others dependent on you, only orderly for yourself, decidedly inconvenient and enervating to those you claim to service.

You are forceps that force romance to split
you add a right and left arm to the supply chain, but only after you’ve chopped off the left arm of your one neighbor and the right of your other neighbor

sugarcoating done by your foul hands can’t help but quickly ferment into rot.

human kind survives despite you, not because of you

you are an untimely tampon that inserts itself between two legs that want to vaginate
you are a condom that concentrates urine
you exploit forgettable crevices and create a toll road for waste management

what you purport to add would best be smoothed down,
you are the persistent pus that keeps a face pimpling

the subtraction of all the parts is not less than when you add yourself to the whole

you are overlooked for the right reasons, but also, detrimentally, for the wrong ones
the great moments of the 20th century cannot hope to balance your banal daily destruction

you advertise in between advertisements

you are the losing sequence of Tetris, the losing roll in a game of chance

you’ve learned from the struggles of others how to enrich yourself at their expense
you are the Sisyphus who put out a charity collection cup
you aren’t a bad means to an end, you are means with no end, pointless motion

to compare your splotchy (sketchy) existence to art is an offense beyond turning finished canvass into toilet paper

you are the imaginary friend to adults; they talk to you as if you exist for them

you are the worst of us, and your ways keep us increasingly far from the first of us.
you are those worst of us, you are the worst within each of us.

There’s no room for middle men when people act as ends in themselves

that capitalism hasn’t convinced YOU that it’s the all glorious is a nice reminder that it isn’t all dominating, despite what pessimists may portend

it’s no wonder that the theory of evolution has to deal with such fierce attacks, when the modern world is so apt to regression, so full of examples that point to regression and devolution

america and its divided state

Leninism in reverse: The Anarcho-primitivist volunteerist project (include a picture of lenin flipped upside down with the anarchy A put on top of it)

Lenin’s project—as explained to me by academia—was to create modern capitalist proletarian subjects (out of mainly peasantry) and speed up industrialization (beyond mainly feudal farming). He was an impatient and stubborn man, who took many shortcuts in this project, and ultimately warped what was probably his original vision for his country and the whole world which he saw as imperialized by capitalism. In any case, I believe Lenin’s project of converting peasantry and converting to machine based industrialism was doomed from the start if a liberated self-determining people was the endpoint after which he sought.

Our projects differ also that we need to change a culture, not just an economic system, but rid ourselves of a linguistically based mode of ideology that reinforces stagnancy and an inbalance with natures resources, to an ontologically (excuse me for not having a more nuanced word at the moment) based mode of ideology that reinforces a dynamic, humbling balance with nature

DAS TROY Kapital
see about snapchat

POLITICAL searching for a CARTOONIST. Message me if you want to join forces in this (or other) regards.

Its a far leap to poverty/enslavement, which is why governments like to insert many stepping stones. This policy is one such stepping stone.

paper air plains with on it for next may day rally (a sunday in 2016), get one of those designs for it, and it can be stuck in all kinds of different places. Also put some cool quotes on the plane wings, maybe something like “since the land is made unlivable, we must fly above and tunnel below”

v for verses – page before “subre” which could be how I use play on words, tactics of undermining and making fun of overly serious linguistic pursuits

Ray godgutsandglory blog, you are the most devoted follower for the summer at least, and this comment is a shout out to you! – I love the pic and the point you make here:

I think pursuing utilitarianism leads to a collective loss for the whole, in the name of a collective gain.

video: clouds without rain turn fertile lands insane

cousinless: the chinese state’s population policy
“china no vagina”
unintended consequences – generation hierarchy is much greater because the kids don’t rule things, or govern themselves at all, don’t have a chance (there are less peers, less collective understanding of society). They are governed by their parents, who spoil them, and governing their kids. There is much more individuality.

China hiring americans to police/bully other americans when anarchy comes.

Linguistic thought is a chorus, it’s not linear, which is one of the many reasons its so difficult to write down ur thoughts… Its a trimming job

limes and seedless fruit might be wrong

bio hypothesis elemental diet mechanism of action and warrior diet

Leaning Away from hierarchy, towards the horizon: anarcho-communism in transition

When a tree falls in a forest, life honors that trees demise by an unquenchable surge of commandeering of the biomass that it left behind. Water slowly saturates the dry wood core, and two kingdoms of life (fungal and plant) begin their fruitful work to make use of the tree.

the concept of leaning vs nurse tree horizontalism, importance in anarcho communism, you lean on those for what you need, not for what you want them to do for you
guy standing – verticle deterrence, we could be like that on our borders, or we could lie down to be a bridge to the outside

Choose to Fuck w your mind now, or have your mind and body fucked with later

Putting your life on the line or in line with the law, either way the state is detrimental to your life… better to freely Put our lives on the line now, than put our childrens’ lives helplessly over the line later

7th generation applied to technologies that haven’t been around for 7 generations, should be curiosities and not necessities, like computers we have made ourselves dependent upon. The add on technologies of one year should not become

Of course I don’t believe a federal regulatory agency should over see that this rule be applied, because they would give false assurance that everything about the “coming of age” technologies are well and good even if they weren’t. No, it’s just a principle that we who survive this age of unfettered technological destruction of our planet should perhaps reinstitute as an appreciation for the way of life of Native Americans that have been whole-accosted.

if you want a sustainable future, you must look to a sustainable past, not the brain of an engineer, we want to be engine far

the last great wave of the tsunami before the post tsunami sea settles into its business as usual

3) why I like my anarchy green (show a picture of an embryo in development)
share with eco anarchy page

when movement’s fail, they stop moving, or versa vice?

A map delineating King’s movement might look very similar to a nomadic wandering travelled, and it gathered people culminating in the poor people’s movement. It could be argued that the movement ended when King was assassinated, but it could just as readily be looked at as dead when people stopped moving from city to city to spread their message, which maybe king’s death acted as a deterrent, a predator making itself known that halted the game trail. But what a productive game trail it was!

This is not a possibility only for those who conquer with ideas, but for those who use weapons. Most world infamous conquerors conquer at a great pace, which roughly parallels the pace of migrating humans, sometimes sped up (and more oftentimes slowed down) by machinery.

even capitalism, if viewed as a movement, which it has made itself dependent on the motion of many goods at accelerating rates

a fakelore (page on subverses)
a sub verse (page on subverses)
a vice verses (page on subverses)

legacy or loss: the dynasty of the lakers of los angeles will be one of loss if they don’t add water features and swales to the landscape. They must green the desert, or succumb to the heat death.

state and federal parks (more in voicemail)

the future is written by bad government and those who have no appreciation of the anarchistic grounding of reality

To have laws is to have less of everything else. Less time for everything else, because laws procure certain hours of access, and less space for everything else, because laws restrict almost everyone from accessing almost everywhere else. Tragically, the stipulations of laws leave less space for critical thinking, and more tragically still, less space for a critically formed ethics that is non-reliant on some legal code to answer the question “what to do?”

the hormetic effects of language: the role of the critical writer

I’ve often dwelled in anticipation of comradely (or an enemy spoiler)
if I’m so against language, then why do I write? It’s because my words have a hormetic effect, like turmeric—they stimulate an immune response—subtle enough not to hurt much, but direct enough to prevent further hurt from larger more destructive language ensnarements

concision of language – writing concisely of the future, so you are not lying about the past (if your writing were to dwell in that)

words can capture, if we passively submit our world to their dominating logic

you’ll know someone to be a truly great leader of ushering in communism when their name is forgotten but their ideas not
name forgotten but ideas not
are the greatest teachers of the collective force of humanity

a trophy wife and atrophy wife

the two can be the same, wearing down whilst appearing to build up

fortunately I have neither

the one who has all the psychiatric diseases, is the one who will shine the light on the disease of psychiatry (prophecy)

I am viagra for women

the human pain receptive nervous system only captures particular violence and pain causing instances. There is much pain that isn’t sensed by our receptors probably because they were violences not created in the natural world, but violences of mankinds own making. And it pains humans just as much as it does animals living in the natural world.

miseducation is as readily and able to be used as readily as education right along side each other, therefore language is the most perilous tool developed by humans

if prisons are for confining things, what confine’s prisons? Where does a prison’s influence truly end, and freedom truly begin?

writing is the misuse of trees, and speaking is the misuse of musical instruments (put with a picture of a piece of paper by a tree, and split screen and put a voice talking and a voice singing.

man confuses soil with dirt, precisely because he doesn’t see that he turned soil into dirt. His reactive part of making soil into dirt, he does not understand the destruction he has wrought.

a state is failed by its own definition (tag as “failed state” too)

anarchist commune: if you build it, they will come, the state’s existence is proof evolution isn’t always moving forwards; to the oppressive state: all give some, some give all

Months of toil and a few weeks of vacation, when all a human really needs and capitalism cant provide is productive work

The difference between the fungi kingdom and the state is that fungi are essential to the other kingdoms of life.

We r a nation, and we dont need a state, but we do need land

the state isn’t disabled, it is a disability, and thus should be combatted, not defended.

the most destructive document ever written (on picture of money) “sorry mein kampf”

Title: Satanical Sacrifices

I don’t think you’d call it a paradox, maybe more of a tautology, that occurs whenever there is any purported satanist initiating a sacrifice. Namely, if a satanist is planning to sacrifice an animal to summon Satan or some other demon, the very act of a sacrifice is one done by the devil, or an evil force, if one believes in such a thing. I don’t know if any see it that way or even get that far (to doing sacrafices), I hope they don’t and it angers me to think that they would, the far more unintentional deaths happen at the hands of people who would describe themselves as loving and caring. These are my thoughts on an ideology that I probably don’t understand, but that many of the followers probably also don’t really understand, and if it can prevent any unnecessary grief or provide illumination, then there you have it.

Open public spaces not open to the public, town homes without towns: welcome to suburban new jersey

town homes “born quick, die quick” a half picture, half new homes sign, and half a pic of nats buzzing around, or whatever bugs are notorious for dying quick

people gladly exchange for the known frequent dangers of modern times for unknown rare dangers of precivilization

speech to anarchists –

“We r a nation, and we dont need a state, but we do need land “

7000bc genocide b4 adam and eve

Genocide creates equality

supposedly you reach more people with words in a rhyme
you can do this and still distribute the justified slime
if only I could sing, or dj more minds
bogus social contracts would unbind

power that we have not, we must scour for other forms
go bravely into the unknown, where there are no norms
freedom you’ll find there, without the trooper’s storms
nature as it should be, wriggling with non-human worms

(with picture of brown green anarcho)
‘Share Me’
and I become more real

the mouth: what goes in is a lot more important than what comes out

a “get out of fail pass” is the virtual (bergson), but we need the right/ability to fail

sisyphus in the cold

how man gets stronger as he pushes a bigger snowball up the hill, stronger and stronger, and then he develops a machine to do it for him, and then he becomes weaker

all card players first front their ante’s before playing the public terorist card game

government isn’t a special ed student – don’t be the person who counters with a positive point of government for every legitimate criticism of it. A 100% would not justify government, what makes you think a 50% grade is passing?
100 million helped does not balance 100 million hurt

how dare you do/teach what you please; this is america, we have principals!

Mommy, is heaven where all the plants and animals we kill go, too?
Aw, sweetheart. If they did then it wouldn’t be called heaven any longer, would it?

Monsanto on Hitler:

Kill an entire race?!?
Childsplay! We only invest ourselves in mass extinction.

because advertisements always sound too generous

Title: Poor Diseases (And Poorer Taste)

Poor ALS, your impressive record of millions dead is now marred by your failed celebrity assassination. The scars you left on Stephen Hawking are really scars on you, for it is your image that’s weakened. You are not as mortal as you thought.

Poor siphylus, you used to be the test of love’s crazy devotion, a pendant to be carried to the grave. Now you are discarded as a one night stand. Your brief existence is allowed only as one example of the mighty strength of your penicillin enemy.

Poor cancer, you are statistically stretched so wide that it looks like you are losing the battle.

Poor measels, all you want to do is build up the human immune system, but ghostly shells of yourself now block your ability of entrance. As if that’s not bad enough, it’s the body of young children who come to mock you, not equating that a shell that looks like you is not equatable to you.

Poor AIDS, you now suffer from a deficiency syndrome, unable to break free from the daily cocktails. You work hard but only to pad the wallets of drug companies, not for your own glory.

Prions, you’re not poor. You are evasive to science, a deadly guerilla. You still create nightmares, and you scare the shit out of me! Come upon me, and I will do you battle, I will evade your destruction by new neural constructions. Chase me through my waking life and my dreams, but this landscape is extendable. You will chase me into universes of our creation.

Guns, you’re not poor. You get to murder without taking the blame. You are the disease overlooked by man’s fascination with metals.

Cars, you’re not poor. You get to kill tens of thousands without being blamed

Armies, you’re not poor. You make others poor, and you attract the poor and the unimaginative for enlistment. You are certain death to an individual of your choice, and certain crippling to any nation of your choice, and necessitated injury to the nation one of your origin.

All power to the animals! (humans you’re invited so long as you leave that civilization bullshit and home

most people when comparing
which is more wrong


no kidding is a motto for a genocidal army

Is it not racist to say that humans are responsible for climate change?
Why not be a nationalist and say Americans and Chinese are responsible?

dam – nation
nations that dam up rivers and cause fucked up water flowage, ruining seepage etc

the newest testament: the church of oil and there heresy of organic foods (the earht was created 70 years ago (when the green revolution happened) and heretics are those who believe food can be grown without chemical inputs)

political cartoon

Huh, I didn’t know plants could grow on their own?
What bullshit, they need humans to give them oil
the world started 70 years ago

the horizon is the line that’s drawn to indicate where the geometrically minded human race should dwell.

net loss – history of the net

human worth overshadowed by with networth
magic used to stimulate thought, where now magnetic stifles it
we used to do productive work, now we network to find the securest highest paying job
we used to fish, now we net fish
net subtraction?

Don’t pay taxes to the state
Don’t pay service to the state
but the most important thing, is to not pay attention to the state

Title: Murderability – black people being more murderable because of past crimes,

so once a past crime is committed, these people become more murderable, black-mailable, there is a whole list of assumptions that follow them. African Americans have to deal with this without even having committed a crime, the only crime of being born black.

there is a lack of investigation, there is an overlooking when justice would warrant a deeper look. But anybody who spends some honest time looking at this polis will not justice is not a de facto attribute.

Rights change, there is a downward spiraling ability of rights.

the most dangerous assumption is is (when you turn is on it’s side, it becomes a similar, not an equal sign, which is far nearer the truth. Is becomes what it is when you turn it on it’s side

in the age of a lostmodernism


Johnson awoke with a very uneasy feeling that he had done something terribly wrong. This wasn’t the first time he had this feeling lately—he was starting to get used to the queasy feeling—but never this pronounced and guilt provoking. He was in his car and had apparently taken a nap without giving himself consent to do so.
“No matter, what’s done is done,” he thought to himself. The gnawing fear that society would catch him and throw him into prison for his existence, had subsided. He was growing very tired of these onsets, and instead of seeking out professional help which would earn him ridicule from the guys at work if they found out, he decided right then and there that he had to rid himself of these panic attacks his on way. Very direct, very Johnson.
“Fuck feeling guilty over doing nothing wrong,” he pounded his fist onto the steering wheel, “I’m going to break the fucking law and not feel anything.”

do plenty of things wrong, and feel no guilt. I’ll let society feel the guilt after I break some laws, let them deal with me

“shoot, it must have been changing to a green light” he thought to himself.

“I’m going to speed”
he kept going faster and faster, he even zoomed by a ticketing officer, and was sure that he would soon have a swarm of police ready to pull him over. Did he outrun them, did they decide not to chase him? Was he being too illegal to even be noticed? These are some of the thoughts running through his head.
By his car’s colorful projections.
He drove home to get his gun. His family was asleep upstairs in their bilevel, so as long as the dog didn’t bark they wouldn’t notice his coming and going. He used his key to enter from the back, and quickly made his way to where he kept his gun. There was no need to turn on any lights, he had been living in that house for as long as he could remember being an adult. He opened the cupboard to reach for the gun… it wasn’t there!
“Shit,” he said to himself. Maybe I left it in the car?” He ran out, forgetting to
they let him drive his own car

The house was quiet, his wife out at work and the kids already off to daycare and school
“What a day!” he sighed to himself, throwing his things out of his

he leaned over the couch, placing a pillow at the one end for his head. He emptied his belongings from his pockets onto the adjacent table. A phone, a wallet, and a badge that read Sgt. William Johnson.

5 political parties is a hand that slaps you

1 political party is a fist that punches you

either way your abuse by the state is the result

bee’s working but not producing any honey

worthless money
proverbs typically promote the dominant paradigm;
subverbs attempt to subvert this paradigm

We are working so hard because capitalism isn’t
(and technology)

we work hard for capitalism, but it does not work hard for us

we work hard for capitalism, but it does not return the favor


Title: All In It Together

kids on first day of summer break, there is a tree house they are going to build and making plans to spend all day every day there, maybe even sleeping there and growing their own food, in the surrounding forest. All these creative ideas and thoughts about trying to make it camoflauge so only they know about it. So the guy who rally’s them has effectively gotten everyone excited, they all had plans, this is their summer together to do this great awesome thing. One runs off to research how
to build a door frame (but he is then later figured out by his mother).

They are working on it for about 20 minutes, when one kid’s mother is calling for him reminding him he has summer soccer practice. Another then remembers that they are going to go pick his older brother up from the airport, and then is spending the night in the city. Another realizes that his mom is buying him the newest chromebook that you can set on camoflauge mode. Another, who drinks too much milk, wants to go get with some girls. Then two brothers remember it’s their week with their dad so they have to go and said they’ll help when they get back.

A little later a cynic comes who wasn’t in the initial flurry of many, but here when the numbers are down and never gets that initial excitement.

One kid has to go to his asthma doctor.

One suggests they go watch sponge bob and

Then a parent comes out and is concerned because they are using hammers and nails and would only want them to work on it when they can be supervised by an adult.

Title: Blood money (blood is in demand)

it’s not a far leap from the world of legalized organ donations, organs for profit (legalized and illegalized), to illegal and legal blood selling, or breeding people for their blood. I am very fearful of the utilitarianism and now there is a direct reason as an 0 negative universal donor
I see myself as a future animal being tested, the curious scientific mind can’t help itself… once blood is conceptualized, they’ll start wanting to look at subtle differences between one blood type’s organ functioning verses another.

A domesticated animal, kept to certain environmental conditions. I’m sure if the nazis were armed with the scientific knowledge we now have (which it’s not a dismissable argument to hint that they are), who knows what horrors are being inflicted on the human animal…

Fictional today, experimental tomorrow: The real dangers of science fiction (today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s science)
it enables scientists to make htat leap into that world, it forms neural pathways just like other information would, and they will be normalized to any of the horrific elements.

In a just world, a sell out would mean you were doing something right

being called a sell out is a compliment you are giving to the world.

fucking with minds, fucking with these times

My worldview isnt distorted, the world itself has been distorted.

“teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime, supply a man fish and choose when he starves”

how long did it take to write this book? 320 miles

4wrd tag as one word poem, puns, and put date as 8 14 so its back dated

Engine stopper, unaquainted neighbors, the horror of the situation subsided and smiles took their proper face. The machines faded from their minds. (fragment to be part of some story, but I have no idea which, I wrote this on aug 13, 2015)

There is no human condition, just humans conditioned or liberated

humans being conditioned is what’s really going on, not humans adapting in modern times.

Capitalism is so effective at destroying taking away from/being in the moment bc while it is taking you out of it, it’s inserting corporations into it

Humans arent awkward, civilization puts humans in awkward situations
talk about awkward structures, language is awkward to our brain and moreso our tongues as concrete restrictivities are awkward to our bodies.

archimedes’ principal? Archimedes didn’t need a principal, just himself

Novel Ideas: Fragments Part 1

1) The title of a this story would be “Slaves” and the story is from the perspective of a slave owner. The story progresses through his daily tasks and the reader would get the correct impression that the man hates his livelihood but feels he has no other choice. He is not one who cares or feels guilty about owning slaves and he is indifferent when they are in pain or one dies, it all just seems like a big giant pain to him. He is normalized to the cruelty, but he just doesn’t feel accomplished, he doesn’t feel like a human, though he is not fully aware that such is his core issue, he just has a sense that. Slaves is of course ironic because it includes all the humans in such a relationship.

2) Title of the article would be “fourteen” and it would be about the 14 hours everyday that we don’t know what our paleolithic ancestors did. They were survival hours as far as we know, but hours spent in luxorious freedom, perhaps dancing as well as casual sex b/c their libidos were sure to be stronger allowing for more of that activity. The possibilities with so much free time, and ephemeral artistic energies.

3) The Hungry Vulture: a utopia/dystopia where no animals are allowed to die. Roadkill when it happens is revived and
Fragments Part 2

1) the 25 hour day – novel idea where they slow the earth’s spinning by planetary collision to give that extra time, having a series of comets redirected by spatial nuclear explosions to push the earth’s upper atmosphere against the way it usually goes, and so slowing down slightly the spin speed to “25 hours”. The extra time causes so many bodily and psychological issues for all animals that the efficiency or luxury of an extra hour actually kills all multi-cellular animals because of the unbalance, and because of the temperature instability, and so animal life dies and fungi and plants continue to dominate and give rise to new “animal”s or faster moving types of life which are more akin to ents than animals proper.

2) the liberation of metals – life of metals as being above ground


teleology is the carrot on top of the cakewalk of ideology; I don’t eat cake.

graves are where we bury our dead, mines are where we bury our living

mountains are missing


graves are dug for

Stressors and adaptation

say the thing about how humans are the only animals that stay in stressful situations. One way we mitigate it, for those of us who don’t flee the stress, is that we align with the stress (compromise) partially at least. So a job, or a town tax, we say “alright, we’ll give some of ourselves to that stressor” and people have had to divide themselves in that way, which is bad because that compromise allows that stressor to continue, and people have had to divide themselves. And some people are so bad at adapting to stress that instead of dividing they align 100%. These are the people that became full fledged nazis, or those that became capitalist poster-children because they say I can’t beat it and I can’t flee it, I am going to join it fully.

if city life is stressing out, and you flee it, and everybody who is stressed out also flees it long enough, eventually king of like george washington, you’ll get stronger in other ways and you’ll be able to maybe defeat the stressor or starve the stressor, it can’t feed on you anymore and because the stressor needs something to propel it forward. But perpetually staying there is a lot different than perpetually moving and evading it.

The more we spread our way of life the thinner it gets.

thinging and thinking

Title: So human

“So I was going to start off naked, but then I decided that might

She ran over, catching his release as he kept ejaculating”cum in her hand.
“What are you doing he said in an orgasmic daze”

“It’s part of you, that I want to be part of us, I want tonight to get started on the right foot”
“this would have made gandhi
this would have sustained him through his hunger strike

I can’t believe I’m doing this” she laughed into a pillow, her body was never so elated. Jared leaned on her, barely able to walk he felt her energy so strong, he knew it was okay to trust in her confidence.


“this is radical acceptance”
“we are going to put therapists out of business”
“we are gonna put business out of business”
“comrades in arms, heh” laughed julia.
“not just arms” john replied. “much more than arms”
“I just want to share everything with you guys” shayla beamed.

“You are” said in her new deeply relaxed tone.

only she realized, as she stopped her gentle singing, that all their breathing was completely synchronized. she let herself join them.

none of them ever existed again

my religion exists in this world, and it goes by the name of life. I don’t use my religion to advocate the killing of other animals/plants/fungi

constipating the shit hitting the fan

all my thoughts about how the oligarchs (for the lack of anything more precise) may not be able to change the course of events, but they can anticipate them enough to brake or accelerate their happening to coincide with their own plans. They can be opportunists with leverage enough to time their opportunities.

the misappropriate use of the mathematical concept of averaging

the unhappy consciousnesses made themselves too conscious of all the fetters thinking that one #300 among 299 #1s would bring everybody to a #2, but all it’s done is make the 299 people placed at #1 glad they haven’t tried to increase their count. Averaging doesn’t work in social phenomenon.

language is the most effective captor, language is

language is the original captor if you posit humans as originary
words being prisons (include other thoughts and memes like this)

matter, then dna, could be the original captor

on the

Title: the realities of daydreaming, or to a Vibrant Imagination History Pales

pre-traumatic stress disorder – one who is traumatized because they can see or sense what is coming, what logic is dictating for the future

daydreaming is like the real education the play drive, we give to ourselves, yet at school it is unseated through seating. It’s under siege at school and at

the impetus never goes away, because it is part of us and it is surely much more important than history as a learning device. History is a distant second to the brilliant insight of an unbounded day dreaming session; the two can work in tandem of course, but imagination needs to be given its place, or humans aren’t deserving of their species’ entitlement.

I come down so hard on history because we don’t have nor can we rely on history for the collective societal decisions that we have lately been making. Further, if things go awry which isn’t out of the picture, the history we are making won’t be catalogued for future generations to learn, because there won’t be future fucking generations.

¡Well, In the second place!: Downgrading history and pedstalizing the human imagination
in old times the only mistakes you learned were the mistakes of others
your own mistakes would kill you, which is why our imaginative capacities are quite essential to us, and should be privileged far above historical texts. History is a distant second from the imaginative capacities to which we have been endowed. For must of human existence we had no history on which to depend for lessons. We had the lessons of non-scientific contingent observation, and it is in those situations when we are at our best. Not in the false safety of our tepid modern world.

