LphorismZ & May Day Earth

The journey ahead is back to the human. The magic is in the wandering not the wand. #EjercitoNomadistas

Pages sit, but this story is walking. Books sit, but the learning is talking.

Don’t blame 2020—blame the vision (the lack of vision). We don’t want a do-over—we want what is overdue.

Chasing memories is to run in slow motion while the present speeds away…

Still breathing still breeding—not all is lost.

All out revolution for there is no time, all out revolution or there is no time. When the hour is late, create a new day

Build the forests underground. Give a proper burial to organic matter a proper burial instead of

Treeroots not grassroots—the movement event gets that wrong.

The walls to keep diseases out are the very walls that keep them in.

White Privilege, an unpacking of a nuanced term. white privilege is an unfortunate term that is the 21st century means by which the left will stay divided. The concept of White Privilege nuances the reality: black, brown, and indigenous dis-privilege. To say that white skinned people are privileged because they are not dis-privileged as others are is fraught with problems. The capitalist system should not be credited with privileging anyone. Capitalism has put every single human in a precarious situation, not just by our existential crisis of looming late stage planetary death, but so too because of our fragmented human relations, the amount of plastics in all of our bodies, the number of auto-immune diseases running rampant, and so many other elements… no demographic of humans whether they are grouped by skin color, gender, age, locale, sexuality, is immune to some of its members being hit with these issues, and others in that family and possibly community thus affected to some degree too. It’s not untrue—some of us don’t have to fear for our lives on a daily basis due to our skin color. That is not being debated. But are white people really privileged because they are not being attacked? Are the unjust legal systems, including the police, so hopelessly normalized that we think not being targeted by the police is somehow the enviable end-goal? To the obfuscation and veiling of the real goals we should have first and forefront: abolishing the police and the oppressive state apparatuses. And to focus on material possessions as an indicator of privilege—material possessions is how the oppressive capitalist system measures wealth and status, but are we that oppressed to adopt these metrics for our own analysis of the system? Are we really ready to let capitalism divide and conquer us further, in this particularly insidious way? On to a material consequence of the constructed concept (instead of the faux versa vice main stream posit) “white privilege”: the users and promoters of the term who are some BBI communities and many leftist allies, are actually alienating themselves from material resources from the subset of white people who would otherwise be sympathetic and material allies to fighting were the term instead what is really at play “black, brown, and Indigenous dis-privilege”. People are far more likely to see and be moved to action by the true injustice done to others, than to react in a helpful manner when they themselves are said to be the problem by their very existence and skin color, most especially because it’s the reality that there is dis-privilege at play, not privilege.

Notes and partial thoughts:

June is extinction month and so we say May Day Earth. Maya calendar returning.

Focus on my fight, not on my white. Don’t be blinded by what you see. We need to reinvigorate the unpacking racism and I’m sure I still have much to learn, but I think we all do and the largest victims of systemic racism aren’t necessarily free of racism, let’s say.


I don’t like guns—but I like bullets in my enemies. Something Che would say.

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