And This is How we started having the military educate the children

Whether reality, or a pretext, the shortage of teachers to staff classrooms has police, and the military happily filling up these roles (national guard at least – )

These are exactly the situations that opportunists, of which the military is loaded with, love to have handed to them. Possession is 9/10s of ownership, fuck when cliches like this are applicable, but they currently possess certain jobs and are sure to develop some skills. Recruiting is no longer confined to school hallways, now it’s during active class time. So yes, the military, an institution that loves to grow and gain ever-increasing roles on the surface of the Earth, as it is the heart of the Empire, is probably overjoyed that they have this way of wading into primary education, at long last. We aren’t that far off from the military suggesting a low-budget alternative to so many of the schooling issues that are made to vex schools all over, and now they can very neatly just replace all traditionally trained teachers, set up military alternate-routes, etc. Off and running to conquer a new huge piece of space-time, the already bloated and problematic school system.

Dangerous precedents are being set, disaster capitalism, disaster conquering…


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