A media visual audio report of a fatal car accident gives an account of a car accident with a car resting in a smashed up state. The burden that would have fallen on a person exposed to the accident upon hearing about it is relieved; rather than imagining and drawing out empathic energies for the final moments that the person in the accident must have gone through, the person instead has this medium destroy any ability to mentally connect to a plausible hermenuetically derived feeling narrative. People become passive in their own world of horrible violence, depersonalized from others is mirroring the depersonalization from oneself.

history is a reminder that we think too much of those before and not enough on those that will come after us.

Title: oxy morons
safely home to new jersey

subjectivity under siege

science reifies everything it touches + science now touches almost everything = humans are reified. Do you think a rising ocean would conscientiously stop when it realized the next island it would flood was the last land of human subjectivity? No, we are very much under siege, and in a few decades some of us may still be walking around, but I do know we will be less human.

But we must realize, subjects that are still standing, just as islands that aren’t yet swallowed, are despite their alienation and reification, still defying the logic of gravity.

the chains of slavery encircle also those who are purported to be free

your mental slavery erodes my physical freedom; wake up and join reality, and fight alongside me consciously instead of unconsciously against me.

pulling back the cloak of oppression anywhere threatens veiled oppression everywhere
I say this in direct response to a socialist acquaintance who criticized the corporation for not naming capitalism as the enemy
capitalism is certainly a lot of the patchwork in the umbrella of oppression, and corporations are a large umbrella that fall below it, but there are other abuses within capitalism, and oppressions that are outside of capitalism, such as money itself, and language, as well as property, and then definitely architecture.

questions for paxus alto commune dude
can I record your talk for a new podcast I want to start?
I had some questions which I will ask you at the event, such as grid down scenario, civil breakdown, would twin oaks take in refugees? Could
would somebody, namely myself, be able to go and work for a few months, build up an unused credit, but just work so that my family could have a place to stay in the future?

if you take the heart out of art, all your left with is a negative man
if you take the art out of heart, all your left with is “eh”

– write email to jack gleeson
Hey Jack,

I don’t know if this email will find you, but before I let the thought slip I thought I’d draft an email as to seeing—according to the wikipedia article I just read—you have very similar interests to my own, both recently and generally. I have “published” some philosophical, anthropological, and philosophical-anthropological works on my blog, of which the following links you might find intriguing (or perhaps as train wrecks)

I hope you don’t mind, but I am also forwarding this to some graduate students of philosophy that might be able to forward it to you if they know your particular email address and had a mind to.

I was thinking of pursuing acting as I am in the process of leaving the education profession for a time at least, as it seems my penchant is for other creative interests.

I am also very curious to read your article “The genesis of human developmment, et al” if you had a pdf to share, and any other ones
and I wrote a piece about a month ago (and have another in the workshop)

A magon and zapata Escuela

to get masses of people to fight a revolution, they either need to really love what they are fighting for, or absolutely hate what they are fighting against. Anarcho-communism with a primitivist critical outlook provides both—it
something so ontologically divisive as technology has no role to play in an organically towards greater unition (and end of aliernation) as anarcho-communism. Such a project, regardless of the two utlimate ends that people who espouse one or another aim to create, they should be combined.

on november 5, get an anonymous picture on a polo shirt, and wear that to school, especially if it’s an A day.

the anti-utility worker (share this with zerzan)
one who works to not maintain.
basically, we have to unmake, “clean up” by not cleaning up after these messy, violent, hard edged surfaces we’ve been creating. This acts as a play on words too as it is construable as advising to cut the power lines
let us not take responsibility and take care of all (the progress) we have inherited, and see it for what it is.

we’ve stopped anti-life enemies from going under a bridge, now it’s time to stop anti-life enemies from going over a bridge

the changing of screws as microcosm that needs extrapolation, fearing, and then acting against
non-phillips and non-flathead screw drivers are not just being used so you can’t access the insides of what you technologies you purchase, they are themselves a technology being found in bathroom stalls and in all place of tightening control, where they don’t want you to have any access to take down their systemic structure. There are cadres of security firms, people that go to work daily not to bodyguard people, but to proliferate impregnability

The schizophrenia of co-teaching Inclusion Teaching

I thought I should write this when I was in the thick of the sewage that results from the wasting known as inclusion teaching.
Arranged marriage, but not by two families who may have some of your interests in mind. Such divorces sometimes happen when both partners are having a fruitful marriage, but other expediences call in to interrupt.

In a society of high divorce rates (I’m on my 7th, 8th, and 9th marriage in 7 years of teaching), so maybe it’s just me.

Inclusion teaching

I will not be a subcontractor for Pearson any longer

nothing in the linguistic/social media sphere should decide for you how to live your lifestyle

comparing the feelings you have living indoors among colleagues or outdoors among comrades should be more of an important factor.

The movement against incessant movement: Ode to a future highway protest

I’d get on my car and raise my fist
and what I would say is just this
You comrades
are the bravest ones
I’d give you many hours more
for what you’ve done
I’d be glad to sit in hours of traffic
if caused not by meaningless death but a line of picket

cowering (or silencing yourself) before academics, because they have a phd

makes as much sense as silencing your notions of justice before the police, as if they were the real wielders of justice.
academics should not be conflated as truth. It’s more accurate to call them diploma mills and knowledge factories.

philosophy is it’s distorted ephoch miscomprehended in reified thought.

Me and kropotkin, hanging out in my head… may our discussion soon become more than just vibrations in my brain, and become a growing vibration in the vocal chords of others, turned into song because words open themselves up to just too much conflict.

narrowing the window of the future, by precluding what sucks today

A genealogy of Anxiety

Usually theorists of the human past like to posit that it was our increasingly large brains as the reason for our future domination over the world. I wanted to throw into the mix an alternate development, that I won’t defend but put out there as an offense to the presumptions that carry the popular imagination concerned with such questions of origins.

I am going to keep the idea as concise/brief as possible so that I don’t go into temporal debt with regards to other tasks at hand. Early humans would have found themselves unique among many fellow mammals that we’d encounter in the natural milieu in that we were the only ones with out natural defense against predation. The kinship we might feel towards our bretheren mammals would also be mixed with jealousy—we don’t have the size of the bull, nor the stealth and quickness of the rat, or even the squirrel. But most of all, we’d be woefully inadequate against the many mammals—some of them omnivores and predators but many of them herbivores—who had something we definitely did not. Sharp claws or horns with which to defend ourselves.

Our origins can be explained as much by something we had (the brain) as by something we lacked (claws and other sharp protrusions)

Perhaps many were content on getting by on eating plants, the tool-less trapping of fish (I was shown this recently, very cool!), bivalvia, bugs, and scavenging.

Picking on plants
Early human

In the wild, we could encounter all kinds of animals that could kill us with nothing beyond their bodies.

Animals that could kill us with nothing beyond their bodies
Original lack for human nuerosis was that we didnt have any sharp parts to us to damage, this is why we are so violent, always trying to one up another with better weaponry. We looked upon with jealousy at the other animals that had sharpness to kill live animals.

This theory has built into it the explanatory power of non-food violence (more than we can chew), nonland based possessions, posessiveness, alternate freudian theory of castration anxiety is comparison to other animals that are better naturally equipped.

Social anxiety – talking creates a huge gap in what might be a much more humming chorus, speaking for “communication” versus speaking for harmonic growth

Writers lawyers, fast talkers and other wordsmiths emerge most heavily out of cities bc thats how limited their freedom is

bohm not bombs

revenge of the sith is a warning

learning to cry as your enemy is murdering you
the idea of manliness and showing no fear is built in to self oppression. Cry because it is human, cry because it will make you feel better, cry because it might heal your enemy.

the anarchist microbiome –

the black bloc anarchist can do what the pacifists won’t. The ecologically minded anarchists may be really paving the way for surviving the natural disasters of capitalism, but the spirit of the anarchy dwells in the individualist anarchist. But the necessary community comes from
the primitivist can be the reader of nature

the anarcho-capitalist is there to remind us of the perils of ideology

the anarchist proper is there to remind us

the unnamed anarchist types are there to help edit this post
the needed efficiency from the syndicalist

the anarcho-capitalist exists for comic relief
the totality of different anarchists

the anarcho-capitalist is there to remind us of when we were at our worst

the anarcho-capitalist reminds us that “that this too shall pass”

its exactly because aesthetics isn’t for anything else that it is so prizable, its an immediacy that doesn’t ask for mediations to make it relevant, that doesn’t assert itself as a media.

we are the greatest generation, not ww2 veterans who let themselves be called upon by their government, yes they were brave and they had an enemy dehumanized to fight that had actually dehumanized itself, not that they knew the true extent of the war crimes committed by japan and germany. I think it was more of thinking they had no other choice… so they were a great generation, but then the accelerated civilizations swallowing up of many of the last beacons of hope. They were complicit in suburban wasteful development, they were complicit in the wars that followed that were completely imperialist wars. They were a huge part of the corporatization of the world, they along with their baby-booming children. What a fucking mess we are left with because of the greatest generation! If humanity is to have a fighting chance, we, who are the greatest generation for good or for ill, will have to rise to the challenge, fight the goliath that is so big you don’t even see him.

Title: The Quit
complicity to your job
even if you don’t like your job, the energy you put towards your job and furthering their money making ends—which translates almost by definition now of raping the broken world a little more to squeeze profits out of somewhere, whether it be from broken people or the fractured crust mining for materials, or from the ecological systems that have paid very high in extinction levels already. What you contribute to that, is certainly tipping the scales and will not be budged backwards much by your so called activism, nor by your kind family demeanor and your weekend family volunteering to pick up trash. These are noble things, they are, but you need to be conscious of how they are negated and surpassed in the other direction by how you make a living.

Medicated Civilization

One of civilization’s great “hooks into our flesh” is the amount of chronic diseases it creates that require chronic or at least reoccuring treatment, that would the person wanting to cling to the medical technologies they believe act as the only defense against death sweeping upon them. It’s hard to get mad at people for this sort of reaction, and in fact David Grabersdf defended civilization against some anarchists because his mother was only staying alive . I don’t know what the answer is in how to respond to people who really are at the brink of death. What I do feel confident about is that people that viewed medicine as more than just something to fix you once your broke and who

the council of edmond

“now, it’s a bit childish, but that’s part of the point as I will get to later.” Charlie moved to pull out a giant paper pad with huge lines and put it in an easle that no one had noticed until then. There was a pop and then the distinct smell of an abused dry-erase marker.
“It’s brainstorming time!” Charley said with mock enthusiasm, a wide smile across his face. He was obviously proud of his dorkiness. Daniel raised his hand, a smile on his face now too. Charley pointed to Dan.
“Mr. Edmond, are we going

we all share the same title even if it is an invisible one here.
The old alliances are dead
“climate change is too passive”
agreed, but from the stuff I’ve read global warming might not be the whole story

Charley started writing “climate instability”
“you sure it was a good idea you quit teaching?” mused Daniel.

yea but there are some lawyers who are trying to do the right thing
but they wear suits to work
but they are trying to change things from the inside
oh so they are the venerable ones living the immanent critique, then?

How about, charley broke in, the law nexus

isn’t that vague?
If we don’t keep these items general and inclusive, I will run out of paper

but more importantly, jay broke in, we will run out of time. Isn’t that the whole problem of how fragmented these politics have become?

I’d tend to agree with you, but too many people that are cool have opted for body art and I wouldn’t want to alienate them, however much I agree with you that tatoos are a problem… well, a symptom of a problem

so yes, i’ve got it, what we are doing here is trying to list root causes, whatever that means, as opposed to symptomatic issues. So i’m trying to have us all be the world’s doctor’s for ailments.

The discussion went on something like that for some time. Issues historical were floated and popped if they felt they were no longer anyone’s real problem. Existential and psychological ailments were discussed and pharmeuceticals were agreeed by all as a definite problem. Things like imprisonment and the “prison industrial complex”

black lives matter

(picture of the easle in west wing with one of those papers from roberto)

“people wasting time on cell phones”
social media


“I thought I should stand up to say this” he smiled. “Sitting!”
everyone nodded. “yes, too much sitting.”

future food shortages

charley drew a line down the middle, cordoning off the blank space on the right side of the paper from the chaos of issues on the left.

“As we keep going with issues, let’s also think of attempts to solve all of these,” he motioned to all that had been written thus far. “So I’m going to start and put down next to future food shortages, permaculture.” He wrote “permaculture” into the blank space.

these that have or haven’t yet been tried t
charley wrote “marxism?”


“abuse of the elderly” someone said
“Ha” charley laughed. Everyone looked up at him, and he stammered, “we’ll get into it later. I’m just going to write ageism for now”

standing on the shoulders of giants

quite the opposite is the case actually. Cutting logic has chased life down the many killing corridors it tries to ensnare us in, and it grows and grows and becomes simpler (yet more complicated

subtle thinkers are dead or fleeing,
the big thinkers are sped and leeching

We are running under the boulders of giants

You better run out of here, before i swing so hard that theres nothing of you left.

title: a high standard of dying?
We are mangled, exposed to intense and previously unimaginable artificial lengthening of sub-par life. Not just companies, but what could be called entire industrial complexes, committed to parasitism on familial wealth that they can suck away from the children under the guise of giving quality geriatric care. Places that have been designed for people to die and to ensure that most of their wealth (on average) is not handed down but handed over.

the arbitrarity of (for thanksgiving)

they read into an arbitrary landing spot a fatalism that gives it meaning because they were too weak to embrace the ambivalence of their own freedom. One who reads necessity into everything can find freedom in nothing.

A dog taking a shit in one spot instead of a few steps away, and the bacteria that breed on it

ad absurdum: a long time ago, a couple of men resting saw an invention presented by a third that helped him to keep track of things
(translated into english)
the one warned that such a device was taking matters out of human hands, the other says non-sense, it could help improve things, but then the other warned that if we start on this path of accepting tally sticks for their convenience, before long we will have humans having their food hunted for them, their places of living chosen for them, themselves clothed, devices that communicate for them, and will lose these abilities themselves.
The other says that this is absurd, but the one says it’s ad absurd.

Vacuum Cracked Individuals: Individual Fragility is The Falsifiability
(put the meme here about the sealed containers being bad “bio hazard”)

how can people be anything but self absorbed when there are planes of violent forces and planes of addictive forces (computer screens) that destroy the possibilities of connections with others?

the ugliest, most selfish act is not created by an individual, it is the creation of an individual

Note: It’s very hard to articulate your own oppression, when the very words you think and speak are the markings of your bondage

We put up on a pedestl that which is meant to fail, and in so doing we allow it to fall farther and quicker.

This piece is being written by an “individual” who feels the cracks growing within himself as he and many of his fellow animals, plants, fungi (and others) are increasingly—by science it would seem as the methods being employed on him wreak of it’s objectifying traits—turned into the things postulated perhaps most famously by the thought of John Locke. “Individual” is put in quotations for many reasons, one of which is that such a loaded idea needs to not be uncritically accepted in an age that uses it as it’s root (a rotting root)—the age of individualism—if any individuals are going to make it out of that (this) age intact. What I hope to show through these ramblings is that an individual—a definition being something that is indivisible—is not only an undefinable falsity, it is dangerous to all organisms that are pursued by the purveyors of the ideology, to be “individualized”.
Modern civilization, with all its restrictive, encaging forces, has cookie-cut so much of our interactions with the world that we are not now far away from living (dying) in a vacuum. Planets that have no atmosphere because they have no life to maintain it, planets that lay naked in the vacuum of outer space, should give us much to think about as we are ontologically attempting to carve out individuality from all the environmental contexts in which all organisms are always found. Only specific types of cells given specific requirements can long survive in a petri dish without certain inputs being provided, and outputs being given a channel. The slowly constructed petri dish that is civilization’s infrastructure, handed down from generation to generation, is getting to be evermore sophisticated and impermeable a barrier; a platonic reality is not an a priori foundation from the beginning, it is an ontology that is becoming more real as we cut down our beautiful world and separate ourselves from it, through language definitions and technological datafications. Social media and other distractions are making us into idiots as in the original greek sense of the word as one who is private.

Individuals all ultimately fail, no matter how successful they are—all individuals die. Why put so much stock in something that is going to fail, is meant to fail. It is the larger society of species that needs our interest, for it is what should keep going. Life as a whole has the potential to go on ad infinitum but only if we act in a way that aggrandizes the whole. It’s not a matter of acting selfish or acting selfless. We are born finding ourselves in bodies that are frequently not connected to others in any deep way

Individual is a self-fullfilling prophecy that destroys what it was trying to make upon its inception.

To be an individual is to be broken from a community, it is to be a severed limb, bleeding out

a sharp sword can very quickly prove the falsity of individualism

being made into idiots

-to put at end after original post-
The Thermal Commons
there are theorists who give currency to the idea of selfishness being preminent to life’s development, but I will say for whatever else they misunderstand about life, they certainly misunderstand the thermal needs of our particular planet’s living systems. The commons, in the thermal sense of favorable temperatures for all to share, were created by life as a whole ecosystem. Selfishness is to take away from the commons (what industrialized humans do when we deforest and monocrop for profit) and make temporary individual gains against communal long term losses. Short term conversions in to energy/heat are losses on the whole, losses that life does not normally undergo, yet humans do it in selfish exuberance and then extrapolate it as the norm. If it were the norm then the thermal regulaties secured by a natural commons would not exist. Life came together to modulate temperatures on earth,
selfish life would be an outlier, those few organisms which take from the commons

Just bc u have no children doesnt make you less responsible for the future that may not have any

TITLE: survivable oppression: a recent historical narrative

i’m not particularly fond of it from a critical perspective, I feel like its vague and misses a lot of trees for forests, but one way someone could choose to understand the epoch since

it’s also worth noting that with world war 2 came the ability to humans to almost simultaneously destroy life on earth (atomic weapons and beyond); it seems we have opted not to destroy life that way but to take the harder road, the long tortuous road of decadedence on top of itself.

doodles post
doodles to me are proof that a caged animal still has a taste for liberation

that which lingers from the past into our present, such as the pyramids. It does not matter if it was built 5,000 years ago or 40 days ago (so there is no question of a virtual to be dealt with more existing in one than in the other). It actually impedes us and creates a future in which we have to consider that, and there is less vitality, a less vital future, because it pushes out vitality

We have the power to create the change before these crisis; we can save these people, it is very much in our hands. We need to stop with our violent machines. Basta!

Hopefully they echo across time and space, and hopefully sickening enough to you so that you will find ways to prevent this.

you just imagining them is sickening enough for you to seriously consider the danger we all collectively put ourselves in when we drive cars and rely on large unwielding pieces of metal, plastic, and rubber.

Sandra’s shrieks of absolute horror woke people

His remains were buried in a close casket

her screams
It was hard write this
It was very painful to imagine this
And harder and more painful still to know that this is the real experience parents and communities at large have had to go through…

future people will go through this too, unless we start to be the change we want to see in the world, the change before the inevitable crisis.
Collateral damage?

No, that’s too dehumanizing, we have to call them “accidents, they call them, accidents.”
For something that happens frequently enough, accident is a poor choice of words.
the end of the human race following this technological cutting logic of metals, of bullets moving fast and slow, the end of the human race is an accident waiting to happen.

The sun trickling through the tree in the front yard cast the p

If you swallow enough bullshit, you become the bullshit, bullshitting others

the very words you speak and think and read
inhibit the movement of your mind and your body

can we endure our durable goods, stable infrastructure makes us fall apart

freestyle dancing (that really lives up to it’s name) allows for the complexity of body for energy to diffuse out of the brain to allow more complex thought patterns there (in the brain), as well as allowing the body to differentiate in it’s own way. When you are sitting all the time you are concentration power in your brain, and in other stagnant spaces, to diffuse the energy throughout makes a more complex whole, within the depths, and on the higher level surfaces.

tactic: watch movies for memes (like jurassic world, independence day, upcoming star wars)

Monarchs Rule You With Land
Land Rules You With Trespassing

Capitalists Rule You With Money
Money Rules You With Quantities
Priests Rule You With Religion
priests Lure you with afterliving
Lawyers Rule You With Laws

Police Rule You With Fear
Police Lure You With Safety
Jobs Rule You With Time
Jobs Lure You With Accomplishment
Properties Rule You With Tres
Anarchists Break Rules
You can rule yourself

Anarchist Rule Themselves, Not You

Landlords Rule Your Land
Psychologists Rule Your Mind

Title: a book for children: goodnight, life on earth
put inspired by “good night moon” and “good night ocean”

do a .gif file with different pictures and words about the animals and

book for children

show a bunch of grown men with their pickup trucks
tonka propaganda worked on me
“tonka primed kid” “nature primed kid”
tonka kids
nature kids (with pictures of adults doing good work and being kind)

one has a future, the other destroys the future

can’t afford to have kids
in other words, it’s too expensive for life to keep existing

people choose to work before having kids, which essentially means they are putting money before kids. If society at larger is putting money as a higher priority than having kids, that is pretty fucked up. Having Money before having kids… let that echo in your mind.

at least 2 distinct types of fascism
fascism with redistributive economics
or fascism with hierarchy economics
the thing that makes it fascist is that people have only one thing to identify with, and to the rest of the world they are blinded, and that one thing can be a person, the state, or some other entity (religion), but the one thing they are united with is so pedistalized that no other people, animals, whatever can compete with it in their mind

during good times money buys you food, during bad times money can’t buy you manure
During good times the value of money hides itself as it can buy you food, during bad times it makes shitty toilet paper

if you are gunned by mistake, you won’t make anything

“for money”
one of the most underinvestigated cliches that is so naturalized that it is denaturalizing everything else
for money means against kids, or putting kids second to your money, unless possibly when it’s your own kids
but anybody else’s kid’s “oh well, I wish, but I need to make money” so the sheep says

the hell that you live in your mind is a reflection of the hidden hell that you don’t see existing outside of yourself. (visible/invisible)

future scenarios novel:

lady leaving her house, turning around b/c she forgot, and then remembered that she no longer had to grab those things that she went back in for (grid is down, etc). She reflects on how fortunate she was to have been surrounded by people who were preppers and who had some notion that this day of no-electricity might be coming.

She’s walking out to get breakfast at the hall before she starts her harvesting and on the way there, there are people reading [insert some famous passage of the conquest of bread]

one of them gets up while the other keeps reading, his attention looking down at the gate where people enter and exit the shared space. The other stops reading and they start to walk towards the gate at the approach of a dozen people. One runs into his house, and nadia knows it’s to get his gun. She hesitates, wondering if she should return home to get her weapon, but upon seeing two others from a nearby house tramping down their front steps with their own weapons and one with an extra for another comrade, she feels her anxiety lessen.
We do not reveal our numbers existing in this wall, nor our

guy explaining to outsiders coming in, they have room for three (there were 12 of them), but he allows in 4, and he explains he is not being disingenuous, their real load is for only 3, but he is leaving with them, so that if anything happens to the people they leave behind, his life will be forfeit. “our adoption space puts us at only 3,

I will choose the 4, however. He chose a young man, probably no more than 20, a girl that looked very sick. An older man, presumably one of their leaders, and an old man. They looked at one another as he made his choices, uneasily at first but then trying to appear genuinely happy that some were being adopted.

I will go too” says nadia, not realizing she spoke it allowed. Charley looks as if he is about to protest, but he catches himself before speaking allowed, remembering the values of self-autonomy. “And for my 5th spot you can choose yourself the fifth person you want to leave with our commune.

title: modern stressors

there are only physical stressors around, not any absorbable surfaces
falling flat on concrete, only something a modern human would have to deal with

Free Entrapment: A Chinese Game Makes Clear How Ridiculous the Modern Conception of Freedom Is
encagement by people around you encaging you “oh yes, you can be free, on your property

but then it evolves, like the game go, and it evolves to where you are free, but everybody else is trapped

if assassination to your leader equals assassination to your movement, your movement needs to rethink what it’s about
if war upon you can begin and end with the assassination of a single individual, your movement has some serious flaws
your movement has the most serious flaw – hierarchy

I’m not reading, i’m writing
I’m not sitting, i’m standing
I’m not smoking up, i’m fired up
I’m not sickening unto death, I’m healing into life

Title: fascists 2.0 meeting
do a roberto writing pad list of fascists hashing out all their possible ideas about how to “get it right”

Sorrows of the young (play on the sorrows of young werther)

i do have a lot of drive, it’s just not for a fucking car

history doesn’t have all the time in the world, so why should I spend
all my time in the world reading it?

depression is our bodies corrective to their unsustainable energy levels they seek but will not find in an equatorial variance, dietary variance, and other unknown variances.

esperiment (neologism), as opposed to experiment, could be used to convey inward synthetic development (as opposed to analytic)

teacher’s who feel their brain destroyed by reading/grading student work, have already destroyed their students’ brains by forcing such work upon them

Title: Reply All: The Email All Disgruntled Teachers Should Be Sending Their Districtsfarewell email to bms

I know we are all concerned with the well being of the future generation of kids, which is why I know that this message will be well received among this audience.
Where are we really going, that a corporation like pearson controls is. A corporation dictating a huge chunk of what goes on inside our classroom in terms of time/content, concerne. When it’s not a private corporation steering the ship it’s the state and federal government
and time that we would otherwise , and they are just the latest and largest in a long string of creeping bureaucratization/corporatization of education.
Where pearson isn’t dominating the state and federal government are. A bunch of lawyers presumably know what’s better for our children than we do.

All these different interests that seem antithetical to the developmental needs of the kids that we cherish and want a brighter future.

