Lphorisms WorLd Play

If we live in a world where humans are paid to keep the peace⁠—they can be paid to keep the war.

Carbon is the victim, not the symptom nor the disease. What the fuck do you think the life that is going extinct is made out of? Let’s not demonize carbon. It’s metals above ground that we must be wary of. #LiberationOfMetals

Laws are the relinquishment of vigilance.

We must choose⁠—is this the end of the world or the end of a world. Evolution is a bigger change than extinction. We’ve been going extinct for thousands of years. The inertia towards that trajectory is immense, and so to create

The problem right now is that we think we will bounce forward but what we really need to do is bounce back—Aisenma.

Most choose to turn friends into frenemies instead of enemies into corpses.

Lyme disease is a saboteur that rallies different parts of our bodies to be out of harmony with other parts. So, too, different flora ecologies are convinced to be obstinate.


The danger that comes with giving a term to something to de-invisibilize it, is that you risk obfuscating the phenomenon and locking it into an incorrect understanding. Better to feel than to think.

Eat plants, eight plants.


What we need are shades in a world of oppressive systems that cast binary shadows. Reduced to reduction. Be difference—cast shade not shadows.

I write aphorisms so I don’t waste my time and other’s in full books. How selfish it is that there are people who write page upon countless page to entrap the minds of others. Lawyers are the worst kind of writers, for they write countless pages to intentional entrap, ensnare, and frustrate others in to compliance with their rigid religious code of “law”.

Eat the nearest to home, leave the forests alone.

A person at large, a people at larger.

Plato you fuck, we’ve been blinded by the supposed great light you spoke of. We have a need to return to the cave of feeling.

Different Form Posting:

World play not word play. Live in the words or live in the world. #FuckBooks

Humans are Fish that can’t see that we are out of the water.


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