K is for Not Knowing (my thoughts inexactly)

It is the full plate that keeps one insatiably hungry.

Machines don’t get turned on by humans, but machines get turned on by humans. Why continue to create and give form to that which is in its very embodiment anti-sexual and anti-vital?

Our energy can animate our machines or it can animate our bodies. The choice of energy is currently ours, but it may become the choice of machines.

Bullshit is fine—it’s machine shit that is going to kill us.

There are no perfect persons, only imperfect policies. People together perfect one another, and preclude the need for policies.

A series of false false flags does much service to obscure real false flags.

If you see the world as governed by their rules, then you have already lost.

If you eat winter food all year round, you’re going to look and feel like winter.

The choice is yours—you can change sides in this war against the world and choose to defend the Earth.

We have lost ourselves by such vast distances that no plain use of vision could lead us back to the lost world; we must blind ourselves and listen for the deep echoes from the past—echoes unmediated by artifice.

Whoever draws first blood will write the story with their own.

Some books are burned and people protest; protesters are burned and books forget them.

The media can only exist in a lost localism—a vacuum that is euphemistically referred to as globalization. You need not be a victim to media saturation because you can separate yourself from the separation, and unite with your immediacy.

If we do not wander, we will remain lost.

The route to lowering carbon is not going to be done through Western argumentation or policy, for that in itself is what got us to this very precarious situation that evades the narrow western lens that can only see “carbon”. Rather, what is needed to solve the beyond-carbon-problem is for traditional indigenous land relationships to be adopted—despite any skepticism that a stupifying western science might engineer—that will cycle carbon and other industrially misapprehended elements back in to reemerging ecosystems.

For every tower of knowledge, the shadows cast are far darker than any illumination. So vastly obscuring is knowledge that our eyes forget that they are blinded.

Leave it to words to give the lengthy signifier to immediate. Only logic would breed the peculiar notion that combining something with its reversal could equal its annihilation. I.e. Writing “immediate” is to write an oxymoron.

Publish mediately?

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