I have a low breaking point and that’s on me, and that’s a big part of why I’m leaving. My skin isn’t thick enough for the corporate onslaught

I just cant tolerate being a cog in a wheel that’s rolling in a direction that I don’t believe in.

I urge all administrators to reverse the direction of so many of the initiatives, and be the leaders that we teachers deserve, and instead of being a conduit for executive orders, to be a deflection point where the nonsense trickling down to burden teachers is sent back up to the state and federal executives. Teachers deserve that much for what they put up with, and those of you who are doing this it is very much appreciated.

I implore you to step back, and reflect on the sacrifices you’ve had to make in your edealings with this educational industrial complex. What sacrifices you’ve had to make and if they are worth it, and to consider creative ways to undermine the underminers.


Title: If violence is much deeper than we can normally see, than so too is non-violent resistance

violence: that which divides

is expansive

to truly go to the depths of tapping in to all that non-violence resistance has to offer, we have to know ontologically what the extent of violence is (at least the violence that we create/partake of). To know where violence is so that we know our actions that we say are non-violent truly are. And the breadth of non-violence will grow as we identify civilizational problems that we’ve been normalized to that we don’t usually identify as violence (such as car driving)

Title: Searching for Justi… Justification
(MEME: morpheus french flagged: WIITY the french government wanted this attack and the french people needed this attack)
Modern civilization—how I start off a plurality of my posts—is what I choose to blame when in doubt. I could go deeper in to this but I’ll save that for future posts and have done that to some degree in previous posts. I’m not in doubt here, and I wanted to explain ______-logically (not sure if it would be “socio”, “anthro”, “psycho”, or some other discipline that would want to own this—if any!) how the recent French terror attacks are doing wonders to motivate and give meaning to many French commoners. Why would this be so?
It’s such a rare treat to a western nation and it’s people who have done so many obvious wrongs against the rights of so many (French colonialism – do a link to ), to
Half of the time one has to ask if such events were contrived in a Hitlerian way to build a sense of nationalism out of its obvious vacuousness.

Also, the burden of guilt of being one of only 9 nations to be able to destroy most of life on earth (they have the third largest nuclear weapons arsenal). Some of the French might be proud of this and find comfort in it, but some are probably highly ashamed; I personally am ashamed to live in a country that possesses this capability and has detonated numerous nuclear weapons, 2 to kill massive numbers of people.
usually we do have such an unjustified

two kilometers per hour: learning from kids

don’t let their little legs deceive you that that’s the reason they are taking their time.

the speed at which kids go is the device, because kids interact in a much less civilizationally biased way than a hiker ploughing through, trying to “get done”

when there are times of flight or hunting speeds getting up to many km/h

the speed at which environmental interaction can occur, anythign faster does violence upon the earth being tread upon, the body of the person two (quite possibly), and allows for violent collisions with other large animals that may result in the death of one or the other, which is of course the gain of hunting, but is it a gain for the overall eco-system? I leave this question for paleo ethicists.

Title: When the yin yangs: food chain distortions.
(also include MEME: you are alive despite most of the food you eat, not because of it)
The middle man makes sure the valuable aspects of the food is deposited along the pipelines journey. The food is watered-down/metaled-up.

it’s the pipe on its way through the pipeline from the grower to you

the more bottleneck deposits watered down, metaled up
but of course as the species becomes ever more complicated and split across great distances and very different geographies (different “cultivars”, if you will), there are many who are not at the food chain, but are at the bottom, but only fed from the handouts of the top, if they don’t know how to grow their own food at least.

a lifetime of recycling won’t even balance out with one week’s worth of commuting to your corporate job

if you really want to help the planet, quit your job for something walkable

title: Political Searching for a Cartoon, otra vez

A guy goes to work for the umbrella corporation 5 days a week, then on the 6th protests another corporation’s “all-erbmu” practices and wonders why the corporations are getting worse and stronger with this much outrage, but it’s because of course he is working for them, making them stronger at his own cost, but he doesn’t see that.
Somebody in the crowd says “why aren’t we making any progress?”
why don’t we protest on tuesday?
“No, I got work”
“yea, you’re right I forgot, me too”

the all-erbmu practices are backward, they are too top down, there centralization keeps us all commuting when we’d be better working from home

when you can count out the different freedoms that you have, your existence has already been so conquered that you don’t even recognize that you’ve lost the war

our bodies have become so conditioned/toxic/anti-life that we are closed down, we have become more like the robots they say are becoming like us.

of the holidays worth celebrating and recognizing, I can only think of May 1 and November 5. Are there others that you think should be included on that list?

and oh, an awareness of the summer solistice and equinox, though i’m not sure all should be celebrated so much as understood.

pseudo meme
a continuing future trend will be:
“you can’t afford to send your kids to school (a dubious proposition anyways, but that’s another matter) safely, but the military can steal your money through taxation and send your kids to school dangerously

subject: the city accident

It is very difficult for the mind cultivated in academia or a workplace to be replaced or significantly altered for a different functioning for home life. Such a dilemma is what must face the marketer (or marketeer?), one who is master manipulator also succumbs to the highest degrees to the sway of marketing ideology and stories of inevitability of capitalism’s conquest and trajectory to glutinous consumerism.
As the title suggests, I want to focus this point on contemporary viewpoints of the city and what it portends for humanity.

It’s been game over or a while—corporations as people, enough hydrogen bombs to kill ourselves thousands of times over, creating artificial black holes, the desertification of climate, and more—but the game is still going, so I’m going to keep fighting because maybe we can change the rules to this game of life (and death).

those who think they are the best at knowing how the world works, are going to have no idea (and be the least prepared) what to do when the world doesn’t work (or starts working again after the long industrial hiatus)

we are the ad absurdum realized, forseen by some ancient prophets pointing to us when they cautioned “if you continue down this path of civilization, this shit storm will be the result, and no one will realize it as the frog doesn’t realize he’s boiling”
(the ad absurdum that many millenia ago, people said to one “you are being dramatic, taking things to the ad absurdum)

Quote: proof that people and corporations are not treated equally under the law: If corporations can use the government to take our money to keep from failing, can’t we use the government to take corporate money to keep from failing? If we want to succeed, then something else entirely is needed… but we are so close to the bottom now.

Title: After Checkmate
story spoken in recording, and was also elaborated with Art

Title: Dwarfs in king geoffrey’s court

joffrey brings tyrian in, tyrians like “why do you wish to speak to me here, your grace”

you are on trial
trial by combine, so to speak
my head chef injured himself tripping over a dwarf, and my food was prepared by a sub-par (joffrey made air quotes) dwarf worker

you shall all be halved… I mean, quartered

standing on one another’s shoulders

the problem of dwarfs take up more space, not less, because one has to slow down in one’s space to account for the little people, for fear of hurting them if one is a more gentler heart, or for fear of falling over one of them of one with a more practical mind

all dwarf’s will be the first put on mandatory work, and they will be given triple the work load to make up for the space they take.

Anybody conspirator who harbors a (illegaling, nonabiding?) dwarf, thinking they know how the dwarf feels, will be treated as a dwarf, and cut in half as remedy.

humanity has been led from its path

by the seductive logic of straight roads

the straight roads, by their seductive logic, have led humanity astray from it’s path

the straighter the road

“like a pawn in king’s clothes”

versus = theirs is ours (in my neologistical non-sexed “ver” term)

Title: (poem) afterlife verses
Life versus afterlife (subtitle)

the after life is what we call total mass extinction
life (well lived) needs no after

Title: The Personality Orders (as opposed to personality disorders)

genes that encode for freedom don’t fit into the rigid metallic structure of a fascist society

they are very fit for a higher complex society, but not for such a simplified structure as we have created around ourselves
that is enconded for

early roamers didn’t need a minimum number of people to survive psychologically (unlike what we have now). It’s not a minimum # that is needed, but a minimum access to bio-intensity that is denied us in modern living.

cities aren’t built, forests are destroyed
(the dream we believe) (the latent content)
we are going to achieve immortality, we are leaving mortality for non-living
robots can now have emotions, we have lost our ability to feel much
governments will protect us, governments, both intentionally and not, are the most dangerous force on our planet

technology is making us more independent and smarter technology is making life dumber and more dependent
humans are godly beings that have a divine figure looking out for them , humans are animals that have weakened themselves to such a point they will soon largely be swept from existence and memory

Before ECT, try EWT

It’s astonishing how quickly the medical establishment offers Electro Convulsive Therapy to medicating depression are offered

title: body conversations
“hey eyelids, close before frontal lobe starts talking to occipital lobe. their discussions went til 3am last night and none of us could sleep” said small intestine.
“you were part of the problem!” said eyelids, “you were telling the brain gang and mouth to put some food in”
“yea but that’s cause they were throwing off my schedule when i was supposed to be sleeping. I got hungy, that’s what I do. but hey i’m being proactive tonight, i learned from my mistakes

title: consciousness knows itself, contains itself, des cartes as solution to russel paradox
title: the logician

there was a vapory mist coming up from the waterfall far below. the birds were chirping flying across the gully and the crickets were competiting to drown them out. the sun shown through the trees and there was a warm comforting light breeze in the air. It was a stunningly beautiful scene as evidenced by the many college sightseers. Bertrand didn’t notice but walked right by towards the bus so that he could get his notes from home, he had some important updates.

guy tabling who stops arguments mid way, and says “wait, I’ve seen almost the exact argument that we are having now. damn i forget how it ended. i have your email right?” he then goes home and writes out the argument

title: the first whaler

for the ad absurdum argument, have three rodents, a brother, sister, and sister’s mate arguing with one another 63 million years ago: the source of their arguments was on what they liked to eat. the one liked eating fish, the other hated swimming and didn’t like the taste of fish, but preferred to eat nuts and bugs. the third, also a nut and bug eater, said, “you reek of fish, you keep eating all that fish you will turn in to one.”
he responded “i’m can swim like them, in my own kind of way”
“well you’ll be swimming alone, again that stench”
“well actually i just met a girl, she watched me swim, and she was hungry and i offered her some fish”
“what a gentlemen” lara rolled her eyes sarcastically.
“she thought so, she took my offer and then tried swimming. she panicked at first but then she was able to float when I calmed her down”
“how did you calm her down” his sister asked, smiling.
“stop prying” he said
“don’t be absurd, their kids will have more sense”
“oh boy i’m already getting kids with her, bring it on!”
“I don’t know, I think they will acquire a taste for fish

who knows, in a million years our greatgreatgreat et cetera grand children might not even recognize, or even be able to talk

“whatever, we’re all the same species, he’s still my brother. I didn’t know when i chose a mate i was choosing a philosopher! you’re so slow about life, we’ve got to gather more while the harvest is up.”
“There’s plenty of fish to supplement your diet”
“no thank you”
i like taking things to the ad absurdum
his friend, now the philosopher purpotedly, continue. “Well honey, i like taking things to the ad absurdum. I mean, that’s what we are after all. it’s pretty absurd that we are three english speaking rodents forecasting pinniped or cetacean evolution.”

small group psycho social problems not arising
start out by talking about the biosphere 2 and reality shows where people have all this interpersonal and internal chaos, but it’s really because they are not around

we are around too many people, forgetting names, forgetting other things, too many datums for the human brain which was never a computer, a fact storer.

top 10 countdown of most invasive weeds from european exploration
#10 dandelion
** criteria is in terms of displacing biomass (and make sure to add a few animals, like deer maybe) **
#1 white settlers
#2 GMO corn
#3 GMO soy
#4 english ivy
#5 knapweed
#8 deer

title: defacing our overly acquainted world
put the info about the theory of too many faces we encounter.

jim willie 20/80 gold to silver, is unclear
b/c it could be from a manipulated market

title: birthdays and birthplaces
the switching from one to another being significant for a group. Birthdays only make sense of arriving in a context where seasons differentiate the year in a significant and definitevly noticeable way, which means a greater straying from the equator.

salmon boycott strategy, boycott all salmon to piss off the other salmon manufacturers
the importance of boycotting this and getting the whole industry in a fury

zeno’s paradoxes
if you’ve lost space, you make them lose their time battle. The inevitablity for which you are up against, but you have to be very committed to really changing life, which means some very trippy, beyond drug stuff.

It might mean snorting soil, orgasming on to tree roots, having massive orgies where animals and plants are included.
organisms in small spaces can battle back against

this is how to slow the doom, to where it is a non-factor, this is flight that stays to fight

lucid dreaming
this is
zeno’s paradoxes

Title: vaccinating our minds
you must vaccinate your mind with the harsh future realities as well as with your dreams, or else it will be plagued with decadent normalcy that will leave you very vulnerable

make an example out of you, example out of them
(I forget what I meant exactly, but I think that if you can have the authorities “make an example out of you” by beating you or jailing you, very much in the non-violent protest tradition, then as they do so, you are really exemplifying what they are all about.

If all you do is focus on the positives, the unresolved negatives will stab you in the back.

Title: Ode depression
discussion of how depression in many cases is an adaption, that we then fight, which makes it that much worse a situation for our body (ultimately premature death?)
insert a link to hibernation for a hypernation

Title: anarchist litmus test of objects and if they should be utilized
how widespread something allows you to control

voice – allows you to shout across the way, signalling something in the environment. Words allow you to reference something from the past or some other, irrelevant environment entering in (though it could be full of warning, that memory impresses it upon us for survival).

arms – can be used immediately for us to control what’s immediately
legs – do not allow us dominance over other things
words spoken – must be used repetitively and
words written – must be produced and effect people far away (too transcendental), controlling things far away, should be moved voluntarily away from, divested from
words are the most imprisoning things, think about how many people act as slaves because of words: money is something that has words on it (#s are words), and it controls us

allow us to conare not

you are a friend of your enemy, if you have defanged and castrated yourself to pose not even the hint of a threat.


it won’t be the color of your skin but the accent of your voice that will cast you out, as in if you have both an accent and a different skin color you will be distrusted, persecuted, scapegoated. We may become colorblind, but we won’t become accent blind.

Sporing, permaculture technique – a method of perma foresting, cutting down three trees and making a triangle or an octagon and leaving the stumps or pollards to be enough of a space to serve as strong fencing. Do this on an east/south/west facing slope and do it with consideration of letting the sun in and thinning a couple of trees downslope ahead of your patch. You can do this as sort of a gridded islands set (whereas the forest left unscathed will be the oceans). It would be especially useful to do this ahead of a steep drop so that less trees in front would have to be lessened.

energy slows down, and that’s when more dimensions form. It’s not that one can force their way with really high energy to get more and more dimensions. It’s with really really low energy that new dimensions can be elaborated. This might be what’s happening with super-fluidity, that other dimensions are being accessed because you’re going slow, that they can now come in to play. Really low energy (which maybe is synonymous with the spreading out of space and an exiting of gravity, can allow an unbundling, an unfolding, but the low energy way has to be striven for by life).

title: the angerless politicians

politicians have very little passion, very little anger, which you could attribute to their having been professionals who have tamed and controlled these things, but really they have no convictions other than power and will say or do anything. Their lack of legitimate anger—which is a healthy and important thing for humans evolutionarily to feel and respond to—is a display of their true disposition which is to carve up and grab as much as they can at the expense of all those who they don’t care for.

title: caretaker to carebreaker

start off with mentioning of the Vietnamese bombing strategy that would severely injure children but not kill them, so that four people had to devote their energies towards keeping this person alive. This is what the healthcare industry has largely enabled, albeit unintentionally at first, though now many are profitting off the truism. The largescale view tells us that we have a caretaker government and we have a hierarchy of caretakers cascading down from there, of millions in healthcare that look after others, look after the old aged but have no energies to develop their young selves effectively for the long range impacts of this rather odd dynamic.

Title: migration in a time of roomination

After grandpa sat with a groan, some indiscernible region in the middle of his body made a crack, and another echoed the sentiments “ooff”he said with a groan.
This reminds me, he started

aman sat on a partially painted wooden chair opposite the bed where his grandpa was deployed.

Of a story he continued that I had heard when I was

“too bad it wasn’t seven rooms, then he could have had a different one for each day of the week

too good, I’d say! By having it one day less than the day of the week, that added a new dimension of rotating the days of the week the room was spent in, so one sunday would look entirely different than the next.

“Who told you the story?”
“I did” John told him

“Wait, you told yourself stories?”

“yes, it’s called thinking”

Title: Our Zoos
(make a list)
lack of running space
improper diet
lack of ecosystem
(have many more)

and then have at the bottom
human zoos

be a king
(put a picture of a king on a board all alone, or a bunch of different kings from different sets to show different sizes/colors)
without want or need of pawns of your own!

Title: more government

in the midst of government(s) screwing up the global economy, there will be so many opportunities for those with the most power to purvey knowledge (government through use of the media) that they will point the blame at bad apples, at a variety of other sources that deflect so much attention. There will be many many problems and the people will seek more government to bail them out.

Letting the wolves loose on the sheep, and letting a couple of sheep get picked off, and everybody be scared to shit, and then have the gov’t come back and say “oh, you guys want us to protect you? Alright, here’s the deal…”
I think this market crash isn’t going to be blamed on the gov’t in any popular, significant way. It’s going to bring about a further justification for it, or so the gov’t will (successfully) present it. More gov’t will be justified as a necessary part of the solution.

2016 is for political relegitimation

power grabs and overreaches
the government and related oligarchs need for the people to “own it”, having a feeling that it is theirs and to bring it in to their bosom. The grieving process has not yet reached acceptance, and the masses must go through some anger stages, some fright stages, to get there.

There will be a careful expose of government misdoings, but with plenty of kangaroo trials
perhaps many of the “deferred prosecutions” will be deferred no more for the higher order
if this is fascism, remember that the state’s continuance is privileged high and above any single individual’s, no matter how powerful. And if sacrificing a few high-ups to the angry masses will ease their anger, than so be it.

one of these is likely to be hillary

they are expecting and want for the people to be very active in the bogus political processes and have a lot of candidates come and go. It’s to the oligarch’s

hilary isn’t a monarch, she’s an oligarch, and she has her neck permanently poked out a bit too far with the public mainstream having solidly placed the information in to public view. She is exposed, and thus more vulnerable, than many of her fellow oligarchs, and there may be a coalescence to diffuse public rage and “democratic” energies into her demise. This is much more of a flow of forces and opportunities than a particular conspiracy, though at some point in the link of events that may be part of the link to her scapegoating. She will be publicly tried, with trump being martyred (for what cause I know not? His “legacy” is sure to be fought over by hungry inheritors)

2017 is when the new layers of oppression will begin to be fully implemented, once there is a high degree of mandate in such institutions, 2016 offering a good dose of anger, exhaust, and fear all stewed together.

life loves the open space, for the amazing wide huge views of visibly distant but not impossibly non-touching. This is what life is meant to have, not claustrophobia. Space is inserted, as is motion, for they are the same thing spoken of differently.

the black whole: the problem of light and gravity

accelerate ax-celerate

the bigger a massless light wave becomes (meaning heading towards red), the less energy it has, though not necessarily less mass, for the seeming paradox emerges that to make a sound wave, or any mass-ive vibration, the larger the mass the lower the frequency (I’m thinking of deep bass)

just been thinking about how pulling energy out of the vacuum might be “slowing” down dark energy (and how that is bad), and that it is better to self-impel. You are either borrowing from elsewhere than diving in to your own harmonized individuality to make further difference.

we are all built to be in the present, but the fact that so many of us leave the present mentally speaking (as opposed to ontologically speaking), that we isolate ourselves in our minds, proves that this present is not the present we deserve or are meant for. Therefore, we have to change this present to make it a gift for those of the future.

because the present is an atrocity, we must revolutionize it so that it becomes a gift for the unborn generations.

irreconcileability between deleuze and bergson, with bergson motion is a unified thing, but for deleuze if things come into contact isn’t the same as things making new machines. Two things coming into contact that are different speeds will treat each other as objects, not become a unified machine. There different speeds/different energies is why they won’t make up a machine. The faster thing will divide the slower thing, it will try to objectify it by its faster “cutting up” motion.
“different samenesses” – an infinite divided field or a singularity are both infinite samenesses.

Title: fiat tenebrae (let there be dark)
we focus on the light, and energy more generally, as central, but really the history of the universe tells us that the great diffusion of these things is what is necessary.

prediction that the sheiss dollar will be introduced after NIRP for
america, run on the banks, issuing new money FICA law issuance

savers/investors will be “shame on you for collapsing the system”,
taking heat off of the banks and all the stuff that truly caused it.

100 years ago a man said in a hundred years i wont be around “when the titanic sunk”

As weve individualied plants, weve individualized ourselves

commondeer – commandeering things for the commons, common good, such as making sepp holzer’s permaculture book available for free in pdf, before it has “fair use” to it.

I dont dislike those smarter than me, i dislike those dumber than me who have the ability to appear smarter

The intermission ended, and a few of the smoker crowd entered
“So, what are the two ways for a government to remain legitimate?” he began. He cleared his throat and saw a hand in the audience rise into view. He continued answering his own question:
“through overt oppression, as we see in many third world countries around the world. The other way is through dumbing your populace down.”

“Professor isn’t that a form of oppression?”
The professor put his hands up as if to say “well”.
He continued: “it is possible and likely that many countries have a government—or should I say governments have a country—where a unique combination of the two are used. So” he asked, “which are we, here?”
Someone a few rows back, who had been shifting uncomfortably in his seat for the last several moments, put his hand up. The professor, deciding not to be rhetorical for a change, nodded to the man.

“Well what about a third option?”, the student asked the professor.
“What third option?”
“That the government treats its constituents fairly and justly”
“This is a discussion about government.” he said sardonically. A few people in the crowd smiled, always refreshed to hear honesty from someone older than them; also, amused by this handling of one of their naiver peers”
“It is a discussion about government and morons, not oxymorons. What you presented is by the definitions I have provided, paradoxical”.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know many of your names, it’s one of hte tragedies of a larger lecture hall to be sure, so I can’t address this to you alone, but I’m sure it applies to a few other outliers in this class who haven’t been catching the tone I’ve been presenting.

this is a discussion about government and morons, not about oxymorons”

The more the government owns you, the less you should own your government (as your own)

fascists don’t need a government to implement their rule when the people voluntarily opt for such a style of organization.

title (of book): Civilization Brain
(I could pile a lot of my anthropological destruction work in here, like too much light, meditations vis a vis modernity, etc, genealogies, i.e. “the evolutionary role of boredom in humans”, “vision tunneling”)

thoughts probably used to be more image related, but now our visual cortex is on burn out from all the access to light past the normal hours, so it doesn’t get its proper rest and auxiliary use as a visual thinker, which is how we used to have a lot of our language (my guess). [there was more to this idea but I didn’t get it in to the recorder correctly]

title: the tilling of the delicate mind flora

we are constantly interrupted in our thougths by civilizational forces (our thoughts can never get to the deep, rich level of a fungi, they are constantly being tilled, so they can’t ever get a deeper more subtle level and depth, which is one way how we are all so deeply controlled. Some thoughts have a great need of focus and depth to establish them, but such chunks of time are not readily available, they are harvested out these days.

title: the front end of genocide (collateralizing damage)
“never let a serious crisis go to waste” official oligarchic policy (epigraph)

while most people think of genocide as happening on the backend (the killing/burning), there is plenty that is happening (intentionally?) on the “front end”, which is sterilization and precluding birth, making “the death of birth”. Virus’s right now that are perfect to proliferate towards this end, that people can let go, allow to continue, is the method. Some don’t have the balls to be “a hitler”, but they do have the power to appoint such a figure “yes, population is too high” (likely conversations that are to happen), and somebody who will go wild on this end of the genocide spectrum. There are certainly a lot of people out there that want to be a part of such efforts, but maybe very very few that want to be the head of such a depopulation effort. The very act of choosing not to destroy a virus such as Z, the intelligence agencies have, in classic tactics that it has employed, created it to be what it now is. They will see how far the Z thing can go, through it’s direct action (of actually killing/disabling people) and its propaganda to make people fearful of brazil (timing it with olympics, having it be a future case study); they will try to capitalize on the de-leveraged position of brazil, to buy up huge tracts of it and it’s corporations, as it becomes in need of a bailout.

the whole is so thoroughly stacked against all of its parts, because the whole is nothing more than a conglomeration of weak meaningless parts, spread thin, truly quantity over quality.

a disheartened people of 5 million is worth more to your enemy than his gaining 3 million fanatical recruits to his cause.

“we gave you the gift of life, and you just want to give us the gift of death” – response from an elderly person to the youth movement people.

genealogy – perhaps part of the rise of civilization (a cofactor) can be understood as humans feeling alienated by nature by their nomadism, never part of a particular ecology, never able to be supported fully, so they had to move around a lot to stay alive, whereas most other animals (and of course all plants/fungi) had a territory that they balanced in. even our primate cousins today seem to me to not be nomadic, even before artificial islandization. So, because we felt shunned, outcasted by eco-systems that constantly rejected us as a permanent member (plays in to our chase instincts/dreams), we didn’t feel as morally connected to these ecosystems and were more likely to enslave them. “what the fuck, nature is so poised against us, why do we have to run around all the time to stay alive?”
Many humans/proto-humans probably did enjoy the roaming around lifestyle, I think we were built to enjoy it, and I doubt they shunned nature. But others, less adept (or injured, broken ankles, weaker peoples, ¿non 0-negative blood type?) probably hated the world, had this anger externalized that they had to roam and be losers at the nomad game, so they opted to move in the direction of agriculturalists, manipulators of nature to their benefit.

