Aphorism Dump

Yesterday will be tomorrow if today is not today. The sorrows of yesterday will be tomorrow’s… Live with the present. Live knowing we always and only have a present. #morewaystosays

Roots are circulation for a tree and strangulation for a human.

We have the same enemy—the question is can we be friends?

Don’t confuse time on your hands with time in them. Too often humans stop seizing their own existence long before they have ceased to exist. #morewaystosays

Movement is to stop when the system pushes perpetually us to nowhere. This is the power of  saying ya basta.

As the earth rotates, we revolt. You can choose an everyday Rotation or a revolution every day. The Earth does rotations at the same time it makes a revolution. Humans must choose one. #morewaystosays

Magic is with the wandering, not the wand.

Wondering about roots; wandering without roots.

The enemy of your enemy isn’t necessarily your friend. Especially in a world where so few are friends of themselves.

If only a few are sovereign, then none are sovereign. The larger a sovereign grows, the smaller sovereignty becomes.

The flight of the wounded bird is all the more compelling.

We need the resistance to grow, so why would you ever choose the path of least resistance?

Doublèé Doable.

Too often humans confuse a hard choice with a non-existent choice. In a time when oppression has great inertia, freedom takes strength and bravery. To source that strength and courage, it is imperative we be free together and not in individuality alone. Right now the choice is to evac or cave. #EvacOrCave

Overdue? Rent is overdue? What about reparations for the chronically oppressed folx is overdue! What about respect for the future generations is overdue. Your overdue has got to go the back of a very long cue. And shame on you trying to make money off of other people’s basic needs, like shelter.

They who do not grow their own food are the oppressors of other lands.

Karlos is my war identity. And since I don’t see any end to this war, I don’t see this identity going away.

We are the sun’s dreams and its thoughts. The sun thinks us into existence.

We spread ourselves thin because no one is willing to go deep with us. People seem to only go to deep when it’s a pit that we see but they can’t.

Thoughts echo. Thinkers download

Indigenous identifying sadists that attract white identifying masochists.

A microaggression that is spread throughout the whole world is no longer a microaggression. Such is the 7 day week. Such is the world of money. The terrible usually gets destroyed, but the meta-terrible escapes to slowly die another day.

Roots are what the dead bleed before they are living again.

Starlight didn’t journey all the way to your eyes because it’s settled and stagnant. Were it so, it would’ve never made the journey.

The loss of J1 + J30 equals the gain of J31x2.

These pipelines | your building | This shit is not essential | Get fracking outta here | Keep Brooklyn residential

Take Care Te Quiero


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