Lphorisms L

The disease is the symptom, and the system is a disease.

March of the People. #MarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugust https://www.facebook.com/events/1084203915280267/

March 32, no joke, no rent.

Departing Of Justice.

No cough zones no cop zones.

It’s not a matter of time—it’s a matter of timing. Time is as likely to fold as it is to unfold. Falsity is created when the backwards moves forwards.

The only efforts that amount to any are for the pile of kindling. They are ready to burn and will, it’s just a matter of timing.

To decolonize is deconcretize.

I must study ecosystems and sustainability, so my children can inherit something other than death and extinction.

Extinction, when all is sad and done.

The stability of our surroundings makes us fall apart.

There is nothing more grounding than planting a tree. Autonomously planting a tree both grounding and groundbreaking.

Stems against systems.

To possess is to be empty.

See you in our streets
Seed you in our gardens
Scene you in our play
Seem you but you’re me

There are two types of fascists—fascists, and the reactionaries against them. Whether both of these are fascists or the fascist-ized is an open question. What we are witnessing now, in the world of social distancing, is a broadly distributed fascism: there is a vulnerability to conditionability made evident in the rapidity to obedience; secondly there is a general homogenization of ourselves in the visual-sphere, as the wearing of masks naturally de-humanizes ourselves in face (literally) of the other, and the other to us. Masks are far less complex than faces, and far more prone to stereotyped beliefs entering. Covering up with masks doesn’t liberate us from individuality, it strips us of our humanity with an objectified homogeneity. Perhaps wearing them keeps us safe, but it also puts us in danger.

Is it jumping ship or jumping land?

Yesterday was blursday and so is tomorrow.

The 13th tornado, rapid cycling🌪

The war to remain Karlos.

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