“we’re not good hunters, but we still have this big brain… alright, we’re going to do something else” and that something else is agriculture.
So we weren’t ever part of the ecosystem so we felt less in love with it, so we were willing to plow down massive amounts because we felt like it didn’t include us (which maybe it didn’t, enough, as our population was growing it couldn’t feed us). So we took the extreme approach of cutting things down and finding the few plants we did like and growing just those, learning to eat just those, and we said fuck all the other plants. (we developed the particular microbiome just to break down a high amount of those particular foods that were crops that grew in the fungal dominated semi-forests where we must have been able to leave untended mostly, before the cadre of animals we favored started to grow along with this, such as pork, deer/moose)

common law as a misnomer

the lower dimensions are carried along with the larger dimensions. One and two dimensional realities are existing below any three dimensional realizations.
void is the zero dimension stretched, at war, trying to recoil and recall all the creative outbursts.
unlike a virtual time cone that is beyond the reach of destructive logical structures, the spatial

i’m the soldier of a war that few have the brains to comprehend or the guts to confront

the proof that our times are the wrong times, is that there are so many people simultaneously ahead of their times and behind their times.

day dreaming, when life is dull
day living, when life is worht living
(there was a wittier way to this, but it was forgotten)

it’s to the great benefit of the oppressors to hide their means of oppression from those they oppress

jim willie extension – donald trump stopping the treasury (or some other politician) bonds from being redeemed, saying the rest of the world was using us and correctly fled in to our treasuries because of america being solid, blah blah blah, but now they can’t have their money back. This would be done at the highest point of investment in treasuries.

(MEME: why study mereology? Because there’s just no point)

we need more of us, or there won’t be (any) more of us

title: the value of continuing the false narrative

the diminishing returns of propping up this story that america does good in the world and is a caretaker. What is the value of convincing the american people into believing this. Surely at this point they are the only ones who would be a possible audience for such bullshit, but what is gotten out of continuing this obstruse storyline? Is it merely the political class hoping to remain kings of the pond?

the 10k years of civilization (500+/- generations of humans) that were raised on ideals of property, greed (for surplus), etc, what kind of people does that leave to be propagating and what strains have been taken out of existence completely? Also, because it is very non-uniform, there might still be some left, but there is a sense of urgency to defend that primitivism. The existence of decent people makes you wonder if it was really gotten rid of, if it was suppressed by keeping it to the ideaosphere and not in any larger tangible actions.

title: surpluses of the brain vs surpluses of the grain

as is usual with my polemics, I am offering a dichotomy

brothels unspoiled by gold
they attenuate the bodies skill
so that in places of free love
gold is not needed to reach highs

i would not be his servant
but great respect I have for him
for he would never be mine

he lets his appearances dance
as a blanket blown by a light breeze
on top all sedated by the silky vibrations
below waits he with dagger

even the king of the ashes
is sure to have a few seeds to plant
better to have life grow on death
than death grow on life

title: the week day trip up

Aware are we, where we are

anthrogeny (for category on subverses) – anthropogeny

dunkin donuts and the yin and yang –
thinking about dunkin donuts is something that can have both good/evil within it is wrongfully conceiving of an entity that has good/bad already in it to impose the yin yang structure. It might be better to think of a more macro situation where there are habits/thoughtful, and dunkin donuts is decidely a bad habit. Or corporate america, and within the good corporations there are bad, and within the bad there are good, so there are good banks, but there are also many bad food providers (if food providers were thought of as good)
it depends how you draw out the entities, so it’s the misuse of entities

i’m just not built/able to sit on the sidelines. I can’t just wait and be a victim, or sit and witness the victimage of others. I need to fight, I need to be in the game.

title: the right to reproduce (future dystopia)
a future where everyone has the right to have babies, has to have babies by someone else. There could be a commentator who makes comments such as “man, I haven’t seen a good forest in a while”. Teaching of the animals of evolution, but it would only have humans, there wouldn’t be teaching about other animals, b/c none exist, b/c all resources would be directed towards humans.

title: bible in reverse
we are headed towards the final two people, a few animals left for an arch, 7 final days of unmaking of various core systems of the planet. with different levels of earth being destroyed that quickly; the early bible will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Religion making itself true. There’s no prophecy, like self-fulfilling prophecy.

divorce doesn’t indicate that a couple’s marriage is particularly rotten. Divorce to me indicates that the institution of marriage is fundamentally problematic

title: do you dream like an elective sheep (as opposed to electric sheep)
you are electing to be a sheep rather than a lion. As omnivors we choose more than our food, we choose our character traits, in that we have a much broader range, to be herd animals, sheepish animals, daring animals, evil, good, etc.

the affinite – a group of things that coalesce/harmonize (have an affinity) in to a higher individual

ization (ination with n flipped over)– a story where people get kidnapped, intentionally disorientation told things about animals coming to get them, ization is for retraining people, so that they will act in new ways (kind of like a clockwork orange), but they are kidnapped, and then fake-released, but when they mention things they shouldn’t ,all the actors in the fake world conspire on them and release animals, so that then they learn not to tattle on their captors. Their captors never torture them, just resocialize them b/c there is little else to do with them.

public offender (attack on lawyer)
if you’re not a public defender, and you’re not a judge- neutral (such as a rarefied judge “yeah right”), then you are a public offender.
If you defend an individual which does not exist (a corporation), then you are actually hurting all the other individuals

being put on hold, “hold on” you are not holding on, as in being in control, but they are controlling over you, they are commanding you, but the colloquialism has it sound that you are the commander. The active part is not for you, the one doing the “holding on”, you are reduced to passivity, though the verb usage would shroud that fact.

don’t care about what other people think, care about what other people don’t think

a true alpha includes the alphabet, a false alpha begins and ends at a

in the usa, representative democracy is an oxymoronic term

clocks are all about control
around the hands do roll
many times segmented
have they stole

title: surplus
surplus used to be supplied in to our brains, then surplus into grains

surplus used to be stored in to our brains/bodies, but then it became surplus stored in to the environment, but it wasn’t beneficial for the environment, very detrimental in fact (many things had to be cut down).
Storage of surplus isn’t beneficial to us. We need to put quality stuff directly in to our bodies, that can be stored in our bodies. If it can’t be stored in our body, it shouldn’t be stored.
we shouldn’t be squirreling stuff away, that’s negating our abilities to hunt and find food all year round, and leads to our lessening of our skills in hunting and food gathering. if it can’t be stored in our bodies, it shouldn’t be stored

structuring the future (destroying the present), we don’t need to. We have everything we need already for the future already in us. Winter, separateness is where all this shit started from.

keeping people from dying isn’t the same as letting people live
in fact it is deepening the low mediocrity of life, normalizing a non vital being in the world (imagine the child surrounded by over-medicated adults, it becomes very clear that life is very limited in the view of this child, restricts their imagination)

just because something is determined, doesn’t mean it’s pre-determined

cities are the center of the human monocrop; humans grown in an unnatural environment, dependent upon vast non-renewable fuel inputs
cities are the worst monocrop because they monocrop humans

whiteness is the human animal’s lame attempt to adapt to a climate that is not at all meant for them. The skin has changed much faster than most other bodily elements, which is why there has been a need for bodily tools such as depression, along with deep deep modifications to the environment and a sacrificing of eco-richness to keep the human alive in such a harsh environment.

property is just a convenient story that those who control land tell those who don’t control any

tag: dexter mediated

“shhhhh”, shhh” he whispered to the man who he was talking to, muzzled by the man’s hand, a look of true fear on his face

so, so so here’s” he was giddy with a joyous laughter “here’s what i’ve found out, to make sure I get ahead in life, and die ahead of the pack”
the man looked up at him, eyes still wide, bulging out a bit as if he had a chronic thyroid problem.
“i want to pass on my advice, on how to get ahead in this uniquely deadly environment. Make sure you kill a few bad guys before you yourself are killed by them, so even when they kill you, later on, you will already have downed a few of them.”
the man frantically nodded, unable
“I only tell special people this information. Those who also have a winning record, though most of them don’t know it. The only problem, is they have a career playing for the wrong team. After you I’m 4 and 0.” Then he slit the man’s throat.

The moonlight was leaking in just enough to reflect off the man’s yale law school plaque.

He snuck out through the window, jumped down in to the (common landscape bush), walked by the 3 cadillacs

“you think too much”
“just doing my best to make up for all those who don’t think enough”

play on words – a force to be wrecking with

autism is a weapon of class war fare

not necessarily class warfare, just a phrase that was availing itself to me. There is a parallel to be drawn between the intentional disabling of children in the anti-Vietnam war (a correct phrasing of the war) and the way autism disables a child which in effect disables a whole family and keeps them from politically agitating against you.

autism and the hideous logic of disabling children

in the vietnam war the much more potent weapon against people was disabling them, particularly weapons to disable their children. If you disable them, the healthy have to go on committing tremendous resources towards keeping them alive and cared for, whereas if they were murdered outright, the people will only have emotional resources they are expending, but some of those (like vengenance) are particularly dangerous to the perpetrator. The strategy to disable was given the light of day in particular cases at least ,with weapons being deployed that were meant to be found by children and explode to a degree to blow of limbs and cripple, but generally not kill.

if you sick government on your neighbors when you disagree with them, eventually your government will make you and your neighbors sick when you disagree with it.

for a poem – love exists here (love isn’t contained in one entity or another, but it blends entities together.
Only evil can be spoiled by love

the high level of indecisiveness in our society has led to a large number of consultations from people who have “the objective” outside view, but is this really the unlocalized view that we are seeking and should want?

The Revenant Post

On Leo’s acceptance speech – good that he made a leap and brought up global warming, but he really should have thanked the animals, the trees, the mountains, the atmosphere. They performed brilliantly and if not available none of this other stuff would have been available.

specifically permaculture earthworks will become absolutely necessary for places that are now populated that historically (and still do) have no practical resource resiliency to support any or lots of humans. The obvious example would be an arid state like arizona where the people will absolutely need to build swales and/or pond earthworks before a supply chain crisis. The land will need to be made inhabitable because it never was (in recent history anyways) and never would have been at this point in time—it only will be with direct and intentional landscape modifications undertaken by humans to build water harvesting edges and density features that will attract living systems to make new homes. Those homes sure are not there now. A crude test to see if you are in a place that fits this description, is if you (humans) are the only species in your area, and there is no ecosystem naturally occurring. This should be looked at as a huge warning sign, and most suburban areas fit this bill for they are generally now built outside the range of reasonable closeness to, say, a river valley, or a coast of abundancy. Low density population areas are self-justified and sensible by their development, and only have to rid themselves of import dependencies which are likely to fail, and get back to self-sufficient tendencies that may still be within living memory. Beyond desert towns, the most frightfully obtuse places are now cities, where humans are monocropped and whatever the background nature structure that exists or used to exist to attract a city in the first place, virtually all cities today have gone many fold past their carrying capacities, and have along the way diminished their carrying capacities by asphalting over the previous eco-system’s living spaces.

permaculture isn’t for taking over the world, it’s for taking over your world
permaculture isn’t for taking over the world, it’s for retaking our world

title: when the day is hours: the negative effects of knowing the time

evolutionary reason people like to share the most relevant information

the very fact of interacting with them in a positive manner indicates to your instinctual cerebrum that they must be local to you (though telephones and subsequent long-distant communications partially invalidate this old instinct), and since they are and are friendly enough for such communication, it is beneficial to strengthen them and see to their interests for your own protection.

are local to you and you want to help them out

title: enchilding

enchildment doesn’t happen with the person who is to become designated as a child, but the person who is to start functionally thinking of themselves as the parent. It might suffice to just think of it as a mentorship mentality, but I think it might be especially relevant in this day and age, when so many people are having fewer or no children, to use enchildment to pass on energy, resources, to a person to bestow it upon. It needn’t necessarily be a child either, and it could even go to the perversion of being someone older but in better health or lower metabolic age. The point of it is to find a person to think of as a child to draw out of oneself those excellent (time proven) parental skills that have obviously been vital since we are not an extinct species but have had thousands of generations of parent-child relationships. The effects of “enparenting” are sure to go well beyond just the direct enparented/enchilded relationship, but probably move on to have much larger societal externalities that increase a stewardship sensibility in the said parent. Investing all one’s energies in another might truly be one of the best ways to invest in oneself.

title: the war on colors (working title) parable

have it start with a zoom in of a picture [do a google search for 256 bit color or that color fusion option to choose colors from] so it is pixelated (maybe even recording this) [do it at Full HD video at 1920 x 1080 (square pixels): you can export it at 1920 x 1080]
, then enlarge those few pixels so it’s a series of squares. Then I should paint select them zoom them, making a colorful checker board. From there, all the colors gang up on “purple”, then they all gang up on “red”, and not sure how to illustrate this, but keep going, with one of the colors remembering what was lost, and others responding, “what’s green?” after green was destroyed. And the one responds, I don’t have the colors to describe it, it’s when you mix blue and yellow”, and then blue and yellow say they don’t like to mix, and they go to war and blue is destroyed. Eventually you are only left with black and white (grey is destroyed third last). Eventually you are only left with all white, b/c white destroys black squares, and all white says “there’s nothing left to see, let’s close down our eyes, it’s a waste of energy for our species to have them anymore.

the real nuclear disaster: nuclear families destroying the last vestiges of our heritage (The biggest nuclear disaster to date, is the nuclear family.)

nuclear families individuated into households the don’t accommodate many beyond a particular number, shut inside an urban or suburban landless area, are distorting any sort of balanced number of people that a tribal needing human species. It is a tremendous disaster spread out over such a long time frame that only those who look out for dangerous creeping normalizations would catch it or point a finger at it.

the definition of suspicious is going to get wider and wider as people’s minds are made narrower and narrower. So the federal BI and whatever other organizations that monitor “suspicious people” and employ many people solely for the purpose of watching such defined people, are just going to get larger and larger, for there’s going to be no lack of “suspicious” given the conjured circumstances.

depression is disabling to modern employment, but modern employment is increasingly disabling to the planet, and human prospects of continuing to live on it… how depressing!

reasons for the proliferation of bad ideas

I speak of the importance of imagination, but it is imagination that is grounded and informed by a healthy interaction (intuitive, open) with biological life. The more we have severed ourselves from biological life (think: where we spend our time and where we don’t, the sterile environments we put ourselves in, the creams we encase ourselves in, etc.), our imaginative capacities are skewed in to strange realms that don’t actually provide us with the important survival insights and thriving enhancements. Human imaginations may in some cases save our asses from digging ourselves too deeply in the hole
I want to present a dichotomy – immediate imagination (that which helps us directly problem solve) and mediated imagination, which depends on others valuing or digesting, excreting, and redirecting one’s imagination, which ultimately in return allows one to make a living off their imagination, as an artistic art form or a dildo for another’s mental masturbation (“here me, professor, all you are doing is contriving an idiosyncratically shaped dildo that will specifically trigger an orgasm during someone elses mental masturbation session”)

academia – the imaginations of academics feed themselves, but through mediation

Heights of Falsity (more on recording)

through the wishes a man makes for a genie, the realization comes of how false human constructs are

you can make no mistake of words, you have to wish all three wishes at once… so there is no ability to learn

I wish to own the milky way galaxy…
feeling that owning the Universe would be too grand, he said
“I wish to own the largest galaxy in the Universe”
rounding it out, he wished for something most people would as their first wish.
“I wish for the ability to fly”

pissed off by the lameness of the two deeds (almost a symbol of chicanery), he decides to make himself feel better he decides to fly. He is feeling very nice, so he flies higher and higher, feeling more and more powerful. But then, he is beginning to feel light headed, woozy, and then he blacks out, falling from the sky, unconscious by the lack of air.

use his ability to fly, and he starts flying higher
(issued by the united states of america)

(anthropogeny) – parents not wanting to give up their natural dependents (approximately less than 9 years of age) to a corporate day care. This habit has to be built in because it goes so against natural inclinations. Of course children wouldn’t always be exactly in proximity with their specific children, a tribe as a whole would watch them. But the tribe for many people has been narrowed to the nuclear family, and so there are unique, unprecedented grief levels (separation grief) that both children and parents are going through that were only to exist for humans in our ancestral past in very extreme cases of tribal warfare, a natural catastrophe (less likely to hurt these humans as they were much more attuned/anticipating of the Earth), or some

tag as “history of ideas”
Keynes: the student who tragically mistook his mentor’s warnings for his mentor’s advice

keynes mistook hobson’s advice

keynes created parasitism of the people internal to a nation, through deficit spending. Deficit spending is a euphemism for internal imperialism, which is subtly applied. One leech at a time.
hobson spoke of “parasites on the body politick”industries that

no matter who originally conceived—or propagandized of—the welfare state as something as a net for the poorest falling through the floor–
welfare state cannot be contained

paying off the working class with imperialist super-profits

It isn’t the hatred of a few men but the indifference of a few million that leads to a genocide costing millions of lives. Your indifference stands poised to be used against someone by any ambitious hater that arises. And don’t forget, you are someone.
What genocide(s) is our indifference already causing and going to cause?


your not being cynical adds yet another reason for cynicism

the story of genies are as old as civilization because the problem of dissatisfaction is what civilization inherently breeds
or, stories of war are as old

it takes a village
primitive man had many children and many adults, and so when one died or when one was born, it wasn’t such an individualized burden or selfish joy, the whole would continue on and be nicely renewed.

I only like bullshit that comes from a healthy and independent bull

starting off a speech “in this room, is the coolest person in the world”
there’s some words going on in the crowd. The speaker points at a man, I see him looking for a mirror, ha!”
the man gets off the stage, down on the crowd level. “I can get even closer than ‘in the room’”. He walks up to the keynote speaker “in this sphere of my arms range is the coolest person in the world”. He then hugs himself. “No, just playing, give it up for the amazing, fabulous…[name of coolest person in world]..”

Title: Scientifically out of control

post about how comments like “we are better off than we used to be” and the like, can’t be accurate b/c there is no control with which to measure, so they are really totally unfounded. corporate funded Scientists in their own little specialties think we are making progress, whereas public funded are more mixed and critically minded.
our critical faculties have been so atrophied.

for a fiction where an eco activist, digging up a road or something, is told to stop:

“Your not the authority. Willie smits is the authority.”

perhaps the oligarchic “they” that I speak of don’t even exist now, but the possibility of their coming to exist has to be posited. And also, the vulnerabilities might not even be initiated by people, they might just be systemic problems, technological problems, biological problems, that emerge (opening for opportunism)

even the oligarchic they are just mere bodies cultivated to do the bidding of infrastructure.

anthropogeny post
worshipping the eyes of the other
caring about what other people think about you is instinctually a very relevant thing to do (despite what school classroom posters say on the matter), though not in the modern context where there are so many people more than normal to care about the opinions of. There are such unpredictable relationships we have with people (we may not ever see them again, or may only see them very infrequently and probably with little consequence. Everything is so dangerously skewed by our changing of just a few small things.

The notion that if one built a time machine, went back in time, and changed just a small thing, would have huge impacts, is a notion somewhat realized in how we can just change a few things (like population growth, or adding in digital technology), and the past remains with us in our instinct, but this odd present that has superseded and gone too quickly for instincts to keep up, has us in a sense living through the small changes amplified over time to such a great degree that we are now animals caged when we were animals free.

We perform greatest when other’s are around

we worship the eyes of the other, because it’s in the eyes of the other in which we often perform greater (even if these others are our future self, it is still an other that we which to make ideals for) we wish to dance most beautifully, do most beautiful things, because we worship those others around us, that help keep us from falling away, keep us grounded. Other consciousnesses that we are so conscious of. This is a very natural thing.

title: supply/demand crushing the natural world

when things are well supplied (say a benevolent super plant that provides tons of health benefits, including protein, fats, and carbs), the interest is to kill back the over supply to make a profit out of it, so that it is in demand. Or its values are overlooked. Only the rare good things are marketed around, spoken of as valuable, and are sought to be amplified, at the expense of common good things. The common good things that must have existed in abundance to precede the biological development of such complex beings as mammals are freely offered and serve as a huge roadblock to any sort of paralell entwinement ability for capitalist-like innovation. We are now in need of exovation – releasing us from the bonds self imposed that lead us back to a rich, rejuvenating, and growing natural world.

It becomes a short jump to rare bad things becoming valuable (like potentially epidemic diseases)
where things are valued not by their qualities, but by their quantities. The less there are, the more they are valued. When nature by having so little is really telling us that there are not supposed to be very many around (such as metals). Yet, unfortunately, we go to great lengths to find more metals to circulate in our systems, because they were rare and are fed at a slow enough pace to keep them relatively rare and valued. We’ve wrongly adapted to having metals in our world.

A fundamental flaw of money systems (capitalism and older) of economics is that they have people encounter things and try and translate them in to money, rather than encounter the natural world and translate it in to life/vitality/conatus.

Supply and demand create a tube, a tunnel, that things have to jump in between.

Conatus not with us

inergy (internal energy)

day care-less

For Trees
story about 2 weeks to cross with a seed across a three week journey river
the people’s wanted to unify so the prince of the one nation with the
princess of another (they were young, like 12 years old, already
committed for marriage). the prince wanted to give her people the
blessings of his people’s tree (sugar palm), but the tree seed only
lasted a few days before not growing. but he kept working the problem,
trying to bring across a live tree, but that didn’t work, the tree
died from the transplant. “it must be by seed”

wait, about half way didn’t the one boat get stranded?”
we need to find that point, and bring some dirt”
lo behold they went to the same area, and found the shallow area that
they could get out and walk in”
he dumped the boatload there, but it wasn’t enough

“we shall build a series of rafts, called a barge, and bring dirt to
the middle shoal, dump it and build a small artificial island

the wood keeps getting lost, and we are close to the end of our supply
they decide to deconstruct

the tree grows very quickly, bearing fruit in 3 months

the prince and 3 men decide to stay with the tree and protect it from
the rising tides
they all die before any of the 4 trees bear fruit, but the trees
remain, and now provide the seeds to his princesses island in the
middle of the ocean (or the opposite side of the narrow sea)

back “log” is constipation in a literal sense

lawsuit fear is a real and common syndrome in our society.
that there are so many laws that aren’t enforced (regularly) is almost worse than having all of the laws enforced, because there is this great deal of ambiguity; it keeps people guessing, it keeps people stressed, keeps people unsure, makes them think that they have some room to maneuver—that they may—but when laws are enforced partially, partial enforcement of laws is partial to the powerful, against those who are weak. These partial laws act as alternative ammunition for the state to launch at those who come to challenge their position.

Since language is so closely related to laws, it is no surprise that in the age of lawsuit fear is also the political correct anxiety that keeps people silent for fear of saying something that is now incorporated in the faux pa or taboo realm. A concrete example would be calling oneself, or one’s class, a slave class. Many choose not to call their situations slavery because you are then calling in as reference the african american slave experience, and that could ruffle a lot of feathers when anyone, particularly a non-african american, uses the slavery word. It’s unfortunate because the slavery word really does so fully encapsulate many of the shacklings placed upon us by the tendencies of the economic and political systems.
A species that is open to its food source being highly variable, is very very vulnerable to having its behavior patterns being made highly variable.

though the crimes are now de jure understood as being legal (moving from illegal to legal), the criminal mentality with which the oligarchic gangsters employ is how to best evaluate them.
Though their actions may now be technically considered legal, their mentalities and behaviors are still that of a criminal, and understanding this allows us to anticipate their moves and avoid becoming a swallowing victim of their misdirecting propaganda

Criminals that have the power to legalize their crimes

title: the dialectics of land transportation
preface: I don’t necessarily believe in this, but in case you do I wanted to share:

first we were walking around, humans powering their own movement [human powered]
then we moved to wheeled transportation that is [non-human powered] that is now powered by the humans benefitting from the transportation
but now, the synthesis that exists, and is offering itself and may be more realized as other entities wane, are bikes, which use both human power and the wheel

you who have driven 100,000 times cannot drive without mistake 99,999 and be called responsible because that 1 irresponsible time costs infinitely high for the others who have perished by your single mistake.

are not responsible for driving you car 99,999
one who drives a car 100,000 times cannot be allowed to make a mistake even afteraised if only 99,999 times they don’t

title: death defects (defective ways that we are now dying)

there are two ways (not necessarily a dichotomy, probably more exist that I don’t think of)
1) old age, how old and disgusting people are right before they die, leaving behind skeletons that were probably very rare in the old world.

2) people injured by car impacts, explosive deaths, never part of the real world before industrialization.
Some converse effects of our modern situation appear in mental experiment anthropogeny:
Possibly our bodies go in to shock only when death was imminent and there was no need to feel the pain, so the body judged. Now we go in to shock but can be revived or kept alive despite our body’s judgements, but the shock is hard to wear off
we used to only die by getting eaten or some organic disease

we learn about the divide and conquer, but the tactic in which this is used most fundamentally is dividing us from the land (then they are allowed to conquer it). We are of the land, we are nothing without the land. Tierra y libertad
Former peoples that weren’t so land deprived realized that we are nothing without the land. Yet now land around us is all conquered and we don’t even think about it because we are so separated from that land, but they are really conquering us.

we are air particles adrift to the winds completely out of our control

title: political prowess through injury and insult
(bush campaign donors get picture of bush)
first the bush family takes money from you for its campaign which it does not need, then they send you something that honors them, not you (though you mistake it as an honor to have been given it), and you parade it on your wall
long after the presidency is over, these pictures are still propagandizing on a subconscious level in the minds of the bearers, having them tell themselves: “if I put it up there, I must like them”
a warm congenial picture to propagate and seed themselves as royalty in the minds of the roiled. They are taken voluntarily as a liege lord
they had already got you hooked enough to donate money, now they are putting they are attempting to put their tendricles down deep in to your flesh, and this person unwittingly availed himself to it by placing their picture on the wall. Perhaps the benefit will be contractual, or life saving if a new fangled gestapo does houseraids to determine friends and murder potential foes.

