Brief Aphorisms, update 1

The best way to counteract the standing armies of the world is walking armies. #EjercitoNomadistas

“And we were running and fighting, fighting and running, just like our ancestors had done. Without giving up, without surrendering, without being defeated.” EZLN

Extinction Revolution = XR 2.02.0

One Earth Day? Humans where are you living the other 364.25?

Be water flowing or be blood spilt. #EjercitoNomadistas

I do my gambling out of the casino.

Castles in the sky cast great shadows on we who dwell on the lands below. To hell with your heavenly afterlife.

It’s not an eye for an eye when your enemy is already blind. Nor do you have to hit your enemy, just make sure they don’t intentionally or accidentally hit anyone you love.

Be careful what you choose to call democracy–it threatens democracy. Dilution is as dangerous as destruction.

Modern food when eaten is domestication on the inside.

Boundaries are there to test you, not versa vice.

MLK has no I, but if he did his name would be Harvey.

Wolves are man’s better friend, for they do not serve us, deluding us that we are possessive masters.

What happens before we die is the question we need to focus on answering. Making primary the question of what happens after we die is the greatest inversion and perversion that the Universe can experience. It is to invert life with death.

How about less talk of Jesus and more walk of Jesus?

Book the date, book the strike – 5/1

You are the warmth that gets me through this cold; you are the fire that burns away the shadows.

The difference between a revolutionary person and a revolutionary people is a revolution. To put the revolutionary at the front, is to enable the persistence of the paradigm from which we are trying to break. A fiery revolutionary can only spark a fire that has already been in waiting.