The growing of XRs and DNAs: Una Nota between the 0th and 1st Declaration of The Concrete Jungle

Some brief and particularized genealogy for you concerned with XR’s past and future, zooming in on the concept of movement DNA. I’ve traced this concept back at least as far to Rising Up!, the Organisation that started THE Extinction Rebellion, intended as a campaign-movement (NOT AN ORGANIZATION).

This is pertinent because comrades within XR have been bringing up DNA with greater frequency as a mode of defining (controlling) what XR is and what it is not, (the DNA and origins of control is quite another thing, not for this post nor from me at this juncture… let’s say it is replicated and refined by Westernity). My response to them now is that actual DNA—from which the concept Rising Up! uses is inspired—is something that evolves…

thus @Free Movement and @Extinction Revolution, and other campaigns, iterations, vectors unknown to us, and those not yet evolved. We need not discard DNA, but must realize liberated DNA will discard some of our harmful turns that wreak of reinstating the very Extinction-tendencies endemic to our modernized species.

Open-ended DNA leaves us to wander the terrain of the Earth and of our minds to fashion new ways of existing and surviving on this land, in the name of a return to evolution and leaving behind what feels like an inevitable extinction for our own species and masses of others. We have definite directions that we would like to bring in to this mix, vectors of curvature. For one of these, we will say it’s not in my DNA to cooperate or even legitimate legal institutions and their codes. To be seen how that expresses in the coming weeks.

But More Generally, let’s leave human beings behind and return to Human Becomings!

¡Towards an Up Rising!
– Ejército Nomadista

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