If you want to be like me and many others, just put up pictures of our next generations, nieces, nephews, sons, daughters. For they are the ones who we owe our allegiance to.

Title: Cars and Guns (working title)
Cars are in the driver seat (sort of like the way metals are with LOM) instead of we in the driver seat. Cars are in the driver seat of our lives.
We are dying because of them, and we would die without them.

Title: On the one hand: recognizing and combating human one-handedness
it’s because of tools, favoring constant use, particularly with the advent of written language
what hand are dogs?

to my libertarian frienemies

Ron Paul was recently quoted as saying of the current elongated, drawn out financial crisis, that “we can’t blame capitalism because we haven’t had any.” I appreciate the spirit of what Ron said, and of course he was referring to free-market capitalism. However, I would argue that you can’t unwed the current deep-state state capitalism from the free-market ideology, for both are just phases. It is not teleological necessity that state capitalism emerge after a span of free market capitalism, or that one has to even come before the other, as China’s wonky mixed economy would evince. There is however I think a correlation between the two, and that is the ideological values that conceive of property, whether private or state owned. Further, going against the aforesaid, a free-market situation that most libertarians, minarchists, and anticapitalists would be happy with, would have naturally both losers and winners who wanted to consolidate their (dis)advantages in larger structures that would either align with government, or become quasi-governmental themselves. These can be beaten back by strong vigilance, but capitalism has a way of narrowing and focusing our views on making money, and weeding out other concerns such as keeping check on all these other people to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to (let a government govern, would be a cliché of this epoch paving the way for governance). We could always hire regulators to do this for us… thus the inevitable slippery slope. If you align with gravity don’t be surprised when you go down!

Fascistic state capitalism is a stage to capitalism that free market ideologues don’t want to admit or believe.

(put my fascism capitalism is the misspelling difference as the pic here)

but all that being said, I think it is time for anarchists of many stripes (and libertarian socialists, as Chomsky puts it) to start banding with libertarians that we may have some longterm philosohpical disagreements with.

Crude libertarians as a term to use to connote difference with libertarian socialists, a more natural liberty granted by social extensions?

if you vote for the lesser of two evils

you are voting against the greater good

We r in a grave chess game w a computer and it is using our moves for its advantage just as much. It doesnt need to win for us to lose. It cant win, bc it has no ends, but that doesnt mean we cant lose.

voting is how the powerful limit us, not how we limit the powerful

Out Voting: Rhetoric Of A Door-to-Door Anti-Voting Campaign

“I’m doing a campaign to encourage fellow Americans to consider not voting in the national election next month,” is what I’ve said on some surprise October occasions, following a knock at a door that was then opened (close to 50% thus far). Depending on their response or lack thereof, I might continue with the rhetoric that “by voting for either candidate you have to own what they do once they are in office” or the point that has been central to my argument, that “any vote—regardless of for whom— is a vote for the system that allows such corrupt, narrow, and elitist choices to get elected in the first place”.

Concurrently to my talking points, I would be offering a copy of this flyer that had reasons listed for considering this no-vote alternative. Points such as disenfranchisement of the youth who have the most time left on this planet yet no decision making power, is what I save when a high or grade schooler opens the door. Gerrymandering also came up once, but not yet the argument that prisoners should have more than anyone, a right and need to have a say; a slippery issue is prisoners, perhaps analogous to taking sides with the Palestinians in that unending conflict, but nonetheless this hasn’t come up yet.

Generally, the discussions don’t focus on the flyer because of practical reasons (no one has chosen to read while an odd stranger stands there silently at their door watching them). The flyers have been what I lean on as my public speaking tries to grow out of its cocoon. Perhaps it was read later on, or thrown away: both a fate unbeknownst to me. The depth of conversation that I had with three particular people (ranging over 30 minutes each) told me they at least would check out the flyer at some point. More importantly than that, it was nice for both of us to have the open political discussion that is so rare in this supposed democracy, so that was refreshing. Several felt they could open up to me about the things that annoyed or infuriated them, including the media, the constructed race tensions, political correctness, the candidates. I got to introduce fears of mine that I had not considered at the time of the flyer’s mass printing: one candidate’s words and policies may cause a civil war; the other candidate’s words and policies will cause a world war; and both may cause both! Other natural tangents to our conversations have been on to the option of third parties (being taken up by more than a few I have met). I have interjected at this point, somewhat of a reiteration, that “voting for a third party in a structurally two party system is signing up for the system that you already know marginalizes your voice further. The canvassing I did at my college brought me in to contact with some third partiers as well as some asking what next, after not voting, because what really will that accomplish. A good question, and under this feeling of pressure and not having a response, I think I did well by saying “growing our own food”. A different weak point that hasn’t yet arose in discussion is more specific: how to differentiate that one’s not voting should be interpreted by the authorities as the symbol of a person disgusted by the status quo and declaring themselves free of the responsibility of condoning government corruption, and a person who is merely apathetic.

I could say more, but hopefully the above gives you some flavor of what we commoners are doing and thinking about this continuing and upcoming shit show. There are still 3 weeks left and many doors to be knocked on until the nadir, and a November 9th Coalition for me to promote in case it helps smooth out some of the hard landings that truly progressive (my definition probably is quite different than the amorphous term used by people who wear it as an identity) people will feel if they lock themselves in to electoral politics as being the be-all-and-end-all.

title idea for mix of thoughts on something: notes from a mental seminar: (whatever topic)

on the idea that we are digging a deeper and deeper hole – as we dig deeper, we get less sunlight, which is true for how we are in doors more now and get less light. We also have less room to move around as we get deeper and tighter, another true metaphor. As for “mountains of debt”, it would be more appropriate to say canyons of debt. But ontologically neither are true, as they are just obligations without any physical bearing.

If you are not radically political, you are radically oppressed

Why does carbon get to have a monopoly on life?

open is a pen (circled), you dont lure animals in to a closed cage

Fearing your own death isnt what keeps u alive

its what keeps you from living

you rob someone’s gold and it’s called wrong
government rigs and rehypothecates gold we call it a long
you lose someones property your charged with a tort
you successfully contrive asset downfall you praised by your short

Meme this steal

Lowering the Dunbar
Changeable bar (setting the bar) flexible bar on the dunnbarr #

anti bitcoin
The fractionalizing able currency scheme displaces govt but gives oppressive powers to a new govt. Those who have the ability/power to save

it’s the mission not the emission that makes cars so dangerous. Their daily anti-reminder that we use to have bodies that could employ, commute, and feed us all in one. No need for a 15 mile enervating drive.

I’ve heard a number of fossil fuels being 90 times more powerful than the commonplace sun energy that bathes the earth on a typical day’s rate. This spike from 1 to 90 in terms of power can not be without huge negative impact for all that are subjected to this power. Oil for lighting or for a warming fire is one thing, but quite another when used with tight conspiring metals that force the bundled energy in to a single direction, a single mission of propulsion unto the unsuspecting environs.

apology for versa vice
I deal in potent entities, and versa vice is a potent idea, if you open your mind to its power, it takes many different forms, and strange poetic maneuvers, for something that can only fully be accessed by a English linguified brain. I only deal with potencies—where to stop them and where they need to be created; where they are needed and where there is way too much power. There is so much potency put in to metals, and so much potency taken from the human, thus our impotency.

title: ¿the urine tonic?
It was possible to happen on occasion that wandering bands would briefly find themselves without sufficient or appropriate water sources to maintain optimal hydration. Necessity reevaluates all values, and in such times of acute need I would think it probable that they would drink either their own urine or the urine of one another.
However, I came to thinking about such urine drinking not out of an acute need for hydration, but as for a natural antibiotic (uric acid is?) that would kill some

the most important factor as the dust gets in to the air more and before it settles, will be that there are people out there already giving their free time to help others. Let these little acts of goodness of the other warm you up and give you courage to also act.

libertarian – they don’t realize that capitalism isn’t for individual humans, we are a product of the system, not the individuals behind it. The individuals are the super rich and more insidiously incorporations.

Turning humans in to enzymes (readers and writers but not independent actors) thinking is prohibited.

eating unmediated – hands are mediators, was this the beginning of our woes, that we use our hands instead of our mouths.

The poison Mushroom (featured pic should be four pics square of cellphone that exploded, tesla car caught on fire, something else like statin drug, and lastly is nuclear reactor)

the learning of poison mushroom, perhaps intuitive, perhaps through sorrow of death

we now are interacting with lots of unknowns, more than ever before
despite science helping to create them, they are created and sold without science being part of that process to absolutely determine they are safe, and of course they are not safe, more and more they are dangerous. We have no way of even instutitionalizing learning
and the gov’t gives false protection with its regulation industries

Violet Children Unrefrained (Form Free)


read this in your own voice
removing my idea imposition
turning it into your own choice
leave off the last regression

shamans in antishamanic times
bound to think only in rhymes
ease you in to this though I shall
sonically, then visually, will form fall

… but not true to the impending all
regression occasions us a need for a wall
more at first when likely to sputter and stall
after many trials, than we can begin to uninstall
The darkness that lusts for that which is brightest

¡Violet Children!
one n away from ending, are we
the vanguards of the indigo, alive barely
bare is how we exist, so touching is the death
this always in mind, we love with every breath
regression, regression, regression, regression

when the islands ocean the oceans
the oceans won’t island, nor cry
because the islands conquered their family
and now both oceans and islands must die
regression regression regression regression

such beauty that took billions of years to build
can in just a few instants be completely killed
such perils does life in our reckless times daily endure
lesser remedies nesting and dependent on love’s arcing cure
regression, regression, regression, regression

a Farmer named chris, remade as a gardener
cracking open the light with tenderest of care
cuddling it with the fiercest love, our only armor
even with dark clouds in overhead, not yet despair
regression regression regression regression

we will send atomic weapons running scared
for sub-atomic life such devices are unprepared
and here at the turn versa vice rolls a play
¿so won’t you allow it to role your way?
regression, regression , transgression, final regression?

we may lose violet sooner than achieving our ultra
the opening of a tunnel also a paved out funnel
the ultimate too powerful to comprehend, even to pen
the lead in funnel also a paved out tunnel
progression, regression, progression?, regression

unconditionally together to life we gather
standing together unconditionally, not not withstanding
(or “standing with, not not withstanding”)

yet the greatest darkness is the rich black soil
and yet igniting to brightest light from dark oil

to life’s defense we

we didn’t ask for this, it is asked of us

those too early vaschemtized we will regrow your fertility
those too early victimized we will resow your vitality
morning with the mourners and evening with the sinners
throwing up breakfast to predigest for our dinners

inoculate yourself with the biological

the low number of lucid dreams
that one may recount at the close over their life
roughly mirrors the low number lucid living
whence one’s two eyes both wide open lives lucidly
progression, progression, progression, progression

an overdue inner child will suffocate if not able to get out

expecting the living, finding the dead
emptiness unending our chief dread
hearing others words before voice has said
fearing their deaths before any drops bled

called upon are we
our greatest strength our sensitivity
isolation not isolated
far from implosion
far away, a necessary tactic to prevent explosion

language can be so beautiful not because somehow the medium perseveres and the words carry it, but the voice singing it to you is one so close because so often it’s your own (this is when you are reading, as now). This is so unique, it’s you the ideas of another wedded to your own inner voice, unfamiliar lyrics sung to yourself, inescapably reaching deeper places than most formally external existences can say. Literacy, so often the cage with its harsh bars of disharmony banal and dressed up “do not enter” signs abound, can also allow a liberating wrenching open to a alienated mind that galaxys solo.
progression, progression, progression, progression…

if Narcissus had drank himself, wouldn’t he perhaps not have drowned?
A head unadorned is where exists the only real crown
regression, regression

closest to violet at both the dawn and the dusk

primitive though it may be
regression is the progression
¿is it the darkness that kills
or the light that violates?

You can’t tell an eagle to ground, especially when its land is on fire.

Violet children are here to clear our global meridians (unclog the meridian powers of the world)
xi concentrations lead to xi vacuums
we aren’t needles, we are needed.
Unclogging the earth’s xi grid by dismantling the world’s power grid

we rise to the occasion, not because of what we are, but because of the occasion life is.

Violet children am I
dealing with even more potent entities
the heart of evil to which I dive
knowing not whether or not I will survive

I will come back as indigo or ultraviolet, too harmful
so close do I dwell dangerously to moving in to ultra-violet

but before I enter that dangerous spot, I am of the highest inspiration

because I shine the most intensely and beautiful, directly in the face of the lightless malevolence
entering david doth draw out full goliath
I am right at the edge of that which is too potent, I press the boundaries

parade on our reign
for it is not that of a monarch, but anarchs.

Regression is the progression

We may never touch power, but power ever touches us.

I can see it in their eyes, i can see it in their bodies. They will not last much longer. Without them, I dont know if i can either. A few stiff winds… I can feel their lack.

Excercise your left (title for excercising your weak side)
gives you consciousness

irresponsible mourning
not knowing whose child is whose, where no lover is no one’s only lover, where one’s father is not one’s only father, where one’s child is not one’s only child, mourning is a shared process.
shared grieving process is the only grieving process

routine riverside rhythm
the whitenoise calls us back in the twilight and darkness
the dehydration that sleep brings is immediately quenchable

the original whitenoise infatutation might not be just the mother’s womb, but the womb provided by a swiftly moving stream

we stray during the day, as some blood cells would to an outer capillary region, but exhausted, fulfilled, and done with the day, returning to the artery and vein that is the river, brook, or stream. A multi-day saw tooth pattern emerges, with the river being where teeth must touch daily, to then diverge for daylight hours, a mouth wide open ready to eat experiences that stray from the tributary.


the clime, the climb, the whole, the hole

Haste is time’s waste

love drew us and love grew us
something something something love through us

there are thousands of fish, lost in thousands of seas.
What’s more, there are many now lost to disease.

Break the diamond versa v ice

rolling dice with the weather, these days; rolling dice with the planet, our ways

politicians debate
leaders create

Break my chains
return our brains
When you dont rule
that will end my pains

(written and sent momments after “break my chains” but don’t understand – I want to end w/ the poa)

Walk 100 miles and you grow and see, drive 100 miles and more than your body will atrophy.

Lying naked with another
living naked in thy mother
is but a tease
the society of hpysical isolation disease

No wonder we r alwaysasleep,
surrrounded by the countless sheep,
the situation quite lamentable
counting as dependents the undependable

Stroking the egoist
even greater still
is your power to will

striking the egoist
you are all alone
we would see you as ours
if you didnt keep internal your powers

In a unique point
enemies of governments with corporation
despite this comrades
we have a unique situation

Be free
by the book
be free?
burn the book
Form your opinions
removed from the animal kingdom

By the book
by the book
polite to others

the corrupt profit
nature is raped
by the book
by the book

become illiterate

burn the book

feel warmth again?
return to animal kingdom?

Genetic modifications
by the book
genetic redemption
burn the book
an open sky traded for a closed sealing
redundancy building redundancy building
meadows unkempt punished and fielded
weapons inert are now actively wielded

alex and elijah
yesterday, I realized I had 3 brothers and not just one
yesterday, I realized I had 3 sons and not just one

Drink the milk of an other
and only then will you be
closer to the real mother
without eyes you will see

Lower the flag
raise my fist
i am not angry
i am anarchist

part 2
not an accountant
nor laws do I list
I am not beholden
¡I am anarchist!

love is the ultimate rebellion against individualism

land the sacred is now land scarred
in too much light veiled is the starred

trust a blind man to see the way
with splittable attention vision proves a delay

for the chemically clean wiped veneer
harsh vibrations inducing drear

Couple couple couple threesome

entire families quickly die
and we dont even try
to prevent the nuclear disaster
household gone, house is master
two earners still outnumbered
Restless, defenseless, and unslumbered
to own half the house
share a quarter with a spouse
rat race really divides you down to timid mouse
Grandfathered out

the only fountain of youth
eternally flows (is borne out) of the birth canal
a spring forth that never enters winter

all your hesitations unfurled
this is love
at the end of the world

with all your possessions
open/free (not squirled) and unsquirled
this is love
at the end of the world

Fists are not
May 32 (A-way 2 may day: 32 days of may in the usa)
(32 line poem)

May we not turn over to June too soon
time zones obfuscate our actual true-noon
the end of May asks of us, a creative boon
a powerful clarion, even revolutionaries swoon

to mindlessly carry on, traditions of men dead
to the nadir of existence have we almost sled
marching on marching faster, mindlessly sped
little blood left in us, for so much we’ve bled

Ceasing violent acceleration, towards a wall we are hurled
giving ourselves this day, we will take back the our world
uncuffing wrist’s manacles, big brother’s watch now twirled
all hidden oppressions will now be plain and openly unfurled

We say to June that “you can wait!”
for this is vital—creators must create
adding temporal space to our over-full plate
humans first, not the mandates of the state

Don’t so quickly stray from May
let’s keep it here for another day
June so soon, “too soon!” I say
so beautiful is this, this month of May

Why not give it another day?
what do we let stand in our way?
everlasting paint the memory do we spray
extending resistance to an other May Day

In requesting this, to God we need not pray
it is not his day to keep nor to give away
nor unlike our adversaries do we need to so slay
just wait half a minute for this thirty-second of May

May 32 is merely empty symbol, you say
but so too are all labeled days I counter convey
the problem that we all find is so so ordinary
discovering quickly all days are all work, no play
if we don’t allow to add on a way
nor the power to give June a delay
problems biggest are customs to which we stay
needs more than a pray
creating a new day
old cultural sway
leap the year
my birthday
half a year away.
I say

May 32, to plant the seeds of a new temporal polyculture, in lieu of the montholithcnon montho culture Montholithic
Poems from the modern prison

Bars begins with C, not B
can’t notice oppression, too busy
Blind are fish to the real see

your power unseated by seating

¿breaking forms, what about norms?

effects looking for a true cause
thought stuck in its own meta-pause
movement without any changing
decaying without any aging

knowledge is power, the power to enslave
it denies the animal freedoms our bodies crave
what dies from the roads we pave?
avenues push straightness as they laterally concave

knowledge is definitely power
the power to enslave
it denies the animal freedom
the bodies we silencewe crave

what dies with the roads we pave
and land escapers

jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj JOKES 2017

“an artist who only wants to paint with semen”
(show picture of jaime with goofy smile during)
thought jaime of oberyn

Why does a man only go to a comedy club when someone else is paying?
He wants to laugh at other people’s expense

Why would you make an already battered women suck your dick?
i want her to have someone to look up to.

Holding a bond to maturity is like holding your penis after your done jerking off.

y r gay men so happy? because they are optimistic about the world being full of assholes and dickheads

proof of a future pre-existing

the fact that already codified, semi-determined things like computer
logic to create a random appearance (binarily, as there was one of two
choices), is a devolved future, and so “femories” of it were easily
available to fall into it, as the study ended up showing about “esp”,
it showed something much bigger, which was that a fucked up future
exists, but it doesn’t always get chosen.


it is so common, so basic, and normalized, that it wouldn’t even think
of being questioned, but I’m sure if brain analysists conducted
studies on neuro response times they’d find it to be so fast that it
almost didn’t make sense. What I am talking about, is that in the
realm of oral conversations, the speed at which people respond to one
another is more than just anticipation and training, it is an
atunement people have developed to a devolved future, one that has in
it already predetermined by the very structure of language (that
forces and channels thoughts into it) and the structure of
conversations, that it is in the very close future, so that the
listener hears the words before the other person speaks them. This is
not just mere prediction, as one can tell by the very random
conversations undergone by youth, classroom dynamics, and other places
where people quickly respond to things their memories and minds have
not dwelt on or considered for ages—yet they can rip off a full reply
almost instantly following the closing of the other person’s
statement, sometimes even before as we have come to call this NYC
j is for jk, jk is for joke?
Cannibals can keep you from dying, they can eat you alive…


my words inexactly: z is for zeroing
g is for gathering
E is for Escaping or Escalating
W is for Willing
v is for villifying
q is for quelling
r is for resisting
f is for flavoring (funneling) fueling, f is for frothing
n is for no thing
y is for yawning
a is for actualizing
T is for Tolerating, t is for traversing, t is for tunneling
b is for buttering
h is for harking (harkening)
X is for Ten-ding (roman 10)
d is for distracting, deleveraging (roman 500)
r is for resisting
o is for overlooking

p is for propagating
k is for
s is for socializing
I is for inspiring/initiating (only do one quote)
c is for commonplace, or commandeering (roman for 100, use 64)
l is for loving – speak love to power—give it a dose of that which it is least familiar with
the greatest marriage is not that of a couple, but of a tribe; it does not begin with priestly words, but at beastly conception, from parents multiple, of love polyamorously, profuse, a strong web. The greatest nurture is to be raised by a multitude of parents that go far beyond your two progenitors of a stricter nature. A widdling down of the parents from fortytwo to two, subtracts the child down to negative forty—it should be no wonder that raising children these days can feel as the greatest burden. The death of a tribe in a nuclear holocaust is worsted by the birth of a child in a nuclear family; if you think this hyperbole experiment with the thought that the tribe died crying together, and the baby was born among unfeeling strangers that did not reciprocate her tears.
Born of 40 parents and married at original contact, instead of two parents and a marriage contract.
5 is not wrong, 2 is backwards, and 2 2 is doubly so, not the single 1.

give me something worth radically accepting

the frankfurt school never considered that the superstructure might suffocate the base

derivatives allow the amplification of monetary power for the few

at the cost of amplifying monetary impoverishment for the many

confusing a politician for a leader will bring you the same result as confusing a toilet for a bathtub

mistaking politicians for leaders will put you in the same place as confusing toilets for bathtubs

Viewing life as a battle is more than half the reason it will be one you lose.

Land grows people, yet people have strayed so far from their parents, not in distance, but in despondency. Our single greatest vulnerability is that we refuse to acknowledge all the other vulnerabilities.

Holding in your urine, saving it to pollute the drinking water, when the plants would hold it (as they do our carbon dioxide)
your fountain is their creek that now runs dryer as you deny them the reciprocation of bodily fluids. Don’t constipate all over the place, for such is an oxymoron! You drink of the earth but do not let the earth drink of you. The more we are moving the earth through our mechanical allies, the less we allow the earth the chance to move us. Save those still sacred places where the earth lies naked, but more importantly so do we.

Is this some idiotic cultural development to mimic the fear of an inevitable death in which the earth swallows you thirstly? Is urinating in to contrived sterility a minor ripple recurring daily during one’s life that smacks of an infantile rejection of the great wave that one’s life, that must inevitably come crashing back down after their time is up? Don’t forget that you can piss away your wave slowly instead of letting it come to full form and crashing down with great sublimity. Don’t fear this seemingly harsh and unfamiliar path, for the ocean endures the waves.

Plastic is fake not because it changes at a moments notice, but because it endures in the face of the great vital fluxes that would sweep away anything alive.

Major key builds towers on high, while deep minor keys destroys and liberates false foundations

Not the beholder but the befreer is where beauty dwells.
When the beholder dies so does the push for beauty, and a cheap banality is for sale.
Innocence unfounded does not negate innocence lost, it negates .
Defending someone with a weapon is naturally offensive to others who are in the proximity of being intentional or accidental victims; defending someone with your bold presence only offends the already offensive.

Occasionally the IAC will be the trojan horse to a country it deems unfriendly to its imperialist interests, but more often, and frequently in concert with the military, they identify an ostracized pony (or camel), pump it up with military grade steroids, and saddle it with pallets of money so that it will wreak havoc.
is no police officer

some mountains loom so high that the idea of climbing them is a sheer cliff. An overlook from such a view is overlooked.

Reestablishing tribal societies rids us of the need to tediously parse through the ingenuous and the disingenuous actors who wreak havoc.

When separating a part from a whole, there are downsides apart from the gaping hole

, or “voting” is a handshake with those whose hands are already covered in blood.

Get of the altar, and open yourself to the lternate. [link to alphabet explanation part]

So many civil servants being ordered to carry out the law, when all we used to have and need were pre-civil stewards who didn’t need laws to tell them how to act justly. The kernel of truth ought to be obvious in the euphemistic use of the term public servants, civil servants is a degree more ingenuous bureaucratically enslaved is best

Given our mutual complicity in the atrocities in the matter, a battlecry such as “life forever” wouldn’t be more accurately recalibrated to “life ever forward!” this is what we can hope to be part of without staining the bottom side of a veneer placed atop the refuse pile of our past and current ways.

The vastness of history cannot be captured in words, nonetheless we have history books written by those whose tongues are not stiffened, whose hands are not rotting. All histories are revisionist histories, made hard black and white by countless omissions rather than colored by addition. Such books are more likely to contain 300 compliments than 300 years.

Mountainous lands: hard on the vehicle, easy on the soul; flat suburban lands: easy on the vehicle, hard on the soul. One has to ask oneself what they would rather drive.

grains are simple empty foods but are complicated to digest, whereas meats are complex foods that are easy to digest. And we are in the age of grains if ever there was one. [link to complicated vs complex article]

you can make this shit up—there’s so much rear end raw material available.
In a world populated mostly by herded cattle, it shouldn’t be surprising to find most shit to be bullshit. The farmer in me says this is technically not true, and the politeness in me says to not speak this because it is true, but the shit is on the outside not the inside.

