P is for Propagating (my thoughts inexactly)

You needn’t apologize for being different, you only need apologize for being the same.

Justice is not to be found on a 12,000 year dusty walk of the pen, but by one dropping the pen and standing up. We cannot write our way, nor right our way to justice; laws themselves are in our way to justice. All we need is to quiet our words and access our empathetic imagination, standing right where we are.

I only write poetry in your absence; for in your presence there is poetry enough already.

I am too occupied fighting the delusions of others to focus on fighting my own.

We worry about our own future and the meddle in the present of others, when really we should worry about the future of others and focus on our own present. Society will remain backwards until this equation is flipped back.

You can destroy skin to discover muscles. You can destroy muscles to discover bone. You can destroy bone to discover death. But if you try to destroy death, you will destroy life in the process.

The toil of creating and maintaining walls is the putting of yourself under siege.

These will be the final days or the first days.

There is no more sleeping, humans will either wake up or be killed in their sleep.

The educated are the most severely distracted.

Invest your time and energy into structures, and you will find the structures to not be the only hollow thing.

I are alone. A riddle with a simple solution.

Fanon wrote with his own blood as well as with ink, something few other philosophers could say for themselves.

You don’t have to be out to prove the whole world wrong, the whole world is doing that itself.

Back in the day children had access to the best toys of all, each other. Now it is night, and we are alone.

Conquerors may take over entire continents, yet they will remain standing in the same hollowed out place in their bodies.

It’s the tragedy of who you brought to the commons. You didn’t bring humans, you brought the individualized.

Science—does it awaken us or weaken us?

Live and learn. Die and learn?

It’s when the dice stop rolling that you lose.

Have you played your roll? To do nothing is to gamble away something.

The problem with musical chairs is not when the chairs lack but when the music lacks.

It is the chair that topples us all.

In the daunting task to topple the state, you must make sure not to topple yourself.

The present is our greatest gift. Don’t overlook it or life will overlook you.

A leader does not teach others to kneel, but inspires them to rise.

Logic = Illogic

Law trials are not about justice, they are a sport between highly paid professionals who compete at the onlooker’s expense.

If the effort to make a fool of takes more than one person, there is more than one fool.

Those who do no wander will remain lost; stagnancy makes them more prone to frost; sedentary lifestyle has for all a cost; the entire Earth is to soon exhaust.

Their medicine filters in to your blood, and your blood filters out of you.

P is not for Publishing, nor Perishing. We fight on, and with more than our words!

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