Lphorisms Enigmatic Older y Newer

Chain of prevents.

Hell does not taste bad—hell does not taste.

Music is coercion by other modes. Coercion can feel very good, in fact this is one of the major ways coercion is enabled. Monsters that are smiley get close enough to bite.

If you are immortal you won’t be missed. The mortals that sacrifice themselves for the furtherance of the immortality of others are the most coveted, and leave a gap for the rest of the world to hollow out over.

Mortals are not forgotten, and immortals are not memorable. Nothing will change for you will be killed the 999th time and return the one thousandth.

Forgetting requires that it was even memorable. :eyerollzz:

March 2020: the days the world stood ill, and the days the Earth got the needed chill pill.

Indigenous Endogenous.

Our mind is the most dangerous threat to our body. This is why it is the single most sought after entity.

The most dynamic thing you can do in any given moment with your being is to dance, in non-prefigured ways. The power of dancing is immediately expressed. No mediation, no latent actualization. Boom it is there it is here.

Beware of hosting conversations in your head, for it is the surest path to lying to yourself, and denying space to another. If you care about them, you won’t simulate them when they are absent. You will wait and be okay with yourself.

In moments such as these, as the avail themselves to our montage-ization, dance shows that it complexifies a region of reality whilst violence simplifies it. The two are in a binaric opposition: the most immediate way to simplify is to enact violence, the bullet in the head; the most immediate way to complexify is to dance, on any (and every) level of your being.

Don’t fall off the cliffs of your own Earthquake.

Home is where the eartH is.

You only wander freely if you are connected to your ground. You need to, as become, as a verb, anchor your being into a ground. A dick is a man’s false anchor.

There are other spatial dimensions to the fundamental particles of the 1st generation, but these spatial dimensions (4+) can only be effectively expressed in the constellations of the newer generation of particles, the zeroth generation, and this is the new dimensions unfold, where in the new atomization of mutliple zeroth generation particles are stably maintained and become the grounds to hold steady general expanded space dimensionality.

Mind your reality or your mind becomes your reality, and that is a hell which no one can easily be saved.

The genealogy of fate. Language, and especially the written word, has by its stagnant, permanentizing ways, given life to the idea of fate. It has so thoroughly dictated freedom that all that remains is determination. The idea of a fixed future emerges from the logical progression of the appearance of a fixed past, through narrations that have a way of enduring and being passed down. Particular versions of the past are brought in to every new future, through traditions, and most especially through the tradition of slowly and non-evolving language. Humans fall in to the trap of reading, believing, and then falling in to the traps set for those before them, and freely choosing to not freely participate. This particular writing, poorly written, is from one who is returning from the daze of fate. The narrow phraseology herein is a condition of a long tenure in popular culture that is clearly with detrimental effect. I am no longer going to be the experiment of a strand of tradition known as fate. I am returning to freely embrace the broader indeterminancy that is not captured by any human nor humans nor institutions of theirs. Not even the land determines what I am, the land is not a dictator, but a liberator. Tierra esta libertad.

We keep us FED. #FtheFed #FoodSovereignty and #HumanSovereignty

The question of whether I fully be my true self, or hold back on a full expression of myself to keep another’s love circulating in my life, already gives the answer. You do not know what your love’s love is capable of loving, neither do they know the full you, and so their love cannot fully circulate. There was another inversion of meaning to draw from this, but it escapes me… mushys

The false portions of the narratives you harbor will lead you right off the cliff of your own making.

The only thing that trickles down in this system is the blood of those from the third world enslaved to manufacture. Besides, trickle down doesn’t mean much in a world where the rate of evaporation is many times greater.

Cockroaches manifest themselves.

The fight to find the fight.

When you feel forced, remember that you are force.

Everyone is an only one.

Were the flame to go out is a hypothetical.


The first a conquistador dehumanizes is themselves. Humanity is already vacant when they encounter the others they so easily and effectively dehumanize/objectify/murder. The conquistador is greatly aided in their own dehumanization by their living ancestors who uphold the dominant dominator culture without exception in their specific local.

Some dreams you can’t flip the pillow on, Manari, ahem ahem.

Nothing is black and white. It’s the gray versus our green. We must return to our heartspace and defend the sacred from the colonizing minds. Decolonize the land or die. Mother Earth is bleeding color… the most vibrant colors are now in the sky, not under the sea.

You Are Not Scattered, The System Is Scattering. You are Not Shattered, THE SYSTEM IS SHATTERING.

“Chess with Nature” – Don’t you mean chess with machines??


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