A key difference between the sheep and a shepherd is that the sheep don’t make the infrastructural decisions that directly impact their relations with the land. The sheep’s bleeting is not translated in to changes in living standards. They are but tenants of their own lives, having brief freedoms but never their own landlords.

Infrastructure is as a wound to your leg. It does not keep you from walking, but effects and slows how you move. Its harsh impact on your body elongates the time needed for your healing.

The undereducated see how over-educated others some are, and the over-educated are frustratingly aware of how undereducate some others are. It is only the well educated who get to see how unwell and disturbing education generally is (and misused).

Perhaps worse than spending money on useless possessions, is spending time acquiring (useless) money.

Those who are the tenderest bleed the most, naturally; they also have the least blood to lose.

Most of an artist’s brilliant works are born and die in their mind, never touching their lips or finger tips, never bastardized in mediation

It’s not that there are no more MLK’s or Gandhis out there in this overpopulated and over media covered world, it’s that they are never allowed to live past their first speech. The establishment has learned from it’s mistakes, and yet the rest of us in our great limitations are still only searching to figure out what the mistake was.

Any wisdom that they may have is not attributable to a wiseness, but because they retain some memories from an older world that was less defiled than ours.

We can use our heads to teach ourselves a lesson, or we can bump our heads to learn a lesson. Sometimes though the lessons by bumping one’s head is lost on the person, as their life is lost.

In the human ideological quest to prove to ourselves that we are more than just mere animals, we are going to do so by destroying the very comparable populations that would prove otherwise.

We must intentionally pre-constrict our pupils so that when the flashy propaganda is unleashed on our eyes we aren’t blinded in to swallowing them wholesale

consumerism has coopted more than Christmas—it has coopted most valuations of ourselves independent of our possessions

Humans rarely factor in their poor ability to factor in.

The proof of our devolution is in the norm of dulling our senses, when one of evolution’s primary tasks was in responding to greater and greater subtleties, through an enhancement and redoubling of our sensitivities.

If the past keeps presenting itself it shouldn’t be considered the past. If it is a life inhibiting negative endurance, it is dangerous to attribute cliches like “leave it in the past”

Murder is rarely the solution, it is at best a transfer of the problem from another to oneself and at worst the turning oneself in to a problem.

I will not worship those older generations, when all they’ve done is war and shit on us. I say to them of their offerings with no thanks.

It is only a happenstance and not a family if the strongest bonds between a people has dwindled to mere genetics.

The only true loser is the one who equates life with death, feeling that there is little difference between the two states. It is not for long that such a mood can be sustained, but is something that passes with new surges of vitality, or with death.

Unlike previous post-wars where the decadence was starkly evident, this time we don’t notice it because the decadence is spread deep in to our critical faculties themselves.

Something that may be hard for you to swallow but has become easy for me is drinking one’s own urine as a tonic.
Just as some religious peoples can’t appreciate evolution because they have no brain, some atheists can’t appreciate the spiritual world because they have no soul. They’ve been deprived a brain, deprived a soul.

At the sociological, political, and psychological levels at least, the single biggest factor to any phenomenon is that all the factors accumulate or diverge, they never stand alone in a linear analyzable fashion, even when science proclaims to have isolated them. And so a problem with reification then is that it automatically has us missing the quantification of the countless unreified factors and co-factors that we overlook or don’t even understand, and so what we think we are grasping in reified form never quite matches our conceptions.
My spells mispell to disspell false consciousness (that keeps us in shells).
Become more animal, then we become more human.

We are all stuck in the world wide web, succumbing to the bloodsucker’s poison as vitality slowly flees our bodies.
Civilization is an act of war on all those who wouldn’t be stagnant, stuck to a particular area for more than a lunar cycle. This would include all type O’s in their fully realized, biological form that hasn’t been mutilated by long stays in civilizational stagnancy.

Only a truly sick people would be attracted to desert/arid lands for reasons beyond dietary survival.

If the definition of a sheep is an animal that is unable to understand its imminent death due to the larger system that engulfs it, despite many indicators available, then things have gotten very baaaaaad.

One cannot be called a coward if no just and brave alternatives exist. As this is written, the choking chain is not so great that we can’t they allow themselves to be made steer, steerilized.

Constancy around a specific spot with very little change, fools animals in to thinking that the plants are stupid, slow, and available for manipulation. Really this is a description of the animals found in such a sluggish sedentary state.

Laws are mere nuisance and not substantive of the direction and growth of a people, their power is in the power to quell over times of long exposure and normalization. Indications of the sterility of laws to be energetically true power are that de facto is a commonplace word but its corollary de jure is esoteric and its meaning generally unknown, mistaken for de jour.

Those waiting to see if they will be winners or losers would know the answer already if it weren’t for the false politeness of others.

80 meals away from starvation, with revolution no where in sight. The better fed we are the better the revolution.
Grass roots revolution starts with grass-fed nutrition.

I write to the elected. Who elected them? God? No, better, they themselves. That is why they are elected.

Rules of justice that are applied selectively are always for the rulers and never for justice (fairness)

Being up against the wall will seem a privileged position when we are behind the wall.

If you dont like any of the choices, choose to create your own choice.

Love is why the self and the Universe are the same thing.

ignorance ignores its ignorance

Authorized freedom is any oxymoron. They authorize freedom because they are pretty confident we are ignorant of how yo use it. Lets prove them wrong and prove their authorized freedom false!

Who can say who can say, if none can say,
nor rarely play, move away! Move away!

Marx was not of the wrong mind, but of the wrong century. He was too close to hegel to see the immanent stupidity intertwined with the immanent brilliance.

Political correctness silences all who are not the worst off, and politics itself silences those who have it the worst.

we are all unpaid actors casted to play the role of slaves.

Those who believe in fate have nothing to fear just as a corpse in a casket.

To put all the eggs in the basket with the most eggs.

The basket with too many eggs in it is the individual; perhaps this is why so many are now basket cases. Too many baskets with eggs spread across them cannot be managed by we primates who will forget about them. It is the function of a tribe to manage the various interactions a human is going to have with a large and brilliant ecosystem.

For every godsend that people praise, there are manifold godtakes that negate it and negate us. If we returned to assume our original vigilance, the ratio perhaps could be inverted, with regeneration replaced degeneration.

Too many years of fascistic, properly ordered ABC generations inevitably build the stage for the De-generation, which is what we are witnessing now.

masses of herd animals, perhaps 3 million or less, but predators are like the white blood cells. following the herd is distinctly different than being in the herd.

Contemporary pettiness is not positively correlated with a greater degree of subtlety afforded by modernity, it is a sign that humans are belittled by the large dumb structures that knock away the expression of our core value (to the planet).

Do not throw the baby out nor should you throw out the bathwater! Permaculturalists have many uses for this greywater, along with many other things that are usually thrown out. Rest assure that permaculture is not merely about recylcing wasteful industrial processes and products, it is more so in preventing their contrived need from emerging.

There is a huge difference between being weakened and being weak. Many of us are weakened, but so too many of us are weak. Its when the strength of aother is available to temporarily boost us, to determine whether our spirit is weakened or just weak.

There is no guilt in stealing from one’s parents. Stealing from one’s children, intentionally or inadvertently, this is the gravest sin.

Most individuals have a plurality of sides to them that are deeply flawed—missing parts that have alongside them grand over-compensations that have others feeling flawed in comparison. These flaws are constantly revealed to the therapist and personality analyst types among us because an individual is rarely whole on their own; a conclusion these professionals are usually blind to is that an individual is an idiosyncratic puzzle piece that must have vulnerabilities and additional capacities to fit in with a more complete picture, albeit a large family or tribe. Lacking this tribe to fit in with is the great flaw, for tribelessness is the great disease and a puzzle that we seem farthest from solving, for truly we need others to complete us.

A presentist that is always in his head, such as myself, is much more of an absentist than a presentist. Negates the past and future, and the present.

Artists create by birthing new vitality; scientists create by destroying (old) vitality.

The ultimate spirit of the time is the death; life knows no such ultimate.

The modern idiom “at the end of the day” reflects the falsity and compromising nature of the remainder of a person’s day where they are alienated from their true selves, which only have the space to emerge once home from work and society.

If you keep stacking your own responsibilities on the system, you should not be surprised that the system is stacked against you (or, any system in which you stack all of your wants and needs in to is inevitably going to be stacked against you. Stack functions back in to the ecosystem where they always were, and you will be fed and feel free, and be independent of manufactured dependency.

The truly powerful aren’t too careful to watch what the say because they own the media which washes what they say.

[link to children post]

Marx by his own example has proven to us that a lifetime of analysis, with multiple volumes of critique of the problem, does not solve the problem of capitalism. In fact it might add to the problem, arming with full knowledge the provocateurs.

To great destruction, we have studied math and philosophy to thrive, so now our children must study war and politics just to survive.

One who doesn’t roll the dice will have others rolling it for him. Chances are that if it’s a winning roll the others will take the reward, and if it’s a losing he will be left with it.

What is not to be done, is the more important question in our day when human leveraging gives us access to large dangerous quantities of power that are (disentangled) from… (or, in our age of age such easily accessible mechanical violence, the more important question is what is not to be done, rather than what is to be done)

Property (and money) is reification incarnate; it is the most visible form of thingification of the mileux, so visible that it is invisible.

If you are not out of control, you have to ask whose control are you in?

When nothing’s doing, this is precious time to do something.

What died to create the vacuum that government now fills? Certainly vigilance—but the vigilance of what entity: a mere individual, or an entire tribe? The best way to push out the government is to fill back in whatever vacated the original niche it now occupies. Bring back an ecosystem competitor that is so strong, vibrant, and responsive to human needs (including the need to not be dominated to thrive) so that the iron grip of government is shown to be brittle and breakable.

The counting of the parts is the discounting of the whole. (can put as meme with picture of frog dissected or Very Bad Things picture of humans decapitated)

Inheriting the baggage of the past, without receiving any of the strength to carry it, sounds like enslavement to me. Sounds like ageism, to me.

If you feel the state has defanged you, it’s time to sharpen your claws! (or, if you have been defanged, you must sharpen your claws)

there is a lack of common sense because there is a lack of commons ground on which it might be cultivated.

if we get too successful at playing god, there will be no world left over which to rule.

At the conclusion of a game of chess, many pawns may remain despite the king being compromised. Unfortunately, by the next game, there is a new king, essentially the same king resurrected, and the pawns must resume their vulnerable positions. What really is checkmating, and who is left out of the mating and the ability to reproduce?

Colonialism fathered you. It fathered your dad and granddad too. The Earth wanted to mother you, but father got in the way, beating her back from her role, repeatedly since at least the white man ventured from his sub-continent.

Our enemies are as much our bad inventions as our bad intentions.

You can never trust an omnivore. One moment you’re part of their species, the next you are part of their meal.

In a society as damaged as ours, there are always excuses for our actions if we want them. If we don’t want to be excused, and want to make our own choices, there is room for that, too.

You can never trust an omnivore. One minute you are in their species, the next you are in their 4 course meal. (Food nomads)

If the powerful pay out money when someone accidentally dies, what would keep the corollary of them paying out money to have someone “accidentally” die?

It’s usually that categories have our minds, not versa vice.

Move the world, and we will need levers no longer.

It’s very difficult to be aware of your oppression. It’s even more difficult to realize your freedoms.

We have been miserable since we’ve been animals playing gods. What if we change and become gods playing animals?

dont move through life thinking of the murderers–It is the murdered who need our thoughts to stay alive.

Your whole self is fully realized not when it is entirely apart from the group, but when it is absolutely a part of the group.

Beautiful things make me cry; I want to cry more.

To kill it is to know it; to love it is to grow it


chess metaphor for life
the structure and unfolding of a chess match is an emergent analogy of so many of the problems of the western approach to the world. The structure encourages one to view all the individuals that are on their side by their utility and no stronger bond. all Those who are not succumbing to your will to be used and sacraficed at a moment’s need, are enemies.

all else are enemies
all are pawns, some are just more useful
by the ending, many pieces have fallen.
by the games ending, many have been vanquished from the board

freeing cold (as opposed to freezing cold), about how the colder is
more expansive, new gen of particles.

humans are a dilletante species—we engage with all other species in ways that don’t require our expertise, but rather their weaknesses, and we exploit that weakness (this is how the human is a disease like non-other, we target so many different species at once). Yet these other species can all outperform us in some way – spiders with their webs (but we are bigger), whales with their intelligence (we aren’t stuck in the ocean and as trackable by them as they are trackable to us).
From recording -We engage with all animals but never talk about what they are great at, where they excel, unless it will somehow benefit us.

the goal of the guerilla is to not to kill more of your enemy than they kill of you, but to kill all of your enemy and have them kill none of you. This may seem like a genocide, but it is precisely the prevention of a genocide, which is why it must be so harsh—the conqueror comes to kill or subordinate all of its own species, and this is unacceptable to any guerilla worth their title.

a genealogy of ageism: the original after-life
life was individualized to “a life” set in the individual.
The only existence that can replace us without
Children, the only afterlife worth living and dying for

africans, a people enduring every type of oppression the world over, seemingly until the world’s over

What is Air conditioning but desertification of the air? Just another layer of vitality, the biosphere being cut out (like spring water), what about spring air?
[link to, or have as a reblog of, the air conditioned people]
MEME idiot box – have quadro picture of television, air conditioning, a mcmansion house itself (like rap’s), and a cell phone

Industrial civilization has eaten away our tribal identity and worn us down to the point (literally) of having a mere individual identity (a stability unknown previously); as a a thorn fixed in the side too long inevitably leaves the afflicted as thin and biting as the thorn itself.

One would think with the coming of propertifying civilization and the loss of depth in tribal connections, the loosed individuals would need to sharpen their sensitivity to fill in the gaps that were now missing given the loss of so much camaraderie. Instead of advancing in this fashion, to become these magnificent individuals, humans agreed biologically to become less than they were in their unity. The lessening of oxytocin, the lessening of agility movements, the lessening of nutrient density in diets, the lessening of range of experience (by being stuck in a more localized geography), all led to a lessening in sensitivity—a general desensitization, a devolution of the species affirmed by cultural institutions that would now harbor and modulate a great deal of human emotions and experiences.

Dealing with ends makes little sense, since we allow by their chronological separation the entrance of means. The means destroy the ends, and the ends are, by their chronological separation, doomed to never realization. Beginnings is what we need to focus on, the children as of yet unmarred by harsh mediums.

So many corporate voices financed in large part by corporate welfare publicly bemoan government controls of the economy as a hinderance. These same voices would be very quiet if one could make plain the reality that they want the controls of the economy, which would be through the leveraging mechanism of government created and secured money.

if we mourn the death of government by going through the stages (anger, sadness, denial, etc), we can actually cause it’s death. Because government is just based on belief (albeit collective) that it exists, we can believe that it has died.

anthropogeny of vision – we’ve developed more abilities to see colors farther in each direction (violet and red tending toward infrared/ultra violet? Or as we slow down materiality, what was violet and blue become ultraviolet and violet, because light is relative to the speeding up of smaller and smaller subtleties which would keep what we now call ultra-violet a problematic wavelength, perhaps, but allow what was blue to be visible as violet, and what was violet to be a new visible spectrum color of ultra violet, but not because of what it ontologically is, for it is the same wavelength, it is what we’ve become as absorbers of it. Infrared and lower will both, or all depending on the subtlety, be added in as color flavors that we can palette.

you can judge the freedom of your society by the contexts in which “could” is generally used. If could is meaning more often than not that one is able to, your society is free. If could tends to mean “allowed”
The more often “could” tends to mean allow, rather than meaning the ability to do something, is an indication of the less free your society is.

oppression is joined with…

join oppression, and wear clothing even when it serves little purpose.

Join oppression, and work for someone else’s survival instead of your own.

Join oppression, and lock your doors and be locked out others.
…now, replace “civilization” with

making pun of everything

Poverty(proliferation) of puns.

the work that should be shared among 80 of a tribe, is now the burden of two parents or even one single parent

the variety of personality atmospheres to expose a young and fertile mind to has shrunk from dozens of spaces in a typical day, to one or two spaces.

The surfaces of the skin are meant to be touched and interacted with by different flavors of different bodies, but this is also, too, lacking.

The disease of imtribalism was contrived in the wintering lands where private survival, at first a means to keep surviving, became the very ends. The means become the ends.

the liberation of metals (Basak’s 2017 Remix)
“metal metal everywhere and not a bit won’t bite”

pistons are the motion metals, and the connected axels, to which we stand (or fall) opposed as complex carbonoids in contrast. This is the more active motion battlefield, the subtle motion battlefield would be metallic buildings and stable metallic structures, even the parts of the car that are “just sitting there” such as the frame and other holding pieces, stand in conflict to perennial plants like trees that have a tremendous amount of stable carbon (cellulose, lignin, hemicellulose)
yet buildings are an infrastructure that promote death on their skeleton form, whereas trees promote life. Buildings accrue concrete, glass, and other mostly dead purposing of chemicals.

radar first detected metals, the original enemy.

Metals, the thinner they get, sharper, but we get flimsier.

The real bullet points, writ large

the petri dish that negate entire ecosystemic influences is the same problem in a different sphere of endeavor as the economic contract that negates externalities

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for preppers

not just dbt but it is a good umbrella that had been inclusive to many mentally rewarding exercises to build stability

title: 150 so long (play on 150 strong)

a story to tell ourselves

fighters of the forest?
Were humans pulled out of the forest and on to the grasslands not because of the allure of eating large herd animals, but because of the realization that these bacteria-soil dominating animals were deforesting the planet, as their predatory fighters were insufficient to keep them at bay (for example, lions making a living but not at a pace enough to keep the herds from growing in to the millions). These herds parking in a forest would destroy the fungal life, which perhaps primate-esque proto humans were very very tied in to, in a frugivore epi-state. We chose to hunt these beasts, were called to do so, before they destroyed the forests and replaced them with grasslands.

title Why I write in the aphorism style
It seems that these packages allow me to access you in ways lengthier writing, however loaded and flavorful, can just not gather the movement for due to inertia. In such a world where intimacy is so cordoned off and taboo, I want our minds to have sex at every opportunity that both (or more) are willing. When I write something short and pithy

Nietzsche must have been well aware of this, or he fell in to it for other reasons, but I’d say the single biggest reason for his success albeit posthumously, was not alone the energy of his ideas, but the quick hit of ideas in a short and pithy passage. This is why he still heavily preens such a wide audience of minds today. Only a few, much more serious minds can take the likes of a Kierigard or a Satre, a verbose motherfucker. Reading them for the average non-reader is the real existential crisis!
Mind you, I am not wanting to ejaculate in your mind per se, what I really want is for our minds to make love, and even though it is through such harsh mediated distances, I think the sexual energy we innately have to connect can transcend any such limitations. Perhaps by the zeroth dimension, which more and more I cannot help but wonder if it is the sex lounge in which we like to orgy is none other than the akashic field or some similar component of space.

We stay in the cities and they rape the land. We stay on the land—let them have the concrete jungles, only death grows there!

I can see it in their eyes, i can see it in their bodies. They will not last much longer. Without them, I dont know if i can either. A few stiff winds… I can feel their lack.

The city had lost its soul. Perhaps he had lost his own. Hard to tell. Perhaps the two come together. Souls are ephmeral things that come and go, and it was obvious that they had went this particular day. Death was in the air, and it was not balanced by life in the ground.

Anti patriarchy name change post, more than a i do feel like a new person, some degree of authenticity is coming from me met many transgender people this past year, transidentity the writer is more than a pen name, it’s an open name, a pending name.

Bipolar Part 1
18 hours of daylight one season and 6 hours of daylight the opposite season: doesn’t that sound a little bipolar to you?
80 degrees one day, a day later 35 degrees low, doesn’t that sound a little bipolar to you? Doesn’t that sound like rapid cycling bipolar to you? We are not the one’s in the most need of medicine. We are not the ones in the most need of a return to a natural balance. We are the victims of human excesses, garbs clothed over our memories of free skin in a warmer and appropriate clime where our bodies could be sustained on the fruits alone.

bipolar part 0

5-2-5-2-5-2, incessantly our whole lives, weak after week. At least robespierre had one thing right when he attacked the seven.

on hypocrisy

the utilization of the weapon to call one a hypocrit, is a hidden tool linked to political correctness

ours mouths talk precisely so our bodies don’t have to do those actions.

You might call this ad absurdum, but it’s already absurd, just with normalization the absurdity remains shielded from visibility.

mother/child conversation
Mom, i think we should fight against the destruvtion of life on earth”
moms response “i think we should stay calm and wait for gods energy”
“i am gods energy”

typology of stress
stress that you can do something about

stress that we feel, in our uniquely bound up world, that we can do absolutely nothing about. Flight has been ripped from us (link to post about fight or flight), cultural norms.

categorical imperative: the value test
if something is valuable if it is rare, but not valuable if you universalize it (gold), it is not really valuable at all. If it is something that is already common and considered valuable (like fresh water), and stays valuable even when more of it is available (valuable to increasing life). What is rare and valued gets to sit atop a hierarchy. The thing itself and its possessor, if it is not self-possessive.

of if something is rare and valuable, if it is really valu

no necessary gravity in dreams (meaning it’s an actual place or construction in our minds)

religion fills the vacuum left by a lack of a tribal family. People to invest worship in. we are built to worship, but in lacking a secular worship opportunity (a tribe) we worship a fanciful supernatural element.

The Thermal Manipulators
The Thermal Manipulators: prelude to the liberation of metals

an infrared only god’s eye view of Earth might date the start of human civilization with the start of thermal manipulation

the swings in temperatures have only grown larger and larger, with new relative extremes with the discovering of fossil fuels, and than nuclear level manipulations and particle manipulations with lasers (close to Kelvin 0 degrees)

What is Technology?
Technology becomes globalization, even the most simple (stick or rock), because you delocalize the use of your body to something else. This can be undone, for 10,000s of years, when you are not dependent on the exact same object. “rock losing its rockyness, humans losing their humanness”

technology is anything that you take with you that is not thermally consistent with yourself (so it is not something that is absorbed bodily in to yourself, but rather a possession that you continuously possess, such as a rock that you used as a tool for one place, that you then carry with you as a new tool.
Language is such a technology, for it does not flow naturally out of every locale, but evolves in one locale and then is carried to another
you have to hold on to language, as a name, that would naturally be forgotten but unnaturally remembered (do I agree with?)

it’s precisely how unalive technology is that makes it seem so alive (as opposed to a tree, which seems less alive, because it’s not doing something we are aware of in a fast-paced world) because it’s moving; the car seems more alive. The tree is synchronized with the wider world.

Technology is actually destroying the world, it seems active by it’s motion, but it’s actually about its in-activating life

Title: Predictions 2017 What the Arrows Point Towards
Inauguration January – a set up to get two misidentified and misinformed (by media manipulation) forces to tangle with each other. Not sure if I will be attending this “protest”, knowing the interests of the oligarchs to hire agent provocateurs.
sometime there will be anti electoral college attempt to galvanize (or hoodwink) people back in to mainstream lame reformist politics. The constipated financial crash with inflation is to be kept constipated a little longer until a semi-plausible time frame when it can all be binned on the new president and his policies.

Tag: Quantitative diseasing

Title: Impotent and potent fascisms

im – white suprem, and poli correctness fascists (rule imposers and followers)
fear of the fear much more than the hate, it might be much easier to say bc i am a white male, but i dont fear for my mixed race, eastern named, child.

inaug day will be the meeting of these two impotent fascistic groups (fascism prone), all while the potent fascism that has been overseeing this long descent


A ketogenic paleo diet is generally regarded by those not swayed to the anti-meat, anti-

as a highyou can eat food that is too healthy for the context in which you are embedded. Paleo is an example—the energy and feelings we have from eating a type of food is not reciprocated in the rest of the culture. We have a grain culture (a stagnant culture)

Urban people feeling threatened by rural people is quite ironic given the last several centuries of urbanization and abuse of the land towards the end of amassing people in to cities.

Homo ¿nombre? Separate species
caught between homo sapiens and homo reliquiae are we

title: sun migrators/migrating – people who oscillate where the sun is most direct (a couple degrees latitude per week) from the tropic of capricorn to the tropic of cancer, back and forth, will be quite a magical people

Title: allan savory extensions – we must make the active choice on so many fronts, but on one important front it is to tie the term climate to life, and by further extension stop calling desert a climate, it is an objective bias to do so. Rather, desert is the lack of a climate (a relative lack), just as the moon might be said to have. What of venus? Inhospitable climate, not devoid of life making materials, but perhaps other life exists there.

Title: Civilization and the greater stabilities and the search for stability

what is being hstable, trully, other than to be dead?
grains are long term storage
gold is permanent, very fixed
math is even more fixed (and more fixable)

The primitivist imagination fantasizing needs to go well beyond mere sexual fantasies. We are besieged, but we are not yet bygone s.
Imagine the mushrooms your eating you discovered earlier in the day. Imagine you gathered the mangos for you and your family, you were sweating until you got to the cold shade of the mixed mango forest.

title: conversations with god (or conversations with energy)
the interaction is so special and unique to us, we believe that it happened only with us, and likewise only came from one specific or “god” energy. But it is quite possible that energy is speaking to many at the same time, and that it is many energies. Having experienced this, I thought it was coming from many forces but all to me only. But then I thought of it later, that this was just how it was catered for my absorption, but it is highly likely it was bestowed for many others, too. We are not the chosen, but a chosen of many chosen.

an exercise is to use no language to get needs across, it can be done very easily (motioning for hug, crying, using emotion, rather than toning it down in to words.

some idea about self-teaching (is less brilliance), the recording didn’t have enough info and it was old.

title: Loco or local (2017 rehash)
we have to be crazy not to invest our energies locally and where they make the most sense.


t is for tribalizing – The more of all of us there is, the more of each of us there is.

