My Thoughts Inexactly: I is for Initiating

For some it is not too late nor too early. For some it is right on time, and so comes their fear.

The oppressed have a hand in their own oppression, if not a fist.

You are the mirror I look in to where nothing is backwards.

All that time spent reflecting, and everything else appears backwards.

Scarcely can ever something inside a book prepare you for something outside of a book.

There are millions of fish in the sea, and to know the deepest ones is worth drowning in the darkness.

We are the disease that has many fingers but few eyes with which to see.

Most things are waiting for you to happen.

Globalization is the creation of distance where it previously did not exist. Waiting and impatience are a product of this new age of nearsightedness.

They are not aliens, they are earthlings we fail to connect to anymore.

If you are forced, you are not you.

When the world is unknown, the world will know peace. We must make the long journey back to localism.

To live in the shadows you must be kneeling under those who are lesser than you. For only lesser things absorb light without amplifying it.

Close family is a foreign concept.

Lay down the law and leave it to die.

Only the wise know to learn from the young.

Corporations flourish alongside corpses.

In the end we are all dead—but we are not stuck in the end. We are all placed in the middle, where we have much to do and even more not to do.

You only have to fear the spiders if you make yourself an insect.

If you really didn’t care you wouldn’t need to vocalize it.

Water your dreams, and you will find others searching for your fertility while you are awake. #wetdreams

Atención es intención.

We are not a terribly revolutionary people—all the more reason we are in terrible need of a revolution.

Hate cuts deep and love grows deep.

Your way of life is your children’s way of death.

Light is hidden by the brightness.

Our ways are more foreign to this planet than any so-named alien peoples could be.

Death is immortal. Near death and nearer to life.

It is the panopticon in reverse—all eyes on the one screen.

To follow orders in a wisdom-less age is not only bad faith, it is highly dangerous.

The weak prey on the weak, the strong need only pray. They need not pray, for it would just be an echo as gods dwell within them.

The deserts of their eyes resemble the deserts of their lands…

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