Solstice (my feelings in exactness)

Rise each day, for the sun is in you; sleep each night, for you are its dream.

When things are looking wrong, start looking Ra.

Worship the sun—worship that which worships you.

Don’t be a Goddamn animal, be a Goddamning one.

Solstice is the longest day of our year—it should be no surprise that it can sometimes emerge as the longest day of y-our life.

The omnipresent doesn’t need to be written about in a book or feared to be forgotten.

Most things are waiting for you to happen. There is only yourself in the way from being a prime mover.

What gives you fire will never burn you. Unless you get selfish.

There is no deeper a shadow than the one you cast upon yourself.

Ceilings and walls are a sin against the sun. Not wise to estrange a most steadfast friend. One that moves through the sky to keep our shadows off-balance.

Whatever shadows hide before and within all of us, every single one of us is a descendant of lovers.

The sun is giving the Earth 10 billion years; let’s not waste a single moment more!

Down here at the edge of the tropics, I can joyously make rhymes with Feyerabend and declare: a farewell to season!

Esoterical continental philosophers, you spelled it wrong—it’s called lterity.

Peace when faced with death, anger when faced with dying. This is a time for anger.


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