Lphorisms Z and random comments

When you really understand guerilla warfare, no one will know that you really understand guerilla warfare.

Urban densification is one of the worst artificial creators of scarcity mentality. Cities are the most intense invasion of our species and do not lead to the efficiencies that people dream of when we conceptualize of packing ourselves in the way we speak of packing sardines in. All that happens is a lesson of pure miseducation, where our conceputalization of ourselves on this Earth gets further distorted and replicates on, or produces in hideous inversion a different category of cancer on other, non-urbanized lands. Lands that are perpetually shit on are overfed just as lands that are never shit on are starved. Deserts of sand and deserts of concrete, with not a healthy jungle in between. This is end-state disease; this is extinction.

Seize the means of production? Destroy the means of production save the land. Factories are not for occupying but for de-occupying.

There’s not something wrong with me, there’s something wrong with the world we grew up in.

Identities didn’t roam the free and open land in the age of our ancestors, no. They are the festering acne on the surface of a deeply damaged modern landscape, known only in this age—the last age. The last age, for none will follow, extinction will lead, and the species left to bleed. Capitalism late stage bringing about the last age.

?ArtistA¿ Internally consistent, syncopated, outwardly questioning the destructive rhythms, with the proactive creation of new ones.

The decolonization is of physical structures built by humans, less so humans themselves. Human centrism is itself the product of colonialism. Decolonization must be about fighting for that which has been truly silenced and othered, which are the ecosystems, the land. Sovereign Peoples freely associating with that which is non-peopled but yet significant and more deeply oppressed by colonializing mindsets.

Elites call it a mistake. It’s a crime motherfucker! (in response to something Biden said was a mistake, back in February)

What we don’t pay in felonies we pay in fatalities. Risk felonies or risk fatalities. Better their felonies than our fatalities. #BreakThatShit #BreakTheirSystem

#FuckTheControl #FuckTheCourts #FreeTheCommunities #FuckTheirControl #FuckTheCameras #FuckThisCapitalism #FuckToweringColonialism #FuckTheCities

At the times, ephemeral or consistent, when Extinction Rebellion becomes more conservative politically than ecologically, we must practice #ExtinctionRebellionDistancing and be sure our vision is not steered away from Revolution.

It is a tragedy that the word tragedy has come to exist across our language.

Justice: A Thought. Just us, a bad thought.

The strongest fighters are lovers first.

Gentrifiers are those that move to a land and support economies and lifestyles that were not native to the people that were born in the land. Those that come and rent from landlords that are not of the community⁠⁠—but are themselves gentrifying pathway creators⁠—are gentrifiers. Gentrification is a fistula that sucks away resources from those who were more in harmony with the area, and so if your actions are supporting the fistula in any shape or form, and not the healing and resetting of it, then you are partaking in gentrification. Decent politics do not unmake this economic reality and this physical displacement and distortion of resources that one creates in an area when they choose to gentrify. Gentrification is a choice, a choice that imposes force and lack of choice on others.

Human extinction and human caused extinction has already been happening because of the system⁠—what do you call genocide? We have too many known historical examples and nothing has been done by the governments of the world. We need a revolution to overthrow the system.

Accelerate at the evil, and only at the evil. Your wake will be the waking, and the others will then balance you, positively slow-down as they also strengthen-up your vector. By the time you reach the evil all you will need to do is stare, and it will cower and blink and disappear. Let your speed be the only sword against the ecocidal, and let the rumor of it’s coming be the only blow. For then the wind makes a great turning into a gentle breeze, one that turns on the ecocidal into eco-regeneratives.

On A12, whether it’s April 12 or August 12, or any other fucking day spring-summer-fall, we are on the eve of a huge planting or a huge perishing. The time of hiding our needs and desires in the night is over. We move forward in broad daylight as the human race, and we find our roots and we plant them, or we bury ourselves. Do the work! Seed the future to see the future.

The Comradification of Late Capitalist cultural icons continues with Scrooge McDuck. Coming soon! Ahead of the May 32nd strike. Everyone is welcome on to our arc to get the fuck out of this decades-in-the-making dystopia. Comrade Britney thanks for getting this boat floating during corona time. Comrade spongebob is obviously down with the cause, up with the arc.

Hypocrites are those that speak of distributive justice from the towers of urbania that they chose to abode in, for they have no sense of the justice in distributing themselves harmoniously across the land. Whether it’s concentrating wealth in to the hands of the few, or concentrating bodies into the lands of the many, there is very much going to a problem of justice growing.


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