O is for Overlooking

A casket is the signature in gaudy cursive of a selfish life.

Civilization is the long slow war of attrition against ourselves.

A preoccupation with the future is always too early.

If you eat meat you kill an animal, if you eat pasta you kill yourself. Live in the tropics and be a frugivore.

Europeans have never learned to survive in the Americas, they’ve just been dying a slow 550-year death bringing down every other species possible in their descent.

You would have to be sliced so thin to be spread across the infinite; be thankful you are the complex wedded to mortality.

If love does not come naturally, it is not natural.

The oppressors speak lies to protect all they have stolen, the oppressed speak the truth because it’s all they have left.

We can’t use cannot.

Love is the only justice that prevents crimes from ever happening.

A spirituality and religion of this reality is so powerful that it doesn’t need to be translated into a book.

Delusions of grandeur make one stand out, but delusions of minimisation keep the rest of us sitting down. Herein sits our deepest problem.

There doesn’t need to be a puppeteer for capitalism to make a puppet out of you.

If this war is far from over, then humans are not far from over.

If you let the government lead the way you won’t like the destination.

It doesn’t have to be a sinking ship—there are plenty of floating graveyards that nobody realized they should have left until the waves of karma had drowned them.

As I spiral in to existence, presented as I am becoming, death no nearer than the ends of the Universe. Past and future be damned and alienated to keep to themselves, for I am now here to hold and let go the gift of my life.

Maybe the carrot stick sweetens as you chase after it, but you begin to rot along with the countless other things you unwittingly trample as you accelerate your hunger.

I’m here to live and die, I’m not here for the elongated dying part. Civilization can keep that to itself.

Resist the temptation to articulate the brilliance of hell, for the shards you usher in to existence in so doing cut away your essence.

We don’t call the most inimical, insidious, long standing forces that govern every little thing about us, right down to the words we think and clutter our thoughts as language, government—we call them tradition. Traditions are the power we let the dead have over us, because we are too unaware to shake off the skeleton. The dead governing the living sounds like a horror movie, and yet this one that is our reality we can too turn off. Many focus on what living humans do to govern us, to the great loss of insight and imagination of the true liberation from governance of tradition. We mistake the skeletons grip for comfort and reassurance.

Grow up and build some deep roots in the places that are friendly, for that is what roots do.

Making it up as you go along… is called being human. Plan ahead… is called psychotic, or worse yet, extinction.

A leader has and only needs herself as a follower, whereas a dictator

Are you karma? Cuz you are a bitch.

Life—keep it complex. (and don’t simplify it with complications)

Your existence will never be articulated. Your suffering will never be understood by others in a recognizable manner produced by civilization. There are way too many victims standing in line to have their suffering spoken to, but of course the waiting is only adding to their cumulative victimage, this time by themselves. The real solution is not to be preoccupied with being heard and with the recognition of others that you barely know—success in this regard is limited and blinds the world to other injustices. The real revenge is to not seek any but to be free of the past and not honor the grave weaknesses of our many ancestors that sought to be ensconced in our present world through deadly and enervating traditions. Seeking to be a known victim is overlooking your self-victimization.

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