H is for Harking (my thoughts inexactly)

And even were you completely different, I wouldn’t change a thing.

The smooth road will have us forget the bumps that we are who drive upon it. Flatness is a bump to the curvy terrain it tears down.

The real dress rehearsal for revolution is the removal of clothes not their addition.

Election day is the nemesis of democracy.

What kind of work are the corporations so many of us find ourselves working for really doing if they have to coerce us with money?

If we place heaven in our future, hell will have free reign in the present.

Time spent loving machines, is time divided from loving other humans. War is inevitable when the best part of the human is spent.

The greatest undermining of the future is its preoccupation.

Everlasting life will only move you from being mortally afraid of death to immortally afraid of death.

When you are missing, not even a clear blue sky can remove the clouds.

Though an audience might make you feel a fool for the dissonant words you speak out, the reality is that they are projecting for they do not want to immediately absorb the impact.

The reverse of the reverse is the same only in a static world. The inherent danger in digitalizing ourselves is that it is the death of evolution.

Gods don’t dwell in heaven, they go to the depths of sorrow and start raising hell.

And in those final moments of your identity when pure difference swallows you, it has overwhelmed itself and can only swallow that which it is not.

Where there is an army there is a war.

If you have dreams that others are too dry to fertilize themselves, spit into the mouths of these dreamless, and at least a nightmare might jolt them awake.

Some horrors are unimaginable, and others are only imaginable. For if they were actually encountered, the experiencer would quickly cease to exist, and could never do anything with the encounter. No warning could be issued forth.

Death hides in plain sight—see further and the unseen gain visibility.

If you can count who you love on one finger, make sure your other fingers aren’t clenched in a fist.

You fear us and so you surround yourselves with the arms of an armory; you fear us for we are surrounded by the arms of our brothers and sisters. You dream of our dying, and all we dream of is your living.

Justice is to eliminate the distance between your enemy, not eliminating your enemy himself.

Perhaps I would not be all up in arms if it weren’t for the thousands daily who must hold their murdered loved ones in their arms, and for the millions who every day have lost their loved ones to no longer put their arms around.

We do not exist all by ourselves; we will cease to exist all by our selves.

Intentional communities or towards alienation. There are no enduring un-intentional communities.

That we millennials are deemed useless is all the more evidence that the older generations have been all the more useless still. The original generations that allowed there to be a gap have failed in the most grievous of fashions.

The more they care about their future and not the future, the more they are “the they” that we despise.

Scarier than science fiction is science fact, especially the factualizing aspect of science.

152 May come.

All is change, and so too the manner of change changes. So will follow a changing in the analytics of that change. Principles change, and yet change is principal.

A chart of the future will lead you in to dangerous territory.

The safety in lies…

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