reaching the ad absurdum: robot citizenship in saudi arabia?

I put the title as a question, because even though Saudi Arabia says it is so that “Sophia is a citizen”, we need not recognize her as a citizen, nor recognize any legitimacy they have to grant (or keep away) citizenship, especially as they partake in an immoral war in Yemen. Just a musing here, but perhaps ruler MBS in granting citizenship to a robot (and anybody who wants this for a robotic creation) should give up his own citizenship and have to agree to enslave himself as a domesticated animal on a farm. If you want to dole out human rights you have to be willing to gift your own, not just create and inflate the rights away. This is an extremely dangerous precedent, on par with corporate personhood and it’s expansion through cases such as “Citizen’s United”.

What a fucking dystopia!!!! Please do not stand for this readers, this truly is horrific and an acceleration of the Sixth Mass Extinction event through diluting ourselves.

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Whether this was a female or a male robot, it is a huge issue. The female gender of the robot mixed in almost serves to confuse (misdirect) the real problem here, and get people mad at Saudi Arabia for the reasons they already were. They are a punching bag that we are narroweded to punch in only certain marginal regions. In the future, they will be allowed to correct one of the unfortunate policies and get a pass for the other. Be wary of another robot citizen emerging elsewhere, in an air of greater seriousness that it is a legitimate action for nation-states to undertake (as corporations and whisper in their ears).

So corporations already own most of the advanced robots, but if robots have rights they will start to have their robots for rent to other companies use to go and make noise and start fights in free speech zones that are trying to protest their product, for example. There will be phalanx’s of robots, and if you dare try to break through you will be the offender and tried in a court. Or they might just kill you there and the robot will go to prison. Justice mediated in to robots…

What about the rights of the land? The right to not be raped? The right not to be penetrated to get the various metals and other elements to compose these robots and other destructive and violent machinery? What about the rights of the organic material to continue to exist?

We are all dead without the land, the rights of the land should be highest, perhaps even higher than the rights of humans, and yet the land is at the bottom, ground zeroed.


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