Mirages of Wisdom 0022 (my thoughts inexactly) Part 1

Give fascists big enough cuffs and they will arrest the Earth. Those

Good Cop, bad cop, bad cop, bad cop, bad cop, bad cop, bad cop…

We are Earth Waking. We are Earth Walking. In our hearts, for too long, We’ve been sitting with revolution. Now it is time to walk with it. #EjercitoNomadistas

They, because I are plural.

Deterritorialize This Place. New York City Con Crete Jungle Fuck This Place.

Another world is possible, but another Earth is not.

2019 the system arrested us, 2020 we need to arrest the system. #ExtinctionRevolution

As Extinction Continues there will be more and more moments of silence but for the wrong reasons.

The work of building a movement very quickly becomes completely natural and intuitive to all who fully engage and believe in the process. Growing a movement is not a tangential stream—it is the return to the river that has always been our essence. It was our first nature that was robbed of us by the oppressions designed by civilizations bent on control.

Another world must be in walking distance, because we’ve run out of time. #CarLessKarlos

Home is space not a place. The territoriality, the possessiveness, that the dominant paradigms have bred in us since nomadism has left. These dominant paradigms are the false parents that took us from nursing from our Mother Tierra. #EjercitoNomadistas

Affinity groups flourish in an affinitive environment. Proactive and open to interaction. To organize the whole is to disorganize it. This attempt at homogeneity is the tyranny of one locality over another is what we now know as globalization. Don’t worry about straying from western notions of democracy; they need to be abandoned and democracy re-conceived. We want each group/cadre/tribe/organization to feel free to build it’s own power, and not be hampered by relationships of servitude. Each species must be strong to be the best ally to others. We do not want the inversion of the system, the inversion of the oppression- we want it’s destruction through our active dismantaling. We want allies not servants. We want decentralization, in other words localized empowerment.

Ejercito Nomadistas, we run for government off us. We walk for it too. For a May 1 Strike, for Youth enfranchisement and empowerment, for localism, for community Assemblies, for community autonomy, for Degrowth. Running for another world, walking for another world.

South is up! Compas Up Rose

Quite upsetting, the way we subalterned humans just accept our fate is to be decided on this platform of representative election cycles. With stakes so high, it’s like a sporting event for our existence. We so calmly let our futures be determined by something that requests we have little control over it. Stop giving legitimacy to it! Elections are not at all about asking the people to formally take control of the powerful, and are everything about asking the people to formally relinquish control to the powerful.

To decolonize is to deurbanize. The concentration that is an urban centers intrinsically relies upon there to be other, peripheralized spaces that exist in its service.

Extinction Revolution: We Are Not Drilling.

Home is a space we create, not a space that dominions desecrate.

We are about halting the system—we are going to do the no thing.

Oppression is almost as important a word as liberation. Use it carefully, but use it. Truth must be spoken.

No formation coming soon. Free Movement.

Happy Related Birthday! We are biological family so I’m obligated to say something, but most days we forget the other even exists.





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