Lphorisms In Other Words (my thoughts inexActly)

To stay in one place is to stay lost.

We nomadistas must be parsimonious both in deed and in the words we carry.


Most would rather turn friends in to frenemies than enemies in to corpses.

Laws are a vandalism on the soul of humanity. #DelegitimateTheState #FuckTheCourts #FuckTheControl #FreeTheCommunities

What we don’t risk in felonies we risk in fatalities.

The vulnerability of conditionability is readily apparent during this time of crisis.

Find ways to pay less money and make less money. Remove yourself from the bad karma chain of money. It’s not enough to pay less money—it is too much!

To decolonize is to tear down idols—no history is better than a false history. Forget not the history of history, created by an ancient Greek westerner in the service of propagating westernism.

To count the days is to discount those days.

Governments are into power, not people.

Banality Is The Evil.

We appear to be at our most creative because we’ve incredibly dumbed down the environment with which we interact. We stand out on the lands we’ve flattened out. The root cause living on as the classes of symptoms die out.

It is a delusion and paradox to think large cities can be lived in locally. Cling to each other and not a destroyed piece of land.

Dreams are pregnant with the future.

I don’t have to be alive to do the work that I’m doing.

Let this flag be our light 🏴

If you can’t see a way, seed a way.

I once wrote that quotes are words [that are] worth a thousand words. Words that deserve being uttered more than once, and are potent enough that they need not be. Words filled with paradox and purpose—and repurpose!—subverbs and subverses at their best, culture jarring and culture jamming. Words worth committing to a picture, as memes, or even words worth a thousand pictures: emotion pictures. Paradigm cracking and paradigm creating, these words are three to four orders of magnitude greater than the comparably empty string of drivel that circulates as our numbing agent; the common words that serve to delocalize and disempower us—the plastic kites that in these sonically windy times blow and immobilize us to be nothing other than droplets wetting another’s wave—speakers that were already spoken for. Subverses and their ancestors are quite different, for they are difference. To cross-pollinate from permaculture conceptualizing—subverbs and their kin are words that are heavily stacked with deep and seamless ecosystem functionality, and they create their own edge in deserts of homogenization. They have great use value in our perilous times, but also a timelessness that will seed them through to future times, a future that will carry along all who attach to their kernel of enduring wisdom that expresses in the manifold appearances and languages that quotes are shaped in to. They are polyculturous. They see us through, as they are torches that keep us burning. Our imperiled species wants to continue on and to sing on, and as we are now faced with revolution or extinction, quotes are our fucking mating call when the the end of our breath draws near. Be not long winded—be deep rooting; and so beware of being past tensed.

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