The Liberation of Metals Scraps (Vasak’s 2018 Remix)

As the title says, this was roughly from 2018, so I will be dating it as such, and using it for the 2020 Liberation of Metals remix. Enjoy? 🙂

“metal metal everywhere and not a bit won’t bite”

pistons are the motion metals, and the connected axels, to which we stand (or fall) opposed as complex carbonoids in contrast. This is the more active motion battlefield, the subtle motion battlefield would be metallic buildings and stable metallic structures, even the parts of the car that are “just sitting there” such as the frame and other holding pieces, stand in conflict to perennial plants like trees that have a tremendous amount of stable carbon (cellulose, lignin, hemicellulose)
yet buildings are an infrastructure that promote death on their skeleton form, whereas trees promote life. Buildings accrue concrete, glass, and other mostly dead purposing of chemicals.

radar first detected metals, the original enemy.

Metals, the thinner they get, sharper, but we get flimsier.

The real bullet points, writ large

The accelerations of metal, and a great many other things that are a sand paper to the living systems, slowly wearing them down, dulling them.

Hydrogen destroyed by fusion… cold.



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