Worse than killing God, is that we gave birth to him. He’s still here, immaturing and demanding, alongside his younger siblings we’ve since conjured.

Generations that do not leave the world as good or better than they found it are Degenerations. We have endured many such destructive waves, but after ones such as the greatest degeneration, I don’t know if we can endure many more. Degeneration has an endpoint in extinction.

Drunk by his charisma, it makes no difference whether it was water or wine (swallowed). The stories to flow from such a vessel sure to be wayward. Metaphors taken quite literally are metaphors stolen. Wisdom is still swimming.

If the budhists are right, and the world of becoming is meaningless, than why not make it become something more? Shouldn’t we throw our all at it to see if our all is powerful enough to inhabit some vacancy, and absolutely overwhelm it and the reality that is supposedly preeminent?

words that quickly dance (off the contrary?) visit the brain first.

We need to remind ourselves daily of our oppressions, for oppression daily forgets us.

We need daily reminders that capitalism oppresses, for daily capitalism forgets us.

Most writing is a distraction to seeing; occassionally, writing removes blinders to seeing. But usually the only blinders being removed were ones literacy/literally imposed.

The brains that are needed to regrow consciences need to first be cultivated by a fertility of feelings.

All is propaganda, for even if it is truth restated, it is chosen for representation to the neglect of many other truths that are silent.

Comprehension of size and scope does not connote comprehension of significance. Cosmologists see galaxies and particles and order them to a magntitude continuum.

You’d think that the margins were growing larger as more people are marginalized. But the margins are the precipous in to non-existence.

We are creatorws, and we need to make stuff happen.

Some reap what they sow, and others rape what others sow. If too many rape, sowing will fail, and so will they.

May Real freedom be the wind that blows laws and borders away as cobbwebbs.

Melatonin is the sun’s gift every night that we return every morning.

Despite our efforts, we can all only still play a small role in the needed revolution, but (but it is important not to) let not small be conflated with unimportant. If we play to large of a role, the heights from which we command will overshadow the revolution’s future.

It is in the era of earth day, when earth faces night

Oh, how many more bodies burnt by flags

Only the logic of capitalism would teach us that when others are losing we are therefore winning.

Declare war, be brave enough to shine on the cowardice of a conflicted state that makes war in all ways but name only.

as more people become marginalized, the margins ever yet stay to the side, for marginilization is ephemeral, and is “post-ceded” by death, the falling off the sides. The margins are not a position, but one move from nothingness.

if you listen long enough to white noise, it hears you and is colored by you.

Under subsistence economics, africa subsisted; under capitalist economics, africa ceased existed. With the death of our birth place, the death of birth is not far to follow. Let us not follow, but lead.

They all run for high office to get their chance to move the levers of power in their own direction. The levers themselves are the chief antagonist. So much power concentrated in to a lever—this is what is needed to be opposed.The margins remain small, not because there is a lack of marginalized, but because there is lack of space to keep them from falling in to the nothingness of non-existence.

Let go, let grow

Being a god of war gets you a lifeless planet. What will Earth be the god of?

There are so many of us, and yet there is so little of us. The diluted soup is not more soup.

In a people that are so distant from their intuition, trust the counterintuitive as the only escape fron the labyrynth

Fooled are those that confuse small with insignificant.

the earth and sun are my chiefs, who the fuck are yours?

I maynot fully understand whast the human animal is, but at least i understand the human is an animal. What kind of animal is the human? A very sick one, and not very kind in spite of the politeness.

If your mind is on a lot, there cannot be much on your mind.

When politics is wrong, and there’s nothing good on the left—leave, don’t go right.

Some people are messy because there is so much shit in the world, others are messy because there is so much shit in their head.

To get in to the high office of power to use the lever of power, to push it this way or that (metaphor usage). But there are those who want to do the just thing, break the lever of power.

we have to live differently, we are dying, not living

for riddles onut out out of
take the pure filling out of onut and change it to pure evil riddle
words that are hard to come by are words not easily forgotten. Thus the power of riddles as catalysts.

Week after week have each been a new hardest of my life. year after year are becoming harder on life. life getting harder and harder is not because it is life, but because it is death of life.

Just as one can read into a book ideas that were not there, an ubermensch can breed into sheep traits that were not there.

Terrorism requires cells when it is effective; revolution acquires cells when it is affective.

Manys leaders that people are willing to die for, are the leaders that people will die from.

Animals dont become refugees when we cut down their homes, they become corpseses, along with all the plants that we didnt feel.

We easily kill animals not knowing how they live, and we easily kill plants not knowing that they live. And so we easily kill ourselves, the human animals.

Euphemisms are the numbing agent that tip the sting of truth so that it may go deeper yet. If you don’t want to be the infection, don’t be the ears that hear propaganda anymore.

it says something when your dreams feel more real than your reality. It says something about your reality, not about you.

S is for Solstice
When things are looking wrong, start looking Ra.
Worship ra. Worship that which worships you.
The god of sun.

Open your eyes and you will be the unhappy consciousness; remove the question, take away the y, and open our eyes, together, and we can live lucidly in happiness.

She deserves better than me, and I deserve better than her.

the key to dancing with the devil, is to not slow dance.

The key to making music with the devil is minor, but it still should be accompanied by this wisdom triad: it needs to be a symphony

music and dancing are two expressions of the same energy, writing is the constipation of that energy. I need to go to a concert and be unplugged.

If women wear the pants in this civilization, is it any surprise that men are now starting to wear the dresses?

A crack in an individual is precious, for from it can grow connections

A is against

The universe conspires fate, not out of necessity, but out of desire ( to compose symphonies

Do not condemn nor condone the actions of another, (unless you are willing to forego that they are the actions of an other) if you are to truly respect that they are an other.

You have to question if it’s the music venue for you if you have to drink alcohol to dance. If the alcohol is to loosen you up for dancing, so be it. If the alchol is to loosen the music up, your better of dancing in the silence.

theres a huge difference between music and the shit shoved in to your earholes over arbitrary 10 year spans that you are conditioned to.

Artificial light and its artificial shadows disrupt the balanced dark. The photonic ecosystem is unbalanced.
Artificial light brings artificial shadows that attack the natural darkness

Say to the Earth, “I need help, be my brain”, and you will awake, and calling you a genius will be quite the understatement.

Lo what a difference between it is to be born to be king and to be born to be a king.

The greatest mistake is not risking any. extinction.

My musical talents would be better served within the vibrational realm. But ttimes are not as suchhe zeitgeist is not there, it’s in the symbolic realm, so that is where I must do my best to have people dance by my words.

Earth has plans for us; God has no plans.

When the energy reveals itself to you, you will finally be revealed to you.

you don’t need to learn from history, you just need to make sure it doesn’t rear-end you.

The future is a weapon the enemy hangs before us to weaken. Forget the future, and let it hang after us. Our strength is a gift, lets keep our presence. Don’t remember the future!

We don’t want to become legitimate, we want to break legitimacy.

Definition of symbol: an entity that tries to endure not by vitality, but by stagnancy. (code, a series of entities that endure not by their own vitality, but by others’ stagnancy)

The aporrea of realizing that we are all god and god in the beginning was very lonely and created all of us to experience the plurality of non-loneliness will give you shivers like non-other. We are so alone, yet in our loneliness we are so together. Spinoza and Des Cartes doth fuse.

Assassination is the pen ultimate compliment to a political actor who takes on the totality of the deep state. The ultimate compliment is the assassination of the deep state.

I am an inverse matyr, I want my death to be the dememorialization of the state.

Worship Ra—worship that which worships you.

We can move mountains, not because of a dislike of the mountains, but because the valley’s have become so overrun with civilized shit.

Be selfmore and join with a tribe.

We have now come to the absurdly coopted position, I think Satre would agree, that if the antisemite did not exist the Jew would invent him.

Doubt is the greatest (weapon) hinderence to vitality caused by its enemy.

(why does)The human culture new years starts 10 days after the solstice.? human culture is slow to catch on. We are slow to catch on1

May people be looking back on my writing and be looking ahead.

A corpus of philosophy that does not have one line that induces laughter, is laughable. Reading it to the last line to discover that is (tragic/laughable/desparate) to make war on humor (desensitize humor) destroy laughter

Where they are most effectively felt, which is in our immediate local environment. All the problems tellingly correlate with the human obsession with controlling things which are distant: blank, blank, even our afterlives.

Live with authority over yourself, and the authority of others will have no room to penetrate. They will be forced to kill you or accept you.

Symbolic language is that which carves itself and that which caves itself. Dont enter the cave, nor stare at the light, live in the day and night.

Worshipping of oneself is socially scorned yet worship of a distant figure is very normalized. Go figure. Go Idle.

Not in artwork but in art pleasure will it find its highest expression.

Anger is love on the defensive, not hate on the offensive.

Make war on the war makers, with love and peace, not war and hate.

The more time you spend with things, the less time you spend with humans. If you think of humans as things, then they are better off spending their time on things than a thingifier. A is for asymmetrical (not actuallizing)

Keep showing up. There is no investment in the future. You must be the future. (or you are your own best investment in the future)

One who always listens to his teacher is lessoned, and the way is paved for always listening to his government, in which he is lessened.

If You compromise with the devil you are still half way in hell.

A vanguard does not create revolution, a vanguard creates revolutionaries.

A system (or lack of one, a growth) on the way up, will always be free on the way up, but on the way down as it is simplifying, etc, it will always look (and be actualized?) deterministic. The only way to be free from that determinism is to be free from that system.

Thr best actors in the world arent acting, as the rest of the world acts as (their) audience

paranoia originates from the depths love has delved and moves shallower. It steals loves energy and inverts it.

Police were born out of fear of others, it was their original nurturance. Should it be any surprise that they still need this original fear need met, only that it is generated out of fear of themselves now?

There is a much stronger force than the mafia, to which one can be “connected”.

Few see the true danger of the law until they are on the wrong side of it. By then it is too late for them, and they depend wholly on the empathy and vigilance of others, for their voices are now suffocated.

What do we do with our time on earth needs to be reolaced with what do we do with the time on earth of 7 generations later. This second question includes the first within it.

That we are only now calling this time post truth, weighs certainly that we are not yet post propaganda.

That we are awash in misinformation, and have been so long, is indicating that the oldest information propagators are in need of a bath.

It’s never how much, and it’s always how complex.

If you own something they want to steal, the original thievibg has already happened.

We are not generally limited by the strength of the ruling class. We are limited by the weaknesses of the ruling classes, and our own mirroring of those same weaknesses.

As omnipotent as god is presumed to be, He will need much more than a day to get through the judgement.

Revolutions sunset the laws of others, reforms (just) sunset themselves.

A thorn in the side causes the driver to veer off course, remove the thorn, and to return to the ceaseless drive. A blocking of the road with a new path as exit, will force the driver to abandon the course and the vehicle, and the identity as the driver.

If your religion is telling you that you lack enemies, it is the first in line that needs vanquishing.

A definition of our alienation is that there is a schism between the word power and physical energy.

When the referees continuously change the game rules in the middle of play, one has to be asleep to not realize they have horses in the race.

The original outsourcing was that of passing on our work onto inanimate objects. with the tooling of objects we began the tooling of ourselves.

The true critical thinker will not only not swallow other peoples saliva, they will create and spit their own alternate theories.

The scars of capitalism run deep in the terrain, sourcing originally from the human brain.

Cars are not people movers, but people sitters. Physically they do so in obvious ways, but as a dependents they keep us safely devoted to their maintenance and not having time nor energy to liberate.

Everything (the vast amount of importances) important to us is available to our senses, this would explain why we evolved these senses in the first place

A solid stops a liquid in its path, yet a liquid can reveal the solid to be a pathological liar.

“I feel like a million bucks! 1969” (not sure what I meant, this was text to myself from phone)

Those who in desperate times grasp at someone to lead them are more likely to attach to someone who is to mislead them. If they are mislead for too long and cannot find a route back to themselves, they will become something different, conjured my a manipulation machine.

The war on life’s not fair. Thats war. Not life; thats death. Thats the way war goes. War makes a war on war.

In such high degree totalitarian times such as these, the alienated need for suicide is often take out of the hands of the individual (and vested in the state’s control).
Or: suicide is often taken out of the hands of the alienated victim and vested in the state’s control.

In every age there come forth things that are new … Not from past

Icant be nietsche reborn, as some have alluded to. For i am proof nietsche never died!

The architecture of straight surfaces—the environmental scaping efforts of civilization—gives the most obvious example of human activity flat lining the Earth.

The Earth was not created all at once, and does not need to be saved all at once. It does not need to be juggled around (as a globe) in giant hands—whether they be global institutions, corporations, or gods—it needs immediacy and localism to take care of it. Life created itself in small pockets, and life should reclaim and preserve itself in small pockets (micro-climates).

The Earth is anything but a sphere. It has been so far differentiated by life that only the most simplistic/superficial thinkers would think of it as a sphere. It holds some of the farthest forays in to materiality of life, anywhere the whole Universe over.

I build intricate valleys and mountains in my mind, while most others leave their fatty tissue in their head to flatline.

Our not being political is the single most important victory for the oppressors; our mistaking our actions for political actions is the insurance plan our oppressors leverage against our ever actually challenging their power.

The oligarchs dont benefit from what our toils produce, but from our distractedness bc of our toil.

The dumb lion is not on the same level of the food chain as his smart cousins, despite his ability to reproduce with them did the situation arrive.

a man does not grow his beard. A man grows, or a man shaves his beard. shaving should not be left alone, for it is not innocent. Growing is innocent, though maturing out of innocence.

We bipolar people are experimenters, and one day we’ll find a way to keep the manic state, when the rest of the world isn’t crazy and joins us in vibes of elevating love.

If you no longer want to be a victim, you can fight oppression away successfully, or you can leave this Earth and become their victim.

When one takes on the genius of invention, they are usually giving up the genius of creation.

Life has rights that lawyers violate with their laws unnaturale.

Nothing is the answer to fukoyakas famous question “what less can i do?”

Remember what is happening now, bc it will be rewritten in a year as a more convenient story for the rulers.

Words are not real. They can be a catalyst to bring one in to reality, but more often they are the catalyst that removes one from it.

Both the acquiring and desiring of consumer goods is an indicator of a burden rather than of wealth.

The race to label a misunderstood and feared other as fascist is itself a fascist tendency

The fear of a neo-nazism is just such a ploy being utilized by the old guard nazis who are currently cross-dressing as cosmopolitans. Both groups are denuded of their power, and are entertainment for the corporate fascists who have the spotlights turned away from themselves and on to the absurd spectacle where slaves are put in a conjured arena to fight one another.

Slaves put in to a media conjured arena where they are doped up with fear and presented a mortal enemy who they must kill or be killed by. Such reactionaries caught in this narrow worldview are the unfortunate gladiators spread across this land—from the urban cosmopolitans to the rural nationalists—lacking both bronze and brains, though small arms yet smaller courage. Both manipulated groups will be left to bleed out while the unaffected predatory onlookers are exiting the stadium to seize full control of the depopulated lands.

If we can only stand 150 people, there are probably only 150 people that can stand us; we probably haven’t found very many of them yet, nor will we in this globalized context.

The Biggest Pollutants are not the burned fuels but the machines that emit them. These fuels are the victim, life energy stratified being burned alive to fuel anti-life.

With the advent of bindings, humans created a secure place not only to hold their words, but so too their minds.

roll your dice before the di of another rolls you.

News of bodily growth is great for the already frail, until (if) they realize its a cancer.

One who never gives up one arm until the other holds a new position never has use of both arms.
Is at the distinct advantage of never having use of both arms. there are leaping squirrels, and flying squirrels, but never calculating squirrels.

Humans are the maze builders with poor memories and poorer taste.

We are in the paradox that our minds wander and our bodies stay put. The resolution to this bifurcation of the body and mind, is for the body to wander and the mind their stays put, having no need to seek abstract adventure because adventure is immediately present.

Academia is at the forefront of the adventure in symbols that humans undertake because they lack the space to undertake the primal adventures their bodies were promised.

Depression is a massage in to hibernation. With our sleeplessly sleeping ceaseless society the way it is, it has become a massage unto death.

May your friends be the ones who induce your waking and not your enemies. Be your own friend and wake yourself before the nightmare grasps you eternally.

Life may be full of risks, but antilife is overloaded with them.

Hell does not stay below us; nor must heaven remain above us.

A definition of alienation is a mind that rejects a system while its body adheres strictly to it.

beautiful ideas in the air because our voices/mouths spoke/put them there

A fire cannot be papered over—the planet’s losses cannot be monetized. We don’t see and cannot see numerically how far into the negative we have crept.

Preaching to the choir is a good thing when it has the affect of tuning
the choir needs to reacquire themselves political correctness has detuned us

Unfortunately most malice is reached not through maliciousness but through misappropriation and mis-allocation of energies.

The difference between a politician and a leader is a politician only campaigns during election season (just campaigns for a job) a leader campaigns when there is a just cause ; a politician campaigns for a job, a leader campaigns for the jobless;
a leader campaigns during oppression season
a politician passes the laws of the land, a leader rejects the flaws of the scam

So used to being dead, that we don’t remember that we used to be alive.

Words of propaganda expire and words of justice do not: which words are you speaking?

To ally with a softer dictator is to rest your head on a steel pillow.

Losing ground: punny not funny. Losing ground in the fight against mass extinction. Losing ground is the reason for mass extinction.

Any witchhunt should begin with thyself, with ones own bewitched eyes.

dead ends that don’t kill you, are because you have had the foresight to see the many signs to which the human brain is attuned to. However, one dead end that we can still sense, but despite this the overwhelming majority of other indicators, especially social consensus, has us hurdling directly at it, and it will kill a deal of us before we are even aware we’ve reached that end.

You contingency continua conclusion you reachis your death, conclusions reached that are invalidated shortly thereafter are not conclusions but contingencies.

The corrupt that know their crimes will raise the alarm, destroy the alarms first. The most important alarm that they have very successfully are not the regulations, not the security systems, but our very own vigiliance and critical thinking capacities. These have been neutralized to where even if other alarms go off, there is a deafness to them.

the author is not above cowardice, cows are herded,but

suburbs are the paracities of cities
cities are the parasites of citizen farmers
sitizen farmers are the parasites of nature
nature is paralyzed, islandized

Anarchist Voices (A in hugelkulture bed), v shapes the space between one hugel bed and another.

Tierra y libertad must be taken very seriously and very literally. If we exist on a smothered land, we will have smothered ideas, and liberty cannot be spoken about accurately without recourse to non-dominated ecosystems outside of the central controlled areas. Cities might grow a revolt, but not a revolution.

vegan stopping death, vegans stopping birth

we need to bid farewell corporations, and the first step is to remove corporate welfare.

we can blame capitalism, and we can’t blame socialism, because we’ve had both which is worse than neither

Politicians run the world, politicans ruin the world.
Or, alternatively
corporations running a nation are their ruination.

I don’t know why we were put on this Earth, (though I do have some guesses.) But I know it wasn’t to destroy it.

Have big dreams, and /dont let them (your dreams) die before you do, or there will be little joy to the interim (intervening) years

If we begin to regard the food out of which we are made without regard, it is little wonder we begin to not regard one another (very little?)

trying to distinguish truth from falsity makes no sense when there are those… (audio cut off)

a mediated justice is and justice has to be ontological justice (inaudible audio)

Living your own life is complex… (other) (letting another live it for you is complicated?)

The promise of life is most easily broken (with?, by?) a lie to yourself.

Power is concentrated and constipated in language and laws, not because power wants to be there or has a natural affinity there, but because humans have unfortunately fallen in to traps of their own making. Now we are bent over, our attention pulled in as by gravity, captives of words.

Those too self absorbed rarely/don’t have the capacity for others to absorb them.

The tactic most important is the usage of a conjunction of tactics so the sheep cant discern or coalesce around a single defense, which means there will be no defense.

The laws appear to us as walls, but once they are climbed over we don’t have to descend again; them we will behold such beauties that can only be offered by standing atop the cliff we have just climbed.

if you are one to consider all the laws and engineering since civilization’s inception approximately 10,000 years ago, and that these things, along with representative language and other paraphanillia, are linked to math, especially a binary, logical form, then math is the number one limit to growth

that which is taken in to account, may very well die from its removal from out-side

(being faced with) extinction answers the question of what ought to be done versus what is to (be) done

in an hour as late as ours, do we defend the dying day, or do we look to build a new day?

Every single tree cut down to build concrete urban environment is the destruction of the highest city of life and replacing it with barren space. If the process is continued long enough the entire planet will be one larger barren rock.

Putting concrete where once was savannah is giving a flesh wound to the Earth and also preventing its natural healing abilities.

Just because you can reap what you didn’t sow, doesn’t mean in the future you will be able to reap what you don’t sow.

Why would the biggest boats be want a tide to the biggest boats were built out of a commandeering of the smaller boats, why would they create a tide that lifts all boats, when it doesnt give them a better view?

All prisoners are political prisoners when the rules are created by the powerful but not applied to them.

Being correct for the wrong reasons isnt being right, it’s being lucky despite yourself.

Some leave the world better than they find it, only when they leave the world. Some leave the world better when they leave the world.

Labia, something thought of so very much yet spoken of so little. The conversations that are had with you are very memorable.

You can stand up to the snowball now, or you can be swallowed by the avalanche later. The equator is the most balanced ally.

“the rule of law” should ring alarm bells to believers in democracy, yet it has become a euphemism for the rule by those few who have the power to create laws.

I stand with the oppressed, but I will never lay down with them! I will not accept their oppression as some eternal identity, for it was imposed by a combination of their own doing and the doing of other air-breathers.

mortal gods isn’t a paradox, it’s a lie, because one of the terms is false (put with a pic of alan greenspan or somebody like that)

if consumer capitalism has all the little girls feeling like they are princesses, how come none of the parents feel like kings and queens?

if I can shake society’s foundations with my words, just think of how traumatizing it must be to all of us living our lives on such poor foundations. The overinvestiments in the symbolic realm are astounding.

the more you let the state run/determine your life, the more likely it is that the state will be to run/determine your death

the writing isn’t on the wall, it is the wall

If you put a bloody good idea out into the open ocean you can expect a calvicade of sharks to try to tear it apart. Your job is to make it packaged in such a way so they swallow it whole.

if you don’t use your brain for your own cause, other’s will be happy to use it for their desired effect

so called practical people aren’t going to fair well in these impractical times
they are more likely to “farewell”

consciousness isn’t only being aware of your oppression, it’s being aware of your capacities to diminish/end that oppression

Many mothers nursing (their) many children is a human nation; one mother nursing her children is alienation.

A mind is not stable in a single space, and so it wanders away from its body that remains trapped in sedentary culture. Only if the body is allowed to wander can the mind travel in union with it. [as redux of a similiar one]

the economic friction that money reduces by being the medium for exchange, allows forces to gain unheard of momentum that pummels violently in to others, creating a terrible biological friction.

good things can go viral but it is usually inside the conduit of viralities. Love needs no such conduit, it is immediate and overpowers any limiting walls, whether they be mechanical or cultural.

The path condoned by one’s parents and grandparents ought to receive greatest scrutiny, for it is their very paths that have led us to such vulnerable low points.

(the danger in tasting an unnecessary evil) tasting the unnecessary evils quickly put all their energies into codifying themselves as necessary evils that force you to swallow

love will carry your revolution forward, not your revolt [love will carry your revolution forward, a lot farther than your revolt] (put pic of love highlighted in revo)

identity increases when there is light artificially at night, creating more alienation, more gravity towards oneself.

Hierarchy rings phonetically true, as once any level of elevation over another is established, there is always a current to try and get higher and higher. It turns in to the ends of policy instead of the means.

who is the servant when it comes to service fees?

If you lack parental anger, you’re not human. Why have this anger? Because of the parental (in)actions that will have us lacking humans.

We kill many birds with our concrete stones, though we fail to reap any of the benefits of these collateral genocides.

With regards to suicide in a police state, the death is singular but its attendance is not.

In a police state, seldom is a voluntary suicide.

Your future is unwritten, unless you are a risk manager. Fear the risk managers, for they fear life, and they would just as soon see it destroyed than be left with its unpredictability, regardless of their interests to make a living.

A new way of seeing the world is best developed by looking at new things. Getting in the way of this is our growing ability to screen out anything new.

Wish not to control the minds of others, for your wishes will be realized in dystopian form, where others will be controlling their and your minds for very different ends. You needn’t be happy with the relative ignorance of the minds of others, but be reassured by the relative autonomy.

If Jesus Christ was super natural, good for him. (it certainly hasn’t been good for us!)Looking at the rates of war and poverty since his life, it certainly hasnt been good for us. The supernatural have done little to better us and more to belittle us.

If God is immortal, good for him; if God was mortal, better for us.

Religion and selfishness go hand in hand–ones left hand holding ones own right hand. Sexuality (community) and love also go hand in hand–ones left hand holding anothers right hand, or right shoulder.

If you pray for an attic fire to unburden you from all your useless possessions, know that you are already burnt out by them. Actively be the bane of their existence, and repurpose or rid themselves, and you will find an easing of your heart that allows you energy to repurpose yourself in the world.

