One Minute Writing Prompt “New York 2040”

Here’s what I wrote:

Zoom in on New York Town #DeGrowth and #Relocalization
NYC population has grown by a factor of 100—this is in that the biomass on the island has grown 100 times. The human population in the 5 boroughs, Manhattan in particular, has actually shrunk by a few orders of magnitude, and people have repopulated the lands in other parts in harmony, so we here.

I don’t know what’s going on in the rest of the world, that sort of superflous distracting information of ages past is no longer available nor deemed empowering. We learned that nNews of far away places doesn’t empower, it just breeds fear. There is no long are climate movement, only a micro-climate movement. A permaculture term. And a permaculture quote from Masonabout Fukoyka pervades human societies- “What Less Can I do”

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