High ThoughtShower

Our ancestors are present—now will you please be too.

I don’t care if you don’t listen to me—I do care if you don’t listen to you. Lovingly embrace your endogenous wisdom. To not is to give the finger to all of our ancestors.

If both options bring harm to you and yours, you are obliged to make war on the structure that would imposes the binary. Even when harm isn’t detected, harm needs to be suspected, and realize most often the binaries come from our own twisted analytic eyes. We are victims of ourselves and all our traumas.

The great transformation: from the beings who prey to the beings who pray.

The only thing as invisibilized as the future generations are the ancestors. We do them and ourselves a great disservice by being the weakest and absent link. Your work is not your job.

You are not in good hands if you are not in good lands. Those who have been with the land in a good way so that the 7 generations can continue on the land are to be trusted, listened to, and need to be visibilized more than ever, as healthy land is increasingly rare. Western civilization writes it story on the land in very harsh font. Indigenous cultures let the land sing and speak their shared store.

The first 7 letters of Decolonize are DeColón. All his statues and statutes that came thence need deconstructing. Before Columbus week. After Columbus weak.


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