U is for Unending (my thoughts inexactly)

Blow all your money on revolution, and your revolution will blow away all money.

Embrace the asymmetrical with three arms.

If love derails you, then the train was heading straight for nowhere.

What if we counted vitalities, and not casualties? Would not then the obtuseness of war become evident? It is evident to all already, except for those that let the media call in for their own thoughts.

There was no 1491.

Calling this mediocrity is an insult to the mediocre.

A good map is like porno to a nomad. The name of each place is a moan, and the more rivers, waterways, valleys and mountains, the quicker the orgasm comes on. The nomad neither needs nor wants maps, for what is really desired is to touch a new stretch of Earth with every new day, knowing equally the beauty of one place and the horror of another will fade as a new destination comes in to view.

Any species that does not value its young above all else does not long continue as a species.

A coup d’etat against the devil, liberate the underworld…

Private security is a euphemism for neo-feudal Bannermen.

If a revolution isn’t paranoid enough, it will be eaten by others; if a revolution is too paranoid, it will eat itself.

The wearer of the crown is also weighed down by it.

There are many everyday heroes, but there are no all day heroes. Self-care is revolutionary, and without it the only revolution will be for the diseases.

Not every partner can be the one, but every partner can be the many—choose polyamory.

A warrior allows blood on his hands to defend the blood in his veins; a fascist allows blood on his hands because there is no blood in his veins.

When language grabs language fails to grasp.

What is the point of lifeless?

Extinction is genocide in slightly more politically convenient terms.

Corporations, like nation states, are human’s stupid and dangerous attempts to become immortal.

Don’t aim for a good ending, but a good continuing.

When one in power throws you a bone, you have to ask whose corpse it is coming from.

If looming Extinction doesn’t wake us up once and for all, the actual extinction will put us to rest once and for all.

Humans might never get to live in the time of the dinosaurs, but with our destructive disregard for the environment we will get to the world of dinosaurs.

The Shadow forces are indeed very mutable, so mutable that they can only exist when we mute ourselves.

The self absorbed first world will soon have nothing left to eat but itself.

If you want to be found, you must look.

The only boomer I listen to speaks with basslines.

If humans all live alone we will all die together.

The process of objectifying is far from objective.

Cars are higher on the food chain, they just don’t have the decency to eat what they kill.

The last children?

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