Lphorisms G

Leave trees in the ground, or we will find ourselves there. Leave trees in the ground, or else. No Justice, No Trees.

If we live in a world where people need to be paid to keep the peace⁠—they can be paid to keep the war.

I enjoy the smell of books far more than the look of them. Life is short and books are long.

When no one is left to bury us.

We don’t see any borders, do you? [picture of the Earth]

Politicians will ultimately always get in the way of our rebellions. Cut them out of our movement or our movement will cut ourselves away from the people.

🏴🏴 We wave these flags at night to brighten our way. If you won’t let us dream, then we won’t let you sleep.

People say I’m throwing my life away, I say my parents, grandparents, great grandparents… threw my life away. Now we wade through their garbage, hoping to come out okay.

And we were running and fighting, fighting and running, just like our ancestors had done. Without giving up, without surrendering, without being defeated.

The capacity for anguish is vast.

God bless the Godless.

Religion is the misunderstanding of the magical qualities the Universe bestows on all of us to varying degrees.

How about less talk of Jesus and more walk of Jesus.

Castles in the sky cast great shadows on we who dwell on the lands below them. To hell with your heavenly afterlife.

The fate of the system that should be⁠—and the existence of the false one that should not⁠—breeds in some of us a sleeplessness. We fight on, and we must dream on while we are awake when we are robbed of said sleep.

Be sure to not fall in to the same isms that you attack your enemies of.

We are Earth erupting, or we are its ashes.

Thy who chews the wrong green, becomes their own enemy—machine.

Validate their fears and not their desires.

Perhaps I overuse the word system, but it’s nothing compared to how much the system overuses us.

Dreams are an active space in which we have been conditioned to remain passive. #ReclaimDreams

Fragment of a song: Nothing ever changes, that’s why it’s called nothing, your spirit will soar, if to the eagles you sing. If we do not wander we will remain lost; If we do not wander we will remain Lost; If we do not wander we will remain lost; If we do not wander we will remain lost.

On your birthday give presence to yourself.

I prophesize that the judgment days are here: not judgement of our pasts, but of what we judge to do, now that we have the knowledge, the truth—what will we do now?

If you don’t have the energy to do anything this winter, then literally don’t do anything! The finite Earth doesn’t have energy for us. #WinterStrike #DegrowthDecember2019

Response to a question prompt: Getting my needs/food from the lands that I walk upon. Not the lands of other people, other animals, other ecosystems that shouldn’t be made to serve my needs way over here. As a settler/nomadist I feel it’s important for me to stop this inter-generational idea that other places than where I currently exist should be subservient to meeting my needs. Global capitalism is a disease, and if I can be in community that focuses locally we can start to heal ourselves and the lands that give us life.

May 32, May Gusta.

We don’t die—we live or we go extinct. #ExtinctionRevolution

Revolution is what the situation calls for. Anything less is a dishonor to it, and the extinction of the species.

All species are immortal until they go extinct.

Flaws in the brain create flaws in the terrain.

We call it like we see it, and we don’t see no fucking borders.

Don’t confuse slowing the violent system down with slowing yourself down in your efforts to correct it. We must speed up to head off the disease and to slow it down. We cannot take it easy and expect a good outcome. It is full on Luddite-ism to think that you can slow down.

Most anti-capitalists are not revolutionaries, they might say they are but they make the common mistake of thinking ideologies reserved for the mental space somehow will translate into active realization of revolution in the world generally. They fail to understand their ideology, and that their understanding is prevented from realization by the very system they hope to productively oppose.

Forests put out fires.

Humans we haven’t found ourselves yet—wander more! #ÈjércitoNomadistas

You might be a little busy for a Rave on J31x2? What about the cops?

Little Apple In The Big Apple, then became rescuing Little Apple from the Big Apple.

The tag of revolution many put on themselves is easily cut by the scissors of reality. Revolution must go deeper than the skin and the garbs which suffocate it from breathing.

You are here to fight this war or you are here to die from it. Alternatively, if you are not here to fight this war, then you are here to die from it.

Give fascists big enough cuffs and they’ll arrest the Earth. Those cuffs are named capitalism.

Before you can fully fight for the forests you must allow yourself to be planted there.

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