The degree of reported cynicism is no match for the sinning that carries the day.

Government is to put the crutch before the injury. Injury has followed.

All are gladiators that feel forced to fight one another.

Better to have your tongue cut out for being improper, than to have it languish in your mouth as another’s property.

The hard road to save the innocents, is to save them from their burdensome innocence. Guilt need not follow, but death is sure to are we not to share reality to those protected in ideality.

For all the speak of raising children, all I see is a lowering of children.

Naivete does not come from youth, it comes from a culture that inappropriately treats its youth.

not the “w” but the singular you is the only difference (thing that keeps you wing through life and not illing through life. the
The difference between willing through life and illing through life is not the double-you but the singular you

Growing awareness of key issues means less and less in the context of an individualized society where important information has no social network to ripple through. The information will ripple through other contrived networks, but it will be met with wariness or indifference, and stalemated by counter propaganda.

We have fatally missed the first step in our mission to understand all things, which is to say we dont understand thingification.

During an extinction event, the animals that are dying have little or no understanding that that’s what’s happening or why it’s happening. There’s really no difference now.

To (see them in oscillation) oscillate between two images of those atop a hierarchy, seeing them more frequently as animals dressed up in fancy clothing speaking a poor form of gibberish, and less frequently as powerful figures that command authority, is helped along a great way by not seeing them at all, forgetting to hear their decrees is the best way to free yourself from the grip over their overlong arms.

The line between having OCD as your tool, and being a tool of ocd, is very very thin.

Your life is on the line whether or not you choose to have it there, so you might as well go all in

the political landscape is desolate, it’s desertifying, we need to make it fertile again, and swale it up with revolution.

Political correctness is an advent of the powerful so that the powerless may police themselves.

political correctness ina politically incorrect time, need i say more?

political correctness is incorrect except in the most incorrect times.

If you dont choose to be shot (shot up, shoot up)at with bullets by the state, the default is that they will shoot you up with tranqualizers.

Breathe enough life and energy into math, you’ll come to believe that the math breathes life into you.

A fractal will inspire, but an asymmetry will spiral in.
A fractal inspires yet represents with sameness the depths unknown, whereas an asymmetry spirals in to proliferate life in the depths ungrown; leave not the fertile depths unsown, where life can impregnate space from dimensionlessness.

[alternate, put “time can tell space where it is going”]

The architecture of the dead is the tripping hazard of the living.

It is not memories that haunt us, but the stagnancy that allows the duration of reminders to keep haunting us.

One cannot destroy one’s ecosystem w out destroying oneself.

Anthropogeny is unique because it is our putting together a puzzle that put together us.

A divine providence that delays and hides justice during vast and incessant criminality is the prime enemy. This super-natural force is a tainting of the natural, and it must be vanquished by we mortals who grow stronger knowing ourselves to be so greatly weaker.

Don’t let the lies anger you, let the truth anger you! For in addition to the real horrors, the truth includes the incessant patterns of lying.

Propaganda so obvious rings as truth to the oblivious.

We are witnessing a tremendous loss of life simply by bearing witness.

Comfort must be guarded against and thought of as outside one’s comfort zone, given this age of such grand docility.

Opening your worldview to a local view

The professional liars are able to anticipate their future need to deploy lies, and so beforehand they hurriedly build together a pretext scaffolding to support their falsified structure so that it may stand against the winds of scrutiny. [link to “mandate”]

It might catch you and your norms off guard, but some of those who are termed “radical thinkers” are the most balanced, lucid thinkers around, and they stand in stark contrast to the radically unbalanced times that have been temporarily normalized.

Tie yourself to the conatus, and the conatus will untie all the chains that restrict your unbounded possibilities for growth.

Difference is the best you can give to the world, and indifference is the worst. The most crucial spectrum to understand… It is an indicator of conatus.

One person killing oneself all at once is called suicide; a people killing themselves over a long time is called civilization.

Just as with the witches in Salem, there is surely a bio-chemical reason why sex is castigated

Such is the way of diseases, sexually transmitted and not sexually transmitted Life is a sexually transmitted disease, Death is a disease that ends transmission.

Hang hat on the instrument you can htrust most—your own head.

Electoral democracy is a pressure release valve that only the shrewd dictatorships have adopted.

We are all born kings, able to move in any direction we please, but then are forced to marry an enemy queen named the state. We can’t approach her because we’d be checking ourselves, and she can choose to check us, and she only mates us when it’s her desire. With this marriage our king standing has little meaning, and since we lack comraderie as we are the only one on the board, we might as well be a pawn.

Choosing to plow ahead with industrialization instead of shooting the breeze, now with the erosion of subtlety that technology brings, machines that shoot at us with gale force.

Think of others without thinking for others, think for yourself without thinking of your self.

There will never be a history written of the present because it is a present that doesn’t allow for a future.

Difference lies between what will/must be said and what was determined to be said. Be the indeterminate.

(you dont get _ without first having _)
you don’t get to pennies on the dollar without first having dollars on the penny

The old have fallen and they won’t get up, but the medical establishment will keep them on the floor instead of under it.

The commons were doomed when people decided to settle adjacent to them. [already used similar in published MTI]

don’t ever lose the love—better to lose yourself.

Everything is similar until life proves it different.

Good for us that evil is not united. Were it united, it couldn’t be as evil, for evil is separation and division.

More important than not allowing your enemies to see your full strength, is not allowing them to see your full weakness. unfortunately in this day, so much is visible and on the table, a great assymetry of information

King unmaker, assass the position, not the person. The king maker’s/unmakers think themselves a god.

With every history written comes along an unfathomable unwriting of events, now not left to the imagination but left to die. Countering a historical scaffold with emphemeral thoughts will blow right through with the breeze, until the air is stale and vapid and nothing but the scaffold endures, however hollow.

The forgotten negative sign at the beginning of the vast quantities civilization has brought us to, afford people the fiction of progress to endlessly babble. Real progress is unlimited and potentially endless, this “progress” will end soon by its intrinsic limitations, though it’s possible that we are burdened (heavy) enough to fall through the floor.

Even though the hour is later than most think, those who care should not allow themselves to idle in the hopes to see the early hours of a new day.

Its hard to teach an old baby new tricks, especially when the baby has already been hopelessly tricked. (t o t easier to steal candy from a baby i t s c t a b, and not allowing the baby to grow up.

Niceness alone is not a merit that makes one worthy of life. Nice people can be plenty nice when they are dead.

One of the common routes towards preying on victims is to brandish them with the label of perpetrator by the dominant propagandists. It is a convenienent tactic to dehumanize

you don’t want to infect an open wound

that there are bad people in the world and that is why we need government is only a half truth; the full truth is that there are bad people in the world and the worst of them congregate in government. Government’s existence gives false comfort to the good people and keeps their vigilance at bay.

Remember with equanimity that when you fear the state will make an example out of you for your actions, it makes an example out of itself that all who are not blind can witness.

Humans wear words, we dress up in symbols. And we only hear words that we may decide to put on ourselves. Everything else is the hum of a different highway.

The hum of the high way has destroyed our sensibility to the hum of the deep way.

Crooked by 360 degrees is what it is to be straight. Natures curves suffer by every human erection save the original.

if im not on their radar, their radar is broken.

The guilty don’t have to answer questions if no one is permitted to ask or even think them.

The man who constantly switches tactics might have the same disadvantages as his opponents if he cant predict his next move or mood.has a disadvantage because he cant predict his own next move.

with the advent of the metropolis, we are in the age of serfs tied to landlessness.

If your nightmares are while you sleep and not while you are awake, then youve got it all backwards.

justice is not foul justice does not change over the years, (end with) justice is not plural and will not be benched.

Justice is not plural, justice does not die and retire, justice does not sit atop a hierarchy of laws and government, justice is not appointed.

upholding the law is not justice when the law was built as a ceiling to trap the poor in their positions as serfs

Hospitals are the death camps that use proxies to poison you before your arrival.

Every surplus is its own deficit wrought not in a lacking brain but a lacking terrain.

only idiots think in terms of separation—that is why they (we) are separated. Thinking in terms of connection is much more difficult, because it is really enabling connections to think you.

It is the straight line of rationality that is most dissonant with the fertile and twisting and tangential ruminations of beauty.

Be the anti-morpheus, that which pulls people out of their dreams.

The human disease uses medication to cure the human animal.

All lawyers specialize in personal injury.

We may have left the world wars, but we have a war against the world.

We have all become allies in the war against the world.

The blessing of civilization is a curse disguised in language/tradition.

On the spectrum from suicide to autonomy, most of us dwell closer to suicide for most of our lives. A few dare to cross the asymptote in either direction, realizing that the leap was the same at the opposite end.

One so fully crooked by a full rotation appears straight.

Ancestors who would move more than 100 miles in a week runs in your blood, what walks there? Now our blood stumbles when it does more than stroll.


you battled with the convention and lost. No battle their convention and a whole. Conventions are for leaving, not for joining.

It would be a release to maybe be for may day, but it wouldn’t be released for may day, per se.

Windows down, fists up, that’s how we show what’s up (picture of me with my fist out the window)

utopia is on the map now, oscar wilde

a bunch of mini new jerseys, workers councils

they call us clowns, when they are the ones who dress up in suits to obfuscate the creepers they are.

Ls, making you want to party again.

The anarchy most commonly thought of in this country is one of raising hell, but the anarchy that I love and has attracted such deep parts of me is about raising a heaven. It has a cooperative utopian society at its core. This has been problematized as impossible, but this has only been spoken in the language of its enemy, corporate capitalism. I am here trying to elaborate a new language.

if you are my only bane
during this campaign
then blessed am i
for sane i might remain

if life is trying, die trying, by not trying

Be the chord of dissonance in their hideous orchaestrations, and their grand dissonance will be revealed.

I don’t live to defy, I live. And that it is the greatest defiance to this world.

Around an intoxicating personality, everything turns to wine.

Take the n away from violent, and be left with (have) the most beautiful an intense color; give that n to “ever giving up”, and you will be among the great turning.

In suburbia’s community destroying tendencies, the only new communities must be intentional. (put picture)

cease their hearts and their brains will follow; cease their brians and their hearts will fall.

Words cannot capture you, but you have captured me.

Don’t write difference, be difference, and you see many others, follower writing of it.

The surest way to undercut the future is to invest your energy in to it and not in to the present. Energy needs no future, energy will become the future. Trust in energy, for it trusts in you.

Stop thinking of it as a vacation and choose to imagining it as a migration. Think when you are away that you may be here again one day, and that homelessness will be your home. Think also that you may enjoy it to be so.

Don’t scorn me out of jealousy of my revolutionary stance. Out-do me in revolution mindedness, for I leave plenty of room for greater revolutionary romanticism, such is the wide open door of revolution.

Trying to not let a dogmatism get in the way of a reality.

To a critic: this more or less speaks to the issues which you have articulately drawn forth: (put in a link)

The larger and larger our institutions have become, the larger and larger our problems have become.

Hey all I’m [] degovern, a haven for localists who don’t want their domestic roots to be sprayed by foreign chemicals. Along these literary terms, here’s a campaign in the voluntary spirit: (attach flyer)

To not be radical is to be tolerant of vast injustices. 7 generations is utopian, because we scarcely are giving anything beyond 2 generations the chance of ever being born.

Spanish phrases to some how integrate:
¡No pasarán! ¡Pasaremos!

Efficiency in the hands of the devil is game over.

Were I to tell you, I told you.

Venceremos (We will overcome/we shall triumph

LS is a party that shares the name of an ideology that by and large sums up how humans would better be in balance with the world and with each other.

Love is my first language, everything else is a nuisance.

If hate is your first language, everything else is math and logic.

If you are not literate in love, fluency in all the other languages will not save you.

Revolution doesn’t synchronize with the election cycles. That’s because the latter will always try to counter and coopt the former.

It is not the oligarchs we are revolting from; it is the infrastructure itself, the very sinews of civilization.

Tremble with fear to be (p) here, but I tremble more with indignation at the injustices in the world. I know many of you share the anger with these injustices, and that’s why you are comrades of mine, and I feel comfortable to share what I share with you.

Your driving = the wrong way #gateblock

Love changes everything. Love is a becoming.

FFFFFFFF Facebook only propaganda

Hi Jesse, I added you and then made you an admin to the November 9 coalition group. If you didn’t want this or believe the group has any chance of making a positive impact on the movement’s political psyche, no offense if you bail out! I’m admining people here and there partly because i’ve had an account closed previously (and this is my newest baby, in need of adoptive parents), but more specifically because you beacon important issues/crimes current and historical and are a good mix of anonymous, a dynamic part of this whole saga that I would want to see as part of the group. Thanks, solidarity!

In the spirit of Martin Luther King saying “darkness can’t push darkness out, only light can do that…”, I say we can’t stop our global climate problems with global “solutions”, only local solutions will solve global problems! #permaculture #microclimate

You wont solve the climate crisis with relying on corporate hot air.

One party plays defense and one plays offense, but the two parties play for the same team.

The dems have crossed the line, the republican line to their right

Voting for a third party candidate is protesting against the system on the system’s terms, not on our own! We must not see November 8 as a day of loss and retirement, but as a day to accelerate our energies and invest them in more important and local unions.

the 2 main presidential candidates pollute the air with throwing toxic dirt at one another, while Stein refreshes
She has the advantage of being a doctor and knowing that we all lose if you infect an open wound with diseased speak. The other 2 candidates would welcome civil strife to try and gain their power, whereas she is trying to prevent it by rallying everyone to fight against problems facing all of us: environmental decay, dwindling energy, a canyon of debt, and an oversized military.

thought this was a relevant contextualization of where we are at (grandparents disaster, catastrophe, apocalypse)

November 9th coalition

Comrades, the most important day of our political lives is approaching! It is the day after the national elections sponsored by the corporate powers taking place on our lands. May we not blink at the results of November 8 and continue on building democracy in to our lives the way we want. We will not be caught in the narrow trap that is representative democracy, something not created by or for the people, but largely to contain the people.

Before, during, and after these much hyped elections of oligarchs we need to be steadily growing and communicating with those in and beyond our political identifications. Whether you consider yourself a libertarian, an anarchist, a Berner, an anticapitalist, a revolutionary, an atheist, a sovereign citizen, anonymous, or a pleasant mix of them all, you need to start creating bridges with others who would not see our freedom and our future jeopardized. Our common goal is to prevent the power grabs of an undeserving oligarchy that concentrates power more and more at the top of a distant hierarchy.

This group is here to serve as an intersection of many typically different peoples to harmonize our efforts and sort out the priorities of problems, for there are many in our world!

How many more of our brothers and sisters must die, before we realize that our bad inventions are as problematic as our bad intentions.

Create Group – For All Berners November 9 and later
Whatever you are doing on november 8, this is an open group for those of you who would not want to risk hitting the ground november 9 whatever the results, but want to be running forward and keeping the inspiration we all felt either from Bernie, from one another, or both, the past year and a half.

Somebody who has this much ambition, lust for power, to rule over others should not be allowed to rule over others

I used to fight for things like instant runoff voting, or a parliamentary system, or some alternative to the “plurality takes all” system, but it’s such a diminishing return fighting for these things, in the face of hockey stick graphs screaming that there is an imminent extinction event because of our destruction of the biosphere. To focus on a single person that I will never meet to be the solution seems like a awful waste of precious little time.

Permaculturalists, As we regenerate our dessicated lands to the degree that we are able to given our current circumstances, I also call on us to regenerate (in a playful sense) our original ideas that may have sprung out of such a healthy environments where I our brains were happily fed and utilized, and also happily experiencing unique micro-climates rather than the harsh (psychologically damaging) macro suburban climate that many of us cannot escape. Post picture of regeneracion

The revolution we are looking for will never take place in a constrained representative democracy; aA representative democracy such as ours is the very thing that we need to have a revolution from! We cannot vote our way to a revolution… we must begin growing our own food, being each other’s medicine, and free ourselves from the corporate yoke that is depleting any livable future for our children. We must stop waiting until next round, by not seeing this as somehow the end of a round. Good night and good luck!

close to death is our society if we monetize love in to dollars. the stronger #OurRevolution will be the less we are preoccupied with financial capital and the more energy we put in to developing the other forms of “capital”.

“pledge allegiance” for fb – my new cover photo, do you think bernie would adopt this appropriately abbreviated version of the pledge of allegiance?

For fb marketing: “america can decline gracefully to a sustainable level, or we can let the dirt fall in around us for the deep and narrow hole we’ve dug ourselves…

I support Jill Stein’s making a run for president and stirring up political awareness and activity, but I will not vote for her in a system that automatically marginializes her and other third parties. Every vote for whomever it may be, is a vote for the current system. (put a link to my anti voting post)

“I stand with Bernie. If Bernie falls, I will still be standing, will you?” preparing for the

Bernie Sanders Campaign

Assassination would be a complement

There is no expiration date to Bernie’s campaign, because Bernie isn’t running for the American presidency, he’s running for the American people!

Bernie supporters lead by example: sustainability, permaculture, ecovillages, communal living

band wagon
when the band is way gone
band aid
wagon steering

for facebook KB, create as “note” tag bernie movemint too – an anarcho-capitalist wants to displace the oppression on the individual to oppression from the individual through the euphemistic mediums of money/property; an anarchist wants to get rid of all the forms of oppression (the state, money, property, restrictive familial structures) so that the individual can find greater freedom by becoming in un-alienated relation to an unoppressive organic whole.

the most revolutionary thing we can all do is not in supporting bernie sanders, it is growing our own food.

Setting my meme’s as profile pics, can this be done if it’s just something i’m tagged in, keeping the likes succinct?

subverses, and karlos basak facebook to author of books strategy – carlos become #afterbern

– change my email on subverses to

– on subverses, change my “like me on facebook” back to subverses journal instead of charles basak as it is now

– post poem of 32 soon, and then backdate and archive ousted it

– on subverses.wordpress add

– DO NOT ADD PEOPLE ALREADY ON “Charles Basak”, but to carlos basak befriend some to be “insiders”, for perspective, such as roman abashkin, nate kraemer?, chris haines? and look through that old facebook friend list page on gmail

for befriending people from zerzan radio show/magon pages – add people first that participate a lot in discussions on that page as well as people who are “liking” posts by the page itself, it means they are more active on facebook.

“representative democrayc is when the oligrachs… pageant” – make into quote thing, and share it to anti-capitalism page (message it?), post it on philosophy group, with the question “is this what will inevitably result with all representative democracies?”


Karlos basaK

a to the anarchist a symbol Ⓐ

Interviewing grad students who write continental philosophy for subverses posts

Once facebook reaches 3500, change works at to

Hi Professor Zunes,

I’ve learned so much from recorded lectures a friend let me borrow. I will not be sharing them but feel like I know you, you have helped to enlighten my thought so much!

ches alive when
(then on picture: we are as comrades)

save for later on based
on how other fusions of pages go

– create twitter account as
karlosbasak, that way i have two
karlos basak and two subverses
related pages to reinforce one
another, and i will have the
youtube page which is karlos basak

– put memes all listed down the
page on subverses: “subvertise”,
and when I create that page to a
post called “subvertisement:
subverses memes on tumblr”

– create anarchist voices page

– how to post from the page associated with the account directly to account.

Don’t waste your energy spinning your election cycle wheels, become unbound from the state sponsored, censored politics and join the greater politik!

I am involved in electoral politics not because of the politicians but because of my fellow humans who care enough to try and change things. The next step for us to make is to change how we try to change things! #anarchocommunism #realdemocracy

a democracy so narrow(ly open) that we must first starve ourselves of all other democratic ideals to be able to fit through
a democracy so narrow that one must first be starved of all other democratic ideals in order to fit through

nov 3, take down stein pic and put up me with anarch symbol pic (start adding edmonds people, too, as well as some anarchists and anon people), just before that post the gramsci thing, too

dec 1 – start doing aph of t day, and already have a few done before that (from november 30, november 29, november 28, and one poli meme, do the permaculture underground meme, too, and one morpheus meme, light of logic)

progressives, anarchists, atheists, libertarians, anonymousists, indigo children, zapatistas, come one and reject the establishment and their sponsored farcical elections. (attach when doing main pic)

to go with pic of kkk vs the real danger to our politics is not the bigot, but the too big… corporate “individuals”

I read Cap is cruelty, and I agree fully with all you are saying (though I am doing theoretical anthropology and am guessing that the seeds were sown more than 10,000 years ago, but no matter property is an ancient burden that has been unsuccessfully challenged heretofore). I guess I just feel a time pressure and if we hold the bar so high for full on mental revolution to a sense that mutual aid and sharing are the ideals that we are ready to unbag all the cultural baggage we’ve inherited, we will lose many people along the way that might have been a few years away from that leap, and might be turned off to the ideas if they are too much of a radical leap. I’ve visited some intentional communities where, to me, they seem at the forefront in western culture towards retribalizing in a sharing, horizontalist as possible fashion. some are only a couple of generations away, in my opinion, of realizing your and my dreams for people. obviously that collides and is not enough given the speed of the holocene extinction event/desertification, a real crisis indeed. but the teacher in me would rather “chunk” mental revolution and i see being a libertarian that doesn’t like global expansion, itself the most harmful general trend to the environment, to subaltern people, to dangerous new military arms weaponizations, i would rather these people be included than excluded in this movement and perhaps their culturally acquired ideas of rabid individualism will start to soften as they find the comraderie with others that the culture was unable to provide them with beforehand. Psychological barriers are so deep, I have found this true within myself, and they generally need to be crawled out of, so as to slowly stretch them. It’s taken me a long time to get to the latent content and fully be conscious of this nightmarish reality, and break down the self-inner-monologue bs narratives. I give a lot of credit to people even being libertarian and having a sense that imperialism is wrong. it to me is a huge leap in the right direction, one that should not be admonished by any who have had a lifetime to think deeply and move their mental states further along. But I think your article might argue against what you’re proposing here, which is “the first step is to get more people talking about it.” I completely agree with this sentiment. Peace!

They’ve had their democracy, now let us have ours! Worker councils won’t create themselves, you must introduce democracy in to your workplaces! Strengthen your unions and de-hierarchialize and bring more control in to everyone’s hands.

Nov 9 +364 is our response to Nov 8, 1 day, 1 vote

our plates have been cleared. the elites had their democracy, now it’s time to create ours, because there is obviously not one for us. Comrades.

admin eric brooks, isabella sanders (trump), kevin brewton (tpp), tracy moss, lise m, jeffrey dean (communist)

back to football or back to wall?

No healthy ecosystems elect to let huge decisions about all come down to a single day, so why do we? We must not be very healthy… we need to spread our democracy out to many days of the year, as a culture that happens during the day.

Even if stein were to win, something we might call “our” victory, it is still a victory on their terms. Their terms and their system has already in place countless obstacles to our really ever receiving the fruits of our victory. Better to lose on our terms than to win on theirs. Man is not a hampster yet everywhere you find him occupied by some hampster wheel.

The costumes politicians dress in are to trick us not treat us! Let us trick them and not pay attention (and give legitimacy) to their theatricks any longer!

¡Don’t let politics happen onto you, happen on to politics! November 9 the oligarchy will think their democracy will go to hibernate; it is precisely then we must make democracy wake up!

Name Changes – elect yourself

unelect voting

TBD to be democracy

revolution of everyday life

January 14th coalition (day after inauguration)

I trust a people I do not know, I do not trust a person I do not know

aforismo del día (start doing after a little while of the other)

The best way for many of us to stand with standing rock is to retribalize in our own locales or move to one’s that we can see ourselves being part of a tighter community, and rebuild community and a love and stewardship for the earth.
is to be part of the restablishment in our culture of tribal living. Many of us are living in the preferred geographies of the tribes before colonialism pushed them out to lands that were not part of their heritage. North Dakota is a harsh climate, and no less so but for different reasons was Zuccoti Park by wall street. We must occupy our local spaces and build the world we want to see there, and fight battles that are hidden by the normalization of neocolonialism and extractive capitalism.

There is no bigger compliment to an intellectual than an authentic critique of her corpus.

Now is the time to get down to work comrades! Our plates have been cleared, the elites had their democracy, now it’s time for us to create ours, because there is obviously not one for us. We can put a much healthier meal on our plate that won’t enervate us but energize us.

Hey all, spending election day and several days following at an ecovillage really kept in focus how much power exists beyond the corporate/electoral/policy nexus and is in our hands to affect change at a rate which is not frustratingly slowed (and blocked) by these big clumsy forces that seemingly seek to destroy the Earth. Connect to some communities close to you and you will start to discover a much wider horizon of options to resist.

now that 8 years (and 4 months) have gone by, my quarter-life crisis is a third-life crisis (post on march 1, make my birthday)
I think all life is in crisis, whatever our age, and may we be allowed to age long enough to realize this and find remedies to it.

Most polit cant help themselves but help themselves at other’s expense. We can help ourselves not helping politicians at our own expense.

I am annoyed by both groups lack of critical perspective, but i hate neither and fear neither (as an existential threat). I do fear for both and any related other groups, as haplessly fascist as they may be.

In an era of such poor diet and unmoving bodily habits, self care is revolutionary! This revolution is essential for any other revolution to have a chance (and can link to xi gong video perhaps)

Those entities that have made themselves enemies of life have sat down, perhaps for real or perhaps as a feign. But we must all be standing and in growing numbers around all life-sources that are continuously at threat by these oppressive corporate institutions, for our world is not safe by any laws or by any decrees, but by our own vigilance. ¡Adelante comrades!
Book – The last child in the woods


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